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Girlyboy Gone Wild - Part Two

The panty party weekend brings new boyfriends into Courtney's life.
It was very flattering when Bill told me I have a hotter body than his ex-wife. Since it was his first time with a girlyboy, I knew he was being honest. A more experienced gentleman might have said it just to be nice. But Bill really meant it. In fact, he said his cock was already hard for me just from seeing my nice ass poking out of my turquoise thong.

Bill was my 7:30 date, then I had Dan at 9:00. Dan was a college professor who got turned on by sexy sorority girls in his classes, so he wanted me to wear a sexy school girl uniform and fulfill his fantasy for him. At 10:30, I had Rich who wanted me to wear my sexy little French maid outfit and at midnight, I would have Lex, a big bodybuilder who wanted me to be a stripper and dance for him. I was saving the big prize for last, hoping he would spend the night. Lex said his was 12 inches.

Each of my dates would get one hour of my sexiness to enjoy before it was time to get ready for the next one. I would end each date by shooting my big hot load of cum for him to show him how much he turned me on, too. Then I would say goodbye and jump in the tub to get cleaned up for my next date who would be downstairs at the hotel bar poolside, waiting for my call telling him to come up. It was going to be a delicious night of sexy pleasure.

Turning around seductively and facing Bill, I leaned my ass back against the table and put my chin down between my nice titties in my turquoise lace bra.

Only showing him my seductive eyes, I said, "Come over here and get to know me better, Bill."

He was taking off his belt and unbuckling his pants as he walked toward me. Knowing his manhood was already hard for me was a big turn-on for me, too.

"You're so fucking hot, Courtney," said Bill. "My dick can't wait to come out of my pants."

"Well, let me take them off for you, big stud."

Bill was staring at myclitty dick down in turquoise thong with black lace trim. This is the part that a first timer has trouble with, so I was watching his eyes as her stared down there, waiting to see if he showed any aversion to seeing a nice 7 inch cock in sexy panties.

I smiled when he said, "Those panties are too sexy, baby. I want to take them off and see what's in them."

"Billy boy, I'm taking your pants off, first." I said. "Then I'm going to model my panties, bra and stockings for you, like we talked about on the phone."

"But you're hotter than any bitch I've ever seen. I want to do everything to you I do with a woman."

"All in good time, baby," I said. "The night is young." I reached for the chilled bottle of wine."Why don't you open this wine for us and we'll have a little toast to our new friendship."

"I want what's in your panties, you sexy little bitch, and you know it."

"Now, Billy, I thought you were a shy boy who was just going to lay back on the bed and let me do all the work."

"That was before I saw how fucking hot you are. You're the best looking bitch I've had in years."

I do have a super sexy body I keep in great shape and I play with my titties often to keep them big and soft for men to play with. Now, it was Bill's turn to play with them.

He got in front of me and lifted me up on the table.Then he put his arms around my waist and pulled my ass up against his hard cock that was bulging in his pants. Bill had told me on the phone that he likes feminine girls, so I guess he found me feminine enough for him. He was letting me know in no uncertain terms that he wanted to give me his cock.

"Do you like my tits?" I said.

"I like everything you got. Your tits, your ass, your legs and that hot looking cock that needs to be sucked good." He looked down at my panties and saw a shiny coat of pre-cum shoot through the silky material, at that moment. "I've been fantasizing about being with you all week, baby. The way you kept telling me you look like a playmate model. But, geez, now I see you were telling me the truth. I've never been with a guy, but you're not even like a guy."

"Thanks," I said smiling."I work hard at being a pretty girl for you."

"And you are, baby. You are."

He reached up with one hand and felt my tit and, instantly, my nipples got hard like a girl's do. Bill smiled as he reached in my bra and played with my left nipple.

"How'd you get such nice tits?"

"Massage therapy," I said. "In fact, you are helping, right now."

"You mean, getting your titties played with by men makes them bigger?"


"Well, it looks like yours have been played with by lots of men."

"Yes. But only if I get to play with their dicks."

"Mmmm, baby. You know all the right things to say to a man."

"Kiss me while I pull down your zipper, you stud."

Bill thrust his tongue into my mouth while he rubbed my titties with one hand. I reached down and pulled down his zipper and underpants and felt my first big cock of the weekend. It was a full nine inches with a big pink mushroom head and my heart was racing while I thought about getting my lips around it. It was at least five inches in diameter and I was now the one who wanted to forget the wine and get down to business with my big handsome stud. The wine could wait.

The night was young, but I had three more studs coming and didn't want to miss out on any of the action with them. With his tongue in my mouth, his hand on my titties and his big cock in my hand, I was now a sexy playmate in the act of what us sexy playmates do the best, giving a man the hot pleasure he's been wanting while he fantasizes about being with us.

Playmates like to have fun, too. Now, I just needed Bill to carry me over to the bed, let me strip his clothes off and suck him good like I wanted to all week. When our tongues finally parted, I took a moment to catch my breath.

I said, "Bill, honey, carry me over to the bed like a good stud, so I can get you undressed and give you lots of good oral."

"You got it," he said, lifting me aggressively.

I wrapped my legs around his waist while I pressed my thong panty against his big cock sticking up out of his pants.

It was a magical moment where I feel just like a girl on her honeymoon, getting ready to have sex with her man for the first time. Whatever other girls feel, I knew my man wanted me more than any other girl, tonight. And that is when the sexy illusion of being a girlyboy takes over and I never want to be a boy again. I just want to be a hot babe for my Bill, my Dan, my Rich and my Lex and let the other girls go without all these big ones tonight. I made sure on the phone they all had big ones and I felt like a girl in candyland.

Feeling his cock pressing against my silky, lacy thong while he held me by my nice ass cheeks was incredible. Any girl who ever experienced this knows the feeling of love it gives her. She has captured the man with her feminine wiles and it is time to enjoy the pleasure of pleasing him fully.

One man doesn't have enough cum in his cock to satisfy a horny girlyboy like me, so that is why I had four lined up for tonight and more for tomorrow. Giving them all a good blow job was my goal and the only thing that would satisfy my horny slut fantasies, tonight. Bill's big cock was just the tip of the iceberg. I reached down and put the tip of it inside my panties and our cocks touched for the first time. It was purely magical. I had just shaved down there, so my skin around my clitty dick was extra sensitive.

Nothing a woman can do for a man was as good as what I was about to do for my man Bill. I would make sure he got all the pleasure he wanted in the next hour, starting with a good blowjob. After I finished he would want me again and again and even dream about it while he was sleeping tonight.

Having a big nine inch cock in my panties pressing against my clitty made me feel just like a girl does. Clitties are so sensitive to the touch of a man's fingers or his tongue on his big cock, it makes a girl forget everything else and just want to please him, too. And Bill had a nice cock to please.

He laid me down on the bed and I, immediately, started unbuttoning his dress shirt. Seeing his big hairy chest for the first time and knowing I wasabout to get him fully undressed wasfun.After I finished taking off his shirt, I started on hispants and underwear. Mmmm. His big one was fully erect and ready for my lips.

Being in bed with a totally naked man I just met wasthe answer to all my girlish fantasies. Knowing I had made his nine inch cock so hard so quickly gave me confidence that I had what he wanted. Of course, I had help from my turquoise thong with the black lace trim and my silky black stockings and turquoise lace bra.

I started kissing Bill's belly button while I took his cock in my hand.

"Oh, baby, you're good," he said as I stuck my warm tongue in his belly button.

I looked up at him and said,"Your big cock makes me feel like the luckiest girl in theworld, handsome."

And I was, since I had threemore men lined up for that evening and six more the next day.

After moving down between Bill's legs, I slowly licked his cock all the way from the basenear his hefty nut sack all the way up to the tip of the big head.

"Ohhhhh, baby," said Bill. "I think I'm in love with you."

"Me, too, Billy," I said.

I put the whole head of his cock in my mouth and licked around the spongy orb, tasting his sweet pre-cum as I did.

He moaned letting me know he liked it. This is the point in bed with a man where I feel in total control. There is nothing a man won't do for me, at this point, as long as I am willing to suck his cock to completion.

"Suck it, baby," he said.

I started going down further on his big one, feeling the power between his thighs. I was just a sexy little bitch and he was a big hard stud in need of satisfaction. I needed his cock so bad my panties were soaked with pre-cum squirting out of my clitty dick. It felt likeone of those times when I was going to have an orgasm without any contact on my clitty. I loved this big stud with the blonde hair and mustache and thesexy blue eyes. I felt like every girl in the world should be jealous of me, right now.

I started sucking up and down on Bill's cock, tasting his warm pre-cum every time I got need the top. It was flowing so good, I knew it wouldn't take long for him to cum. Of course, I was ready to swallow every drop of it like a good slut and then make him hard again and suck him some more.It was my girlish pleasure.

My second date was Dan, a 42 year-old college professor. On the phone, he had told me stories about how sexy sorority girls would wear short skirts to his class and give him panty shots and he would have to teach the class with a hard cock he couldn't satisfy until he got to jerk off after class. This led to Dan having a fetish for girl's panties and a few encounters with trannies. But he had never had a girlyboy like me who wanted to act out his fantasy about having a sorority girl stay after class and show him her panties.

My sexy school girl uniform consisted of a sexy little blue plaid skirt, a white blouse, a white cotton bra and panties, white knee socks and girl's white tennis sneakers. Wearing the outfit made me feel just like a sexy sorority girl ready to make the frat boys horny. I had pulled my hair back in a ponytail and freshened up my lipstick and makeup. Now, I was ready for class.

When Dan arrived, I invited him in and told him to take a seat in the chair I had set up behind the table. He was very tall and thin, a studious looking gentleman with handsome features, brown hair and a friendly personality. Right away, I started using a young girly voice to create the mood.

"Teacher, I have to go to the restroom and go pee-pee. Can I have your permission?"

"Yes, you may," he said.

"Thank you, teacher."

I went into the bathroom and peed and cleaned my clittydick good. For props, I had set an apple and a ruler on the table where Dan was sitting when I came out of the bathroom. I was pleasantly surprised to see Dan had already removed his slacks and underwear, although I couldn't see his cock behind the desk. He was tall so I knew he had a big one like he told me on the phone. Now, I couldn't wait to see it.

Dan was staring at my sexy thighs under my miniskirt as I took a seat in front of him to show him my white cotton panties. This made him lick his lips which mademe feel like a school girl about to get some big hard cock.

Suddenly, Dan made a serious face.

"Little girl, you didn't turn in your math homework. So, I'm going to need you to stay after school today and do some math problems for me."

"But, teacher, I want to play with my boyfriend's dickie after school," I said. "If I don't get to play with a dickie after school, then I'm not a happy girl."

"Well, putting it that way, I might be able to let you play with my dickie while you do your math problems."

I got a big smile and jumped up from my chair.

"Oh, teacher, that sounds like so much fun, playing with your dickie like a good girl while I do my math problems and maybe get to suck you for some extra credit, too."

"Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves," said teacher. He picked up the ruler off the desk. "First, I want you to use this ruler to tell me how big my dickie is when it's soft. Then I want you to show me those little white cotton panties under your skirt and make my dickie hard. Then tell me how big it is when it is hard. And, finally, I want you to subtract how big my dickie is when it is soft from how big it is when it is hard and give me the sum total. Do you think you can be a good girl and solve this problem in the next hour?"

"Sure," I said smiling."When I'm done the problem, can I sit on your lap and pretend you are my boyfriend and let you kiss me?"

"Well, you are a good student who brought me an apple, so that will be okay. But first, here is the ruler."

Dan handed me the ruler and I walked around the table and saw his cock for the first time. Even limp, his cock had a big head on it and his balls were nice and big too, so it was truly going to be fun making it grow. He told me on the telephone it was 11 inches and now with the ruler I would get to know for sure.

He sat up in the chair as I reached down to touch his flaccid member. It was making me feel like a girl with an older man and the fantasy was starting to make my clitty dick grow down in my white cotton panties under my sexy little blue plaid skirt. Touching his soft cock for the first time was thrilling. I wanted to make it grow so I could suck it, right away. But I had to do what my teacher said to do.

Cupping Dan's cock in my hand, I held it up and placed the ruler on top of it. I looked up into his eyes.

"So, how much does that say?" he asked.

"It says five inches, teacher."

Suddenly, I felt his cock growing in my hand from the pressure I was applying to it.

"Are you sure?" said Dan.

I looked down and saw it was now 6 inches long.

"I'm not sure, teacher."

"Well, if you are not sure, then you got the problem wrong. I'm going to have to spank you on your sexy little bottom to make you a better student, Courtney. Now, pull up your skirt and bend over for me like a good girl."

Dan took the ruler from me and I felt the thrill of showing him my hot ass for the first time. My ass gets a man's cock as hard as any Victoria's Secrets model's ass does. I smiled big knowing I was going to get to see Dan's big cock grow while he spanked my hot ass. It was perfect symmetry. My ass would make his cock hard and the sight of his hard cock would make my clitty dick hard and we'd both be ready for some hot action.

I have never been into S & M, but knowing I was about to see Dan's cock grow while he spanked me was really a thrill. He wanted to spank all those sexy little sorority sluts who make his dick hard by showing him their panties every day in class. And now I was the one doing it for him.

With my right hand, I pulled up my little blue plaid skirt while I reached up with my left hand to feel my titties through my blouse. Feeling my big titties made me feel just like a girl about to please her teacher. It would make me want to stay after school every day.

To Be Continued...

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