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Hitch-hiking Baby Doll: Part One

Hitching a ride with a trucker leads to loads of fun for this sexy little tranny boy.
I hadn't been in his cab for more than a half hour when the driver who picked me up, brought up the subject of sex to me.

"Last week, I had a guy and girl riding with me and they both liked giving me blow jobs. And, you know, if I closed my eyes, I couldn't tell the difference of which one was sucking me off. They were both excellent at sucking cock."

"That sounds like you had a fun ride," I replied.

The fact that I was a cute cross-dressing boy made the solution simple to me. My trucker was about to get a guy and a girl rolled into one in me. All he had to do was to stop and buy me some sexy lingerie to wear and take me to a hotel room and let me get cleaned up and ready for him.

Of course, he was handsome with a blonde porn star moustache, so I was going to enjoy looking at his handsome face while I sucked on his big, ten inch cock. I was twenty, and wanted all the cock I could get. And to get an offer this good from a handsome stud I just met was terrific. Knowing he enjoyed being sucked by girls and guys made me want to be the girl who sucks him.

I was a twenty year-old girlyboy who had been with lots of men while dressed and enjoyed every one of them. So, having sex with a masculine trucker who wore jeans and cowboy boots, was going to be a treat for me. I would get him to buy me lots of sexy little outfits and then I would wear each one for him on our trip across the country. And it started because he told me he liked girls and boys.

"That's right! It was a lot of fun," said my handsome trucker. "I would wake up on my bunk and that guy would be giving me a blow job while his girl was sleeping and he just loved to suck and suck on me. And he even swallowed my cum but his girlfriend wouldn't."

I saw my chance to let my new loverboy know I was interested in him. I crossed my legs and put my hands together on my lap and looked straight at him and spoke with a girlish voice.

"We'll you are very handsome. I understand totally why he would like sucking your cock so much. You're a big handsome boy and bet you have a big one, too."

He was a bit surprised to hear me talk with a female voice and he looked at me before answering. I batted my eyelashes at him to let him know I wanted to be his sexy little cocksucker.

"I do have a big one," said my handsome trucker. "How about if I pull over and lay in the bunk and show it to you? Would you like that?"

"I would love it, you big handsome stud. I want to pull off those cowboy boots and unbuckle those pants for you and pull them down and have at it."

"What's your name?" he said.

"I'm Missy."

"Missy? That's your name as a girl."

"It sure is, you superstud," I said with a smile.

I licked my finger and put it in my mouth and sucked on it to get him in the mood for my lips.

"Oh, shit, you're a sexy little thing, aren't you?"

"I'm anything you want, big boy."

"Do you like to dress as a girl?" he asked.

"Oh, yesssssss!" I said lustily.

"Are you wearing panties, right now?"

"I sure am," I said, twinkling my eyes at him.

"Can you show me your panties?"

"I'll show them to you all the way to California, cowboy trucker stud. I want to dress up in lots of sexy little outfits for you. I'll be a dancehall showgirl and sexy lady of the night. All you have to do is buy me some outfits and I'll get dressed up for you. We can stop at some outlet stores and buy sexy things together. I'll hold up the sexy things and you pick them out."

"My dick is getting hard just thinking about it, baby," he replied. "Now, when do I get to see those panties you are wearing now? What kind are they?"

"They are black seethrough with lace trim," I said.

"Oh, hell, those sound sexy, Missy. Why don't you give me a peek? Pull down your zipper and give me a look."

I did as my handsome trucker told me and unzipped my shorts and spread my zipper just enough so he could see the tip of my dick through the sexy black seethrough panty I was wearing. I know he liked what he saw because he kept staring down at my crotch while he drove.

"Oh, heck, go ahead and pull off those shorts, baby. Let me see more of those sexy panties."

I pulled down my shorts and threw them in the back bunk. I was now naked except for my sexy black panties, a black t-shirt and sandals. The trucker was happy to see my dick fully erect down in the sexy panties.
"I never saw too many boners in panties," he said. "But it looks good. When did you start wearing panties?"

"When I was 16 years-old. My first boyfriend was a college boy lifeguard at my pool. I wore panties for him every day in the pool room all summer. He had a nice big dick. And I've always liked guys with big long dicks. I bet you have a big one, cowboy."

He smiled at me. The thought of being sucked off by a guy in panties who already had a boner for him was making him happy.

"I'm getting ready to stop up ahead and show it to you."
He was thirty-two, and somewhat older than me, and he looked at me for a moment without speaking.

"You don't mind being with an older man?"

"I've always liked being with older men," I replied. "They had bigger dicks than boys my age so they always turn me on."

"I bet you like being a Daddy's girl."

"I do a lot," I said. "I like to wear my pink panties with flowers on them and lick lollipops while I sit on my Daddy's lap and kiss him."

"Mmmm. That sounds good. I'd like you to sit on my lap and be my little girl in pink panties."

"If you give me your lollipop, I'll lick it really good for you, Daddy."

"Oh, yeah, little girl. Daddy's gonna give you his big lollipop to lick. We're gonna stop up ahead and I'm gonna get this lollipop out for you."

He grabbed his cock through his jeans and squeezed his big manhood.

"Oh, Daddy, I can't wait," I said, like an excited girl.

"You know," he said. "When I had that girl and guy with me, she would show me her panties to get me hard and the guy would suck me off. So, you are kind of like the girl and guy mixed. She would let me play with her pussy through her panties. I'm thinking it might be fun to play with you through your panties."

"I'm not very clean, right now. I'd like to get clean for you."

"Oh, that's okay. I like dirty panties on a girl. Dirty panties turn me on."

I didn't need any more encouragement. I moved to the center console where my trucker could reach my panties with his right hand while he drove. My dickie was hard as a rock for him and I was going to let him play with it through my panties like he wanted to. It was a pleasure to have my big cowboy trucker reach down between my legs and squeeze my dick through the soft synthetic black seethrough panties. I took a deep breath and talked like a girl ready to orgasm.

"Oh, yeah, baby," I said. "You know how to treat a girlyboy."

"Your cock feels good, too, baby doll."

He squeezed my hard dick again and pre-cum leaked from it into my panties. It looked like my panties were getting wet for my trucker stud whose big cock I couldn't wait to play with, too. We were about to have a week of wild sex, including jerking each other off while my trucker stud drove and I rode bitch for him in my little panties.

"Baby doll," he said. "You're gonna make me want to suck on that flower you got down there. I'll be your little honeybee. I can smell the nectar cumming out of that thing. Those panties are smelling good."

He squeezed my cock through my panties again and my heart beat faster. I was so horny for my big trucker stud just from having him playing with my cock through my panties. I had to slow him down before he made me explode in my panties. I reached for his hand and lifted it up.

"Daddy," I said. "I want to play with your big lollipop."

"You do? Well, that's a sweet baby doll. Here you go," he said.

My trucker stud reached for his zipper and pulled it down and then he pulled down his underwear and I saw his big hard, ten inch cock. It was very impressive to this horny little twenty year-old tranny. I couldn't wait to suck it for him for the first time.

"Oh, Daddy, it's so big. I don't know if I can get it all in my mouth," I said.

"That's okay, baby doll. Daddy will show you how to suck him good by sucking on yours."

"Mmmmm, I feel like sitting on your lap when we stop and letting you kiss me, handsome.You look like a porn star with that mustache. And that big cock definitely looks like a porn star's."

He really was a big stud and I was really an experienced girlyboy who knew her men. Believe me, he really was a catch. He had dreamy blue eyes. I loved sitting on his lap and looking into his eyes while feeling his big cock rubbing against mt panties. I was hitch-hiking from Florida to L.A. and had just started the trip when my trucker stopped and picked me up. He told me he was going all the way. Now, I had him playing with me through my panties and offering his big cock to me.

"You know, I've always fantasized about having a guy stripper dance for me in a sexy little g-string like a dancer in a strip club," he said.

"Well, you're in luck, big boy," I said. "I'm a really good dancer. All we have to do is stop and buy a g-string and go to a hotel and I'll dance for you as long as you like."

The trip was getting better every minute of the ride. He was already driving me all the way across the country and now he was telling me his fantasies he wanted me to fulfill. First, he wanted me to be his sexy little Daddy's girl in pink panties and pigtails. Now, he wanted me to be a hot stripper and dance for him. I couldn't wait to do both. 

It felt good to feel like a girl being played with through her panties by a man. They all love the feel of a man's big strong hands between their legs and I was no different. This stud had me and I was all his the rest of the ride. All he had to do was tell me what he liked and I'd give it to him. It was a great way to be going to California for the first time.

I heard there was work for tranny boys as hookers in Hollywood and I decided it would be a great adventure. So, I left Florida with my thumb up and this trucker was only my second ride and he was going all the way across the country. Not only that, he was also into girlyboys so I would get to be one all the way there for him. Besides that, he wanted to act out sexual fantasies with me along the way. This would be a fantastic trip.

"I love feeling your hand on my panties, handsome," I said. "When do I get a kiss?"

"Right now."

He puckered his lips and I leaned over and kissed him while he felt my dick through my sexy panties. While I was leaning close to him kissing, I reached down with my left hand and grabbed his big cock. It was a full ten inches and was big and meaty, not like my little seven incher. I wrapped my hand around his cock and it was so big in my hand I really did feel like a little girl holding it.

'You kiss good, you big stud. I'm going to love sitting on your lap and kissing you for hours while I play with this big cock."

I started to stroke his meaty boner for him while he fingered me through my wet panties.

"Yeah, baby doll, you kiss good, too," he said. "I can't wait for you to slip on your little pink panties with flowers on them for me."

"I can do it right now," I said.


I smiled at him. "Yes. I have a pair with me."

"Why don't you put them on for me. And when we stop, you can crawl up in my lap and we can kiss some more."

I stopped stroking his big cock and he stopped rubbing my panties. Like an excited girl, I jumped up in the bunk where my backpack was to get out the pink panties he wanted me to wear. Taking off my wet panties and putting on fresh panties always feels good. 

After cleaning off the pre-cum from my dickie with the black seethrough panties with the lace trim, I slipped into my pink panties with the little flowers on them. They were made of soft synthetic material that felt so good to touch. I knew my trucker stud was going to love feeling me in them. I took off my sandals and t-shirt and was completely naked for him, except for my little pink girlie panties.

Feeling like a sexy little girl with her big strong Daddy, I sat back on the center console next to the handsome trucker. He looked down at my panties and immediately smiled.

"Those make you look like a girl for sure."

"I like being a girl," I said. 'Will you be my man?"

"Oh, yeah," he said looking down between my sexy legs. "I'll be your Daddy, baby doll."

I clapped my hands together and smiled. "Oh, Daddy, I'm so excited. I can't wait to sit on your lap."

"Not much further and you can," he said.

"So, do you like me in these panties, Daddy?"

He looked down at my little pink flowered panties.

"Oh, yeah, baby doll. You are pretty in pink. I'm going to let you climb all over me in those little pink panties."

He was turning me on so much, I just wanted to kiss him and suck his dick while he put his hands all over me. Knowing we were about to stop and have our first sex together was so exciting to me. I always liked being on a date with a man and after dinner knowing he was taking me home to bed. In this case, the bed was the bunk right behind us where we would experience lots and lots of pleasure together on our trip.

"I want to suck your dick for you, Daddy," I said.

"First, let me play with what's in those little panties for you."

I spread my legs, giving my trucker stud access to put his big hand between my legs while he drove. He reached down and started to rub my pink panties with flowers on them. His hand felt so good on my panty-covered dick.

"Oh, Daddy, you feel so good touching me down on my little pee pee," I said. "Can I touch yours?"

"You sure can, baby doll," said my trucker stud.

Like a sweet girl with her Daddy, I reached over and put my hand on his big cock. It was so big around that I could barely get my whole hand around it.

"Daddy, yours is so big. I'm going to love being with you."

"Daddy likes having a little girl to play with him," he replied.

I started to jerk him off with my left hand while he played with me through my little pink panties.

"Oh, yeah, little girl, that's the way to do it," he said.

I was feeling like such a sexy little girlyboy and enjoying my trucker stud and his big cock so much. His cock was so much bigger than mine that I really did feel like a little girl with her Daddy. Our trip was just beginning and we were already giving each other pleasures with our hands. It wouldn't be long until we could use our mouths to really give each other pleasure.

As he drove, I stroked his big one for him with my little hand. He seemed to be enjoying playing with mine through my panties, too. We were definitely enjoying each other's dicks.

"What are you going to L.A. for," he asked suddenly.

"I'm going to become a tranny hooker in Hollywood," I said.

"Oh, baby doll, that sounds exciting. Have you ever been a tranny hooker before?"

"Yes. I wear miniskirts and hot pants and go to the adult bookstore and meet johns."

"They pay you to suck them?"

"Yes. And to do other things."

"What other things do you like to do?"

"I like men to put it in me like a girl."

"Do you like men with big ones to put it in you."

I smiled widely at my handsome trucker.

"Oh, yes," I said. "Big ones are my favorite. I like yours a lot, Daddy."

"Well, I'm going to have to see about putting it in you. It might be a little tight."

"I know. Yours is so big. It makes me feel like such a little girl just holding it."

"Don't worry," he said. "You're going to get some dick, tonight, little girl. I saw that nice sexy ass of yours when you were climbing back on the bunk in your other black lace panties. Your ass is hot, baby doll."

It made me happy to know my trucker stud was planning to go all the way with me. As much as I liked sucking cocks and being sucked, it was always nice to have a man spread my legs and treat me like a girl. This stud boy was definitely a good find. He liked boys and girls the same and treated me just like a girl the whole trip.

After riding along playing with each other's dicks for over twenty minutes, my trucker stud pulled into a rest area on the interstate. He parked in a dimly lit area where we could have privacy and get to enjoy each other more fully. I was looking forward to loving on his big cock like a girl does and making him shoot loads of hot cum for me all night.

Once we were stopped, he climbed back on the bunk and I climbed in on top of him, wearing just my little pink panties with flowers on them that made me feel so girlish. I pulled off his cowboy boots and then started to unbutton his shirt. His big hairy chest was such a turn on I ran my fingers through the hair and felt his big strong pecs.

"Oh, Daddy, you're so big and hairy," I said. "I don't have hair on my body because I'm supposed to be a girl."

After I removed his shirt, he moved back and sat up against the back of the bunk.

"Climb up on Daddy's lap and give him a big kiss," he said.

I pulled down his jeans and saw his big strong thighs. It was a pleasure to have such a hunk of a man to call me baby doll and treat me like I was his little girl in pink panties. All he was wearing was his black cotton briefs and I gladly climbed on his lap to kiss him. His cock was still big and hard from having me stroke it for him while he drove and it felt so good to sit on his lap and feel it between my legs.

He put his arm around me and held me tight while I put my lips up to his and kissed him. His sexy blonde mustache tickled my upper lip as we kissed. He gave me lots of closed-mouth kisses right on the lips and I felt like a sweet girl kissing her Daddy.

"Mmmmm, Daddy, you kiss good," I said.

"So do you, baby doll," he replied. "Give Daddy some more sugar like a sweet litlle girl."

I opened my mouth and thrust it at his lips and he opened wide and embraced me with a sexy French kiss that tasted so good. Feeling his hard cock pressing against my panty-covered ass while he kissed me hard was amazing. This stud was a real lady killer and a great kisser and I felt so lucky to be with him, all the sudden.

I had always been a Daddy's girl as a sexy sixteen and seventeen year old tranny boy and I used to kiss him like I was kissing my trucker stud. It was always fun to act out my Daddy's girl fantasy with older men and doing it with a handsome, thirty-two year-old trucker stud was fantastic for this little twenty year-old girlyboy.

"Oh, yeah, baby doll," he said. "Your Daddy likes kissing you. Why don't you play with Daddy's big one for him while he kisses you?"

I reached down and felt his cock through the black cotton undies he was wearing. Then I pulled them down so I could get his manhood out and stroke it for him while we kissed like too hot lovers. This went on for a long while, making me so horny for him I was getting wet down in my panties with pre-cum. They say when a girl's panties get wet that she is really horny. And it was always true for me. The front panel of my little pink flowered panties was getting soaked wih all the warm clear liquid coming from my dick.

"Oh, Daddy, I love your big dick and I can't wait to suck it for you."

"First, let Daddy play with what's in those little panties of yours, baby doll. Then you can suck it for him. Daddy gets really hard when he's rubbing your little panties. Be a sweet girl and let Daddy rub your panties some more."

I adjusted my ass in his lap to where his big cock was sticking up between my legs. He put one hand on my dickie and played with it through my panties while he placed his other hand on my soft ass cheek and rubbed me there, too. It was magical feeling like a girl making love to her Daddy, having him kiss me and play with my little bottom. The attention he was paying to my ass, suddenly, made me want to feel him inside me.

When it comes to asses, girl's are much more sexier than boy's. They use them as a way to attract men and turn them on and that's what my ass was doing for my trucker stud. His cock got so hard in my hand just from touching my hot little ass cheek. It wouldn't be long until he was ready for me to suck him good like a sweet girlyboy.

I couldn't wait to wear thongs and g-strings for him while I danced like a hot stripper, shaking my ass good for him in a hotel room to some sexy music. Then give him lap dances and kisses while rubbing my g-string-covered dick all over his big hard ten inch cock. There must have been a million women who would like to have this big cock tonight and me being the one who was getting it made me feel so good. I enjoyed love-making with a man more than anything else, especially with a big, handsome man. So, this trip would be a wonderful experience I would always remember for years to come. I placed my hand on his handsome face and touched him tenderly with it.

"Oh, yes, Daddy, I love kissing you so much. You're so big and handsome. My little tushy feels good in your lap."

"Daddy likes your little tushy, baby doll. He wants to rub it and make you feel good until you are ready for his big one."

"I love your big one, Daddy."

I started stroking his cock harder with my hand while we kissed again and he played with my ass and dick through my silky soft panties. I liked seeing how hard I could make a man wearing just my panties. And I enjoyed making him shoot hot loads of cum for me. It was an incredible feeling for me to feel like a hot girl pleasing her man. But this stud was making me feel so much like a girl, I was planning to wear my miniskirt and hot pants and halter tops the whole trip. I would forget I was a boy and be his little girl all the way across the country.

"You are getting so wet down here, Missy" he said. "I might have to lick some of that pudding off of these panties for you, little girl."

"Oh, Daddy, that sounds good. I want you to lick my icky panties and taste my creamy pudding. But first I want to lick your big one I like playing with so much."

"Sure, baby doll, you can lick my big one, first."

"Oh, thank you, Daddy," I said excitedly.

I kissed him on the lips and hopped off his lap. He laid down on the bunk while I positioned my myself to suck his big gorgeous cock that I liked riding with my ass so much and playing with between my legs. I was going to ride his cock lots more like a little girl on top of her Daddy. But, right now, I was hungry for his cock that I wanted to suck so much ever since he showed it to me.

"Oh, Daddy," I said. "I love your cock so much. I've been wanting to suck it ever since you showed it to me."

"You can suck it as much as want, baby doll. You can even wake me up by sucking on it, any time you like."

"Oh, thank you, Daddy. You're so good to me."

I took his big manhood in both of my hands at once. It was so large, my two hands barely covered much of it. This was really going to be a memorable cock to suck, I thought. Not every man has one as big and thick as my trucker stud did. Kneeling between his big strong legs on the bunk in the cab of his semi, I leaned forward and put my lips up to his big boner. I kissed it a few times slowly, giving him just a little bit more of my tongue with each kiss until my mouth was fully open and I was licking it like a girl gone wild and covering every inch of it with my wet saliva.

Tasting his sweet pre-cum on my tongue was making me so horny for his cum to shoot out of his big cock. I couldn't wait for his cum to blow like hot lava in my mouth. When a man has me this horny, he is getting a great blow job from me so I can please him better than the other girls do. I want to be the girl who gives him the best blow jobs and I want him to tell me how good it feels.

My trucker stud's cock was so big around, I could barely get half of it in my mouth at once. I was determined to swallow more with each bob of my head on his dick. I was only twenty years-old, but I already loved big men with big ones. Their big Daddy-size cocks always turned me on the most, so I wanted to please them the most. This one was definitely one of my favorites of all time.

I absolutely loved sucking men's big cocks. In fact, it was my love for sucking men's big cocks that was leading me to go to L.A. and become a tranny hooker so I could suck lots of men's big cocks every day. And getting to suck a big stud's meaty ten inch cock all the way across the country while wearing sexy lingerie for him was a tremendous thrill for this sexy little girlyboy. My dick was spewing pre-cum into my pink flowered panties while I slurped on my trucker stud's cock like a good little whore.

"Baby doll, how'd you get to be such a good little cocksucker?" he asked.

I stopped sucking on his dick but stroked it with my hands while I talked.

"I always liked wearing sexy panties for a man and getting him worked up and then sucking on him good."

"You're so good. I bet lots of men like having you."

"I get a lot of them," I said.

"That's because you're cute and sexy like a girl. You turn me on in those little panties more than the girl who was wearing her panties in here for me last week. I'm going to have to give you some mustache rides like I did her."

I smiled at him.

"Let me finish this one, first," I said. "I love you big handsome men with big cocks. You make me feel like such a sweet little girl I just want to please you. You're one of my favorite studs I ever sucked on."

I put my lips back on his cock and swirled my tongue around the big bulbous head of it.

"Oh, Missy, you're so good at sucking his dickie. Daddy wants to shoot lots of cum for you."

I enjoyed being encouraged while giving head and I was glad my trucker stud liked what I was doing for his big hard cock with my lips and tongue. I'm sure every girl likes to hear that men enjoy receiving oral from her. It makes her want to swallow more of it and even swallow his cum when he shoots it. I was determined to swallow as much as I could of my trucker stud's first load of sweet sperm on our trip. I kept my lips tight on it as I bobbed my head and ran my tongue all over his big juicy meat.

Wearing panties and other sexy clothes was the start of all my desires with men, but knowing I was pleasing them like a girl made me feel complete. It was as though they were accepting me for the female I was. So, sucking a man's big cock to completion always had a liberating effect on me. It made me feel like who I wanted to be, a sexy little honeyboy for men. That was why I was headed to L.A. to work as a tranny hooker.

I was twenty years-old and felt the need to break out of my boy life completely and go over to my feminine side permanently. Being a girl for my trucker stud all the way across the country was a good way to start my new life as a tranny hooker. I was going to wear stocking and garter belts under my mini-skirt and sexy little g-strings under my hot pants and attract men drving by to stop and pick me up and do whatever they wanted me to do to please them. Mostly, I would give them oral like I was giving my trucker stud, right now.

"Oh, baby doll, you're so good at sucking that cock for your Daddy. Daddy's gonna buy you lots of pretty things to wear on our trip so you can keep making him big and hard for you like he is."

"Oh, Daddy," I said. "I love making you big and hard. I want you to cum in my mouth and tell me how you like it while I swallow for you."

"You're definitely a Daddy's girl," he said. "Those little pink panties tell you're a sweet little girl. Daddy wants to pull those panties done and put his mouth on you, too."

I always like comparing my ass to girl's asses and I always like showing it off in a sexy way for men. As a tranny hooker, I would come to learn how good girl's asses are at attracting men. Even straight guys who saw my ass and picked me up would still pay me to suck them because, they told me, my ass had turned them on so much they couldn't resist. So, whether they were gay or straight, I enjoyed sucking lots of men's cocks as a tranny hooker in drag. Now, I was getting so much practice, I was becoming an expert cocksucker.

Up until this point, I had been a teenage girlyboy learning my way with men. Now, with the freedom to be a total tranny girl for my big trucker stud. I was still young, only twenty, but I felt my life changing on this trip in a big way. So, all the oral I was giving to my trucker stud on this trip was preparing me for all the oral I would give to horny men for years to come. His cock was so big and meaty that a girl had to work extra hard to swallow as much as she could.

I started stroking the bottom half of his cock while I sucked the top half. His balls were hard and hairy and so much bigger than my little shaved ones. He was a real man, the kind I always enjoyed pleasing the most. After several more minutes of sucking and stroking him, he spoke.

"Okay, baby doll, Daddy's ready to cum in that sweet little mouth of yours."

I was proud to be sucking on a handsome man whose cock was that big and I considered swallowing his cumload a pleasure I wouldn't miss. I loved him calling me "baby doll" and I planned to buy a little pink baby doll outfit with a matching little g-string to wear for him. I pulled my lips off him for a moment and spoke.

"Oh, Daddy, I want you to cum for me so much. I love your big one and I want to taste all your cum."

After I put my lips back on his cock, he shot his hot load like a big geyser right into my eager lips It was so creamy in my mouth and it felt so sexy for me to swallow it. If there is one thing I learned from girls, it was how to swallow a hot load of cum from a hard cock. A girl has to do it like she really enjoys it to turn on a man. I smiled at my trucker stud as I swallowed his hot cum.

"I love sucking it for you, Daddy. It makes me feel so good."

He looked down at my hard dickie in my little pink panties and licked his lips.

"Daddy wants to give his little girl a mustache ride and make her feel good, too."

I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, giving him a taste of his cum in my mouth when I did.

"Oh, boy, I can't wait to ride your face, Daddy. It makes me feel like a sweet little girl to be on top of my Daddy's face."

It really was a pleasure to know my trucker stud wanted me to fuck his face. The way he liked playing with my dick through my little panties meant he was a dick-lover, too. Now, I could find out how much he liked sucking dick for a cute girlyboy in panties.

It always felt so natural to me to wear sexy panties and show them off for men. It turned them on and got them ready for lots of sex that they wanted. Knowing they wanted what was in my panties was the ultimate turn on for me. My trucker stud definitely wanted what was in my little wet panties. He pulled me up on top of him to where my little ass was sitting on his big chest. His eager mouth was just inches away from my sweet smelling panties soaking wet with my pre-cum.

"What's in these little panties here, baby doll. Do you have something for your Daddy?"

'Oh, Daddy, I love you to play with my panties," I said.

I love sitting on the face of a big masculine man and letting him lick me like a girl. This one would become one of my favorites since he enjoyed sucking on me so much.

"Let me see what's in here," he said.
He pulled aside my pink panties and pulled out my pink dickie that was gleaming wet with pre-cum.

"Daddy wants this in his mouth, baby doll," he said stroking my dick a few times.

I moved my ass cheeks forward on his chest and he swallowed my shaved dick all at once. He was eager to get meto cum in his mouth the way he had cum in mine. There was a love connection being made between us that would make us both love being together for the next week. I love feeling like a hot girl getting her pussy licked by a big stud and this stud was one of the best at licking me. After a man licks me the way my trucker stud was about to lick me, it leaves me cum dumb.

The only thing I like better than satisfying a handsome stud is having a handsome stud who likes satisfying me, too. My handsome trucker grabbed both my ass cheeks in his hands and pulled me to him as he swallowed my shaved dickie all the way. He was hungry and aggressive and licked and sucked on me with so much force I could tell he really enjoyed it. His tongue was so big it covered every inch of my dickie and it made me feel like a girl getting her clitty licked by a big tongue.

I started moaning like a horny little bitch, all the sudden.

"Oh, yes, Daddy, suck it for me good. I love riding your face like a girl Daddy."

He was loving licking me up and down and tasting my sweet juices that were flowing out of me. It wouldn't be long and I woud give him a hot load of sweet cum in his mouth.

"Oh, Daddy, you're so good to me. I want to cum in your mouth."

My little shaved dick was only seven inches long and he easily guided it in and out of his mouth like a boy who was hungry for pussy. Sucking his big and manly ten inch cock was more difficult, so I enjoyed feeling like a little bitch for this big stud while he licked me good.

In a matter of minutes, I was ready to shoot my juices into his willing mouth like a girl having an orgasm. When it came to sex, me and girls were so much alike since we liked being licked like little bitches by big strong studs. Now, I would give my stud what he was hungry for.

The juices started leaking out of me and they kept cumming for over a minute. I felt like a girl having multiple orgasms down in her sweet little pussy. It felt so good I was cum dumb for this big hungry stud.

"Oh, you're so wonderful, Daddy," I said. "You know what I like you to do. Lick all the cum out of my little hole, Daddy."

Feeling my ass cheeks in his hands while he sucked me had turned my stud on again. His cock was fully erect already and he was ready for more action.

"Daddy likes having his little girl's sweet cum in his mouth," he said. "Now, he wants to pull down her little pink panties and see that sweet ass of hers."

I positioned myself on my hands and knees on the bunk for him. He moved around to where he could pull down my little pink flowered panties and get a nice view of my ass. This was the point with a man that I felt so much like a girl I could never stop him even if I wanted to. I'm sure every girl gets so horny for a man's cock that she just has to have it. For me, it always happened when he was pulling off my panties from behind. I wanted him to put it in me and pound me so hard that we both would feel wonderful for hours afterwards.

Feeling my trucker stud's cock between my ass cheeks gave me butterflies in my stomach. Every girl worries that her man's cock is going to be too big for her whole the first time they did it and that was the feeling I had, at that moment.

"Oh, Daddy," I said. "You are so big."

It felt so good to blow my Daddy and then to have him lick me. Now, to have him about to put it in me like a girl was so amazing. I wanted him in me so much, at that moment. But I was still a little scared like a girl gets with a man with a big one.

"Daddy's going to do it so good for you. You're going to like having Daddy inside you, baby doll."

A second later, the big head of his cock started to penetrate my little hole, spreading my little rosebud like a girl's pussy lips. He was barely in me an inch and I was already feeling like a girl who loved being fucked.

"Oh, Daddy, please fuck me hard," I said.

He didn't need any more encouragement. He spread my ass cheeks wider with his hands and pushed his big cock inside me six inches. There was still four more inches to go and I already felt like I was about to get one of the best fucks I ever had.

"Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me," I said.

He started pumping it inside me, going deeper with each push until I had all ten inches of his big meaty cock up inside me. A million sensations started shooting through my lower body and I was loving the feeling of being fucked hard by such a big stud. This was the kind of man a girl dreams about and I was so glad to have one as big as his inside of me.

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy, fuck me good."

My sweet little ass was good and tight around his big stiff one, he was feeling wonderful, too. He told me he enjoyed fucking me more than any man he had ever fucked before. It was this first good fuck that would make him want to fuck me lots more on our cross country trip.

"Baby doll, you make Daddy feel so good. He wants to cum in that tight little hole of yours, all night."

The thought of spooning with my trucker stud all night and feeling his cock between my ass cheeks was turning me on, too. His cock was bigger than most men's, even when it wasn't hard, so I was in for a wonderful treat there in the bunk of my trucker stud's big rig. Getting fucked by him from behind for hours and then feeling his cock against my ass all night made me feel so much like a girl, I started waking him up with blow jobs so he could fuck me some more.

The rhythm between us was so good that it felt like my ass was made for his cock. Although my little hole was tight, I knew how to relax my body so it could fit inside me easily. Finally, after a half hour of good fucking, my stud was ready to cum inside me.

"Daddy's going to shoot his cum inside your sweet little hole, baby doll," he said.

"Oh, Daddy, please do," I said.

A few seconds later, I felt the hot liquid from his balls inside me. His cum came out like a river flowing into me. This stud was definitely enjoying my hot ass fully to shoot so much cum inside me.

"Daddy loves your ass, baby doll," he said.

He left his cock inside me after he came and it was so big it still felt hard. I was so turned on, my little dickie was rock hard. He reached around me and started stroking it for me while he kept my ass pulled tight to his body. I loved being jerked off by my big stud while his cock was in me. It wasn't long until my dickie came in a hot gusher of cum all over the sheets. After that, I fell asleep spooning with my handsome trucker stud. And it was only the beginning of our great trip to L.A.

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