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I met the man of my dreams

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I noticed him at the gym when his cock was peeking out from under his shorts

I work from home and only have to go into the office at the beginning of the week and at the end.  So with travel and time in the office and a few extra chores, I dress in guy mode about 10-12 hours a week.  The rest of the time I am Melanie!  In the morning I dress as if I am going into the office.  I often wear a skirt and pretty top or a dress.  I always wear hose, my wig, full makeup and heels.  When I am done working I change into something more comfortable or slutty depending on my mood.  I do my shopping, go out to dinner and just about everything dressed as Melanie. 

A few months ago I was informed that I had to attend a conference in order to learn a new program for my work.  This meant that I would have to dress in guy mode.  I brought plenty of Melanie's clothes so that at the end of the day I could doll up and go out.  It was sad to think that I would have to be dressed in guy clothes for so many hours, but maybe I would meet someone interesting or exciting.

The first morning I got up and went to the fitness center dressed as a guy. When I got there, there was this gorgeous man working out.  He has tall and well built.  His skin was a rich glowing black.  It was obvious he spent a great deal of time working out.  What got the most of my attention was the bulge in his shorts.  This man was packing some serious man meat and I could barely take my eyes off of him.  The more I tried to work out, the more I thought about that cock.  The more I thought about that cock, the more I wanted it.

As I was leaving I noticed that he had a situation.  His cock was creeping out below the hem of his gym shorts. I said, "Excuse me, I don't want to be inappropriate, but you seem to be displaying your goods."  As he stuffed it back in he said, "I have the worst time with this thing always popping out at the wrong time."  I didn't say it, but I was more than willing to help him out.

I went back to my room, got in the shower fantasizing about what it would be like to hold, caress and suck that beautiful, black, uncut cock.  I fantasized and stroked my own little cock until I shot the biggest load of cum I ever had.  I licked my fingers clean and wondered what his cock and cum would taste like.

I thought about his firm, tight ass and his hard cock all day.

When the conference was over I went back to the hotel and changed into Melanie.  It felt so good to wiggle into my thong, hook my bra and slide hose up my smooth legs.  I wore a tiny mini skirt and a tight top along with a pair of 4" heels.  When I was satisfied with the way I looked, I headed out to the bar.

I walked in and there he was, the man of my dreams, sitting by himself.  I walked up to his table and asked if I could join him.  He said, "I Would love to spend some time with a beautiful young lady."  After a little small talk and a little bit to drink, I asked, "Has your friend peeked out of your shorts lately?"  He said nothing, but the confused look on his face told me a lot.  He didn't know who I was. 

I told him how we had met in the fitness center that morning.  His reply was a shocked, "That was you?'  I said, "Yes and all I have thought about today is you and what I saw of you."  I told him how all I could think about that day was feeling and holding his cock.  I was more forward than I had ever been withal man.  I told him, "I want to see all of you and all of it.  I want to taste it and let you fill my mouth with your cum." 

"Do you think you can handle it?" he asked.  My only response was, "I hope so."

When we finished our drinks I took him by the hand and led him to the elevator.  His hand was on my waist as we stepped in.  As the doors closed he pulled me close.  He kissed me with passion.  Then he put two of his fingers in my mouth saying, "Get them good and wet."  I sucked and slobbered all over his fingers.  With that, he lifted my skirt, pulled my thong to the side and began to insert one massive finger and then the next!  As he fingered my ass, I rubbed his massive cock through his pants.  I began to worry, it was obviously bigger than I thought!

Once in the room, I dropped my skirt and slid out of my top.  There I was before this strange man in my thong, bra and heels.  I removed his clothes for him and fell to my knees.  I began to kiss and stroke his cock.  When it was fully engorged it was at least 12 inches and so thick that I could not wrap my one hand around it.  But still, I was determined.  I wanted that whole thing in my mouth, but my mouth would not open far enough so I settled for just the head.  I stroked and kissed that head.  I pull back the foreskin and made oral love to him.  All the time he was pushing little by little to get more of his cock in my mouth, but I could only take so much. 

My jaw was getting sore but I was not going to give up.  Finally, he held my head firmly and began to spurt stream after stream of cum into my mouth.  I didn't know a man could cum so much.  I tried to swallow everything but it was no use, Some of his black seed flowed down my throat into my belly.  It was delicious.  So much of it squirted out of the corners of my mouth and some down my chin.  This was a dream cum true.  I felt so slutty and sexy.

When he was done he lifted me onto the bed and said, "Now I am going to make you my sissy."  We kissed and then he rolled me onto my belly.  I knew what was coming and I admit I was afraid.  He was just so BIG.  I reach and handed him my bottle of lube and my nine inch dildo.  I said, "Use that to open me up."

Before he lubed me up, he lowered his face and began to rim my little pucker.  He was a man of many talents.  He ran his tongue over and around and slowly inserted it.  I was opening up, but I did not know if I would open enough to take him all.  He put plenty of lube on my ass and started with one finger.  As I opened up he inserted a second and then a third.  I could not believe how amazing this all felt.  I never felt like this before. 

Finally, he got me on my hands and knees and got on his knees behind me.  He placed his cock at the entrance of my little ass and began to push slowly and firmly.  I pushed back, I wanted him in me, but he did not want to hurt me. With time his head popped in.  It was the first time in a long time that I felt pain, but I was so pleased.  Only his head had entered, but I had that magnificent cock inside me.  He slid slowly in and out until I was as comfortable as I could be.  Then he started to push further in. 

Soon he flipped my on my back, lifted my legs over his shoulders and entered me.  He could only get about a third or half of his cock in me. Still, he was slowly fucking me.  I thought I would explode, I was so happy, so full and so satisfied.  I still wanted more of him in me, but this would have to do. 

Soon he pushed in as far as he could go, held himself there and began to pump me with more cum than any other man!  He was my sex god and I was his.  When he pulled out it seemed as if gallons of cum were seeping out of me.  I knew at that moment that I was his sissy whore.  He could have me and do anything to me. 

We fell asleep in each other's arms.  In the morning I awoke to him pushing his beautiful black cock in my mouth.  And once again I willingly serviced him until he unleashed another massive load.  I swallowed what I could and let the rest shoot all over my face.  It was the best facial ever.

As he left my room he said, "Meet me in the bar again tonight sissy.  I want another go at your tight ass and mouth."

He had opened me up farther than I had ever been opened before.  I was sore and would be sore for the rest of the day.  But I will meet him again and hopefully, I will be able to take even more of him.  But for now, how will I ever concentrate on my conference?


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