having some in panties with friend

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guzzling cum for the first time

First time ever sucking cock in panties:

             This is the first encounter Taylor had with another man. Taylor had just started wearing his mothers panties after taking interest in a mesh thong he found in the laundry. After a few weeks of wearing them he wanted to share his passion with someone else but never thought of who it could be with. All he knew is that it had to happen soon. That when Donnie came into the picture...  literally..


             It all started innocently enough as Donnie was Taylor's neighbor who lived three houses up. Donnie and him would do everything together from build club houses to smoke a little weed here and there for a good laugh. Taylor would always wear panties when smoking as it made him feel more feminine. Especially when Donnie was around.. One day Taylor was at Donnies house packing the bowl ready to finish the rest of the bag off. Donnie was in the bathroom taking a shit so Taylor knew he had enough time to check his thong. He put his hand down the back and felt the mesh triangle resting right above his ass. He moved his hand to the front a rubbed his hand over his growing cock. He knew he had to stop before his boner got to noticable so he went outside to start the bowl. Donnie arrived not to much later looking flushed. They started on the bowl like they have so many times before. Before long Taylor started feeling buzzed and dropped the lighter and when he bent over to pick it up his thong was showing like a whales tail in the middle of an atlantic cruise. Donnie being the curious one asked why in the hell he has ladys underwear on and Taylor just simply replied i love it. Donnie replied with a dumbfounded look on his face but left it at that. They went inside to cure their ever growing cottonmouth.

          As they sat on the couch watching re-runs of csi Donnie excused himself from the room again. Five minutes later he comes strolling in like a model.. but the real surprise was what he was wearing. On Donnies little skinny frame was the cutest little pair of blue and white striped boyshorts. Taylor figured he must of gotten them from Donnies older sisters laundry basket. When Taylor finally realized what was going on he was on his feet with a massive boner in his pants feeling Donnies crotch up. Donnie stopped and pulled away suggesting they go to his sisters room to carry on. As Donnie led Taylor up the stairs he couldn't help but watch Donnies tight ass giggle in those little cotton panties which made him think of his own pair mesh thong panties he was wearing. When they finally got to his sisters room which was right up the stairs they started kissing. Neither of them have ever kissed a boy before but they were both loving the feeling of eachothers hot tongues inter-mingling tasting eachothers saliva. Donnie pulled Taylors shirt up over his head as Taylor unbuckled his pants revealing the thong that Donnie had seen earlier. As he did so Donnie stopped to admire his lovers cock trying to escape its mesh prison. Donnie reached down and pulled the top of  his thong down revealing the swolled 8 inch cock. As he did this he got down on his knees and wrapped his mouth around Taylors member.


To be continued...