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Having been into womens clothing since an early age,as I got older I often wondered about going out dressed up and hitting a local bar as a girl.

Well I finally got my chance back in 1984. I was in the Air Force stationed in North Carolina and had already made a connection with a local man down there and we had sex on a pretty regular basis.

He knew of my desire and one night we decided to go for it. I am pretty small body wise and kept my whole body shaved and I could pass as a woman when fully dressed.

Friday night arrives and we both get ready to head out to a local country bar.

I decided on all black except for my panties,they were bright  red. Black slip on dress,black bra and thigh highs and bright red satin bikini panties,black heels and a blonde wig.

My breast forms making my tits look full and bouncey. I apply my makeup and we head out to the bar.

Once in the parking lot he looks at me and asks if I am ready to do this. I tell him yes.

My heels clack on the pavement as we walk across the parking lot to the door of the bar.

As we walk into the bar,heads turn and stare at me,my adrenaline pumping through my body.

As we go in and find a table,I feel a hand grab my ass,I turn and smile at the culprit.

My date and I order drinks and watch the crowd as they dance.

Then a man,around 40 comes over and asks me if I want to dance. I look at my date and he smiles and says "go for it".

So we walk onto the dance floor and slow dance to the song playing over the speakers.

We make small talk as he grinds himself into me. I can feel his cock bulging as we move together to the music.

He looks at me and I smile,he want's to know if he could take me home and I tell him that wouldn't be fair to my date.

And he replies,"baby I could fuck you way better than him".

I smile and say "Oh Yeah?" "I think you would be surprised by me".

The song ends and Igive him a peck on the cheek and say thank's and walk back to my table.

My date asked me how the dance was and I told him that I was horny and that guy wanted to fuck me.

My date surprised me when he said "you should let him".

We sit there for a few minutes drinking our drinks and chatting and laughing with people as they walk by.

The next slow song comes on and my first dance partner returns and asks for another dance,which I oblige.

As we dance,he once again grinds himself into me and I lean into his head and whisper in his ear,"If you have a car outside I take care of that for you".

He stands back a bit and says "what about your boyfriend?" and I tell him that he is perfectly o.k. with it.

He grabs my hand and leads me outside to the parking lot and into his car we get.

He is all hands rubbing me up and down,telling me how good he is going to fuck me.

I tell him to slow down,"let me get that cock in my mouth first".

He quickly unzips his pants and pushes them down to the floora and out pops a nice fat 8" cock.

I lean over the center console and take his cock into my mouth and take him deep my lips hitting his balls.

He moans excitedly and thrusts his hips up and down.

I think I only sucked his cock for a minute when he suddenly shoots his load down my throat.

Burst after burst of hot cum trickling down my throat as he bucks wildly.

I swallow every drop and he apologizes for being quick and then tells me to get out,that he has to go.

I smile at him and say o.k. and thanks and get out of his car as he speeds away.

I walk back into the bar and over to my date and he says "man that was quick". I look at him and laugh and say "yeah he was going to fuck me good,but blew his load as soon as my mouth covered his dick".

We both laughed and looked around for our next guy.

We spot another man staring at me ,he is in a dark corner of the bar. I turn towards him and spread my legs flashing my bright red panties at him and smile.

I take a sip of my drink. He waves me over.

Now if I know bars and how I always want to hook up with a chick or atleast get a blowjob,then I know that this guy will be looking for the same from me.

I sit down next to him,I can strill taste the salty cum in my mouth from my previous lover.

We introduce ourselves and he tells me that I am the best looking girl in the whole bar. "You actually took the time to make yourself look presentable and I like that" he says.

He tells me he likes the panties I have on as well.

This man is probably in his 50's,so he knows how to sweet talk me to get what he wants.

He buys me a drink and now I am starting to get buzzed.

I ask him if he is here to watch,dance or have a good time in other ways?

He tells me he usually watches,because he was the owner of the bar and I just smiled at him. I say,"well if you want something else let me know".

He tells me to go into the back office with him. I say o.k. baby.

And he grabs my hand and leads me through some black curtains in the back.

He sits me on his desk and unzips his pants and points his cock right at my mouth.

He tells me to open wide and take it all in.

Who am I to say no.

His cock hits the back of my throat and he says "suck it baby,you know you want it".

His hand reaches for between my legs and I push it away.

He says "Oh what's the matter baby,you think I don't know you have a dick down there".

I take his cock out of my mouth and ask "how did you know"?

And he tells me that while I was out sucking that other guys dick off in the parking lot,I talked to your date and he told me all about you".

He says "now put my cock back in your mouth whore".

I take him back in deep and he reached between my legs and starts rubbing my growing cock through my panties.

He tells me to get on all fours on the floor and I do. He takes and flips my dress up and pulls my panties down to my bent knees and shoves the head of cock into my horny,awaiting ass.

He fucks me long and hard for 20 minutes,before pulling out and shooting his load into the crotch of my red satin panties.Filling it up with his hot creamy cum.

He tells me to stand up and pulls my panties up,as I do I feel his warm cum against my ass.

He tells me anytime I want to come back to his bar that drinks are on the house,and I tell him that anytime I come back here that I am always available for him.

I head back over to my date and tell him to take me home,I was horny and wanted to fuck.

We get to the car and I can't take it,I am so horny I tell him to fuck me in the parking lot.

He gets in the passenger seat and I stradle him and lower my wet ass onto his hard cock and fuck him up and down like there is no tomorrow.

"Oh god fuck me,fuck me harder"

I start cumming as he fucks me as hard as he can,I see people looking into the steamy windows as they walk by,making noises and comments,"yeah dude,fuck the shit out of her".

In moments I feel his cum filling up my ass,and as always he cums by the gallon.

I pull my panties up and he gets in the drivers seat and we head home.

We went back to that bar a few times as well as others.

We didn't a;ways have luck,but we always fucked in the parking lot afterwards of wehatever bar we were at.

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