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Girlyboy Gone Wild - Part One

An all-weekend party in my panties leads to lots of sexy pleasure for the boys.
Wearing sexy lingerie for a man is my favorite way to feel like a girl. I've been doing it since I was 16 and have never been shy about it. Every few months, I get the urge to do it. So, this month I did it again.

To find men to turn on with my sexy lingerie, I placed an ad on the local dating line:

"Hi. I'm a hot girlyboy who likes older men. I'm having a party in my panties this weekend and I want you to come. It will just be the two of us. All you have to bring for me is your big one. I like to wear panties, thongs, g-strings, bras and stockings for a man and make it hard for him to resist me. If you're interested, leave your name and number."

The next day, I had 53 messages in my box from men wanting me to wear sexy little things for them. I felt just like a lucky girl feels when she knows she is going to get some hard cock. It was flattering to know there were so many men who found my message and my voice to be sexy enough to leave me a message.

On my all-weekend-panty-parties I get to have lots of men show me their big cocks while I turn them on with my sexy undies. I check into a hotel and invite different men to come to my party every few hours. All week long, I was looking forward to it and I was so glad when Friday finally arrived.

I had talked to the men I wanted to invite to find out what they liked. Some were newcomers and just wanted to find out if a girlyboy in lingerie could please them. Others had been with a few trannies and wanted another. I decided I would invite these men first, since the more experienced men were likely to be willing to wait longer to meet me. At any rate, my message had them all wanting me like a hot chick with a dick and there was a seductive feeling inside me, all week.

Talking to the men from the dating line all week about what they liked and what they wanted to do to me was such a turn-on. Of course, I was dressed up while I talked them. They would ask me what color my panties were and how my ass looked. I would ask them how big their cocks were and if they were hairy or shaved. It was so fun feeling like a girl with boyfriends.

I asked them their fantasies so I could get an idea what to wear for them. Most liked the idea of me being a sexy French maid and caressing them with my feather duster. Still others wanted me to dress like a horny school girl and pretend they were my teacher while I seduced them. A few wanted me to be a stripper and dance for them. I had all the sexy outfits to wear and couldn't wait to put them on Friday evening.

I checked into a nice hotel with a poolside bar where my horny gentlemen could wait their turn until I called them up to my room. After hanging my outfits in the closet, I turned on the bath water so I could shave my legs and underarms. While the bath water was running, I went and got a bucket of ice to chill a bottle of wine. I figured a little wine would make me feel womanly and help me relax for my dates.

When I got back to the room with the ice, my cell phone was ringing. It was Bill, my first date of the evening. Like a girl, I was nervous when I answered, hoping he hadn't changed his mind about coming. He just wanted to see if we were still on and if he could bring anything besides his "big one" for me. I told him a bottle of wine would be nice and I was happy when he said, "I can't wait to see you, Courtney."

It had been a few months since my last time with a man, so a case of butterflies in my stomach was making me a little nervous, hoping everything would go right. Would he like me? Would I be pretty and sexy enough for him? Would he be too rough? Would he want to see me again? These are all things a girl feels before a first date no matter how many men she has been with before.

I was already feeling totally like a woman as I got undressed and stepped into the tub. Laying back, I let the warm bath water relax me for awhile before I started shaving my legs. I looked down at my nice big titties and knew men were going to like playing with them tonight. Then I looked at my nice thighs and hips and I knew no man could resist me when I was wearing panties. They especially liked seeing my hot ass in a thong.

All my female wiles were coming back to me as I put shaving cream between my legs and started to shave. There was a certain amount of comfort in knowing I had over 53 men to choose from this weekend. If one didn't work out, there were plenty more waiting to meet me.

I had decided it was going to be a strictly oral weekend since receiving anal tires me out. I wanted to be up to enjoy all the men I could, so I told all the boys no anal on the first date. Whether they liked it or not, my tight little ass was just for looking at, this weekend.

After shaving my legs and underarms, I washed my body good. Then I shampooed and conditioned my long blonde hair. Stepping from the big tub, I saw myself in the mirror and saw how sexy my fresh-shaved legs were. No man could resist a sexy set of legs. Between them and my hot ass and my nice big titties, I knew there was going to be some big hard cocks in my room tonight. The thought of them started to stir feelings of passion in my clitty dick.

After towel drying, I put on a sexy turquoise thong panty with black lace trim. As soon as I did, my clitty dick sprung into action and was pushing against the silky material trying to escape into the warm mouth of a horny gentleman. It was a pleasure to blow dry my hair looking at my sexy body in a turquoise thong in the bathroom mirror. Every once in awhile, I would turn sideways and look at my sweet ass cheeks and know I was a hot girlyboy about to get lots of big dicks.

I had weeded out the guys who did not have big ones and only planned to suck the biggest ones I could get. It was something that always turned me on after my first boyfriend had a 9-and-half incher that I had gotten to love like a girl all summer. Little men with little dicks just don't turn me on as much as big men with big ones. Call me slutty, but I like the challenge of sucking a big cock until it shoots lots of hot juice for me. Getting ready for my first date, now, was reminding me how much I like it.

I had decided to start with an easy one. Bill told me he wanted me to pretend I was a lingerie model and walk around the room posing for him while he watched. Then, when he was good and horny, he would pull his out and play with it for me. All the while, I would be just a model to him, a sexy little doll he could use to get his dick big and hard for him with "no strings attached."

He did not have to suck me or even play with my ass and titties. He would tell me how to pose, what to take off and when I could suck his cock. His voice had turned me on when we talked on the phone, so I was willing to be his sexy, submissive playmate. And that's what I felt like when I was putting on my sexy lace turquoise bra and my silky black stockings, just like a playmate. Men can never resist girls like us because we like showing it off for hours.

When my phone rang and I saw it was Bill, my heart started racing. He was downstairs and I hadn't even finished getting ready. Our conversations on the phone had gotten him excited about meeting me, so he was early.

"Hi, honey, how are you?" I said.

"Great, doll. I'm down at the bar here. Are you ready?"

"I need a few minutes."

"Sorry. I came a little early."

"Why don't you have a drink at the bar," I said. "Come up in about fifteen minutes."

"Sounds good, baby. I got your wine."

"Thanks," I said. "I'll see you in a few."

As we hung up, Bill gave a smooch into the phone. I liked that since it let me know he was open to kissing. I planned to start with a kiss when I opened the door as an ice breaker, anyway. So, now I knew he would like it, too.

I still had to put on makeup, eyeliner and lipstick, plus polish my finger nails and toes, so there was a mad hurry to get ready, now. Men don't know all a girl goes through to get ready for a date, but she wants to look her best to please them. After doing my face and nails, I put on a little perfume. Now, I was ready.

I put on my sexy black stiletto high heels and looked at myself in the full length mirror on the closet door. I was truly a sexy and sensational lingerie model and, except for my hard clitty dick, no man would think I wasn't a beautiful woman. The transformation was complete.

When the manly knock came upon the door, I put on my black silk robe and answered it.There stood six feet of a gorgeous man with a blonde mustache and hair and searing blue eyes. Bill was thirty-four and was divorced from his wife. He still saw her occasionally, but had wanted to try a girlyboy since he didn't like the way women wanted commitment from him before having sex.

With my high heels on, I was nearly as tall as him. I invited him in and, as I closed the door, I knew I was going to love this first man to come to my panty party. As Bill handed me the bottle of wine, I leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. As we kissed, we looked into each other's eyes and I felt a special connection. It's what every girl looks for with a first timer. It lets her know there is a special bond and trust. Otherwise, there is a warning sign that he isn't right for her.

I loosened my robe and let it fall open, revealing my sexy bra and panties to Bill. He looked me up and down and smiled. "Wow, Courtney, I didn't expect you to look this hot."

I turned around and said, "Take my robe off for me, darling."

Bill reached up and took each arm out of my robe and undressed me. When he did, I strutted away from him, giving him a sexy view of my ass sticking out of the turquoise thong. I knew he would be hard as a rock in an instant. So many men have told me I have a nice ass that I love showing it off for them anytime they like.

As I set the bottle of wine down on the table, I leaned forward and pushed my hot ass back for Bill to see. He said, "Woah! Your ass is sexy, Courtney."

I looked back at him and said, "I bet your cock is, too, big boy."

He reached down and grabbed his growing member and said, "I bet you can't wait to suck it."

"Give it time, big boy," I said. "I thought you wanted me to be your playmate."

"I didn't know you were going to be this hot. I want you as much I ever wanted any woman."

Bill, my first big, handsome stud of the weekend, began to unbuckle his belt. I said, "That's the whole idea of being a girlyboy, getting you big men all turned on for us sexy little babes."


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