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Happy to be Used (Pt. 5)

I finish my day of private booth service.

I was walking gingerly in my heels and panties from the assault my ass had just received. While it likely looked like I was just trying to be more effeminate, my ass hurt so bad it was the only way I could walk.

When I reached the front of the store I saw Sir talking to an older man who was behind the counter with him. The man appeared to be in his early sixties.  I looked at him and Sir and then opened the gate to walk behind the counter. I strutted towards them all the time realizing the older gentleman was staring me up and down like a piece of meat. I think I smiled from the attention.

When I reached them, Sir spoke, “How is your ass feeling? Sounded like you were enjoying yourself back there.”

Asshole. I did not even respond as his question was not intended to elicit an answer.

Sir continued, “This is Larry, he is a special customer of yours. He has paid a special price for you so he gets special treatment. Do not treat him like one of these guys paying twenty bucks for a blow job.”

Again my knees were shaking and my mind was reeling from hearing Sir speak. Feeling like nothing but a paid prostitute was so exciting to my mind. My cock was throbbing in my panties and my ass was twitching from excitement.

He continued, “Larry will come back into the room with you. He can do whatever he wants to you and you will do whatever he asks. He has paid generously for your services so I want you to be sure to thank him appropriately. Do I make myself clear?”

Smirking and excited, I reached down, grabbed and rubbed Larry’s cock and looked directly into his eyes as I responded, “Yes Sir, I will do everything he asks and will be sure to make him happy. I just hope he asks me to suck his cock for him.”

I let go of his cock and turned to walk back to my booth. I felt him following me and swished my ass for my new audience.

As we walked down the dark hall towards my booth I felt Larry close behind me. Just as we were approaching the three men waiting outside the door next to my booth Larry grabbed a hold of my ass and gave it a few squeezes and then a few slaps.

This made all the men look at us and I stopped in my tracks, looked back and said, “Mmmm, keep slapping me, master.  Show these men who is in control of my ass.”

The men just stared as Larry smiled and slapped me one more hard time.

“Just keep walking baby. I think we all know who is in control here.”

I turned and walked past the men but couldn’t resist reaching my left hand out and rubbing each one of their crotches as I walked by.

When I opened the door I turned to the men before I entered and said, “Next please.”

Larry and I then entered the room.

I didn’t know what to do at this point so I just kind of stood there. I heard the door next door shut and then I went to close and lock our door.  When I turned around I saw Larry sitting in the chair just looking at me. I turned and began to walk towards him figuring he would tell me what to do. He was laying back in the chair with his hand on his crotch when he put up his hand to stop me from coming forward.

“Not just yet. It appears someone else needs your attention right now.”

His eyes moved to the wall and I saw a cock poking through with a piece of blue paper. Maybe Larry was just a voyeur who wanted to watch me servicing these men. If so I would be sure to give him his money’s worth by putting on a nice show for him.

I got on my knees, still in my panties and sandals, and grabbed the cock at the base. I turned my head so I could look at Larry as I licked up and down the cock. I was doing this more to please Larry than the dick and Larry seemed to like it because he unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper.

He kept rubbing his cock through his boxers as I increased my efforts on the dick poking through the wall. Larry’s eyes did not leave me and he seemed to be enjoying the show. I did everything I could to make it a visually stimulating blow job and tried to keep eye contact with Larry the entire time.

I moved a little so that I could make direct eye contact with Larry while the cock was stuffed into my mouth. I turned my attention back to the cocksucking and was very deliberate in my motions and my sounds. I was taking long sensual trips down the entire length of his cock and moaning and slurping along the way.

When I looked back over to make eye contact with Larry, I saw that he had slipped his pants off and was rubbing his cock. His cock was very nice, looking thick and long and I noticed that he was not hard yet though he kept rubbing it. His eyes never left my lips or the cock as I continued sucking through the whole.

I played with the cock and teased the man on the other end more for Larry’s pleasure than his. As I was about to increase the momentum, remembering there were two other men outside I needed to get to, Larry got up off the couch and went behind me.

I turned to look at him and he grabbed the sides of my head gently and guided me back onto the cock, saying, “Don’t worry about me back here, you just take care of him.”

With that, I went to sucking on the cock in front of me with the purpose of milking this man. As I began to bob up and down on him I felt Larry rubbing his hands all over my panty covered ass. This was really turning me on and I went faster on the cock in my throat.

He was rubbing his hands up my shaven legs and holding his body close to me. I felt his thick cock against my legs and ass and then felt the cock in my mouth stiffen, letting me know he was going to cum. I stayed locked on the penis as I tasted the first drops of cum. He started spurting and I started swallowing, loving the feeling of cum running down my throat as Larry rubbed my ass and legs.

When the cock in my mouth was finished, I sucked him until he was dry. I pulled it out but kept hold of the base as I showed Larry that I was cleaning the dick entirely. I sucked on and off the cock a few times before it pulled out of my mouth with a plop and it retreated through the hole.

Before I could stop licking my lips of all the cum Larry turned me around and guided my head to his prick. I saw his nice cock lying in front of me and was surprised that it was still not hard. It was not soft, but it was not rock hard.

Fine, I said to myself, I will take care of this old man. I dove into his crotch and swallowed what I could of his cock on the first gulp. It felt wonderful having this semi hard cock in my mouth.

I shook my head around while holding his cock in my jaws and then slowly pulled all the way until just the head was on my lips. Another gulp and the thing was buried down my throat again. After three more deep throats, he still was not hard. I held his dick on my tongue and looked up at him with my eyes. I licked the head and underside as I kept eye contact with him. Still, he was not hard. Damn, I thought.

I kept hold of his cock and licked the underside until I reached his balls which I licked and sucked into my mouth. I held his balls in my mouth and hummed, hoping the sensations would get him hard. At the same time, I was stroking his cock with my hand.

Just then he grabbed my head. I looked up at him and saw him pointing to the hole in the wall. Another cock was pointing through, covered in a condom, and it had a ticket for a piece of my ass.

I slipped my panties off and began backing up to the hole. Larry reached over me and spread my ass cheeks wide, opening my hole for the cock. I could tell my ass was still a little distended from the fucking it had been given earlier.

As I moved back I was excited by the feeling of Larry pulling my ass apart. I reached around to grab the covered cock and help guide it towards my waiting hole. When I felt it at my opening I pushed back and it slipped in rather easily.

The condom appeared to be lubricated and the cock was not very thick. However, as I pushed back it kept pushing in. Although it was not a thick cock it was a long cock. I could feel it going in but the real sensation started when it started going deeper into me. The thing had to be at least eight inches long and was a little uncomfortable when it hit the bottom of my ass.

As it pulled out it easily exited my hole and started into a fucking rhythm. Larry kept my ass spread as he watched the fucking motion. When I looked up I saw his cock getting harder and realized the voyeurism was getting him off. Having gotten used to the fucking, I grabbed Larry’s cock and went back to sucking him, intent on getting it fully hard. I got his cock in my mouth and tried to keep it there as my body was rocked by the man fucking my ass.

I realized my own cock was rock hard and I was really enjoying the fuck. The pain my ass felt earlier was gone and I was truly deriving pleasure from the cock in my ass. He kept a nice rhythm as Larry let go of my ass and relaxed into my blow job and watching the ass fucking.

His dick was just about hard and I had a difficult time keeping it in my mouth with all the movement I had from the guy jabbing my ass. Whenever Larry’s dick would fall out of my mouth it would slap against my face and lips a few times before I could shove it back in. Both he and I were moaning from the wonderful situation.

The man in my ass never slowed in his action and I knew he was not in this for the long haul. He picked up the pace a little and soon there were slapping sounds from his pounding of my ass. I was moaning all over Larry’s cock, thoroughly enjoying the ass fucking. My own cock was bouncing against my stomach in rhythm with the ass fucking. He was sawing into me and my ass was easily accommodating him.

The man fucking me started to move a little faster and deeper and I knew he was just about done.

I pulled Larry’s cock out of my mouth and said, “Yes, yes, cum in my ass. Fuck me faster and make yourself cum in my ass.”

Larry’s cock was now rock hard as he leaned over to watch the end of the ass fucking. He put his hands on either side of my ass and spread them wide to increase his view. I tried sucking his cock but the position and the massive movement made it impossible.

I felt one final plunge and heard the man on the other side groan as he emptied his nuts into the condom. He held himself deep inside me as I felt him shake from his orgasm. I put my head down and simply enjoyed the feeling of having pleased him.

As he pulled out Larry moved around and let go of my ass. When I turned around I saw Larry pulling the condom off the cock and then the cock disappeared through the hole. My ass was once again left open and pleasantly sore.

Larry came around in front of me and told me to suck him again. I went back to work on his cock which was now quite hard. This old fucker had a nice thick piece. He sat back and enjoyed my sucking as he held the cum filled condom.

I was twisting my mouth around the cock in front of me when I heard the door next door close again. This should be the last guy in the hallway, I thought to myself, remembering three men as Larry and I walked by. I was working slowly but deliberately on Larry’s cock wondering what I would have to do for the last guy.

Soon enough, Larry tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the wall. There was a blue piece of paper. It would be another blow job.

The dick poking through the wall was on the small side and throbbing before I ever touched it. When I grabbed it, it jumped in my hands and I could feel the pulsing heat. He must have been jerking off in the hall.

I turned my back to Larry and began licking the cock through the hole. It jumped at every tongue swipe and I knew this guy was going to cum quickly. I licked up and down the length getting it wet and teasing him. Though I knew he would cum quickly, I figured I should give him his money’s worth.

I felt Larry behind me, playing with my ass cheeks and spreading them wide. While he used one hand to spread my hole open I felt something drip into my crack and then straight into my ass. I realized he was emptying the contents of the condom into my ass.

I couldn’t tease any longer as the thought of Larry using another man’s cum as a lubricant for my hole was driving me crazy. I opened wide and began sucking the cock in my mouth like mad. This guy was going to feed me his cum quickly and I was going to see to it.

I then felt Larry get behind me and ease his cock into my ass. I shook a little from the pleasure of him entering me and stopped sucking as I enjoyed the feeling of his thick cock pushing the cum out of my ass. When he was about half way in he pulled out, collected a little more cum as a lubricant and went back in. He did this one more time before he went into the bottom and stopped for a moment.

It felt too good to me so I pushed back into him, making him start a fucking motion. He caught on and began long slow thrusts into me. I went back to the cock in my mouth and decided to simply use my mouth as a pussy for the blowjob and let the rhythm Larry was setting be the rhythm of my cock sucking. The only thing I was going to do was keep my mouth closed tightly and keep his cock slick with spit.

As Larry kept his rhythm I kept my rhythm on the guy in my mouth. The harder Larry pushed, the deeper I went on the cock in my mouth. When he bottomed out my nose hit some pubic hairs. When he pulled all the way out so did I.

I was enjoying this game and the lovely fucking I was having but the guy on the other end of the wall was too excited. I was letting them use me as a fuck toy and he decided to increase the amount he wanted to play with me. He began thrusting his hips faster into me and I kept the nice tight circle of my mouth for him.

Larry was enjoying himself as he sawed in and out of my ass, playing with my cheeks and continuing to see how wide my ass would spread for him. I could not see it but I am sure my hole was wide open.

The guy in my mouth keep his pace for a short while and then let out a loud grunt as he began spurting into me. The first blast was huge and caused me to jerk back a little. Larry grabbed the back of my head and held me in place as the rest of his load was dumped into my mouth. This guy had been building up for a while.

When he was done I had a big mouthful of cum, which took a few hard gulps to get down. Though I love the taste of cum and the idea of swallowing some loads are pretty disgusting. I finished cleaning his cock for him as Larry watched over my shoulder with his cock buried in my ass. When the man was done he pulled his cock through the wall and it was gone.

Larry took my head and pushed it down. My ass was now totally in the air. I felt him pull his cock all the way out, leaving just the head by my gaping hole, then he spat in my ass and slid himself back in. He pushed in and out a few times then withdrew and once again spit in my hole for lubrication.

My ass was so well fucked this wasn’t necessary and I feel he did this for his own enjoyment rather than needed lubrication. I was surprised at how easily my cock was accommodating him. I kept my ass open for him as he continued to use me for his pleasure.

After a few minutes of him slowly fucking my ass I looked up at the hole to make sure no one was waiting for my services.

Larry saw me looking up and said, “don’t worry, I am your last customer today. Once you finish me, you are done. Or should I say once I finish you, you are done.”

I saw him smiling as he said this and it brought a smile to my face too. My smile was not one of relief. Believe it or not, I was really enjoying the entire situation. Larry then pulled out of me with a pop and walked over to the chair. I stayed on my knees as he sat down in the chair and stroked his cock. Now that it was fully hard I was quite impressed with the equipment this old man had.

I was also impressed with his stamina. I had been sucking and fucking him for a good while and three other men had cum before he did.

He watched me staring at his cock for a few moments before he said, “no more cocks will come through that hole, this is the only cock you need to worry about now. So crawl on over here, get it nice and wet with your spit and then sit on it. I want you to ride me until both you and me cum.”

My cock twitched when I heard that I would be allowed to cum. One of the things that heightens my pleasure is not being allowed to cum while I am being such a slut. The passion and pressure build every time I swallow a load or take a cock up my ass. After several hours, my balls get ready to burst and I become frantic to cum. This is probably why I would do absolutely anything as the day wore on and I became hornier.

I crawled over to him and dropped my face into his lap. I nuzzled my nose up to the base of his cock and into his balls. It smelled of my ass, spit, and cum. I was surprised that there was no acrid smell to his cock as he had really fucked my ass hard and long. I guess it had been well worn out by the previous cocks that had their way with me in the day.

I started at the bottom and licked up to the top. I was licking it with the entire width of my tongue and dragging myself up his thick cock. He stayed rock hard as I continued working on licking his entire member and getting it wet. Once I had licked up and down him several times I spent some time sucking and lightly licking his balls. I loved shoving them in my mouth and teasing him further. This is such a dirty thing to do.

I held his balls up and licked under them to his tight little asshole. He was not expecting this and moaned and squirmed in response to my hard tongue tickling his asshole. He pushed down in the chair a little giving me better access to his puckered hole.

I took the cue and licked a little more and pushed my tongue a little harder towards his hole. I licked his entire ass and the locked my mouth on his asshole while I pushed my tongue inside. I pushed it in a little and then pulled it out getting more spit to gather at his hole.

I took my middle finger from my left hand and placed it on his puckered asshole. I pushed deliberately until his sphincter relented and my finger went up his ass to my knuckle. I pulled out and pushed in a few times and then took my mouth back up to his cock but kept my finger in his ass. The palm of my left hand also kept touching and massaging his balls as my mouth returned to the head of his cock and I took him inside me.

As I got my mouth back on his cock, I noticed it was twitching with excitement from my finger up his ass. I worked my finger in and out and bobbed up and down at the same time. I also made a point to go deep on him and gag myself a little so I could get as much spit on his cock as possible. I wanted plenty of lubrication before I started bouncing up and down on his thick pole. I kept sucking and slurping his cock until my spit began pooling at the base. I withdrew my finger from his ass and he moaned.

His cock was harder than it had probably ever been. I crawled up his body and positioned my knees on the arms of the chair. I was staring him in the eyes as I reached back and grabbed his cock.

Slowly I lowered myself until I felt the head of his swollen cock pressing against my asshole. It was so wet and I was so stretched in this position that the head slipped in a little, but not past the sphincter. I stopped myself from going further and put my arms on the back of the chair.

My knees being on the arms of the chair prevented me from going deeper onto him and I knew that I would have to straddle the chair so that I could begin riding him like he wanted but I wanted to tease him just a little more since this was going to be the end for both he and I.

My throbbing cock was bouncing with excitement as I began speaking, “So you want me to ride you until we both cum? This might hurt me a little. Your cock is so hard right now I am afraid you will tear me apart in this position, I only hope my tight little ass can accommodate your big thick cock. There's only one way to find out, so here goes nothing.”

I moved my legs so that I was straddling the chair and lowered myself onto his cock. I didn’t really lower myself. I more or less just dropped onto him until he was buried inside me and I stopped at his stomach.

In this position, I had almost no control and was literally impaled by him. I winced in pain as this put him deeper in me than I thought possible. My ass was spread so wide he easily went in but the pain was still there. We both moaned as I sat there impaled.

He moved under me and pushed upward slightly. I moved with him a little but it was very difficult for me to do anything in this position. He had almost unlimited control over me and I was loving it. He began to push up into me and then sink back down causing me to stay impaled on him. He was moving in and out a little but I was in so deep it was mostly just deep hard fucking. My ass was quivering but it really was the perfect way to end this day.

He put his hands under my ass and lifted me with his arms as his hips thrust into me. He was so deep. I was whining again as he pounded my ass. I made little noises every time he bottomed out in me. He would hold me up with his arms and then drop me onto his cock. My ass was getting a fucking like never before and he just kept working me. He was groaning as he continued pounding me.

Soon we were both sweating and beads of my sweat were falling from my head onto his chest and torso. He was working very hard and then stopped, clearly exhausted. I sat there buried on his cock as he lay back with his head back.

“Finish both of us now,” he said, “I want you to jerk off and cum just as I cum inside you.”

Though I too was exhausted, I needed to finish things. I could not do so in my current position so I worked until my feet were in the chair on either side of his thighs and I was squatting on his cock.

Again he was buried in me but I had been fucked for so long it was just another position. I put my left hand on the back of the chair for leverage and used my right hand to rub my own cock. I couldn’t touch my cock much because I was ready to explode and knew I needed to wait for him.

I pulled myself up his cock and then dropped back down. I began bouncing on his dick using my legs and arm to help. I was exhausted and my thighs were burning as I bounced on his cock. I set into a steady motion, shoving him deep inside myself. There was no playing now, I wanted him to cum inside me as quickly as possible.

As I bounced on his dick, his breath began to shorten. I was really shoving myself up and down and my ass was wide open receiving his big cock. My right hand was awkwardly stroking my cock as I fucked myself with his dick. We were both going crazy as I felt him begin pushing up into me.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he gasped a few times and said. “here I cum, here I cum, jerk yourself now I am going to cum in your ass. Oh. Oh. Oh... ”

He shoved deep inside me and held himself there. I stopped moving and jerked myself as I felt him fire hot jets of cum up my ass. That was the end for me as my ass spasmed around his cock and then my cock began firing streams of cum in the air. I fell fully on his cock as I came and came and came.

He leaned his head back on the chair with his eyes closed but pointing at the ceiling. I sat there slumped over, my entire body shaking from the incredible experience. We were both drenched in sweat.

I could not move as I sat there feeling his entire body pressed against mine. Our bodies were slick with a mixture of sweat and cum that pressed between our chests and stomachs. We both lay there for a few minutes before he opened his eyes.

He reached over and grabbed a cigarette from the table. I took one as well. I was still on his lap though his cock was softening inside me. I could feel cum leaking out of my ass, but his cock was holding most of it in. Neither of us cared. We simply sat there and smoked in silence, enjoying the post orgasmic relaxation. I knew from the smile on his face that he would give Sir a good report.

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