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I become my wife's girlfriend. The beginning.

My name is Tony and I'm a regular straight guy. This is the story about my life as the part of lesbian couple, and yes, I'm aware of weirdness of this statement.

During the first period of our relationship our sex life was fantastic, a man's dream. At this time I wasn't aware of my dark fantasies, our sex was very good and I thought of us as a very nice couple.

And then, something like two years ago, after one of our sex acts she said something that every man would dream about and never dare to ask from his wife.

"I would like to add another girl to our sex life", she said.

I was embarrassed. I hadn't a word to say.

"I would like to add another girl to our sex life", she repeated. "I want to touch her while you are watching; I want her to touch my body, to kiss my lips, to feel her sweet lips on mine and not your face full of spikes from unsuccessful evening shaving. I want her to kiss the lips of my cunt, to touch it with her tiny tongue. I want her to lick my clitoris, push her head down to it till I finally have a real orgasm, not when you're doing it. Girls know how to make another girl happy!"

To say I was in shock from such offense is to say nothing. I was furious at her. "You girls always have a much easier life. All you have to do is to smile and do some housework".

She smiled. "Ok, I understood… you will learn your lesson. Next time you have to try better 'cause I want to have an orgasm also, like you have. Now go and help me to find a nice girl."

But this was much harder than we thought. The Internet was full of fake offers, no dating sites offered anything good enough, and our friends didn't help so she gave up. Instead of that she was satisfied by telling me to perform laser hair removal from my face and a few months later also from my legs. I was pleased that this affair ended this way.

Then, one day something like a year ago, when I woke up and was about to go to work, she called me. She stood and the only clothes she had on were black thongs, black bra and black pantyhose.

"Come here", she said. "Take all your clothes off".
I tried to protest. "I have to go to work and have no interest in sex right now". But this didn't help.

"I said, take your clothes off! You must obey me! You don't want to know what you'll have if you refuse right now. Believe me, it's harmless".

I obeyed, and a minute later was completely naked.

"Now, put this on. It's your size. I bought it yesterday". She passed me a piece of something yellow.

I took it and was surprised. It was a tiny yellow thong. "But..."

"Put it on! You're starting to tire me and we have much things to do and have no time".

I put it on. Surprisingly the panties fit very well apart from the thin string in my ass.

"How do you feel?"

"In front is ok, but..."

"Ok, so we can go on? Now put this on". A yellow bra fell to my hands.

"You have to be kidding. It's female stuff and I am a man"!

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now shut up and put this bra on you".

I glanced at the clock and decided to play her game considering I had a few minutes left to go out. So I agreed and put it on me. It definitely was my size.

"But I have no tits!"

"You will, believe me, now put this on", and a minute later pair of pantyhose was on my legs.

"Ok. Good girl. Now put your clothes over this and go to work. I know you so don't try to take the stuff I gave you off, 'cause it has the secret wireless device beeping me every time you touch it with your hands. And yes, you will ask my permission to go to the toilet. Take a look at the calendar, 'cause this is the last time you'll ever wear male undies. From now on, except the top layer, all clothes will be by female design. I want you to wear thongs all day, and at night it will be regular female panties. I want you to feel how it is to be a woman! From now on I'll give you some lessons."

I left the house with a strange feeling. It was something new and breathtaking. All day at work, the string in my ass made me feel very uncomfortable, the bra disturbed my breathing and I got electrostatic shock every time I walked 'cause of damned pantyhose.

It's my first story and I'll continue if there are good comments.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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