I am Suzie

By ssuzie

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This is my fantasy.
The coach was lubing up his cock. It actually was getting bigger. The veins along the shaft were thick and gorged. I could not take my eyes off it. Then he started humping the crack of my ass. I knew he was letting me feel how huge he was against my ass. I was so turned on that I started to wiggle my ass and grind his cock. He enjoyed that so much, he stopped humping me and let me do all the work. Feeling the weight of it in my crack. I was thinking about nothing other then being the best whore he ever had.

Harry and Jack interrupted, "Coach we're going to shower and get ready to hit the bar."

My master said, "This bitch is ready to get fucked and I going to take my time. So bring my phone with you because I'm expecting a call."

We were alone now. He went back to humping and I kept grinding in unison.Then he put his full weight on me and whispered in my ear "You are going to be my bitch soon. It will hurt at first Suzie, but then you'll learn to love it so much. You''ll only want me fucking you. I am going to pimp you out as a cocksucker. You don't give up this pussy to anyone else but me again."

"What about Harry and Jack?"

"They work for me. That's right they only fuck or suck who I tell them to. I want this to be special for you tonight, so you call me Joe from now on, because I'm going to make you my girlfriend, my whore, my slut and my sissy."

Then somewhere between my grinding and his humping, I felt the huge head of his cock stop at my asshole and the shear size of it stopped me from moving. I was frozen, scared and helpless. He started to slowly push his cock head into me. I started to cry like a little girl.

When he saw that, he laughed and said, "You are so pretty Suzie," and pushed more of his meat into me. Goosebumps popped up all over my body as he pushed even more into my pussy. He grabbed both my shoulders to pull me while he pushed more inside me.

I don't think I was even breathing. I was lost in the feeling of being nothing but his sissy girl and he pushed in farther. When I felt the weight of his stomach in the small of my back, moans started flowing out of me. That's when the real fucking started. First slow strokes but as his balls hit the sides of my ass cheeks, the pace picked up. I started screaming and crying, but from pleasure. Every fiber in me knew there was no turning back.I had become everything, I always wanted to be, a man's whore.

Harry came into the room with Joe's cell phone in hand. "Three guys including Jimmy the towel boy called and are willing to pay double to have Suzie blow them tonight."

Joe almost immediately exploded cum into me. I could feel the hot spurts fillings my pussy and making me his bitch forever.

While his cock was still in me he told Harry, "If they give Suzie an hour to clean up, they are welcome."

"They say that works for them, I know you have some instructions for Suzie, so we'll get out of you're way."

Then Joe with his cock still in me starts to kiss the back of my neck and whisper in my ear instructions, for my first Johns. "Suzie, the two players, I want you to give them great blow jobs and that is it. But little Jimmy will be last and I have special plans for her. Do you understand Suzie?"

"What do you mean, special plans for her?"

"I have long suspected Jimmy wants to be a girl like you. He can't keep his eyes off the players cocks in the locker room. There is already a wiggle to his walk and he's almost as tiny as you, between his legs."

"But how can I make Jimmy dress up?"

"You will find a way or get the spanking of your life! Now head into the bathroom and get yourself ready for the guys. You'll wear the bra and matching thong. Keep the dress off, until we hit the bars later."

When I was done up pretty to my satisfaction, I went out to find Joe and seek his approval. What a disappointment to find him completely dressed, but I could still see that huge bulge in his pants. Oh what a whore I have become.

A big grin came over his face and he said, "Suzie!! you look so sexy. I want to fuck you again. You would love that, I bet."

"Oh yes Joe!" I said, while trying to look sexy with my hands on my hips.

"Here's my cell phone; leave it under the pillow and hit send when you have Jimmy ready for us. I'll make sure he goes last. Are you ready Suzie?" He looked at his watch and said, "They'll be here any minute. Stay in that pose. You are going to drive them nuts."

He was right. The doorbell rang and I found I wasn't scared. I was looking forward to more cock.

As soon as they came in Joe took charge. "Tony, you're first."

Tony followed me into the bedroom and before I could ask him if he wanted me to pull his pants down. He was naked sitting on the edge of the bed. I knelt down between his legs, smiling at him sexually. He had only about six inches of dick, so I thought I could show off a little and deep throat him and I could. He loved that and when I started moaning, I knew he wasn't far from shooting his load. So to hurry things along I promised to swallow all of his cum. Shortly after those words came six explosions of cum, so much I almost broke my promise. Oh what a whore I've become.

As I was fixing my make up and he was dressing, he told me, "You are the best cocksucker ever and I will be back for more."

When I walked back into the living room the coach said, "You're next Fred."

Fred jumped to his feet, slapping me on the ass and said, "Move it bitch, time for the real thing." Once in the room, he told me to start earning my living and take off his clothes.

As I started taking off his shirt while he was kicking off his sneakers, I thought, "what a hunk." But pulling down his pants exposed a four inch dick. I instantly knew what to do. I was to suck him dry but occasionally pretending to gag. I was learning to be a whore! And that worked perfectly because he came quicker then Tony. While he dressed I fixed my lipstick and began to think about tonight's real challenge.

So I wiggled out to Jimmie and reached out for his hand then said, "Are you ready sweetie? I'm so sorry you had to wait so long. I promise to make it up to you." I led him into the bedroom, closed the door behind us and started to strip Jimmy. As he stood before me naked, so frail, a hairless body and a dick almost as tiny as mine, I found myself very attracted to his femininity and told him, "Sweetie you are very pretty."

"No, you are the pretty one.'' Then took me in his arms and started kissing me passionately. His tongue deep in my mouth, while caressing my ass and tits.

"Honey, you do realize I just sucked two men's cock?"

"Yes I do Suzie." With a cute little smile, he said, "They tasted good too."

I instantly knew what to do and put his dick in my mouth, then my finger in his ass. He exploded in seconds, flooding my mouth, but I didn't swallow. I was saving it for Jimmy and when all was drained I got up and kissed him. I fed him his own juices. He swallowed every drop. "Did you like that sweets?"

"Yes Suzie."

"Don't worry honey that happened so quick I'm going to do you again, but better." Then after fixing my lipstick I walked back to him an applied some to his lips.

Although he offered no resistance, he still asked,"What are you doing?"

"I'm making you even prettier, next some mascara, then eye liner, finally a little blush. Now look in the mirror and see the pretty girl."

"Someone will see, we should stop!"

Then a wiggled over to the door and pretended to lock the door. "Now we have nothing to worry about. I removed my bra and thong. Do you like what you see?"

"Oh yes Suzie, you look even more sexy naked."

As I went through the drawers I found a cute pink thong and a matching silk teddy. "Put these on. I can't wait to see you in them."

Jimmy didn't even resist. He put them on.

"After you look in the mirror, lay on the bed and wait for me.You've heard of girls eating each other out, haven't you sweetie? Well that's what we are going to do to each other now." And I laid down next to him, so that our faces were between each other's legs. "Now you just do what I do to you, to me." And I starting licking her through her panties then she started licking me. We continued till we both exploded. Then as we were fixing our lipstick, I hit the send button on the phone. Within minutes Harry and Jack came into the room completely naked with huge hard ons.

"Harry doesn't Jimmy look pretty enough to fuck?"

"Yes Jack, but first Suzie you leave the room. When were done with Jimmy, she'll be Cindy.

I walked back into the living room and sat on Joe's lap, who of course was naked, lubed and hard so I started riding his cock while we both listened to Jimmy's crying and begging turn into moans of pleasure and him into Cindy..