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Halloween Trick or Treat Surprise

Dan and Susie go to a Halloween costume party Susie has him dress as a women and changes him forever

Chapter 1 –Susan Charity Event

To my surprise Susie my wife of 15 years comes home from one of her many business trips. She is all excited about a Halloween costume party fund raiser, for non profit that supports women studies. The invitation states, the best couple for this evening will receive a free weekend in Bermuda. She wants’ us to go as couple switching genders. 

Let me explain, when we got married years ago, she was an extremely sexy size 12, 5’ 5” with fantastic curves, huge D cups breasts. Auburn naturally curly hair, sexy cute face that always makes a room light up! I have always liked a bigger girl. Since Susie was a jock in school her body type was right for me. My build is a slim 5’ 10” frame, and I had a very slim waist of 28.” She always joked what would I do if she got to big and I always told her that I will get her a Lane Brant credit card. Well, 10 years later she got her credit card and my size still is remarkably close to my size years ago. I always did a little dressing in panties and stocking as a teenager and use to wear her lingerie when she traveled until they got to large to fit me. Then I started my own collection. Over the years, I have suspected that she might know, but I was never quite sure.

I try to talk her out of this idea without any success, I finally agree, my only requirement is I look like a real woman not a man dressed in drag! She agrees and offers to help me get my look right! First she scheduled me for a few beauty treatments including facials and a few wax treatments on my legs and arm as she laughs! We only have three weeks to get our costumes ready for the Halloween fund raiser.

We began to discuss what kind of costume we should wear for the event. We went from Fred and Wilma of the Flintstones, I knew she could pull Fred off with her size, but I told her that she would be too small. I actually thought that Wilma wasn't sexy enough for me. We went back and forth, Bill and Hillary then finally settled on Al Capone for her, and I will be Mae. It turns out that she was taller than Al and a lot slimmer. The best part was that Mae was an extremely hot girl for the 1920 times. I can get some sexy flapper clothes and maybe a fur also.

Susie scheduled me three days from now with her beauty salon. I am a little reluctant at first, but she assures me that it’s after hours and nobody will know. It takes forever for the days to pass. After coming home for work on the third day Susie has dinner made for me then says that Bev will be waiting for me at the Salon, my appointment is at 7 pm.

Chapter 2 – Secret Reviled 

While driving to the salon my mind is wondering on how Beverly is going to transform me into a woman and wonder why we are starting so early. Arriving at the salon, I see that it closed at 6:30 and there is only one girl at the counter when I walk in.

I say “I am looking for Beverly.” An extraordinarily lovely thin blonde with a bob hair cut, just about as tall as me in heels, with a lovely small rack and a cute ass steps from behind the counter. She is over all a sexy package.

She answer me “You must be Dan, oh I mean Mae.”

I blush and smile and say “Yes.” 

She tells me to follow her to the back as she locks the front door. We enter the back room, there are pictures of Mae Capone on the walls. I am stunned how beautiful she looks, I turn to Beverly and say “I see that you have done your home work.”

“I have Mae for you and Al for Susie. Susie has already paid me for your transformation. Let’s see what I have to work with strip down to your underwear. ”

As I drop my pants then shirt, standing there looking at Beverly and say “What do you think?”

She says “Turn around for me and let me check you out.” I turn completely around, and she says “Very nice, you got a terrific ass! You need a little help in the hip area, and with the right breast forms your body would be sexier than Susie.”

I blush again then she says “We have some work to do on your man face but with three weeks, we should be able to pull it off. First we have to get rid of those boxers.”

She then hands me a pair of panties and tells me to change into these. I will come back in after you have changed”

While looking at the white satin panties as I drop my briefs then slide the panties up my body, my cock starts to rise. It happens every time I put panties on. I tell my self to calm down then I tuck my cock between my legs. Checking in the mirror to make sure my cock is not sticking out to far.

I say “Beverly its ok to come in.”

She looks me over then walks over, and whispers into my ear then says. “I see that you must have worn silk panties before, every man that puts them on for the first time always has a raging hard-on. You also remembered to tuck your penis away to give yourself a feminine look. I bet that you have been playing in girl panties for some time.”

I have a dumb look on my face. I am afraid to saying anything because Susie might find out later on!

She says “Your secret is safe with me, even your wife doesn't know that I was born a boy! If you don’t believe me reach down and check.” 

She takes my hand then slowly pulls it down on to her, I can feel her cock!

I say “Wow, I would have never known! How did you know about me? Does Susie know?”

“Well most men would never have agreed to dressing up as a woman. Let alone to look like a real woman. We can have a lot of fun getting you ready for the charity event. Susie has known that you have been playing in panties.”

I say “Ok, where do we start?”

“For tonight let’s start on your face exfoliation and a little tease on those eyebrows, so you still look like a man. We will work them slowly over the next weeks, with small subtle changes so people won’t notice. Then I will trim your arm and leg hair down a little. Sit down in this chair.”

She pulls out a hot towel then heats up my face, adds some shaving cream and gives me a straight razor shave.

Beverly says “Mae I want you to feel how smooth you face feels now.”

I am amazed that there is no razor stubble it feels almost as smooth as Susie skin. She lays me back in the chair and starts working on my face with a machine that rubbing my skin. I can feel my skin getting raw. She is finally done, than pulls out tweezers and starts plucking my eyebrows. Wow that really hurts as my eyes are watering.

She says “That was a terrific start stand up then lay down on the table, so I can trim your leg and arm hair.” 

She takes a trimmer and works over my legs and arms just trimming my hair down but not altogether off.

“Mae here is some facial cream that will work on your man face. Make sure that you apply it to your face in the morning after you shave. Then when you get home clean your face and reapply the cream. I have you schedule in four days at 7:00 pm for your next treatment. Mae you can keep the panties and next time you come in make sure you’re wearing them.”

When I arrived at the house Susie asked me how my treatment went, I told her just ok, and I had to go back in four days. The days passed by slowly as I keep applying the facial cream.

Chapter 3 - Two weeks to Halloween 

Driving to the salon with my silk panties on that Beverly told me that I had to wear. My cock still gets hard whenever I wear them.

Arriving 15 minutes early, I look into the Salon and only see Beverley at the counter. I decide to go in a little early. She has a vast smile as she walks from behind the counter to lock the door. Wow, she wearing white shorts, 5” heels and pink halter top tied above her belly button.

I say “You look fabulous tonight. I just love your outfit!”

“I knew the girl in you would just love my clothes. Are you wearing the silk panties?”

“Yes, I even wore them to work on a few days. Susie almost caught me cleaning them yesterday.”

“Mae did you have a little leakage in them”.

“Yes, I was surprised about the amount of pre-cum that leaked out when I was at work.”

“Mae I have a few more items for you to take home after your treatment, take off your clothes and leave the panties on. We will start with another shave and facial, then a complete waxing of your legs. Then we have to teach you how to walk and talk like a woman. We have a lot of ground to cover tonight.”

I quickly strip out of my clothes then sit down in the chair for another hot towel shave, then a little more plucking of my eyebrows.

“Mae move on to the table then lay on your back.” 

She then starts to wax my legs. Pouring hot wax on my skin then patting down then a quick pull “Ouch that hurts I can’t believe that Susie gets this done. No wonder she was laughing about me getting wax.”

“Mae, do you want to feel like a girl?”

I've been dreaming of this since I was a teenager and say "Yes!”

“All girls trim their pussy, do you want me to treat you clitty area?”

“Clitty what’s that?”

“Oh you're so naive that’s you penis and balls, when your a girl we call them a clitty. If you want this done slide off your panties. If not turn over.”

A moment of truth, I will never get this chance again then I lift up my ass and slide off my panties.

“I see Susie is a real lucky girl, I will have to get you a gaff to hold that package of yours. Do you want landing strip of hair or totally removed?”

“Landing strip, I never like a woman to look like a little girl down there.”

Beverly trims me up first then shaves my balls and around the base of my clitty. I have a raging hard on as she is removing the hair off my body. After the trim the waxing begins, I thought the legs were bad until she did around my clitty area.

Beverly looks down at me and sees pre-cum leaking from my clitty. She takes her finger wipes it off then licks her finger. 

She says “Oh that was delicious, I sure Susie has a lot of fun with this.”

I say “Not anymore ever since she added all the weight, she won’t let me see her nude, and has lost the desire for sex.”

Beverly has a stunned look on her face then licks her lips and says “I might have to correct that problem later on now roll over onto your tummy.”

After the back of my legs are waxed. She tells me to slide down the table and spread my legs. She waxes my ass all the way to my anus.

“Mae you can stand up now.”

I am totally nude with a hard clitty. Beverly takes lotion gets on her knees then rubs me down starting at my feet and working up to my ass. She then moves her face across my groin area, her face brushes my clitty. Then her lips slide across my clitty, I gasp and just look down at her. Beverly looks up at me kisses my clitty with a quick peck then says “No time for this tonight put you panties back on we still have work to do tonight.

She brings out a shopping bag, pulls out a Bra that matches my panties then breast forms, a corset and high heels.

“I will show you how to put these on, but I think that you already know how.”

Taking the Bra, I slip it around my chest clip it together and slide it around and pull the straps onto my shoulders. Then she slips the breast forms into place. I have only tried once to put on a corset and stumble with it. Beverly helps me then pulls it real tight.

Beverly says “That’s the look I was hoping for, you have hips now. I want you to wear the corset daily. Just pull the string as I showed you! Now put on the high heels and let me see you walk.”

I never worn heels before, and try to walk with them on.

Beverly laughs and says “We have some things to work on! I want you to wear the heels at night for at least four hours. Susie already knows about the heels she helps me pick them out. Put your man clothes over your new lingerie, and wear them home tonight. Your next appointment is Sunday at 11 am.”

She hands me the bag and says “Sunday will be your first time out as Mae, wear the outfit in the bag and practice the voice tape. I expect to meet Mae for the first time on Sunday.”

Susie is waiting for me when I get home as my new heels make me stumble into the house.

She says “Stop right there! We won’t get close to the finals unless you learn to walk in heels. You have to sway as you walk, take shorter strides and keep you arms close to your body. Now let me see you walk remember to sway you ass.”

I walk from one end of the room and back. 

Susie says “That’s better when you get home I want to see you in your lingerie and heels before dinner. I also have a wig for you to wear.”

She hands me the wig slaps my ass then gives me a kiss on the cheek and says “Mae it’s your bed time make sure to moisturize your legs after you shower.”

Chapter 4 - Eight days to Halloween 

The days fly by while Susie works with me on my walk and voice. When I get up on Saturday, she has a new bra and panties layout for me along with a flower colored slip. There is a note on top of them that says, you been a good girl here is some new lingerie come down stairs dressed with you heels on. I have a treat for you. 

Oh god another day in heels my calves are killing me. I truly understand way woman wear flats. Arriving in the kitchen, Susie is dressed in man clothes and tells me that we are switching roles for the day. What did I get myself into? She tells me that she is going out and left me a list of chores including making dinner. After completing the chores which take most of the day, I finally head to the kitchen. I do love cooking, and she knows this and has the refrigerator stocked for a great dinner. After seeing what groceries are available, I decide the evening meal will be Veal Piccata, green bean with almonds, fresh salad with artichokes and for desert her favorite chocolate mousse. After preparing the meal, I pour my self a small glass of wine. Sitting down for the first time today and take a sip of my wine. I hear the front door open, and there are two voices. Shit, I panic and try to get up stairs without being seen.

Then I hear Beverly says “Where are you running off too. We have been shopping all day for your Halloween outfit. Boy that food sure does smell terrific, and we are famished. Mae come over here I have something for you!” Then she hands me a large shopping bag.

Susie says “Why don’t you go upstairs and fresh up then put on your new outfit. Don’t forget to wear your wig. Make sure to walk and talk as a woman for the rest of the night.”

I never thought I would be so excited to see a new outfit and hustle up the stairs into my bedroom. It’s the same shorts that Beverly had on for my last treatment and a light blue full tank top with new white pumps heels that are even higher than the ones that I have on now! I change quickly then checked myself in the mirror the shorts make my ass look great. The 4” heels are a complete different story to wear and I thought the 3” heels were tough. I bet they make me wear these for the next week as I walk back down the stairs.

Entering the kitchen I hear some whistles from Beverly and Susie. 

Susie says “Turn around for us.” I spin around carefully in my new heels.

Beverly says “I knew her ass would look great in those shorts don’t you think Susie?”

She answers “I don’t know let me see which ass is firmer.” She reaches over and squeezes Beverly ass then walks over and squeezes mine.

Susie says “Bev you’re going to have to work out some more.”

I say in my best sexy girl’s voice “Are you ladies ready for dinner?” They both reply yes.

“Would you like red or white wine with the Veal Piccata?” I knew that Susie would want chardonnay, but I was checking to see what Beverly would like.

Beverly says “Do you have a Pinot Noir?”

I say “Absolutely that’s my favorite also, Honey to you want Chardonnay?”

Suddenly I get correct by both of them.

Beverly says “That didn't sound like Mae” then Susie slaps my ass and they both make me repeat my answer in my girly voice.

After finishing cooking the veal, eating and chatting with the girls all night long with out slipping into my Dan voice.

I say “Would you like dessert I made chocolate mousse?” I knew that it’s Susie favorite and was hoping to get some relief from her. I have had a ragging hard on since the beginning of this and masturbation hasn't given me any relief yet!

Susie says “Bev, Mae chocolate mousse is to die!”

Beverly says “I must try Mae dessert after that endorsement.”

Both on them finish desert by licking their lips. Watching them makes me wish both of them were licking my clitty.

Susie excuses her self for the restroom, as I am cleaning up the dishes. Beverly reaches over rubs my ass then reaches down grabs my clitty then says “If Susie doesn't take care of this tonight. I will give you a treat tomorrow.”

I blush and finish cleaning up the dishes, both girls are chatting and giggling when Beverly decides to leave, she gives both of us hugs and kisses on the cheek.

We both head to bed then Susie tells me that she is tried and goes to sleep. Leaving me hard and leaking again!

Chapter 5 - Seven Days to Halloween

Waking up late Sunday morning and with Susie still sleeping as I shower, shave and put the clothes on that Beverley gave me at the last session. After putting on the white blouse and long tan skirt and checking in the mirror. I decide the new white pumps would look better than the other sandal heels that I been wearing all week. Little breakfast then I put on my wig. I’m off to see Beverly again.

Pulling into to the lot early and see Beverly just arriving at the same time as me. We both get out of our cars, and I walk up to the door with her. She has a tremendous smile on her face as she unlocks the door.

She says “I see that you made a fashion decision and picked the correct shoes for your outfit! You’re on your way to being a woman.”

I say in the most fem voice “Thank you. What will we be working on today?”

“Well another light facial you’re face skin is finally getting smooth. I think it’s time to get rid of the rest of your arm and chest chair. I also want to start to show you how to do you makeup. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I think! Beverly won't I look funny with no arm hair?"

“Oh Mae, just wear long sleeve shirts nobody will notice.”

She locks the door, and we walk into the back room then she tells me to strip down. I drop all my clothes of including my panties. My clitty still has a raging hard on.

Beverly looks at me and says “Not so fast sweetie. I see Susie did not take care of my Mae last night. I was chatting with her while we were shopping and couldn't believe how unimportant sex has become for her. If you’re a good girl I might give you and early Halloween treat. Now put you panties back on!”

I feel embarrassed as I put back on my panties and say “I am sorry for being so forward but after last night I thought it was ok.”

She says “Sweetie it’s ok, lets start. Please get into the chair.”

We go thru the facial some more plucking of my eyebrows, and then she tells me that they will be workable for my makeup. I get back on the table then she waxes my chest, shoulders and arms then shaves my arm pits. The only hair that I have left is my strip above my clitty and what’s on top of my head. I feel sexy as Beverly rubs my body down with lotion. I run my hands over my body I can’t believe how smooth my body feels. I am so excited that I'm ready to cum in my panties, the silk is driving me mad as my clitty is twitching going back and forth.

Beverly can see the dilemma that I am in and say “Not yet, we’re not done! You have to get you makeup on first, and we need to fit your new wig. I have a special treat for you, real looking breasts. They glue on and then blend in with some makeup it will give you real cleavage that doesn't have to be covered up. It will be worth the wait now calm down and set back in the other chair, so I can teach you how to do you makeup.”

She showed me how to use foundation, setting power, and then we started with my eyes. She did the left one and had me do the right side. It took me forever to get it look like my left eye. Then my lips and finally a little bush, Beverly swings the chair around and takes of my bra and forms. She pulls out my new breasts and shows them to me, they are my skin color. She applies a spray first then the glue, positioning them in place, then pulls out a new shelf bra and puts it on me to hold the breast in place until the glue dries. She then takes some bronzer to blend in the small edges. I try looking down not sure what they look like.

Beverly says “No peeking yet.”

She removes my wig gets out the new one it looks just like the pictures of Mae Capone hair. She adjusts the wig and uses some foundation than blends in the front hair line. I am really getting so excited again, I just want to spin the chair around and take a peek. Beverly puts back on my white pumps pulls out three strings of pearls, dangling pearl earring and bangles for my wrist.

Beverly says “The earrings are the best I could find that are clip on. I have these other ones that are fantastic that would match everything, but I will have to pierce your ears.”

I am stunted by what she said as she takes the strand of pearls and bangles and puts them on me. She then has me stand up and look in the mirror. I see a beautiful woman looking back, could this be me? I spin around looking at the mirror the entire time and just can’t believe it’s me looking back in the mirror. She has me stop, then stands behind me holding up the clip earring on one side then the pieced in the other side.

She says “Which ones do you like better?”

I think she already knew as I say “The One on the right.”

“Oh thats what I thought, so can I pierce you ears now?”

I know that I have been set up but couldn't resist the way they look and say “How about right before the Halloween party?”

She says “Oh are you going to sissy out on me? You know all the football players were studs in their ears. Are you going to let me pierce them now?”

Feeling so feminine at the time, I lost control over my body and quickly agree. She pierces my ears then puts in the dandling earring. She brings out this sexy white glimmer flapper dress. She has me step into the dress then pulls it up on me and adjusts the pearl necklace strings. 

Beverly says “Mae your outfit is done, do you look and feel like a real woman?”

I just keep looking into the mirrors at the different angles and just can’t believe the complete transformation of me into a beautiful woman.

Beverly pause then says “What do you think?’

As I’m spinning aground with tears in my eyes, I stop and give her a loving hug and kiss.

I say “You made my dreams come true.” Then we continue to kiss as she reaches down and lifts up my dress and caresses my clitty.

She says “Sweetie can you hold off until Halloween night, I will make it a truly special treat for you.”

I am still so excited on how I look that I want to enjoy the moment and agree to wait for Saturday night as long as she helps me get dressed for the event.

I take off the flapper dress then put back on my shorts, top and old wig, keeping the breast on for Susie to see. Beverly takes off the earrings and puts in some real small studs and tells me to keep them in all week.

Beverly says “Come to the salon on Saturday at 2 pm for your final fitting.”

On my way home, my mind is thinking of Beverly and what my treat will be on Halloween night. Then all of a sudden, I see red and blue lights in my rear view mirror. I slowly pull over, and the police car pulls up behind me. Shit what am I going to do now?

The officer walks up to my car window smiles at me and says “Did you see that stop sign? I need your license, registration and insurance card.”

I reach over to the glove box and get the registration and insurance. I didn't bring my wallet and don’t have my license!

I hand the officer the registration and insurance.

I say in my fem voice “I left my license at the house. I was at Char’s salon getting ready for the women’s Halloween charity event for Saturday.”

He is staring down at my breast with a look of lust. Then says “I am working that event also, we can forget about that stop sign if you agree to meet me after the event.”

I say “Oh what time would that be Officer?”

“Call me Chad I get off at 11 pm” Then he gives me his cell phone number.

I say “Then I will be looking for the big sexy cop at the costume party” I can’t believe that I agree to meet him Saturday night.

He says “Drive home safely Mrs. Reilly” then he winks at me.

Driving home slowly I can’t believe that I made a date with a cop for Saturday night. I will not tell Susie about the traffic stop and figure Beverly might be able to help me solve my dilemma.

Susie was pissed when she saw my new appearance after the last treatment. I think she was jealous of my sexy body! My cleavage and tight body makes me a hot sexy babe. She lost that type of body a long time ago! I was walking and talking like a real woman, and I could tell she did not like it at all.

I say “How do you like my new breast?”

She says in a sarcastic voice “They look ok.”

Chapter 6 - Finally Halloween Day 

Waking up early on Saturday my clitty is rock hard again. I had dreams all night long about the cute cop and Beverly doing me! I reach down, and my panties are soaking wet I haven’t had a wet dream since my early 20’s. What has happened to me? I never thought that I would like being a girl so much! All week I got to wear my panties during the day, and when I got home I put on my fem clothes with my makeup, wigs, and heels then played being a girl all night. Susie like that I did the cooking and cleaning but was extremely cold to me as Mae.

After shaving my face and mortising my body. Taking the time to put on my new breast, makeup and wig, looking in the mirror my makeup is close to the job that Beverly did last week. The best part of my new tits is they bounce when I move around without my bra on.

What should I wear to the salon? I need some new clothes and had an idea the spare bedroom closet is full of clothes that my wife can’t fit into anymore. Opening the closet, I see some girl jeans and a pink cami that should fit me! The jeans are still a little loose, and the top is tight and showing off my new breast. Finally happy with my look, I walk down stairs to make breakfast for us! Quick omelet and coffee for Susie on a tray then I take it up to the bed room for her.

I say “Honey I have breakfast for you.”

See looks at me with disgust and says “After tonight no more Mae for you! If I wanted a girl, I would have married one!”

My heart is broken Susie has turned down my femme side. I gave her the tray and left the room without saying anything. I could almost cry she never seriously tried to understand what has been happening to me!

I have an hour to kill and decided to call Officer Chad to see if I actually have to meet him after the event.

I use my sexiest fem voice and say “Its Mae just checking to see if you’re going to be at the Halloween Charity event tonight”

Officer Chad says “What costume are you going to wear tonight?”

Pausing then without thinking I say “I will be dressed as Al Capone and my husband is going as Al’s wife. I’m going to pretend not to know you! I want you to arrest me, and then try to pick me up when I’m in your custody! It's one of my fantasies’ …. Can you do that for me Chad?” 

“Oh I can handle that, I might even have to cuff you for resisting arrest.”

I say “O… that sounds kinky.”

“Ok, Susan I’ll see you tonight.”

The drive over to the salon seems to take forever. Entering the salon with all the other women and not one of them gives me a second look.

I say “I have 2 O’clock appointment with Beverly.”

She doesn't look up at me and says “Beverly is ready for you go to the last room on the left.”

I walk slowly to the room and enter to see Beverly smiling at me once again.

She says “Wow, I like your look all you need is to add a little jewelery and a purse.

I blush then tell Beverly what happened with Susie, Officer Chad and what I told Officer Chad today. Then I ask her what she thinks.

She says “Let me think about it, I am one of the judges for the event and will come up with something. Maybe we can get Susie to take care of Chad. Lets get you ready, strip down I want to check to see if you need any body hair touch up first.”

She checks me over and waxes my legs a little, shaves my arm pits, then waxes and shaves my clitty area to make it totally smooth. She takes out some new lotion and rubs me down, it has a sexy peachy smell to it. She pulls out a new white corset and helps me tighten it up. Then she pulls it a little tighter than normal and has me check to see if I can move comfortably around. 

Beverly says “Are you ready to tuck you man stuff. We wouldn't’t want your clitty sticking out of your dress would we?”

I have a puzzled look on my face as she tells me to lie down on the table. She spreads my legs and gets out some surgical tape and pushes one of my balls up into the body cavity next to my clitty then tapes over it to make sure it doesn't pop out and repeats it on the other side, then hands me a white silk thong.

“Now pull up the gaff tight and take you hand and push your clitty between you legs.” I do as told and get up and look down, wow it gives me smooth panty look just like a girl.

I am smiling at Beverly and say “You know all the little tricks don’t you!”

She says “Honey, I been doing this for years. Now sit down in the chair and let’s get your face done.”

She cleans off my makeup add moisturizers then with an alcohol wipe she cleans two little spots above my eyes close to my hair line.

“I am going to give you curved eyebrows. I call it the Lisa Taylor cheap face lift.”

She puts surgical tape on my forehead then pulls up moving my eyebrow up then pushes the tape down and rubes it real hard to make sure it stays in place and does the other side. Then she works on my face finishing up with my lips last. The wig comes next after she adjusts it and pins it in place then blends in the front hair line, some styling on the hair than some hair spray.

“Ok Mae lets get your dress on.”

She hands me my dress and helps me with the back zipper, then I sit back down and slip my heels on as she gets out the jewelry. She puts the pearl necklaces on me, and adds some wrist bangles for the one side and a pearl bracelet for the other. She takes out the small earring studs that I have been wearing and puts in the dangling pearl rhinestone earring that she showed me last week. Then she opens another jewel box and tries a few different rings on until she finds the one’s that fit right and look nice on me.

She says “Ok that looks terrific, the rings and bracelet are loaners. Now let’s do your nails. How long of a nail do you want?”

I say “I’ll let you decided.”

“Let’s see we should go for the complete look.”

She uses a med length false nail and then adds red polish that matches my lip stick.

“There were done, stand up and lets go into the other room were the mirrors are so you can see you self.”

I follow Beverly into a room that has mirrors on all the walls. I stop dead in my heels and can’t believe how she transformed me! 

I squeal like a girl and say “God I look so pretty and my eyes they look just like a woman’s! The dress, shoes and jewelry look fantastic and I have a girly figure too! Your simply amazing” as I keep looking around at all the mirrors. 

She says “I have one more think for you” then she hands me a white purse with a long silver shoulder chain on it. 

“I put in a few items that all girls needs, lip gloss, makeup compact. There is small wallet make sure you have your license with you.” She then winks at me and says “I put in some condoms and lube. You never now what a girl might need. You better get going its already 5 pm.” 

I walk over to her and give her a hug and kiss and say “You’re the best. I will see you at the charity. I just don’t know how to thank you!” 

She replies “I already thought of that and have a Halloween treat for you later on.” 

I run out of the salon, and when I am getting into my car I hear a car honk and some cat calls. Driving home carefully making sure to stop at all the signs. 

Entering my house, I say “Susie I’m home.” 

She answers “I’m upstairs getting ready. Where have you been? You left more than three hours ago!” 

“I will never question you again on how long it takes to get ready as a woman. I’m getting a glass of wine would you like something?” 

“No, I already have something, but thanks” 

I Pour myself a glass of wine and just can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. Susie finally comes down the stairs and enters the kitchen. I have my back turned to her and turn around to see what she looks like. She is wearing a 1920 business suit and her hair is combed like Al’s photos and is holding a submachine gun. She is holding a picture of Al and Mae. I am surprised how much we look like the old photo. 

I say “What do you think of my outfit?” She is still speechless, and her mouth is wide open. I spin around for her and smile back. 

Finally, she says “I can’t believe that’s you! Beverly out did her self this time.”

Chapter 7 – Costume Party

Susie and I leave the house and drive to the charity event. The hotel parking lot is almost full, there must be a large crowd for the event. We walk thru hotel lobby and enter one of the ballrooms. Susie registers us and gives them the picture of Al and Mae. They take a picture of us for the judges to compare, and then they give us our table number.

After we find our table I say “Honey what would you like to drink?”

Joking she says “Mae just get me Jack on the rocks or the cute guy at the bar, just kidding vodka tonic.”

On my way to the bar, I run into Beverly she has a flapper dress on the only difference is hers is silky gray.

I say “Well look at you! Just love your outfit, would you like a drink? I’m going to the bar for a drink for Susie.”

“Sure I’ll come with you.”

We keep getting looks from the guys and girls as we cross the room. At the bar, one of the men offers to buy us a drink. His eyes are checking us out. 

Beverly whisper to me “Lets see if you can get him to play along. I bet he never realizes that you are a man.”

I nod then say “Yes you can Sweetie, but we need three drinks one for our girl friend back at the table.”

He says “Ladies what can I get you?”

We order our drinks as he keeps flirting with me, not paying much attention to Beverly. As Beverly thanks him for the drinks, I lean over and give him a kiss on the check and whisper into his ear “Maybe we can talk later big boy” then he takes his hand and pats my ass as we walk away.

Beverly says “I knew you could do it, he had no idea!” As we both start to giggle!

She says “We are going to have a lot of fun tonight.”

She said hello to Susie and excuses her self and heads to the judges table. We had fun going up to other couples we knew, and they were all amazed. Some of the guys hit on me a little until they found out who I was. On of my close friends after he found out, whispered to me that he wouldn't mind meeting Mae at another time then he grab my ass. I blush a little and giggle back at him.

Susie's best friend Beth sees us and comes over. She is dressed in a Cat woman suit, and her husband Randy is dressed as Batman.

“Oh Susie, I just love your costume where is Dan?”

I say in my girly voice “Hi Beth, Dan is not here tonight. My name is Mae, and it’s nice to meet you and Randy.”

Beth and Randy take a double take than she says “Is that you Dan?”

I answer “Dan not here tonight, but I know him really well!”

I’m giggling at this point, and than Susie says “Dan that’s enough!”

“Wow, Susie told me what you two were doing, but I can believe how you look! My God you've got cleavage and a girls figure. How did you do that?” Beth said.

I say “She hooked me up with Beverly at the Salon, they both picked out this outfit for me.”

Randy keeps staring at my breast, and I say “Their fake would you like to touch them?”

Beth reaches over and squeezes the right breast, just shakes her head than says. “They even feel real! Randy you got to check this out. Go ahead and touch them.”

He gets next to me looks again shakes his head and says “I just can’t believe that you let them do this to you! Don’t you feel weird all dress up like this?”

I say “No, it’s Halloween I have had so much fun tonight! Beverly and I even got a guy to buy drinks for the three of us.”

I start to tease Randy and say “Come on Batman would you like to dance with me!”

Beth is laughing now and says “Go for it Batman I want to get a picture of this”.

Rand says “Now way!”

Randy takes Beth hand, and they head to the dance floor.

With all the activity, Susie was getting more pissed at me as the night went on. I tried to hold her hand and asked her to dance with me, but she has turned into a ice queen again! She is rejecting all my advances.

We go back to our table then the guy that bought us drinks walks over and says “Would you like to dance?”

I look at Susie then say “Yes” she has a surprised and pissed look on her face. 

Unfortunately, they started to play a slow song and he was grouping my body on the dance floor. When the song finally ends I say “Excuse me I have to go to the ladies room.”

He says “Thanks for the dance, can I see you later?”

I answer “Maybe.” 

Going back to my table and see that Susie is gone. I take my purse and head to the restroom. Standing there looking at both doors I can’t decide which restroom to use. The men’s room would be hell and head into the ladies room. I go around the corner and find a stall in the back, lift my dress slide town my thong then sit down to pee. On my way out, I stop at the mirror and check my makeup. Just need a little lip gloss.

Beth and Beverly walk in then see me putting on my lips gloss.

Beth says to Beverly “Did you teach him to do makeup also?”

Beverly says “We started three weeks ago. Susie wanted him to look like a woman. Teaching her to walk in heels and her voice were the tough parts! She sure is sexy though don’t you think?”

Beth walks up to me and says “It would be fun to have you in my bedroom sometime” then she pats my butt and goes into one of the stalls.

I turn to leave, and Beverly grabs my arm.

She says “I have it all arranged. Officer Chad is going to pick up Susie when the events over. I have two rooms at the Hotel one for them and one for us. Susie has been at the bar pounding down drinks. I told her that the Police officer over by the entrance thinks she is extremely sexy and wants to meet her.”

I lean over and give her a quick kiss on lips then some more ladies walk in and give us a look of disgust as I leave the ladies room.

I can’t believe what’s going to happen tonight and decided to get myself another drink. I see Susie at one of the bars, when she had that much to drink anything can happen! I skip this one and head to the other side of the ballroom. I ask the bartender for an apple martini, I figure it might give me some courage for later on.

Heading back to our table, I sit down and have small talk with the other guests. Susie shows up a little later and is more than a little tipsy. Just then they are going to announce the Finalists.

Beverly says “The five best couple’s costumes are Mickey and Mini Mouse, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, JFK and Marilyn Monroe, Will and Grace and Al and Mae Capone. Please come up to the stage.”

We all go to the stage and I have to help Susie onto the stage. Beverly then asked the couples to reveal who they really are.

First couple reveals who they really are, then next until it comes to us. Susie goes first and says she is “Al Capone”

Then I say in my most femme voice “I Mae Capone” then with my man voice say “But we are actually Dan and Susan Reilly.”

Beverly goes behind each couple and asked the crowd to vote for the couples by clapping. They finally reach us, and we get the loudest response.

Beverly then says “Winners are Al and Mae Capone.” 

Just then Office Chad comes up and says “Al you’re under arrest!”

He cuffs her and takes her off the stage.

The room laughs and Beverly says “Crime doesn't pay” as he walks Susie thru the ballroom. 

She comes up to me and says “The rest of the night is ours! It’s trick for Susie and Treat for you! Are you ready to leave?”

“Oh baby I been ready for three weeks, let go.”

Chapter 8 – Treat or Treat Night 

We exit the room then head to the elevators she takes a card out and puts it in the slot for the penthouse as the door closes.

She pushes me against the wall and gives me a passionate kiss, it seams to last forever until the doors open for the penthouse. The room is bigger than the first floor of my house.

I turn to Beverly and say “How can we afford this room?”

“Shush, I’ll explain later, would you like to drink?”

“Can you get me apple martini please.”

She says “Anything for my sweet girl.”

We take our drinks out onto the balcony and look out at the city. I feel so relax as Mae and Beverly has an unusually calming effect on me.

We sit down and look at each other then she takes my hand and says “We don’t have to do anything tonight if you don’t want to.”

I say “Let’s just take it a little slow!” 

She learns over as our lips embrace one another, her mouth and lips are so sensual! Before I know it, she has me so hot just by kissing and lightly caressing my body. I break for air and look deeply into her eyes.

I say “Where have you been all of my life! I never felt this way with anyone before. You have awaken a part of me that I never knew existed in me.

She stands up takes my hand pulls me up and leads me to the bedroom.

Beverley says “I’m going to freshen up honey, there are two private bathrooms. If you like go use the one on the right. I left some items in there, so you can fresh up to.”

This place is astounding, a full bath with a shower that could fit four people all in Italian marble. Next to the vanity is a box with a bow on it and a note. I sit down at the vanity and pick up the note. The note reads.


Dan or should I say Mae or maybe another name you would like to pick later on that reflex your femme side. If my guess is right the last three weeks, has gone pass just looking like a woman for one night. I personally went thru this before I was 13, thankful for an uncle that was my guardian and he understood me. He helped me to change into the person that I am now. I have met many girls or boys that wanted to change, but never have I seen someone like you that took a hold of this and never looked back. You look so relaxed being Mae, watching you make all your choices over the last weeks. I have decided that maybe we could take this to the next step. If you think this path is not for you, I would understand if you left. If you decided to stay and meet me in the bed room there is a few thing in the box for you tonight. Please follow the instructions in the box and join me!

Love Bev

Opening the box there is another note and 4 more boxes in side this one.

Happy Halloween – Treat or Treat, I have many treats for you tonight lover. Open box number 1 and do as instructed. Before you start take of all your clothes.

Box 1 note reads – Girls must be clean in the clitty area front, back and inside use the products in the box and clean you self up.

Boy that feels strange cleaning my self up this way, and then I continue to the next box. 

Box 2 note reads – Very good sweetie! Sit down at the vanity and touch up your makeup and check your hair! Dab a little perfume behind each ear, don’t put too much on.

Doing my makeup is getting much easier now, and the Eve perfume that was in the box has a remarkably sensual scent.

Box 3 note reads – The new lingerie is for you! Just the way I imaged how you would look the first time I saw you in satin panties.

Wow, soft purple satin and lace baby boll. It has cute triangle satin cup with lace for my breast and open back with match lace thong.

Box 4 note reads - I know heels are a little silly at times, But I just love the feel and look of heels on a sexy girl. Put them on and meet me in the bed room.

I walk out of the bathroom and Beverly is sitting on the bed waiting for me. She has a silky white teddy on that just sheer enough to leave a lot to the imagination with matching heels.

She says “Spin around and let me look at you. Oh that lace thong just can’t hold your cute clitty in place! Come over here and sit down with me.”

She reaches over and rubs my leg and slips my clitty out! She leans over me her lips slide across my clitty. I gasp and take a deep breath then look down at her. Beverly looks up at me kisses my clitty then she licks the tip, she slides my clitty down into her mouth and sucks on it for a while pulls back and lets it pop out of her mouth.

She says “Have you ever had anal?”

“No. Susie would never let me get close to her ass.”

She says “No silly have you ever had your prostate rubbed?”

I say “No”

She tells me to get on the bed on all fours with my ass in the air. She pours lube on me and rubs my ass working slowly to my anus. The whole time she is telling me how sexy I look and feels so smooth! She slides one finger up my ass and wiggles it around. My clitty is bobbing up and down as she pushes on my p-spot. I keep pushing my ass back on her hand. It feels utterly incredible. Beverly slides her finger out of my ass then slides two fingers in and starts to pump me. I am moaning now and in rhythm with her thrusts.

Beverly says “Are you ready to feel like a woman” I nod yes as she pulls her fingers out of me and pushes my legs a little further apart than pushes my chest onto the bed. I can feel her cock pushing against my ass.

She says “Mae this might hurt a little at first, but you are going to love it after I get in you. Just relax and I will be able to slide right in! Feeling pressure building up in me, then a pain and pleasure wave hit me as she pops in me.

I scream “Oh my god, it feels wonderful” she then slowly pushes the rest of the way in. 

“Mae, are you ok,” I nod yes as she starts to move in out of me. It seems that I can get enough and keep pushing my ass back onto her.

I say “Keep going faster baby please…..It feels so damn good, and I can’t get enough of you”

She picks up the pace and is now slamming into me. I can hear her moaning, her thrusts have slow down to deep hard pushes. She pulls all the way back and pops out of me then slides back in and pushes all the way back in, as her body hits my ass I push back and squeeze my ass tight and hold it tight as she pulls back. I scream in delight just like a little girl, she continues the slow pounding of me. This lasts forever and my breathing becomes labored and can’t seem to catch my breath.

My body starts to shudder and I say “Honey please…make me cum……I can’t….take much more of this.” She pulls out of me turns me around and gives me an immense wet kiss and our tongues intertwine then she brakes away and lies down on the bed and tells me to climb on top of her. I climb on top of her then wiggle my butt down on her hard clitty until its laying flat on her tummy. I slide my ass forward and back as I watch her clitty disappear under me. Its rubbing my hole and the feeling is driving me crazy!

She says “Baby just put it back in you please”

I stop teasing her. She grabs her cock and holds it up as I slowly lower my self down on her. I make sure to sit all the way on it. Now my ass is against her, and I start to wiggle again in a circular motion. I’m so hot now my body is just bouncing up and down on her like there is no tomorrow as her cock is drilling my ass. She grabs my clitty and is pumping me as we both scream out in delight. One final push down and I can feel Beverly cumming in me. This pushes me over the edge, and I send ropes of cum shooting out of my clitty. I’m squeezing my ass in rhythm with the pulse from her cock. I’m trying to milk her for all that I can get. I collapse on her and can’t believe what I just did.

We look into each other eyes, and she says “How do you feel? I never had anyone do that to me. Are you sure you never done this before?”

“No, and I’m not sure what just happen to me! I just feel so wonderful inside.”

Beverly says “I just let your femme side out to play a little!”

Beverly goes down on me and cleans me up, Susie never would touch my cum she always said it was dirty. We both kick of our heels and cuddle in the bed. Beverly lay’s behind me, I just loved the feeling of having a cock pushing against my ass. She was telling me all about her childhood as I fall asleep.

Waking up the next morning, Beverly is already up and has breakfast sitting on trays for both of us in bed.

I say “Beverly you’re been so good to me, so where do we go from here?”

“That’s up to you? You can return to you old life if you want.”

“What am I going to do about Susie.”

“That’s taken care of Officer Chad and her are an item now.”

I say “How do you know?”

“They are still in the hotel room that I gave them and I have a video of their action last night. You won’t have a problem leaving her if you want.”

“How did you manage that, and how are we going to pay for this room? I have some money put away to help.”

“Oh sweetie, my uncle left me well off. I work at the salon for something to do! Would you like to move in with me? I would love to have you cook for me like you did for Susan all the time.”

We finish up breakfast then Beverly says “Are you ready for another treat?

She reached over and grabs my clitty and starts to stroke it. My ass has been waiting for this for weeks! Baby I have all kinds of tricks to teach you!

After a long great weekend, I moved in with Bev! It turns out that her Uncle owns a chain of hotels and the penthouse was her apartment. After months of treatments, a few procedures Dan is now Danielle and I go by Danni. I quit my job, now I’m working part time job for a charity. Beverly still works at the salon. Susie and Chad are together, and we all got a Halloween trick and treat!

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