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Hitch-hiking Baby Doll: Part Two

Being a sexy girlyboy for a trucker stud leads to lots of sexy pleasures.
I woke my trucker stud up in the middle of the night by sucking on his cock and making it hard for him. When I had him good and hard, I climbed back up between his legs and let him put it in me again. His cock was nice and big and my ass was good and tight. It felt good to feel like a girl receiving anal from her big Daddy.

While we lay on our sides in his bunk and fucked, my trucker stud reached around me and played with my dickie. He was sweet to be thinking about pleasing me while I pleased him. This was just our first night together and we still had a long trip all the way across the country from Florida to L.A. He had told me he liked being woken up with a blow job, so I was just doing what he liked.

I like men who treat me like I'm their girlfriend and this stud definitely treated me like I was his sweet girl. Not only did he pay for all my food and expenses, he also bought me lots of sexy little outfits to wear for him. Later that day, we stopped at an outlet store that sold Maidenform, Olga, Bali, Playtex, Vanity Fair and other brands of women's underwear. I walked through the store picking out sexy things I thought he would like. I would hold them up for him and he would nod his head yes. Pretty soon, my basket was filled with lots of sexy new panties, bras, stockings, and little teddies to wear for my trucker stud.

He had told me his fantasy about having a guy dance for him like a stripper in a club, so I bought some little g-strings to wear while I danced and turned him on for hours. We went to a hotel that night and I got to take a nice bath and get cleaned up for him before putting on my sexy little outfits. The first was a little black g-string with a matching black top. I topped it off with a sexy pair of black thigh high stockings and a black lace garter belt. This outfit made me feel so much like a sexy stripper, I couldn't wait to dance for my trucker stud once I put it on.

He was already showered and laying on the bed when I came out of the hotel bathroom. It felt so good to be nice and clean and wearing a sexy new outfit for my man.

"Oh, yeah, baby doll, you look good," he said.

"Thanks, you big stud Daddy," I said. "I bet you want me to dance for you."

"I sure do," he said smiling.

The appeal of being a stripper for men is very strong for a sexy girl. She can entice them to desire her in a playful manner while wearing her sexy lingerie. So many girls do it in clubs for a whole room full of men that it is almost innocent seduction since it doesn't lead to sex. But when a girl gives a private strip show for a man, it almost always leads to lots of sex with him. This was going to be one of those nights for me.

My handsome trucker stud had a blonde porn star mustache and a big hairy chest. His cock was a full ten inches long with a big girth and a nice set of low-hanging balls. My own little dickie was only seven inches long and I shaved it like girls do their pussies, so having a big hairy man with a large cock to dance for was exciting to this little twenty year-old girlyboy.

"My baby doll has a sexy little ass on her," he said.

I smiled as I modeled my ass for him in the little black g-string I was wearing. My ass is so much like a girl's that it attracts lots of men and always gets them horny for me. I imagine that girls who show their asses to men must get more cock because every time I showed mine to a man he wanted to give me his cock.

"You're so big and handsome," I said. "I want to show you my ass all the time. Then you'll get your big cock out for me and treat me like the girl you want me to be."

His cock was hidden under the sheet he had pulled up to his waist, but I saw it growing down under the sheet while he was looking at my hot ass. This stud was definitely going to want a lot of ass from me on the trip, I thought. The way he had fucked me from behind twice the night before in the bunk of his truck and now he was ready to fuck me some more. Oh, the thrill of being a sexy girl about to strip for her man was so wonderful. I couldn't have been happier.

I went to the television and turned it on and I found a music channel with a sexy club mix of songs I could dance to for my handsome trucker stud. This whole sexual relationship between us started because he told me he liked being sucked by girls and guys the same. Later, he told me he had a fantasy about seeing a guy dance in a sexy outfit for him like a girl. So, here we were in a hotel room with me dressed like a sexy stripper and him laying back on the bed ready to watch me.

I loved being a sexy dancer for men and many have told me I'm quite good at it. It doesn't take me long to get turned on for a man when I'm dancing like a stripper for him. I imagine every girl who strips for men wants to be fucked hard when she's done. At least, that's how it was for me. If girls could enjoy having dicks in their pussies, I could enjoy having dicks in my ass, just the same. And when the dick was a big ten incher like my trucker stud had, I was willing to work to be extra sexy to make him good and hard.

My litttle dickie was still soft down in my little black g-string, but my ass was already horny for this stud's cock again. Sometimes I get in moods where my ass just wants to be fucked like a girl's pussy and I was in one of those moods now. I loved showing it off for him while I danced real sexy and shook it around for him. I knew he liked it because his big cock was holding up the sheet like a tentpole.

"Oh, yeah, baby doll, you dance so good," he said. "You should be a pro, Missy."

'Well, get your dollars out and let me know how much you like me, handsome."

He reached in the night stand drawer and pulled out his wallet. He took some bills from his wallet and sat back on the bed and looked at me. Part of the fun of being a stripper is teasing men. By letting them touch her little g-string while he puts bills in it, a girl can drive a man wild for her. That's what I was hoping to do for my trucker stud in my sexy little dancer's outfit. I wanted to make his cock hard for hours for him and then get to suck it good for him after I was done dancing.

My trucker stud liked playing with me through my panties while he drove, so I was going to enjoy enticing him with my sweet dickie in the little g-string while I danced. It was fun to feel like a girl being desired by a man and stripper know how to make an art of it. So, I was learning to do the same for this big stud. He couldn't take his eyes off me while I danced and he even licked his tongue whenever he saw my dickie down in the little black g-string. He liked licking me like my shaved dick was a sweet little clitty. Now, he was ready to lick me some more.

"Baby doll, you got a nice little ass on you," he said. "Come over here and let me put some money in that g-string you're wearing."

Like a girl in a strip club accepting tips from a customer, I danced over to my handsome trucker, shaking my ass and dickie good for him while I did. He was holding out a one dollar bill and I was feeling so sexy dancing up to him in my sexy lingerie. When a man puts money in a striper's little g-string, his big fingers are so close to her little pussy she gets turned on my it and her pussy starts dripping juices. It was the same for me having my trucker's big strong hands next to my dickie. I was leaking pre-cum all over my g-string and I was so turned on I couldn't wait to have sex with this big strong stud.

"Baby doll, your ass looks good in that little g-string," he said.

"I'm glad you like it. Would you like to feel it on your dick while I give you a lap dance, big boy?"

"I sure would. Your ass makes me harder than any girl's ass does."

"I'm glad to hear that," I said. "I'm going to use this ass to get men to want me as a tranny hooker in L.A."

"Believe me, baby doll, you'll gets lots of them. Your ass will definitely draw attention."

It was great to hear that my ass turned men on just like girl's asses do. As a hot twenty year-old girlyboy, I was still learning what men like and knowing they like my ass better than girls asses gave me lots of confidence to show off my ass for men. Although a girl's ass is next to her pussy so it has a double turn on effect, my ass served as a pussy so it did the same thing to men as a girl's ass does.

All of my sexiness came from my desire to get hot loads of cum from men. And knowing that my ass was a good cumcatcher for big cocks made it one of my selling points to turn them on for me. I loved showing my ass off for men and I loved giving them lap dances as I was about to give my trucker stud in the hotel room I had heard it said that some girls think their pussies are made of gold. Well, as a twenty year-old hottie, I thought my ass was made of gold. It got lots of attention from men and made them shoot big hot sticky loads of cum for me.

The art of giving a man a lap dance is making him feel like you are fucking him without actually fucking him. Although there is lots of contact with his dick, there is no penetration, so a stripper has to create the illusion that there is. By using her body movements and facial expressions, a stripper has to make a man think he is fucking her good even though he's not.

I was young and dumb and enjoyed being full of cum. The joy of being a sexy girlyboy came from turning men on with my body the way girls do and then sucking and fucking them the way girls do, too. So, giving a man a lap dance was a perfect way to use my body to please him. My trucker stud was really enjoying feeling my ass in the sexy little black g-string rubbing up against his big manhood. I loved having a big strong man put his cock in me, so having a big boner rubbing against my ass was turning me on, too.

In the front of my little g-string, my dickie was leaking cum like a wet pussy. I was so turned on by giving this man a lap dance while he was seated on the bed, it felt like I really was a stripper.

"Baby doll, Daddy loves that hot ass of yours. And he can't wait to fuck it hard, tonight."

"I'm not your baby doll, now. I'm your stripper boy, Daddy."

"So, you're a stripper boy. I guess you charge for lap dances."

"Twenty dollars for two songs."

He put a twenty dollar bill in my g-string next to the one he put there earlier. I loved feeling like a paid stripper, shaking her ass for a man and turning him on. It was something I would learn to do really well, stripping for men and turning them on for hours for money. Getting practice doing it on my way to L.A. where I planned to be a tranny hooker was really fun. Every stripper loves having men put money in her g-string and I was no different.

When he fucked me the night before, this stud made me cum dumb. He had a big and meaty ten inch cock and I really loved being with him. It was so fun to be in a hotel room with him, now, acting out his fantasy of being with a stripper boy. His big cock felt really good against my upper thighs and ass cheeks while I dry humped him to the sexy music that was playing. I felt like a lucky stripper to be giving a lap dance to such a big stud.

After the two songs finished, I got off of him and started dancing again. It was time to strip off my sexy outfit and toss my g-string to him and dance naked for him like a real stripper. I unsnapped my garter straps from my black stockings and let the garter belt fall to the floor at my feet. Then I kicked the garter belt across the room and kept on dancing.

His eyes were fixed on my little dickie leaking pre-cum into my g-string and I could tell he wanted to lick it off. In one fluid motion, I pulled my little black g-string down and threw it to him. He smiled as he held it up and smelled my sweet juices like they were a girl's, then he put the front of my g-string in his mouth and got a good taste of me.

Dancing in just my stockings and little black top, my dickie was shaking to the music and my trucker stud was loving it. I could tell by the expression on his face that he wanted to lick it for me, as I'm sure lots of girls dancing for for men know they want to lick their sweet little pussies. I danced close to my big stud and let him lean forward and lick my dickie. Then I let him pull down my stockings for me. I took one of the stockings and dragged it across his big hard cock to make him feel good. It was fun being playful with my trucker stud the way a dancer is playful with her customers.

I was only wearing my little black top, now, and I danced for him in it for a few minutes until I pulled it off, revealing my totally naked body for him. His eyes were glued to me and he wanted me like men want female strippers. I had done my job well to make him super horny and I was ready to enjoy every inch of his cock like a tranny hooker.

"You really have a nice ass, Missy," he said.

"I hear that from a lot of men," I said. "If a girl can turn men on with her ass, why shouldn't I?"

"I know. I wanted your ass the first time I saw it."

"Do you want me to dance some more for you?"

"I want you to sit on my lap and play with my cock, while I kiss your neck and play with your ass for awhile," he replied.

His offer sounded so good, but I still wanted to wear sexy things for him.

"Let me put on another outfit, first," I said.

I went into the bathrrom I was using as a dressing room and I put on a sexy little pink baby doll teddy with a matching pink lace g-string. This outfit made me feel like a sweet girl, suddenly, so I had to change modes from being the hot stripper to being the sexy little girl.

"Oh, baby doll, you look so good in that," said my trucker stud when I came out of the bathroom.

"I thought you would like this," I said.

Being a sexy little girly always got men's cocks so hard for me, I wasn't sure if they were acting out some sexual fantasy or if I was just a really cute girl. But wearing the little pink baby doll teddy for this stud became one of my favorite ways to turn him on. He would try to see under the little teddy down in my sexy g-string which barely covered my dickie. It was extra enticing to him. I approached him and he put his arms out and pulled me toward him, kissing me on the lips then pulling me towards his lap where he wanted me to sit on his big dick.

"This is a fantastic outfit. You look so sexy and sweet in it, at the same time."

This was a fun illusion I liked creating for men, looking like a sweet little girl at the same time I was a horny, sexually-charged male. I could tell my trucker stud wanted what was in my g-string the way he kept trying to see it under my sexy little teddy.

"I want to lick on that sweet dick of yours like it's a pussy."

"I want you to," I said. "I love it when you lick on me, Daddy."

It didn't take him any more encouragement. In an instant, he was laying back on the big bed and I was climbing on top of him like a sexy girl. I rubbed my dick against his big boner through the little g-string as I moved up to where he could suck me good. As I did, the head of his cock touched my little rosebud and I got excited about being fucked good by him later. At the time, I didn't know I was becoming a little slut. I thought it was only natural for a girl to want lots of cock in her and I wanted lots of this man's cock in me.

I positioned myself on his big strong chest where he could hold my ass cheeks in his hands. I pulled the little pink g-string aside and let him take me in his mouth. My shaved little dickie loved being sucked by this gorgeous stud of a man and I felt like a girl in love, at that moment. His tongue felt wonderful against my boy-sized boner and I imagined it was my clitty he was licking instead. How many girls must love sitting on men's faces while they lick them and make them feel so desirable. It felt so good to be one of them.

As a man, I don't get turned on being with men. But dressed as a girl, it feels so natural to me.And being with my trucker felt more natural than with most men. He was such an expert at licking my dickie while he played with my ass cheeks that I forgot I was a boy while I was on top of him. I am sure lots of girls loved seeing handsome face between their thighs while he licked them good, too.

"Oh, big boy, you're so good at licking me. Your tongue feels like velvet on my dickie."

I started to gyrate my hips to the rhythm of his motion and, pretty soon, I felt like a girl riding a mechanical bull. He had his tongue on my dick and he was leaking lots of pre-cum from his big cock. The pleasure we were giving each other was so great we were definitely two lovers who enjoyed each other fully.

Although I was only twenty, the relations I had had with men as a teenage girlyboy had never grown from just being sexual. With my trucker stud, I felt a maturity coming into my relationships with men. I realized how much he wanted to please me, too. Before, most men just wanted me to please them. But with this stud, it was different. He was treating me fully like a guy treats a girl, licking her pussy to get it ready for his big cock.

Suddenly, my trucker stud lifted me and pulled me forward to where he could lick my little rosebud down between my ass cheeks. While he did this, he started stroking my dickie for me. I was in ecstasy, at that moment.

"I want you to shoot your cum on my face, baby doll," he said.

What a stud hunk, I thought. He was being sweet to me like I was a girl. Instead of just wanting me to suck him, he was enjoying sucking me, even going so far as to lick my sweet little hole I had just cleaned real good for him in the bath tub. Now, he wanted my cum on his face. I couldn't have been happier to do it for him. I was ready to cum soon and I moved back and he stroked my seven inch dick while licking on the head of it. In a burst of pleasure, I shot my first load of the evening right onto his handsome face. His licked it off his lips like it was sweet pussy juice and it really turned me on.

Not only was he a big stud, my trucker was also a lady killer. He knew how to make them feel so good they would want him time and again. And he was doing the same for me, treating me like I was his sweet little girly. I wanted to kiss him so I could taste my own cum in his mouth.

"You're so good, Daddy," I said. "You know what your little girl likes."

It felt so good feeling like a girl being a ho for her Daddy. Although he wasn't my real daddy, he was older than me by twelve years. And wearing my little pink baby doll outfit made me feel even younger than I was. It was incredibly sexy for this horny, twenty year-old, tranny hooker in training. While most men never licked me as good as this one did, it was nice to know that there were men who could lick me good.

My ass was moist from where he licked me and it felt natural to move it down to where he could put his big one in me like a girl. I felt so girlish in my pink baby doll teddy and now to have the head of his cock against my sweet little rosebud made me want to kiss good.I opened my mouth and got a good taste of my cum on his tongue while we sucked face together.

He was a man who got lots of pussy and enjoyed some variety with other men, too. I felt so lucky to be with him on our cross country trip, acting out sexual fantasies for him along the way. But the fucking he gave me was so wonderful, I would start to want other men to fuck me that way, too. As a horny teenage girlyboy, I was mostly into giving and receiving oral with men and my ass went on attended. But with this trucker stud, oral was just the beginning of bigger things and led to lots of hard fucking for hours.

When it came to getting cock in my ass, I was often shy with men, telling them I wanted to get to know them better first. But the way this stud treated me so much like I was a girl with a sweet little pussy, taking his cock in me felt fantastic every time. It felt so good kissing this big stud who had my sweet juices all over his face. His no holds barred attitude was rubbing off and me and making me feel so slutty I loved it.

"Your big cock feels so good against my little hole. I bet lots of girls like to have it inside them," I said.

"I get plenty of good pussy. But you're a special treat, baby doll. Your ass is tighter than most of the pussies I've fucked and it really turns me on."

"So, it's sort of like a manpussy," I said, as I felt the head of his cock entering me.

"It is a manpussy, baby doll. I can fuck you for hours just like a woman and I can't tell the difference. They both make my cock want to shoot big loads of cum."

"That kind of makes you my cumdaddy," I said. "Let me lick my cum off your face while you fuck me, Daddy."

I started licking up my cum form his cheeks and chin while he pushed his cock in me further until I had a feeling like it was pushing against my gut. Licking my cum off his face was turning me on and my dickie which was soft after I came was starting to get hard again. Laying on top of him with his cock in my ass, I really did feel like a girl with her big strong Daddy.

"Little girl," he said. "Daddy loves you and he loves to be inside you. Your body is so soft and it doesn't have hair on it. I bet you're going to be a good little tranny hooker out in L.A."

"If every man treats me as good as you do, I'll probably work for free."

It wasn't long until more of his cock was inside me and I started to ride it like a girl does, pressing my body against his each time he pushed. We got into a nice rhythm, giving each other so much pleasure it felt like we belonged together always. This one stud was doing so much to please me like a girl it gave me hope there were other studs like him.

"OH, DADDY, fuck me like I have a little pussy," I said.

"Daddy wants to bend his little girl over and fuck her silly," he replied.

We continued fucking in rhythm with me on top of him wearing my sexy pink teddy and little pink g-string. Now, Daddy wanted to take off my clothes, bend me over and fuck me hard. It was a thrill to know he wanted to fuck me hard like a woman. He even wanted to smack my ass cheeks while he fucked me to make my ass hurt. It was a change in mode seeing my Daddy going from being a sweet Daddy to being a horny Daddy. It's what every girl who wears panties for her Daddy has to come to terms with. When does she stop being his little girl and start being his woman? For me, the transition was a pleasure since I liked being sweet and then naughty for my Daddy.

The fun of role-playing can be really intense. This evening, I had already acted out my trucker stud's fantasy of having a male stripper dance for him in lingerie. Now, we were acting out my fantasy of me being his baby doll and him being my Daddy. But there was another fantasy we both wanted to act out tonight and that was of me being a tranny hooker. It occurred to me that it would be fun to act like a horny little hooker who likes men to be rough with her and spank her ass. This was a good time for me to bring it up to my trucker stud.

"Daddy, I want to be a bad girl for you, tonight," I said. "I want to change out of this pink outfit and put on my hooker clothes and let you fuck me hard like you want."

"That sounds great," he said smiling.

While he pulled his big cock from my tight little ass, I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. His kisses were sweet and tickle my lip with his sexy blonde mustache. He really was handsome like a porn star, so acting like a cheap hooker for him was going to be fun.
I wiggled my ass for him like a girl as I headed for the bathroom to change into my next outfit. It was my first tranny hooker outfit of a black miniskirt, halter top and a little black thong panty. I figured it would be fun to let him spank my ass in the black thong while bending over for him in my miniskirt.

In the modeling industry, a girl's legs are important. She has to show them off in hot pants, miniskirts or spandex to land modeling jobs. And it is the same in the hooker industry. You attract male customers by showing some leg, either in a miniskirt, hot pants or spandex pants that hug your legs. After he let me spray his face with cum and I let him fuck me sweetly like a little girl, my new outfit was definitely going to drive him wild for me.

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