Girlyboy Gone Wild - Part Three

By CourtneyFux

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Playing dress up for men at my panty party is lots of fun.
With my little sexy blue plaid school girl skirt pulled up, I leaned over the desk for teacher Dan to spank me. Dan reached down and pulled down the back of my little white cotton panties revealing my very sexy ass. I saw how big his eyes got when he saw two of the sweetest cheeks he ever saw. He looked up at me.

"You have a nice butt on you, Courtney."

I smiled. "I hope I get to sit on your lap with it teacher."

I saw his cock growing even bigger as he thought about me sitting on his lap like a sweet little school girl.

"I'm sure it will be a pleasure, Courtney," he said.

While holding down my white cotton panties with one hand, teacher reached down and started rubbing my soft, sexy ass cheek. As he did, I saw his cock getting rock hard and my clitty dick started growing, too. I was now a horny slutty sorority girl ready to do anything my professor wanted so I could have his big cock.

"I'm just going to spank you one time, Courtney."

"Please, don't make it leave a boo-boo, teacher," I said. "I want to sit on your lap and play with your big dickie."

I looked down at Dan's rock solid 11 inch long cock that was nearly as long as the ruler.

"Just one little slap, babe," he said.

"Okay," I said. "My panties are starting to get wet for you, teacher."

"They are? I bet all those little sorority sluts in my class get wet panties for me. And they all need a spanking like you."

With his big long hand, Dan spanked my ass cheek and when he did I saw pre-cum shoot out of his cock. This fantasy he had had for awhile was surely pleasing him.

"Teacher," I said. "I promise I'll be a good girl and not make mistakes, anymore."

Dan was still staring at my fabulous ass. One cheek had a little red spot where he spanked me.

I said, "Teacher, you can pull my panties back up, now."

Dan was a still mesmerized by my hot ass. "Oh, yes," he said finally.

After he pulled up my panties, I let my skirt down and turned toward him. "Will you take my blouse off, teacher?"

Dan smiled big."Sure."

Still seated on the chair with his hairy 11 inch cock fully erect, he reached up and started unbuttoning my blouse, revealing my sexy titties under my white cotton bra. When he finished taking off the blouse, I leaned forward and kissed him.

He reached up and touched my tits with both hands and started playing with them through the soft cotton bra. My nipples got erect and so did my clitty dick down in my cotton panties under my sexy little skirt. While Dan fondled my breasts, I gave him lots of little kisses on his lips, feeling just like a school girl in love.

Finally, I said, "Teacher, do you want me to continue my lesson?"

He was entranced with my titties and kept playing with them as he spoke. "Oh, yes," he said. "I'm just trying to make you feel good, too."

"Oh, you do, teacher," I said."Pull up my little skirt and you can see how good you making me feel."

While he continued playing with my titty with one hand, Dan reached down and pulled up my blue plaid miniskirt with his other hand. He smiled when he saw my hard clitty dickmaking mywhite cotton panties wet with pre-cum.

"So, you little girls in my class get turned on for me just by showing me your panties, huh?"

"Of course, teacher, that's why we show you our panties all class long because it makes our clitties hard while we fantasize about staying after class and sucking your big dickie."

Dan smiled. "And now you are going to get the chance."

"Anything to make you happy, teacher."

"Oh, you do make me happy, Courtney. I want you to sit in front of my class every day and show me your panties. I don't care how many problems you get wrong, I'll still give you an A for being so sexy."

"Do you want me to finish the problem I was working on?"

"Oh, yes," said Dan.

He stopped playing with my titty and put my skirt down and reached for the ruler. I took the ruler from him and placed it on his fully erect dick and looked up at him.

"How much does that say?" he asked.

"11 inches, teacher."

"Correct. And how much is 11 minus 5?"

"6, teacher."

"Correct. You got the problem right"

"Now, can I play with your dickie, teacher? And suck it for extra credit?"

"I thought you said you want to sit on my lap and pretend I'm your boyfriend and let me kiss you."

"Oh, teacher" I said smiling. "That's what I've wanted to do every daywhile I've sat in your class showing you my panties. While I've been thinking about it, my panties have been getting wet. And when I leave your class, I have to go play with myself while I think about you."

"Now, that's being a naughty girl. You should have come up and let me play with you, instead."

"But I'm kind of shy, teacher. I thought you might not like me."

Dan laughed. "Courtney, you are the cutest girl in my class. You can stay after class and let me play with you anytime you like," he said. "Now, let me take that skirt off for you and let you sit on my lap."

I turned around and let Dan pull down the zipper on my skirt, giving him a nice view of my hot ass in my white cotton panties while I did.

"Does your hiney still hurt where I spanked you?"

"Pull up my panty and see," I said.

Touching the soft material of my white cotton panty was a turn-on for Dan and I saw lots of hot pre-cum squirting from his cock while he did. He pulled both sides of my panties up into the crack of my ass, making them seem like a thong. His eyes were coming out of his head.

"My, you have a fantastic ass, Courtney. Do any boys ever tell you that?"

Looking back at him over my shoulder, I said, "All the time, teacher."

"Do they let you sit on their laps and feel their dickies pressing against it?"

"No, teacher," I said."I'm not experienced at that."

"Well, today might be a good time for you to learn."

I said, "Please, can I?"

"It will be my pleasure to teach you."

"I love you, teacher."

"I love you, too, Courtney."

After I stepped out of my skirt, I sat back on Dan's lap, feeling his big 11 inch tool press against my ass cheek when I did. A rush of girlish sensations went through me, bringing a gush of pre-cum to my clitty dick and soaking the front of my white cotton panties with sweet, sticky liquid.

"I bet you little sorority girls like to have lots of big dickies in that little hole down there between your legs, don't you?"

Feeling his big 11 inches pressing against my girly ass, I said shyly, "I've never had one in me, teacher. I just like to make them big and play with them and suck on them for my boyfriends."

He said, "Would you like to play with mine?"

I smiled. "Oh, yes," I said."I think about it all the time when I'm in your class. I knew yours would be bigger than all my other boyfriends because you're such a big man."

"You like big ones, huh?"

"The most of all, teacher," I said.

I sat up and we repositioned so that Dan's cock was now coming up between my legs pressing against my panty-covered clitty dick. It was so big I really did feel like a little girl with a clitty between my legs. I reached down and took a hold of his cock and stroked it lightly. I started rubbing the pre-cum that was coming out of the head down the shaft for lubrication.
Dan reached around me and started fondling my breasts through the white cotton bra. Then he started kissing my shoulders and the back of my neck while I stroked him slowly, making sure I prolonged his pleasure. It was magical feeling like a school girl in love with her teacher and getting to play with his big hard cock after class. I was doing it to fulfill Dan's fantasy, but I was totally enjoying it, too.

Wearing just my white sneakers, knee socks, cotton bra and panties and having my hair in a back in a ponytail made me feel just like an inexperienced little sorority girl. And now, sitting back on my teacher's lap with his big hard cock between my silky soft thighs and playing with it, all my girlish fantasies were coming true. I don't know how other girls feel when they get to have sex with their teacher, but I felt wonderful.

He continued kissing my neck and playing with my titties while I stroked his cock with my right hand. With my left hand, I reached down under his big balls and took a hold of them, fondling them, too. We were two sweet lovers only thinking about each other at that point.

It wouldn't be long until I got him on the bed and started sucking his cock for him really good. But, for now, I just enjoyed feeling like a sweet girlyboy.

To be continued...