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Boys will be boys

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Well here it is Halloween and I have an idea to dress up with my older bro and take the two younger bros out to trick or treat. When the big night came I got some of my sisters things to dress up in. I took all I needed to look just like her with the panties bra and skirt and blouse with a short jacket over it all. I must say so myself that after I was dressed and ready to go I did look just like my sister.

I could not believe it I just looked at my self in the mirror and though" now this is what I should look like all the time. But we all know that was not going to happen at this time and date. We all four went out into the neighbor hood and started to go from door to door. Some of the people did indeed think I was my sister and that maid me feel more like a girl than ever. Well about an hour out the two boys were getting ready to go home but big bro and I was thinking of some thing else.

So we took the two younger boys home and stayed out, we went to a small bridge that was close to the house and was dry under it at this time of the year. We went under it and big bro started to feel me up. He had his hands all over my ass and my stuffed bra. And I was trying to get his pecker out I was going to give him a blowjob. At least that is what it started out to be but after I got him nice and hard he wanted to fuck me. So I bent over a retainer wall there and he put my skirt up over my ass pulled down my panties and sticks that big cock up my ass in one slow push.

I was in heaven there all dressed up as a girl and my skirt up and panties down and a dick up in my fuck hole. That was when I had my first orgasm with out touching my cock. I guess it was because o f all the girl stuff and the feel of the soft silk on my pecker, I don’t know but I came like this was going to be the last time and I wanted it to empty my balls for ever.

We did stay out for about another hour and me with the cum running out of my ass into sis’s panties. I know I would have to get in the house and wash them before I gave them back to her, I was sure she would not want them back with cum in them. Before we went home we went back to the bridge and I got fucked again bro wanted me to suck him off but I said no way not after he had that cock up my ass. He did cum again and I worked my ass hole to milk him dry, we had to stay there for a half hour till he got to were he could walk straight.

When we did get in the house we went to the bath room and took a shower together. In the shower I started to play with his cock just to tease him and it took me a long time to get him about half hard. I told him that if he could not cum two times and then get it up an hour later he was not man enough for me. We laughed about it and he started to soap me up and wash the panties I was still wearing, sis knocked on the door about that time and said she had to go and for us to get out so she could come in.

That stopped all the fucking around and we got out and dried off I did leave the panties on and put my robe on over them. We went down stairs and got something to eat I felt so hot walking around the house in a robe and panties that I got a hard-on. Mom sent the two younger boy to bed not long after they came in the house and sis went up not much after she was out of the bath room.

Then Mom and Dad said that they were going to bed and for us not to stay up to late. After they were gone, I sat on the chair across from the one that bro was in and let the robe fall open. I could see that he was getting a woody and I played with my own cock with the panties covering it. It was not long till bro said that we should go to bed and I agreed with him. When we got to our room, if you remember I said that sis and the tow of us slept in the same room. Well she was still awake but the light was out and the room was very dark, sis could not sleep with even the sign of a light on. Bro and I got on bed and started out touchy thing till we both had full hard peckers on, but sis was still awake. Well if I can’t get fucked then it was the next best thing to do suck a dick. But tonight I was hot to trot also and I wanted to get a blowjob also, I knew that bro was hot to get his nuts off. He said for me to get turned around and get down on him that way sis would not hear us and he could get his nits off.

Tonight I had a better idea so I said that I would not suck him off unless he did me too. After some time he agreed to do it, so I turned around and we were head to cocks. I knew that if I sucked him off to fast he would cum and then let me high and dry. I sucked him but when he was about to cum I would slow down till I was even with him and we would go again. When I was just at the right place and I knew he was to I let go and he did also at the same time I held his head so he could not pull my dick out and I held his pecker and we both came together. We lay there for some time with a mouth full of cum and I made sure he swallowed before I got turned around and we fell asleep.

Bro never did say anything about the way I worked him that night till several nights later. Then all he said when I told him that this was the way it was going to be from now on was ok I guess. He had a choice he would have to let me fuck him or he would have to suck my cock if he wanted to fuck me or get a another blowjob.

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