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Have A Good Feel, She Loves It! Part Three

The action moves to the dance floor and the delicious Linzey!
After half an hour I was ready to go again. I looked back to the days before I got onto the scene whilst I prepared to rejoin the party. I would watch the likes of Bukkake porn and say to myself “I’d love to do that” thinking that in reality I would never even get the opportunity to try it. And there I was washing my cum covered face after having two guys wank over it in the middle of a hotel bar with people watching, and boy, did it feel good. I felt like one of those porn stars that I used to fantasize about being.
I decided to nip out for some fresh air before returning to whatever action was to come and went out onto the patio for a cigarette. Franco was there doing the same.

“Hey, how’s it going?” he said with that cheeky smile of his.

“Good, very good in fact, looking forward to some more,” I said, lighting the cigarette and blowing the smoke upwards.

“Cool, people are talking about you inside, they really enjoyed the stuff with Pete and Dave.”

“Fucking perves,” I laughed. “I enjoyed it too, Pete seems a nice guy.”

“He won’t get dressed again tonight now that you’ve got his kit off, a right old flasher is Pete, in fact.” Franco laughed with me. “In fact, if it wasn’t for this place, that’s what he’d end up doing.”

We swapped a little small talk and just as we were about to go back inside Franco pulled me back. “Paula, Linzey says she wants to do something with you later, you up for it?” he asked.

“You bet I am, would love to, that’s the point of being bisexual isn’t it?” I was genuinely thrilled at the mere suggestion of doing something with Linzey.

“Fantastic love, couple of other things. We’re going to be getting the video camera out, you OK with being filmed? And a few of the guys wanted to know if they were OK taking pictures of you.”

“Yes and yes,” I replied.

“Double fantastic then. Any vids that we shoot don’t go any further than this place, we play them for the parties and make copies only for people who come here,” he explained.

“No worries, shoot away Franco.”

“Nice one, better get back in there, going to spin some discs, see you later,” he said as he walked back inside.

When I got back to the bar I saw that Franco had been correct about Peter. He was walking back from the bar to his table, still naked and carrying a couple of drinks over for himself and David. He had a fresh cigar in his mouth and seemed to know everyone there. He greeted everyone by name as he went past them, he was a popular guy.

The way that people were so easy going with Peter yet a little standoffish with David brought the television style good cop-bad cop image into my mind. I smiled when I remembered that a real life bad cop was going to be joining the fun soon.

More people had arrived whilst I was getting myself together again in the bathroom. The area directly around the bar in particular was getting quite crowded, no doubt due to the amazing vista of Linzey serving behind it. And a few more of the tables around the small dance floor and DJ stand were now occupied.

“Aha, the cum slut returns,” David said as I got to our table.

“Hey, you look different,” Peter noted as I sat down on the stool next to his chair.

I was glad he’d noticed, I’d changed my eye make up, I’d made them darker and more sultry, it suited the black leather look better than my previous blue shade.

“Thanks for noticing. You like?” I said.

“Yeah, I love. You ready to entertain your uncle Peter a bit more?” he said, putting his hand on my thigh and moving it under my skirt.

“Of course she is, that’s what she’s fucking here for isn’t it?” David didn’t give me the chance to answer. “Tell her what you want, and the slut will do it.”

This was the a good cop- bad cop scenario that I’d thought about with David and Peter, one was full of compliments with an easy way with words, the other being blunt, demanding and to the point. But, if that’s how they wanted to play I was only too happy to go along with it.

“Well, the disco has started up now, so how about a dance for us?” Peter said, his hand had now settled up my skirt and was stroking my crotch through the material of my tights.

“No knickers? Naughty girl! Just how I like ‘em,” he said as he stroked my hair with his other hand.

I wasn’t sure how Peter wanted me to dance, I’ve always been a bit of a leather rock chick and the music that Franco was putting on was all soulful R & B but I could do that sort of stuff. An old girlfriend taught me how to do sexy slow dance moves.

“Wearing heels,” she’d told me, “Keep your feet firmly on the floor but keep your legs and arse moving, make yourself long, slim and move slowly, you’ll have them eating out of your fucking hand.“ It looked like I was going to have to follow the advice she’d given me.

“You want me to dance for you on the table, baby?” I said to Peter.

The huge, naked Peter looked a little surprised at me calling him that, but it’s a regular term of endearment that I use with guys. I’ve found over the years that the bigger and less baby like they are, the more they like it! David at this point had taken the role of voyeur and let us get on with things.

“No, the dance floor’s empty. How’s about we see if you can fill it?” Peter replied. “I’ve got a sneaky feeling that if you start to dance, nice things will follow.” He gave a knowing smile as he nodded towards the empty area in front of the DJ stand.

I was genuinely horrified at the suggestion, the irony made me smile to myself, how could someone who had just done what I had done for an audience be terrified at the thought of dancing alone in front of the very same people?
I walked into the centre of the small dance floor, my heels clicking on the varnished wooden surface and moved my arse, wriggled my hips and stretched my arms upwards to the sounds of Oran’ Juice Jones.

As I danced, a few more people came onto the floor. Obviously, word had got around from David and Peter that I was there to be touched and fondled. Two T Girls and their guys joined me from behind and gave my arse a squeeze and ran hands up my skirt , then people came and danced in front of me. I felt a pair of hands squeeze my waist, then move down to stop at my hips and caress my leather skirt. I knew it was Peter from the way he was touching my ass through the skirt. I felt him move closer behind me, I also knew he was getting very excited back there.

“Shut your eyes darling, don’t open them until I tell you to,” he whispered into my ear in the pervey voice he’d used earlier, before licking and biting a little at my earlobe.

I did as I was told, I was now writhing with my eyes closed. I love to have my ears nibbled and Peter was doing a good job.

“OK darling, open them now,” he said and gave me a slight push forward.

Linzey strutted onto the dance floor in front of me, she swayed to the music then got to within inches of me before turning around and pushing herself backwards into me. I looked down at her fabulous arse rubbing against the crotch of my leather skirt, then looked upwards and thanked God for what I had before me.

I put my hands around her waist and softly stroked her skin, it was beautiful, flawless, I got a small whiff of her perfume, absolutely perfect. Leaning forward I put my head beside hers and kissed her on the cheek. Then moving my mouth to her ear I whispered to her in much the same way that Peter had done to me.

“Fucking Hell, I’m in heaven, fucking heaven,” was all I could muster with the sexual excitement coursing through my body.

“Go with it honey, take it all as it comes,” she said back to me quietly, before putting her hand to her tits and taking each of the nipple tassels off, then throwing them to one side into the crowd that were gathering around us.

My natural instinct was to move my hands upwards and to take her beautiful boobs in them, playing with the nipples in my fingertips as we both moved to the soft music that Franco was playing.

Linzey slowly turned around to face me, she took my face into her hands and pulled me towards her, she started to French me, wrapping her tongue around mine. I felt her hands move onto my body one behind and one in front as she grabbed at my arse and cock through my leather skirt. The kissing got harder and turned into an out and out licking before she moved her hands back up to take me by the hair and pushed my head down in between her tits.

“Lick them, bitch. Fucking lick them.” Linzey had taken control, she had eased me into things but was now leaving me in no doubt who would be in charge of what we would be doing for the group gathering around us on the dance floor.

I looked up at Linzey as I greedily started to lick between her tits and she gave me the wickedest smile and wink that I have seen in my life, I was in the hands of a true professional!

As I began to lick, kiss and bite at each nipple in turn I noticed that cameras had started to flash around us and the video guy was circling us, no way was I going to make a mess of this, not on film. My fingernails ran up and down Linzey’s back and arse as I bit harder on her boobs, we both groaned with pleasure.

“Down,” she said, as I felt Linzey’s hands on my head and her push me downwards.

My tongue ran down her stomach, pausing at her belly button and then further until I could taste her pussy through the thong material and then the pressure from her thighs on either side of my head. I felt her shudder a little as my tongue moved the material to one side and probed around her lips and then the golden garment disappeared as Linzey unfastened the tie side and pulled it away, throwing the thong over her shoulder.

My hands kneaded her buttocks then ran down the back of her thighs as I licked her harder then put my tongue inside her as far as I could, she tasted fantastic, amazing. The shuddering and moaning coming from her was telling me that I was doing a good job. She held my head down on her pussy and I devoured it, moving my hands further down to grip her boots as I greedily gobbled her out.

I could have stayed like that as long as she’d wanted but the show had to go on, she put a finger into each of my ears and moved me upwards again, my tongue never leaving her body as she guided me up until we were face to face, my fingers followed up her back. She took my face in her hands and we French kissed, she moaned sexily as she tasted her own juice on my tongue and lips.

“Enjoying it baby?” she said as we pulled away a little.

“Fucking incredible,” I replied.

“Good. Now, get that skirt off, take it off slowly for them, do it like a stripper.”

Them? I’d almost forgotten there was anyone else in the room. Every person in the place was gathered around the dance floor to watch Linzey play and toy with me. I’d got a huge buzz out of the performance with David and Peter but this was off the scale, the best I’d ever felt since I’d been on the sex scene. Linzey put her lips to my ear.

“Paula, baby. Only Franco gets to fuck me these days, but be a good, horny T Girl and I’ll make you explode.” Feeling her breath on my neck and inside my ear was driving me wild, she continued. “OK baby, take the skirt off and make sure Peter gets it.”

I unbuckled my belt and let it drop to the floor, I scanned the crowd around the dance floor to look for Peter, a naked eighteen stone man wasn’t hard to spot! I stretched out my arm and pointed my finger at him then started to strut towards him.

After four long strides my finger connected with his chest. As I ran my finger down his body I got closer to him until I had my hand around his cock and we were face to face. In my heels I am taller than most men, but Peter being such a big guy meant that he stood just about level with me. I started to wank him then kiss him, he made to put his hands around my waist but I pulled away, wagging my finger at him. the teasing sexual theatrics made me giggle and I was simply loving playing to the audience.

Linzey was standing a few yards to the side of me letting anyone who was within touching distance feel her up as they watched me do my turn with Peter.

I slipped off the leather jacket and gave it to the guy who was stood beside Peter, then I turned around and started to unzip my skirt, keeping my ass and legs moving all the time whilst staying in the same spot. Once the zip was down fully I put my hands above my head as far up as I could reach to make myself into a human snake figure and I wiggled my body. I felt the skirt falling down around my boots until it hit the dance floor. I was terrified of the next move messing up but it went perfectly as I stepped out of the skirt and made a quick kicking movement, catching the skirt with the toe of my boot.

The skirt made an arch in the air in Peters direction and he caught it with one hand, he was rubbing his cock with the other. I desperately wanted to go over to him and suck him off with all the people around him but I knew that wasn’t what Linzey had planned. I blew him a kiss, turned on my heels and headed back to the centre of the dance floor making the most of the opportunity to wiggle my ass in front of everyone.

Linzey followed me and once again whispered into my ear, “You are a natural baby, let me do the work now. You just enjoy what‘s coming to you.” She then gave me the sexiest, most amazing ear licking that sent an electric sexual tingle all down my body.

I was now in just my silk blouse, tights and thigh boots, my cock was hard under the sheer material of the hose. Linzey unbuttoned my blouse, she didn’t take it off, ever the professional she knew that I had my falsies inside my bra so she just let the blouse hang open. She ran one of her fingernails down from my chest and over my belly button until she got to my crotch and crouched down. She played with my cock a little through the material and I was having trouble avoiding shooting in my tights right there. I looked up towards the ceiling and then shut my eyes.
Linzey was having none of that.

“Don’t look away. Watch!” she said as one of her hands came around my back and slapped my arse.

She gave a signal and everyone moved in closer, there were hands all over us, it seemed like three pairs were playing with my ass with others all over my body, Peter stood watching, wanking slowly. I felt the blouse being taken off me but at that point I didn’t care. I was in heaven.

I looked down just as Linzey put one of her fingernails into the material of my tights and ripped them open. My cock stood to attention at the release. Linzey spat on it then started to suck me slowly, I could feel her lips against my shaven crotch as she took it all in then started to lick the end expertly with her tongue.

“Oh Jesus, Oh my God!” I gasped, I knew I wasn’t going to last long and the hands all over me were doing me no favours in that respect. I felt mouths touching my hair, neck and ears and I knew someone was writing on my arse in lipstick after following Linzey’s lead and ripping the back of my tights open.

Linzey took her mouth away from my cock, she could feel me tensing and shuddering and knew I was about to shoot, I saw exactly where she wanted me to do it as she put her boobs around my dick and started to titwank me.

“Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck!” The last one was drawn out into a long groan.

I shot all over Linzey’s boobs, with one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had, it lasted less than minute but seemed to go on for ever as my head swam with feelings of utter ecstasy. I watched as the liquid spurted out onto her skin, the camera flashes all around us added to and heightened the feeling of sheer debauchery.

Linzey pulled me down onto my knees and put her boobs into my face rubbing my own cum into it.

“Lick it all off, you dirty bitch,” she shouted as she held my head against her skin and I hungrily gorged away on her wonderful breasts. Making sure to take more time licking and sucking the cum around her delicious nipples.

The round of applause that rang out around us told me that the show was over, Linzey took my face into her hands. “Fabulous baby, you were fucking fabulous,” Linzey said, then kissed me before getting up and walking away from the dance floor in all her glory.

I felt a little self conscious after Linzey left me on the floor, people had drifted off back to the bar and to their tables. David came over and offered me his hand to help pull me up.

He had picked my blouse up off the floor and as I got onto my feet he screwed it up and threw it at me.

“Look at the fucking state of you, come on slag, someone’s here to see you.”

I did indeed look a state, my tights had been demolished and were hanging off my body, I put the crumpled up blouse back on, my T Girl cock was on show as was my bare ass as I walked back across the dance floor behind David.

“Go over there and have a look at yourself,” David said pointing to a full length mirror that stood beside the DJ stand.

“Fucking Hell!” I said out loud.

My face was smeared with make up where Linzey had rubbed my own cumm in it from her tits. I thought the torn away tights looked sluttily sexy with everything on display, like something from a porno film.

I remembered what had been going on behind me when Linzey was torturing me with pleasure, I turned around to take a look at the back view. The tights had been ripped open and the word “SLUT” had been written on my arse in capital letters with red lipstick.

“WOW!” I laughed out loud at the truly slutty scene that I was looking at in the mirror, that was me, Paula the porn star!

David put his finger through the ring on my neck collar and led me away, a camera started flashing and the video guy came over to film the horny scene. He led me at arms length across the floor back to the table, I had a joyful smile on my face at all the attention I was attracting and at the person who was sat at the table with Peter.

“This the slut you’re looking for, mate?” David said to the new guy.

“Yep, that’s her. Fucking Hell, what have you been doing to her?” K9 my policeman whore fantasist had arrived.

“Thirty quid to bang her over the table, ass to mouth, shoot where you like mate,” David said to K9.

“Done,” he replied.

“But, first, we need some more drinks,” David said giving me another twenty pound note, I knew the score by now.
“Get back to the bar, I don’t normally, but I really need a stiff drink after watching you slut around like that. Bring a bottle of whiskey and four glasses.”

“What about my gear?” I said, looking down at the state of undress that I was in and at my jacket and skirt that had been thrown onto a chair around the table.

“If you let people rip your fucking clothes off , then you live with the consequences.“ David’s voice was raised to attract attention. “Now, get to the fucking bar.”

I was felt up by everyone who was in the bar area, the blonde guy from earlier had his cock out and I crouched down to suck it as Linzey sorted the whiskey and glasses. He shot within a couple of minutes.

“Jesus babe, I needed that.” He laughed as he slapped it across my face then put it back into his pants.

This time I was swallowing and I made a show of opening my mouth, putting my head back and licking my lips as I got up and picked the tray off the bar. Linzey was still wearing just her boots from the show, she laughed and bent over towards me.

“Come on, give these jugs a big kiss,” she said, shaking her tits and putting them in my face.

“I think you’d better get back to your friends, they seem to be waiting for you.” She laughed after I’d taken my time with the tit kissing.

I turned with the tray and sure enough David was giving me the “come here” signal with his index finger with K9 and the naked Peter stood beside him.

“Ah well. Work to be done,” I said to Linzey as I walked away from the bar, back to the table and whatever awaited me when I got there.

Linzey had said I’d be busy, even she couldn’t possibly have known just how busy.

“You up for more, slut?” David said as he moved aside to let me put the tray on the table.

“What do you think?”


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