Girlyboy Gone Wild - Part Six

By CourtneyFux

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After being a sexy school girl, I become Fifi, a sexy French maid.
With both of my hands wrapped around Dan's big 11 inch cock, I felt just like a little girl in his classroom. I jerked him off with both hands while I sucked on the head of his cock, getting it ready for him to put in my tight little girly ass.

I licked around the big head of his cock, smelling my sticky-wet, cum-soaked white cotton panties he was wearing. Oh, it was all so kinky and fun and made me feel like a slutty sorority girl getting it on after class with her big handsome professor. He had been insisting on bending me over his desk and fucking me and I had finally agreed to do it.

It was really thrilling being a little girlyboy for a man with a powerful hard one who wanted to put it in you. But it was a full 11 inches and the thought of having it inside me was starting to make me nervous. I'm sure he wanted to put every inch of it inside of me and fuck me hard to make up for all those sorority girls who showed him their panties in class.

Holding his stiff cock in my hands, I looked up at Dan in the chair. "This big one is all mine, teacher. I want you to put it all in me while I'm bending over your desk.

"You're a good little slut, Courtney. Every teacher should have a girl like you in his class."

"Will I get an A for today teacher?"

"You'll get an A just for your ass alone, sweetheart. And you're going to get an ass full of my cum to take home with you."

"I love your cock, teacher. I want it every day after class."

"Well, let's get you bent over my desk so I can give it to you like a little sorority slut."

I smiled. "I'm ready for every inch of it, teacher."

I stood up, wearing just my white knee socks and girls tennis sneakers. I bent over the desk and put my nice ass up for Dan. He had already fingered my hole good to get it ready and I had made his cock really wet with my tongue. It all felt so perfect. I was the sexy little bitch who had made his cock so hard with my body. Now, I was going to let him use my body to make his cock feel wonderful.

Still wearing my wet panties, teacher stood up and got behind me. The head of his cock started entering my sphincter and I hugged the desk with my arms to brace myself for the entire 11 inches. I had my boyfriend Lex coming later with a 12 cock, so this was good practice.

Dan reached down and held my hips as he shoved his cock in me a few inches at a time. With every push, the feelings of pleasure got more intense inside me. I really did feel like a girl with a cock in her and I wanted him to get rough with me.

As he got down to the last few inches, his cock was feeling so much pleasure he had to let me know. "You're so good and tight, Courtney. You're just like all those little bitches I've wanted to fuck for years."

"Put it all in me, teacher," I said.

"Right now," said Dan.

I braced myself on the desk and Dan held my hips tight as he shoved all 11 inches of his cock inside me. His balls slammed against my ass and I felt like a school girl in love.

"Oh, fuck me hard, teacher," I said.

Dan started slamming his cock inside me like a stud making me feel like the luckiest girl in the school. I was so happy I had decided to stay after class. And it won't be the last time, either.

After getting a shower and cleaning up for my next date, I put on my sexy French maid outfit consisting of a black and gray bustier with garter straps, a thong panty skirt, black fishnet stockings, white silk gloves and my black stilettos. I had my hair pulled up with a black and white ribbon, making my neck look longer and sexier. I was planning to be "Fifi"for my date.

Rich was a wealthy bachelor who wanted a tranny French maid to come to his house every week and clean while he watched. He was only 28 and had only been with a few guys, but he had always fantasized about having a sexy French maid and wanted to make it a weekly routine. This evening in the motel was an audition to see if he liked me. Although I wasn't a working girl, Rich had agreed to pay me two hundred dollars every time I wore my sexy outfit for him.

I had spent so much time with my college professor, Dan, that I was a little late calling Rich at the poolside bar downstairs in the hotel.

"Are we still on?" he asked anxiously.

"Oui, oui, misseur," I said. "Your French maid, Fifi, is ready for you, misseur. Come to room269."

"I can't wait," said Rich.

By being late for a date with a man, a girl can get him even more horny for her.While I waited for Rich to arrive, I opened a chilled bottle of French wine and poured two glasses. We would begin our sexy session with a toast to the weekly arrangement Rich wanted to have.

When I opened the door and saw him, my heart was all aflutter. Rich was a handsome, well-dressed stud with brown hair, a mustache and a goatee. He told me he owned a very successful company and he was just in need of a sexy maid to come and live out his fantasy with him every week. Fulfilling men's fantasies was a lifetime habit of mine and if I could make a little extra to buy new lingerie with I did.

"Misseur," I said. "You are so handsome. Please, come in. I am Fifi, your new maid. Allow me to take your jacket for you, misseur."

I took Rich's sports jacket off and hung it up. He enjoyed the nice view of my hot ass sticking out of the thong skirt in back while I did, plus seeing my nice legs in the fishnet stockings. Seeing his gaze down there told me it was going to be fun becoming a little French slut who liked to suck cock for her boss for bonus pay.

"Misseur, I have poured us some wine so we can have a little toast to our new arrangement. Would you care to join me?" I said.

Rich came over and I handed a glass of the French wine. Then I took my glass in hand.

With a sexy French girl voice, I said, "You and me, ve are going to be partners in pleasure, misseur. I am going to do everything you like to be done for you and you are going to have me anyway you like. It is not every day that a girl gets to meet a man as handsome as you she can work for."

Rich smiled as he raised his glass up. "To us, Fifi," said Rich.

"To us, misseur," I replied.

We toasted and tasted the sweet liquid on our tongues but our eyes were still looking at each other. Rich read my mind and he took the wine glass from my hand and set it down with his. Then he moved in front of me, put his arms around me and kissed me tenderly.

Still holding me in his arms after the kiss, he said, "You are so beautiful, Fifi. I don't think I've ever wanted another girl like you."

"Surely, you had other girls," I replied. "A man as handsome as you."

'They just don't turn me on the way a girl who's got what you've got does."

"Misseur, I am at your service. Tell me what you'd like me to do."

"While I was down at the bar, I was thinking how I'd like you to give me a nice blowjob and let me come in your mouth. But now that I see your nice legs and ass, I'm thinking I'd like to see you walking around dusting and bending over for me, first."

"Your wish is my command, misseur. But first I want to make you more confortable."

I started unbuttoning Rich's dress shirt, revealing his manly chest. After taking off his shirt, I ran my fingers through his chest hair and down to his belt buckle. I saw him looking down the cups on my bustier at my nicetitties while I unbuckled his belt. I smiled at him as I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down, all the while feeling like a sexy little French maid being subservient to her rich boss she wanted to have sex with.

I let Rich's pants fall to the floor and saw the bulge in his boxers getting bigger. I moved forward and kissed him again, applying pressure to his bulge with my panty skirt. He reached around and felt my bare ass sticking out of the thong g-string in back.

"You really want some, don't you," said Rich.

"Misseur," I said. "You are so handsome. I'm never going to want to have another man again after having you."

I dropped down to the floor and took off his loafers and socks and his pants, leaving him standing in front of me with just his silky boxers on. Having his cock so close to my head while I took off his shoes, socks and pants was giving my clitty dick a thrill down in my thong with the little skirt in front hiding it from Rich.

I unbuttoned the slot on his boxers and pulled Rich's stiffening dick out of the hole. He had told me on the phone so I wasn't surprised to see he had a 10 inch uncut cock with lots of foreskin covering the tip of it. I looked up at him while I held it in my hand.

"Fifi wants you to feel good, misseur. Since you have told her how much you want her to give you a blowjob, she wants to give it to you. Does she have your permission?"

Dan smiled. "Sure," he said."You really area little French slut, aren't you?"

"Only for you, misseur. For other men, I make them wait. But I like to look up at a man as a handsome as you while suck his cock. It gives me lots of pleasure."

"You mean, you are getting hard from doing this?"

"More than with any other man," I said.

"So now, instead of just looking at your nice ass, I'm going to want to see what's under the front of that little skirt, too."

"Does misseur want me to suck his cock now?"

"Sure," he said smiling.

I pulled back the foreskin to find the head of Rich's cock and kissed it. Then I started licking his entire cock up and down like a little French slut. He was smiling the whole time and his cock was getting harder. I stroked it with my hand to get it fully erect. Down in my black see through thong, my clitty dick was getting bigger and I was ready to please my third man of the evening.

To be continued...