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Humiliated by my best friends

I had recently met a kinky lady online who agreed to be my mistress on a frequent basis. Tasks she set me included wearing panties to sleep in, leaving a butt plug in me, while we chatted and other kinky things.

Last night, while we were chatting, I told her I was going to a friend's house with a few of the guys, to play cards and have a few drinks. Her dominant side took over and she told me I must wear panties under my jeans while I was there. Being a good slut, I agreed and picked out a pair of brown and white flowery boy-shorts, put them on under my jeans and then a white loose fitting t-shirt. I said my goodbyes and headed to my friend's house.

While I was there, we did usual guy stuff like play cards, on the computer etc. After a few hours, the drinks were flowing and we were all feeling rather drunk and rowdy. One of the guys, Ben, asked me to get him a beer from the fridge, when I came back the lads decided to play a game of truth or dare. Not wanting to be a bore I joined in, the truths and dares started off simply but then as usual with these games got more personal and more daring.

It came to my turn and I requested a truth, Dave piped up and asked me if I enjoyed wearing women's lingerie. I was shocked, had he seen that I was wearing panties or was it just a general question. I murmured quietly that I'd tried stuff on in the past, for an ex, but that was it. I hoped that was the end of it but the next round it was dare time. Ben dared me to strip off and run around the block naked. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem as it was 2am and dark, nobody would see me, but after following orders from my mistress earlier, I was wearing a girly pair of panties under my jeans. How could I let the lads see them? I'd never hear the end of it! I tried to get out of the dare, making loads of excuses but it didn't do any good, I had to do it. I took my t-shirt off and then quickly tried dropping my jeans and panties together so that nobody would see them. I succeeded but as I went to pick my clothes up to get ready to run around the street, I dropped the panties I was trying to hide. I went to pick them up but Dave stood on them. I looked up and saw my two friends grinning at me.

Dave said he always thought I was a sissy slut, he could just tell. I tried laughing it off but they were having none of it. To make things worse, the guys told me the dare had now changed. If I wanted them to keep my secret, that I was a panty-wearing slut, then I'd have to do everything they said for the next hour. Being drunk and in quite a shock by all what had just happened, I stupidly agreed. So the dare - to start with we all went upstairs to Dave's sister's bedroom, (she and her parents were all away on holiday, so it was just us there). Ben looked through Dave's sister's wardrobe and lingerie drawer and threw some things on her bed. Dave's sister is in her twenties and very hot (her name is Bianca by the way). She is always wearing sexy clothes when we see her out. I was then told to put the clothes, which were on the bed, on! I protested but this was now my dare and I didn't want anyone else knowing what Ben and Dave already did about my fetish.

I started to get dressed in Bianca's sexy clothes, which were laid out in front of me. First, a bright pink thong, then some black stockings, a skin-tight white mini skirt, which barely covered my ass, and a sparkly pink top, which came just above my button. The outfit was completed with some sparkly silver high-heels, which I only just managed to squeeze into. I walked downstairs to smiles and laughter from the guys. I turned around and went to head back upstair,s thinking I had completed my dare.

"Not so fast!" Shouted Ben. "We haven't finished with you yet! Your dare ws to do everything we said for an hour, that only took half hour. You're still ours for the next thirty minutes. Come back in here!"

I will never forget what happened next, for the rest of my life.

Ben took off his jeans and boxers and told me he wanted me to suck his cock.

I laughed, saying, "No way!"

But as I turned around, I saw that Dave was recording me, standing there in his sister's clothes. I had no choice but to go along with it. I got down on my knees, between Ben's legs and took his cock in my mouth. He was quite big, I was shocked as I took him in my mouth and started sucking him,.

"I've always wanted to fuck bianca," said Ben. "I'm gonna pretend you are her. You look so hot in her clothes..."

I went to speak, but Ben grabbed my hair and forced his cock back into my mouth. Then I was told to suck Dave. I turned around and did as I was told. Dave's cock was bigger than Ben's but I had no choice but to deepthroat him as his cock was being forced down my throat.

I then felt Ben kneel behind me. He pulled my thong down and skirt up and I felt him pour olive oil onto my ass and down my ass crack. He then pushed the tip of his hard cock into my ass, which made a loud pop. It didn't take long for him to push the rest of his hard cock into me. He was so turned on and actually so was I. It was always a secret fantasy of mine to be with a guy, now I was getting double the fun with two of my close friends. This was amazing. I could feel every inch of Ben's cock in my ass, as he was thrusting into me and I was nearly choking on Dave's cock at the other end.

After a while of this, Ben started grunting and groaning, and I felt a hot spurt of cum shoot up my ass. Ben pulled out and I could feel hot sticky cum dribbling out of my ass and down the backs of my legs. Ben then came around it front of me and made me suck him clean. I could taste his cum and my own ass juices. It was a strange but very horny experience. I felt like such a dirty slut.

I'll hopefully get to do this again sometime, very soon.
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