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Group Fun

Caught outside and forced to suck.
  This is a story of what happened a long time ago. I was 20 years old. I have always been a small guy, 5-5, maybe 125lbs on a good day. All the girls called me cute and I hated it. Until I tried on my girlfriends panties. Wow, I thought how girls were so lucky to wear all this sexy stuff. Well within a year I had gathered a couple of very slutty outfits. I loved Garters and stockings, Panties and heels. I was so thin and had this little round bum that looked hot peaking out from under a mini skirt or tube dress.
I would stop at this rest area on my way home from work. There you could walk deep into the woods away from the road. I would go back there and dress in stockings, panties and heels. I loved it when guys watched me change. Sometimes I'd walk right by them with my little outfit on. Touching their dick as I walked by.
Well one day I way feeling very brave. I was fully dressed when I pulled in the rest area. I had on black laced stockings, garter belt, thong panties, a short, black mini skirt and a girlie yellow top. I even had a cheap wig to finish the outfit. When I looked in the mirror I saw this petite thing with mile long legs. The skirt was tight around my bum and you could just see the tops of my gartered stockings as I strutted around.
There were a few cars there already, guys were obviously in the woods. After sitting there for a while I finally got up the courage to step out of my car. At this point I could be seen from the road. I thought "it's dusk, know one is looking". I just put my head up and headed for the woodline. My heels clicked on the pavement as I took long strides. The cool air rushing up under my skirt was very arousing.
As I crossed the wood line I felt a relief. I'll worry about going back later. I saw two guys in the distance check me out as I headed strait for the back fence. They seamed busy doing theri own thing. I just turned away and kept walking.
When I got to the back of this fenced in area there was one man standing there. I walked closer. He showed me his dick and smiled at me. I smiled back and kind of walked a circle around him. He told me he loved my outfit and asked me if I had ever sucked. I shook my head no, but he knew I wanted to try. Why don't you just give it a kiss he said.  As I bent over I could feel my ass poke out from under my skirt. I reached back to pull my skirt down a little.
As I kissed his throbbing dick I realized I loved the smell of it. I licked the pre cum off his head. It wasn't long before I had his dick in my mouth. I felt like such a girl. A slut, but a girl slut. I couldn't believe I was sucking this guy but I was. By now he's holding my head with 2 hands and fucking away.  I loved the idea of satisfying this guy.
Then, I saw two men approaching and I tried to pull away. He just held my head on that dick. He invited the guys to join him in fucking this sissy. They all laughed. I felt hands running up and down my legs, under my skirt. I moaned and gagged but he kept that dick in my mouth. Someone pulled my panties down to my ankles then licked my asshole. He tried to shove his dick into my ass but it would not fit. He spit and then started to fuck my ass whth his finger. The other guy was still feeling me all over and rubbing his cock all over me.  I was getting face fucked and pounded from behind.
One more guy came over to see what all the commotion was. By now, they all were taking turns fucking my mouth handing my head over to the next. Then feeling me all over. Someone kept fingering my ass. I heard my shirt being ripped off my body as the first one shot his load in my mouth. I didn't know what to do it was coming out of my mouth as he pulled out but another said "oh no you don't" and shoved his dick right in, forcing me to swallow what was left.
Then they tore off my skirt. They all laughed as they threw my clothes in the trees. One at a time, they all took turns cumming in my mouth. They just walked off when they were done. I was covered in spit and cum. My mouth was sore and my asshole was sore.
When I stood up the only clothing I had left was my panties, stockings and heels. I pulled my panties up and headed for my car.
On the way back I met another guy coming down the path. As he just stood there, in my way,I knew what to do... Without saying a word, I got down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. When he finished he sprayed his load in my face, then offered me a napkin. I asked him to walk me to my car so he covered me with his jacket and walked me out.
I felt so violated but so sexy.
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