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Girlyboy Gone Wild - Part Seven

Fifi, the sexy French maid, gets to do 69 with her handsome boss.
After getting Rich big and hard with my sexy outfit, I was now ready to put on a show for him

Whenever men see me in my panties, they want me like a girl. It follows that whoever wears sexy little panties also likes big hard cocks to suck on and play with. My sexy French maid outfit was especially good at making me feel like a slut for a man. Since so many men had fantasized about being with a French maid, wearing the outfit makes a girl feel extra seductive and slutty.

With his big hard boner hanging out of the front slot of his silk boxers, Rich watched as I hung up his pants and shirt. My hot ass hanging out of the French maid thong skirt was especially driving him wild. No man can ever resist my ass when I'm showing it off for him like I was for Rich.

When I got done hanging up his clothes like a dutiful maid, I returned to where Rich was standing and gave him a sweet kiss while I reached down and stroked his big ten inch uncut cock. It felt so wonderful to be a girl who just had a nine inch and an eleven inch cock and now was getting a ten incher and still had a twelve inch cock coming at midnight. My panty party was a great success so far.

"Monsieur," I said. "I want to make you comfortable on the bed while you watch me do my duties."

"Will your duties include bending over and showing me that nice ass."

"As you wish, monsieur. I am only here for your pleasure. And will do everything you like."

"You like being a little French slut, don't you?"

"Oui, oui, monsieur. My panties are getting wet for you down under my little maid skirt."

"Oh, I'm going to want to suck on what you got down there. But first I want to suck on these nice titties of yours."

"As you wish, monsieur. Will you take off my bustier?"

I turned around and unsnapped the garter straps on my bustier from my black fishnet stockings while Rich unsnapped the gray and black bustier. My tits popped out and my nipples were hard and ready for his warm mouth.

Feeling just like a little French maid getting it on with her new boss, I turned around and faced Rich. He reached up and took both of my breasts in his big strong hands. Then he leaned forward and started sucking on my nipples and playing with them with his fingers. I don't know how other girls feel when a man does this for them, but my clitty dick was now fully erect for Rich to suck like he told me he wanted to.

I had just had a blowjob from Dan and gotten fucked hard in my ass by him, but I was ready for more action with Rich and my big builder Lex later. I bet I was getting more cock than any other girl in town tonight and it was making me feel so sexy turning on so many men that I would want even more tomorrow.

"Does monsieur like sucking on my titties?"

"Monsieur loves sucking on your titties and he wants to suck on what's under that sexy little skirt too, Fifi."

"I'm sure we can do something about that after I am done cleaning and bending over for you. But first I want you to have a seat over here on the bed, monsieur."

I took Rich's hand and walked him over to the bed where he got in with his back against the headboard. I leaned in and kissed him and he reached up and played with my titties some more while we kissed.

"You're a hot bitch, you know that, don't you?" said Rich.

"And you're a big stud," I said as I reached down and stroked his 10 inch cock while he played with my titties. The silky material of the white gloves I was wearing felt extra good on Rich's cock. I saw pre-cum forming on the tip of it.

"Let me have what's in those panties under that skirt," he said.

"Monsieur, you will have it," I said. "But first I'm going to do the house cleaning while you watch. I want you to sit here and stroke your cock while you watch me bend over. Then I'm going to play with your cock with my feather duster. Then you will be ready to have what's in my panties while I have this big love tool of yours."

I went down on Rich's cock to make it nice and moist with my tongue so he could play with it for me while I worked. It is always a turn on for me watching a man stroke his big cock. And even a bigger turn on when he was a handsome 28 year-old stud like Rich. It felt great to know all those other sluts out there wouldn't be getting his cock tonight, just me.

"Babe," I said. "Your cock is so good to suck. I'm flattered that you are here giving it to me."

"My cum tastes good, too. I bet you're going to want a mouthful of it."

I smiled. "Yes, monsieur, your cock will become one of my favorites to suck."

"How many other cocks have you sucked tonight?"

"Two, monsieur. But yours is the one I want every week."

Rich reached behind me and rubbed my ass.

"Did any of them put it in this hot ass of yours?" he asked.

"One, monsieur. But I thought we could have a nice session of 69 together after I finish my work for you. That way you could get to suck me the way you seem to want to and I could suck you."

"That sounds great. Hurry up and do your work so we can start. You said we only get an hour."

I smiled. "Monsieur, you are so handsome. I'm sure I could extend that hour for you to suck on my clitty dick and me to suck on your big manhood."

I put his cock in my mouth and sucked it good, holding it with my white silk glove.

"Oh, Fifi," said Rich. "You are my new favorite bitch. Yeah, babe, give me that tongue good."

It was hard for me to stop. I wanted to keep sucking until he shot a hot load of sweet cum in my mouth. But I wanted to put on the show for him wearing my French maid skirt panty thong, black fishnet stockings and stilettos. What man wouldn't want a sexy French maid to do 69 with when she was done her work?

"Monsieur," I said."I am enjoying your company very much but I must do my work first." I took his hand and placed it on his erection. "Please stroke your wonderful cock for me while you watch me."

Rich smiled as he squeezed his big one while I stood up and took a towel in my hand and pretended to be dusting the furniture while I modeled my sexy body for Rich. He especially liked when I bent over and showed him my nice ass. So many men told me they love my ass and now Rich was another one.

"Oh, yeah," he said. "Your ass is so fucking hot, Fifi. I want you every week at my house."

"I'm glad you are pleased, monsieur. May I show you what is under the front of my panty skirt now, sir?"

"That's what I've been waiting for," said Rich.

I climbed up in bed in front of Rich with my feather duster in hand. I started teasing his cock with the soft feather duster while I positioned myself where he could lift my panty skirt. With both hands, he lifted to lacy material a look at my hard clitty dick under the black see through thong.

"Your cock is beautiful, Fifi," he said.

"I'm glad I please you, Monsieur," I said while I stoked his big10 inches with the feather duster. "Do you wish for me to clean some more or would you prefer I suck on your big manhood."

"I kind of want to suck on you first, baby," he said staring down at my thong-covered cock.

"Whatever pleases you," I said smiling.

Rick pulled my thong aside allowing my seven and a half inch love tool to escape my thong under my French maid skirt. He reached up and took it in his hand and then leaned forward and placed the head of it in his eager mouth.

"Mmmm," I said. "Fifi is honored to have Monsieur treat her like a lover and not just an employee. I am sure I am going to enjoy working for you, sir."

He looked up at me and pulled my penis from his mouth.

"Your work is my pleasure, Fifi.I don't think I've ever wanted another cock as much as I want yours."

He started sucking on me really good and I got the shy, bashful feelings of a girl having her pussy eaten by a man. Somehow, it seemed that I should be sucking him first since I was the employee. But here he was swallowing all seven and half inches of me and I was in ecstasy.

"Oh, fuck, you're good, so good, baby," I said. "Oh, yeah, suck it, baby, suck it, suck that clitty good. Oh, you big cock studs. I love you men all so much."

I had already been with two other men tonight, but Rich was really pleasing me better than both of them. It was extra special knowing we were going to have a weekly tryst where I would get to dress up and be his maid time and again.

"Oh, baby, where'd you learn to suck cock like that?" I said.

He paused fora moment. "My roommate in boarding school liked to parade around the room in panties while I watched him. Eventually, we started sucking each other off every day. He played the woman and I played the man and neither one of us needed a girlfriend. Since it was an all-boys school, it made it easier when you got horny."

"So, now you like guys in panties more than girls in panties."

"It works for me, baby," said Rich and he started sucking me again.

His tongue action on the bottom of my clitty was marvelous and I was tingling all over my body.

"Hold it for a second," I said. "Let's get turned around so I can suck you at the same time, honey."

Rich swung me around and we both hungrily went for each other's love tool. By having him use his tongue on the top of my clitty dick, I was assured of prolonging the pleasure. His tongue on the bottom of it was too much pleasure to bear for long.

We both sucked and sucked on each other like horny lovers and I wasn't ready to stop anytime soon. Feeling fine doing 69 with a handsome twenty eight year-old stud with a ten inch cock was something every girl could enjoy. And knowing I had my bodybuilder, Lex,with a twelve inch cock coming at midnight made it even better. At that moment, I felt like the happiest slut in the world.
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