His Dirty Little Secret

By Cherism

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His wife finds his stash of clothing, leading to some role reversal
Julia was doing some spring cleaning in the house. She had scrubbed everything, cleaned the oven, scrubbed the floors and was in the process of cleaning out the closets. Stuffed in the back of a closet was a bin. She didn’t know what was in it. The sight that greeted her caused a jumble of emotions in her. The bin was full of women’s clothing. It was all silky and sexy; Nightgowns, little panties and thongs, silk scarves and some thigh highs. But none of it was in her size. It was all too large for her. Where the hell did it come from and why was it here? Was her husband fucking around on her? Some of the items appeared to have cum spots on them. Were the spots from her or from him? At the bottom of the bin were also some dildos. She couldn’t even touch them. She was certain that he had used them to fuck whoever the woman was.

Julia was pissed. They had a good sex life and he appeared to be happy so why was he out fucking around on her? She fired off an e-mail to him:

“I found your dirty little secret. I was cleaning and stumbled across your whore’s clothes shoved in the back of the closet. How dare you? It’s not bad enough that you’re fucking around, but you bring her cum filled clothes home? What about the dildos? Did you use those to fuck her? You are a pig!”

When Toby opened up the e-mail from her he was stunned. Julia had found his stash. Obviously she was pissed and he was going to have to do some fast talking to calm her down. If he revealed the truth, she might leave, but she was already pissed and might leave anyway. Maybe she would react better to the truth than what she was thinking.

Toby sent his own e-mail to Julia, and held his breath when he hit send. This may be the end of his marriage, but he had to try. His note read:

“Baby, you’ve got it all wrong. I love you and I swear to you I am not fucking anyone else, nor have I ever been with anyone else. You are the only one. I will explain when I get home, just please trust me.”

Julia’s fury increased when she read his response. How dumb did he think she was? A bin full of women’s clothes and some dildos and he expects her to believe he’s not fucking around? She fired off another response:

“So, you’re not fucking anyone else, huh? Then what are you doing, wearing them yourself? And you’re butt fucking yourself too?”

He wished he could see her face as she read this and hold her while he told her the truth, but he had no choice. He wasn’t sure whether her reaction to the truth would be worse than what she was imagining. Toby again held his breath as he typed his response and hit send once again.

“Yes, baby, they are mine. I like the feel of them on my skin. Sometimes I use them to whack off because the silk feels so good on my cock. I use the dildos on my own ass. I am not gay, but the feeling of something probing my ass is so exciting. I wanted to tell you but I was afraid of how you’d react. I don’t want anyone but you baby. I truly do love you. Can we please talk about this when I get home?”

Julia nearly fell over when she read his response. Her husband liked wearing women’s clothes and getting fucked in the ass? Who the hell was this man? This was most certainly not the man she married. She went between crying, being nauseous and being angry. Julia began to formulate a plan. “So, he likes wearing women’s clothes?” she thought, “I think I’ll have some fun with this.”

Toby was anxiously waiting her reply, fearing that the hours that went by with no word from her were her answer. She was probably moving out right now. When her e-mail popped up on his screen, he was apprehensive and nervous. It read:

“When you get home, go to the bedroom and do exactly what the note on the bed says. I will not talk to you until then.”

Toby wanted to get home and talk to her, but at the same time he was afraid. What if she was leaving him?

When he pulled in the driveway her car was gone and inside the house was silent. Damn, she really had left him. With caution, he walked into the bedroom. Laid out on the bed were a nightgown, some thong panties and some of the thigh highs from his collection. Next to them was a note.

“If you like wearing women’s clothes so much, put these on and wait for me to get home. You will not touch yourself or jerk off. If I discover that you have, there will be consequences.”

Toby was hard within seconds. She was giving him permission, in fact ordering him to wear the clothes he loved. He moved quickly to shed his work clothes and feel the silk against his skin. Then a question formed. “What did she mean by consequences?” Having his girl clothes on was both agony and delight at the same time. It felt so damn good, but he had no idea what would happen when Julia got home. His cock strained against the silk that encased him. He could not help himself. He began to rub his cock through the material. It only brought more frustration. He wanted, no he needed, to come. It was the only thing that would bring him any relief. He pulled his cock out and stroked himself. The tension of the day and the feelings he was having now made him cum in short order. Julia walked in right as he shot a load of cum onto the nightie she had him wear. “Oh shit. Now what’s going to happen?” Toby got a good look at her and loved what he saw.

Julia was wearing her “fuck me” outfit. She had on a short dress that barely covered her ass and plunged deep in both the front and back. It covered everything yet left little to the imagination all at the same time. His eyes traveled down her legs and saw that she had on the black spiked heels she wears when she wants to drive him crazy. She looked good enough to eat and here he was sitting with his spent pecker in his hand, and he was in trouble. Not a good situation to be in.

Julia stood in front of him. Toby wanted to touch her, but thought better of it. He better hear what she had to say first. He waited……

“So, I see you didn’t follow my instructions. I told you not to touch yourself or jerk off, but you did anyway. I told you there would be consequences and I meant it. You will find out that I am in charge now. If you want to save our marriage, you will do exactly what I tell you to. I can destroy you very easily if your dirty little secret gets out.”

Toby couldn’t speak. He swallowed hard, waiting to hear what his consequence was, and loving this other side of her. It was damn sexy to hear her ordering him around. She told him to get on his hands and knees on top of the bed. He did so quickly. She took one hand and reached down to the side of the bed. One of his silk scarves was attached to the bedpost. The other end was quickly attached to his wrist. She repeated this with his other wrist. He was now bound to the bed at her mercy. Leaving his little thong on, she took another silk scarf and tied it around his now limp dick. The feeling of the silk on his dick was pure pleasure.

Julia walked behind him. He turned his head to watch her, but she was out of his view. She said,

“I did a little shopping while I was gone. I got a few things for our night tonight. I don’t care whether or not you enjoy them, because I know I will.”

She got behind him on the bed. His cock began to stiffen. Would she really play with his ass? She told him his punishment was about to come. She poured lube down his ass and quickly plugged a few fingers into his hole and pumped them in and out. It hurt slightly because he wasn’t prepared, but it felt good at the same time. He groaned as she removed her fingers. He was so hoping she was going to fuck his ass. A few seconds later, he felt pressure at his hole again and something being inserted. It was bigger than her fingers and a different texture, but it felt so fucking good. Deeper and deeper in it went. Tighter and tighter the scarf on his cock got. She had tied it while he was limp. As he grew hard, it grew tighter. It was acting as a cock ring around him. The mixture of the tightness along with the feeling of the silk was ecstasy. He pushed his ass back onto whatever she was shoving into him. She promptly pulled it out.

“I told you that I am in charge and you will do exactly as I say,” she commanded. “If you do not, I will leave you sitting here, tied to the bed and you can figure out how to get out of it while I pack my things and leave.”

“Yes baby. Whatever you want,” he responded.

She went back to working his ass. As his hole spread and his body tingled with the sensation, she told him, “This is a butt plug and it is your punishment. It will remain in you until I decide to remove it.” He groaned in response to her statement.

“Oh yeah, I forgot the other part of your punishment,” Julia stated. “You’re going to watch me fuck myself and there is nothing you can do about it.” This time he groaned louder.

Julia stripped her dress off, leaving just her heels on. He loved seeing her naked except for the heels. He scanned her body, his eyes landing on her sweet spot. She had shaved her pussy. For years he had asked her to do that, but she had always refused. Now all he could do was stare. How he wanted his tongue on her clit and pussy. Her cleanly shaved pussy. He watched as she ran her hands over her body, tweaking her nipples and rubbing her clit. She lifted a leg up onto the bed, giving him full view of her pussy. He could see how wet she was. Her pussy was so close, but so far away. He watched as she plunged two fingers deep inside and wiggled them around. Her other hand worked her clit. She was grinding on her own hand and moaning to beat the band. He knew she was close to cumming. All he could do was watch. He wanted to lick her and he wanted it to be his cock inside her, causing her to make those noises. He pulled his eyes away from her pussy to look at her face. He had never seen that look before. She was enjoying herself completely. He wished he had been the one to put that look on her face. A few seconds later, her body went stiff as she came. The mix of sensations to his body was overwhelming. His ass was full with the butt plug, his cock was straining against the silk tied around it, and he just watched his wife have an incredible orgasm. He wanted to cum as well.

Julia removed her fingers from her pussy and brought them to his mouth. She ordered him to suck them. He did so eagerly. As he tasted her cum on her fingers, he imagined what it would have been like to eat her shaved pussy. He begged her to let him cum.

“I told you I’m in charge. Since you can’t seem to remember that, you’ll stay tied up longer. You’ll cum when I’m damn good and ready,” she responded.

Again, Julia walked behind him. When she was in his view again, he saw that she was carrying a double headed dildo. What the hell was she going to do with that?

Julia leaned close to him and whispered, “I went to the porn store in my fuck me dress while you were supposed to be waiting for me. Several men asked if they could take me into a room and fuck me. They appreciate how hot your wife is. I could have fucked four or five different guys. Maybe I should have. Instead I bought some toys. I decided I needed my own stash since you have yours. You can just watch and enjoy the show.”

Julia poured lube over both ends of the dildo. She bent over in front of Toby so he had full view of her pussy and ass. She asked him how he liked her shaved pussy. All he could do was grunt. She inserted one end of the dildo into her pussy and pumped away with great speed. She moaned and groaned as it slipped in and out of her. He wanted to replace that dildo with his own cock, but she wasn’t allowing it.

“Now it’s time for the real show,” she said.

She reached behind her and with both hands pulled her ass open for him to get a good view. She had only let him fuck her ass a few times, and each time it was amazingly tight, causing him to cum sooner than he wanted to. Was she going to let him get into her ass? His question was answered quickly when he saw her press the other end of the dildo against her tight hole. She was going to do a double penetration?!?!? And here he was bound, unable to do anything but watch. She was right. This was punishment!! Toby’s eyes were glued to her ass as he saw the dildo slide in deeper and deeper.

Julia could hear him groan at the sight and it fueled her excitement. She felt full with the two “cocks” inside of her. If she had known how damn good it felt, she would have done this much sooner. She started slowly so she could adjust and enjoy the sensations. She had never felt this good when Toby fucked her. She increased her pace with the dildo. She couldn’t get enough. Electricity shot through her. Her pussy tingled and her ass tightened around the dildo. In and out faster and faster until she knew she was about to cum. One more thrust and she was over the edge. Julia let out a loud scream as her juice flowed over the dildo. Both her pussy and ass clenched tight around it, causing more sensations to wash over her. Toby screamed with her as he watched her cum with the dildo in her pussy and ass. It should be him!

When Julia had regained some strength, she removed the dildo. She took the end that had been in her pussy and pressed it to Toby’s lips. “So, you like getting it in the ass. How do you feel about sucking cock?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve never done it,” Toby replied as he parted his mouth to accept the dildo. He bobbed his head up and down the fake dick and sucked her juice off of it. She let him go for a minute or two, removing it from his mouth and placing it in hers. He knew what her lips felt like on his cock and he ached to have them there now. After several minutes, she looked at him and said, “That’s the closest you’ll get to a blow job tonight.”

Toby was in agony, ready to explode. He felt certain that all she’d have to do is touch his cock to make him cum. He wanted to be in her ass, her mouth, her pussy, her hand. He didn’t care which.

Julia walked behind him and rubbed his ass cheeks. Toby was certain she was going to remove the butt plug. Instead she ran her hands over his body, causing the silk nightie to make constant contact with his skin, only increasing his agony. Never had something that felt so good caused his cock to throb so hard. The words that came from Julia’s mouth next were not what he expected.

“I’m sticky from the lube,” she told him. “I’m going to go take a shower and get cleaned up. I’ll probably even fuck myself again. You will stay tied up here while I do it. You can’t touch yourself so you’ll just have to live with the rock hard cock that I see you’ve got working there. If somehow you figure out a way to get yourself off, you better not. If I find out you came while I am busy, you will be punished. I’m sure by now you have figured out that I am very creative with my punishments. Enjoy yourself while I’m gone.”

She gave him a smack on his ass and left the room.

Toby had been on his knees for a while and was growing tired. He went to lie down but quickly discovered that it created a problem. His ass tightened around the butt plug, increasing the feeling in his ass. He thought maybe he could grind against the comforter and get a little relief. Just as he thought, it didn’t take much to make him cum. Being excited for so long and rubbing against the silk made him explode quickly. Now the front of his nightie was covered in his cum. The relief he felt was followed by worry. What would Julia do when she discovered this? He didn’t know how long she’d be gone. If she was fucking herself again, maybe she’d be gone awhile and it could dry before she came back. At least his cock felt better. It wasn’t straining against the fabric anymore.

Julia returned quicker than he thought. Either she got off faster than he thought, or she decided not to. Either way, he knew he was going to have a problem. She stood on the side of the bed. There was no towel around her body. She was using it on her hair instead. He was eye level with her shaved pussy again. He felt his cock starting to stiffen.

Julia reached down to check on the hardness of his cock. Her hand landed on his sticky cum.

“Oh! I see you didn’t follow my instructions again. I told you there would be a punishment,” she informed him.

He had no idea what was going to happen. He had never seen his wife like this before. He couldn’t figure out where her mind was going. He found out when her hand stroked across his cock and smeared into the cum, scooping some up. Her fingers were headed toward her mouth. Oh, how he loved watching her swallow cum. She changed direction and placed her fingers on HIS mouth.

“Now it’s your turn to swallow cum,” she ordered. He tentatively opened his mouth. She plunged her fingers in and fucked his mouth with them. This wasn’t as good as sucking the dildo, but it felt good. She repeated this a couple of times until all the cum was scooped up.

Once again Julia walked behind him. He anxiously waited to see what would happen next. She rubbed her hands over his ass, applying pressure to the butt plug to push it in just a bit deeper. His cock grew harder and harder each time she pushed. Her hands traveled down to his cock. She untied the scarf and used it to begin stroking him.

Toby thought he had reached his limit. His hot wife was jerking his cock with a silk scarf while he wore his favorite clothes. What could possibly be better? She must really love him to do this for him. How did he get so lucky?

Julia had played with Toby’s dick enough times to know that familiar feeling of him about to cum. She stopped abruptly. Toby screamed in agony.

Julia climbed off the bed and was gone for a minute or two. He waited for her return. When she did, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. She was wearing the biggest strap on he had ever seen. He knew what was coming, but hearing her say it was the sexiest damn thing.

“Since you seem to like cock in your ass, I thought I’d be the one to give it to you,” she stated. “Do you think this cock is big enough to keep you happy?” she asked. Toby was barely able to stammer out a response.

“Baby, I’m not sure I can take all of that up my ass. You don’t have to do this to make me happy,” he answered.

“Oh baby… I’m not doing this for you. This is your punishment. You will take every inch of this in your ass. You see, there’s a hidden advantage for me. There is an equal end in my pussy right now. Every time I plunge into you, the same thing will plunge into me. I’m going to get fucked by the same cock as you. I don’t need your cock. It won’t get anywhere near my pussy, ass, or mouth tonight,” she informed him.

Julia moved behind him, removing his butt plug. She thought his ass should be good and ready for what she was about to give him. She poured more lube down his ass and put plenty on the strap on. He felt the tip press up against his hole. He tightened, thinking of what was to come and worried about whether or not he could handle it.

“Loosen your ass up or it’s going to hurt,” Julia barked. “Trust me. This cock feels so good in my pussy. You’re going to love it in your ass.” Toby groaned, remembering that she was going to get fucked with it as well. He’d know exactly what she was getting. Then he wondered how she was able to take something that big inside her.

Julia pushed again and Toby loosened up. If his wife’s pussy could handle that much cock, his ass should be able to handle it too. When he relaxed and allowed her to push a little further he began to feel the familiar sensations as when he would fuck himself with his dildo collection. However, this was larger than anything he had used. It felt fucking wonderful. Julia stroked in and out of him. Toby easily took what she was giving him. He wondered what he was concerned about. His ass was able to handle it and his cock was rock hard with the sensations. He hadn’t realized that Julia hadn’t given him everything yet. Each thrust put the dildo a little further into him. Based on her groans, the deeper she went into him, the more pleasure she got as well. Her groaning and the sensations in his ass were a wonderful combination. He never imagined that his sweet wife would strap on a cock and fuck him with it.

Toby felt like he had taken all he could when he heard Julia say, “Oh baby, you have almost all of this cock in your ass. Do you like it? Do you like your wife shoving a cock into your sweet ass?”

‘Oh, fuck, yes,” was all Toby could manage to say.

Julia’s pace increased, as did her groans. They were both being fucked and both enjoying it.

One more push and Toby felt like he would explode. He could not possibly handle any more. Julia grunted and said, “That’s right baby. You have all of that big cock up your tight ass, and I’m the one who is putting it there. Tell me you like your wife fucking you. Tell me you like my cock in your ass.”

“Your cock feels so good in my ass baby. I love it. You’re going to fucking make me cum!” he screamed.

Julia gave him one more hard push and Toby exploded. She followed a few seconds later. She shuddered when she came, causing the dildo to wiggle inside Toby. His cock throbbed and he shot another stream of cum across his nightie. Julia collapsed onto him. Both of them still filled with cock.

The next morning Julia laid down the rules for his secret.

“You may continue to wear your silky things, but you will do so under my instructions. You will wear what I tell you when I tell you. If I tell you that I want you to wear your panties under your suit, you will do so. If I tell you to wear your nightie to bed, you will do it. If you want a cock in your ass, I will be the one to put it there. Are you willing to go along with this? If not, tell me right now and I will leave. “

Toby grabbed her, kissed her and said, “Baby, I will do whatever you ask. I love you and don’t want to lose you. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. You are the best wife ever.”