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Hannah, Carl and Carla - Part 4

Hannah explains herself.
When we got home, Hannah told me to take the bags upstairs to the bedroom and strip down to my lingerie. Once there, she started looking through the bags that she'd got while I was trying got undressed. In the first bag, there was a pair of black court shoes with a two-inch heel. She told me to try them on, which I did.

Six hours ago I would have felt stupid and embarrassed to even think about wearing heels, but now I didn't give it a second thought. They felt a little tight, but Hannah got me to walk across the room a few times, and they seemed to stretch a little. The heels were tricky at first, and I was wary of going over on them.

The next bag contained two full-length dresses, the first one was a blue satin dress with a belt, and the second one was a patterned maroon colour. Hannah gave me the blue one to try on first, and she helped me slip it over my head and pull it down before zipping me up. Then she stood back and admired me, making me twirl for her. Once she was satisfied, I tried on the maroon dress. I have to admit, I did feel good and slightly girlish as I stood there. Hannah looked me up and down appreciatively.

"Now, just one final thing and you'll be almost perfect," she said as she went to another bag. Out of it, she carefully pulled a shoulder-length wig of mousy-blond hair, similar in colour to my own. She got me to sit on the bed while she fitted and adjusted it and then got me to stand so she could admire her work. Although I felt vaguely silly, I glowed at the smile she gave me and the lovely comments she made. Then she stepped behind me and put her arms around, holding me tight. I felt good to be in her arms, and when she started to rub her hands over me, it felt even better. Hannah started whispering in my ear while her hands roamed my body.

"My, you're a pretty little thing, aren't you, so hot and adorable, I just want to take you to bed and make love to you, my pretty little darling..." and so on.

She grabbed at my breasts, groping them firmly, which I found incredibly hot. My cock struggled against the G-string as she manoeuvred us towards the bed. She lay back on it and, pulling up her dress, told me to lick her wet pussy. I loved doing that, and so I was soon on my knees with my head up her skirt. I pulled her panties to one side as I licked her smooth, wet labia, occasionally sucking the lips before moving up to her clit. Hannah lay back on the bed, thrashing as I sucked on the bud, sliding two and then three fingers inside her. I felt the usual signs of her climax as my fingers worked her pussy, and as soon as it was over, I buried my greedy face between her legs, licking her delicious juices.

Hannah kept me there for ten minutes as I worshipped her beautiful slit, my face covered in her juices when she finally released me. She told me that I'd been really good, and was going to reward me. She told me to lie face down on the bed while she went to her drawers. The feel of the breasts under me was a little uncomfortable, but I was enjoying myself so much, I didn't mind.

Hannah got on the bed behind me and lifted my dress up, telling me to hold it up as it exposed my buttocks. Her fingernails ran up and down my stocking covered legs as she continued to talk dirty to me, calling me a slut and a bitch, making me moan in pleasure. She told me to raise my hips as she pulled my panties and the G-string down and then put a pillow under me, raising my bottom. I felt her rub something cool around my ass and buttocks, and I kind of knew what to expect next, especially when one of her fingers invaded my bottom.

Sure enough, a moment later I felt the tip of one of her smaller dildos gently nudge my rosebud before she slowly pushed it forward, opening me up. I gave out an enormous groan of pleasure as it gradually filled me, sliding in deep.

"That's it, my pretty little girl, that's right, oh yes, you like that, don't you hun?" she smooched.

This time, I didn't need prompting. "Oh yes, oh God yes, that feels so good baby, oh fuck yes," I answered, loving the feeling of the dildo inside me. I tried to push back as she withdrew, but she held me down, telling me to push back only when she thrust it into me. After a minute or so, she withdrew it and then guided me so that I was leaning over the bed, my feet on the floor with my butt in the air while my face was buried in the covers. Hannah gave me the dildo and told me to use it on myself while she went to another bag. I struggled to reach round, but managed to adjust my position so that I could work it back inside my ass.

I closed my eyes as I worked the latex cock slowly inside me, savouring the sensation as I pushed it in and out. I would never have believed it if anyone had told me that it would feel so good. I was so lost in the moment, so lost in the joy that I was feeling that the situation didn't bother me at all. It started to feel good, to feel right, even to feel natural.

A rustling sound behind me woke me from my reverie. Hannah cooed as she watched me fucking myself, encouraging me before she took my hand and pulled the dildo out. Then she lined herself up behind me and I felt something new enter my loosened hole. This was bigger, thicker, and I tried to relax as she slowly slid it into me. My ass felt so full when she reached the end that I gave a loud groan of contentment.

Hannah held it there, leaning over me and stroking my back before pulling out a little. She started to fuck me slowly, gently, like a lover would his make love to his new girl. It felt fantastic as she held my hips, gently rocking in and out of me. My entire body felt like it was glowing, such was the pleasure that this wonderful woman was giving me. I never wanted it to stop, this beautiful feeling, so I pushed back into her each time she thrust forward.

Hannah encouraged me as I pushed back, telling me to push harder. It wasn't long before she was staying still and I was doing all the work, pushing back hard on her cock like a slut in heat. She started to make little mewing sounds with each push back, whispering softly to me to keep going, telling me how good I looked, and so on. Her noises got louder as I thrust back faster, the rhythm building, and she soon grabbed my hips and started to push relentlessly into me. Each thrust felt like heaven as she pulled me back onto her and then held me back as she came out again. I writhed on the bed, lost in sheer lust and pleasure as my girlfriend used me like a whore, talking dirty to me as if she were a stud and I was her bitch.

It wasn't long before I started to reach my second climax of the weekend, the friction of my trapped cock between the satin dress and my suspender belt adding to the mind-blowing experience of being fucked by my girlfriend. The blood rushed to my head as I gave a scream, and a split-second later my belly was covered in hot, sticky cum. Hannah didn't miss a stroke, and the sensations of the orgasm kept rolling through my entire body as she continued to pound me, wave after wonderful wave coursing through me.

I'm not sure how long I lay there as she fucked my ass because time seemed to stop. I remember that after a while, she rolled me over onto my back and told me to hold my legs in the air. My eyes widened when I saw the size of the strap-on she was wearing. She rolled her new cock in the cum on my belly, lubing it a little more before guiding it back inside me and slamming my ass some more. I looked at her enraptured face while she fucked me. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be in a world of her own, her body almost on automatic.

I recognised the telltale signs of her climaxes, and on each one she thrust just a little harder. On her third orgasm, she took me with her, and I had another incredible orgasm of my own. Amazingly, this time I wasn't even hard as I felt an explosion of sheer ecstasy rush from between my legs to the tips of my toes and the crown of my head. Hannah must have just finished her fourth or fifth one before she finally collapsed on top of me, exhausted.

She climbed up me and lay in my arms. We both quickly fell into a post-coital sleep, and it was almost dark when we awoke. I felt her hands caressing my fake breasts, so I hugged her tight. We both lay there, lost in out own thoughts.

"Baby, that was fantastic," she said.

"Yes, it was," I had to admit.

Hannah pushed herself up to look at me. "Are you sure?" she asked, hesitantly. "You're not just saying that to please me?" Her questioning eyes searched my own, almost afraid.

"Yes," I smiled as reassuringly as I could, "I'm sure. Different. Definitely different, but very enjoyable all the same."

"Do you mind being like this?" she asked, indicating the dress.

I thought for a moment. "I did at first. I thought I would die of shame when we were in the lingerie shop, but I must admit, it does feel damned sexy, especially when I don't think about it and you're wearing your strap-on. Then it just kind of feels, well, normal I suppose. Besides, if it pleases you then I'm happy."

She smiled, seemingly reassured as she rested her head on my chest. After a fairly lengthy pause, she started to speak.

"It must seem really strange to you, all this. I'm sorry I threatened to leave. I never intended to, and I wouldn't have. But I'm glad you're enjoying it. You see, there's something I've been wanting to tell you for a while now."

Her voice grew quieter as she started to explain. "Three years ago, I had an affair with another girl. I was twenty and she was nineteen. At first it scared me, because I didn't see myself as a lesbian. But then I came to realise that it was her that I loved, not women in general. We had an affair for about a year, and ended up sharing a flat in Quinton. She was a lovely girl, and she used to love being told what to do. I started to become more dominant towards her, and used to make her do things for my pleasure. I found that I enjoyed that, and, for a while, we were very happy.

"Eventually, the relationship got so intense that we broke up, and I was devastated. I thought I'd never see her again, and tried to put it behind me. Afterwards I had a string of boyfriends, but none of them could reach me in the same way she did. I even tried to dominate some of them, but most of them couldn't handle it. Then I met you, and you were perfect, so loving and understanding." She turned to look at me, her eyes slightly moist. "Carl, I love you, more than any other man I've ever met."

"And I love you too, baby," I said softly, reaching forward to kiss away the wetness in her eyes.

Calmed a little, she carried on, her words tumbling out. "I thought the affair with Claire was behind me, thought I was over it. But a couple of weeks ago, I saw her again in reception at work, and it all came flooding back. And to make it worse, I've found out that she'd been for an interview and has been taken on so now I won't be able to avoid her. We're bound to bump into each other sometime, and I don't know what to do."

The throb in her voice grew so I held her tight to reassure her. "That's why I planned this weekend. When we read that article about the guy who got pegged by his girlfriend a few weeks ago, it got me thinking. Maybe if I could do the same with you as I used to do with Claire, it might take my mind off her, might help me focus on you and us rather than on her. I tried it before with another guy, but that ended disastrously. But I knew you were more open minded, and I suspected that you might enjoy it too. And so far, honey, it's worked. If anything, it’s made me care even more for you than I ever have."

She looked at me with such tenderness and yearning in her eyes that I suddenly felt a swell of love for her run through me, stronger than any I had ever known. I loved her, truly loved her, and I knew that I always would, no matter what.

"There, there, it's okay," I murmured to her as I tried to comfort this beautiful woman. "Look, if this is what it takes to keep you, baby, I'll do this every night if you want me to. Just know that I love you more than you will ever know, and I always will. Besides, I've really enjoyed what's happened so far this weekend. You've made me feel things I never knew existed, and I like it, I like it very much. So don't worry."

Hannah looked adoringly at me for a few seconds then came forward and gave me the most tender, loving kiss there could possibly be. When our lips finally separated, she smiled, her fears seemingly behind her.

"I love you," she said sweetly.

"I love you too," I answered.

At that moment, I had never felt so contented and in love than ever before.

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