In An Alley

By LingerieBoy

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It's a lonely fall night,I'm walking down a fairly empty street in town. Not the best part of town,but it's my only way to get home.

I am in my grey business suit. Grey jacket,grey knee length skirt,black blouse,black pantyhose,black panties and bra,brunette wig and black heels.

As I walk, the people that are out,glance my way,checking me out as I go through their neighborhood.

Run down row houses,old abandoned buildings,adult bookstores on almost every corner.

It's pretty seedy.

As I approach the intersection of 5th street and Main,there are 5 guys hanging out. There are 2 black guys and 3 white guys. I get a little nervous as they start yelling at me and whistling when they see me.

"Hey baby,how are you", I just keep walking.

"What's wrong,can't speak?" Keep on walking.

I hear one of them say "that's a dude!"

"No way", "I swear man!".

They follow after me, all the while saying to each other this is a dude in womens clothes.

One of them suddenly says "there's only one way to find out" and with that I am pulled into an alley way.

They force me against the wall and one of them puts his hand up under my skirt,feeling for my cock.

"WELL? Is it"

"I don't know man".

I was tucked pretty well.

He then takes my hose and rips them,tearing a big hole in them and then pulls my cock out from inside my panties.

"Hell yeah...I told you".

"Well there is only one reason a whore like this comes down here"

I never say a word,I can't let them know that this turns me on.

One of the black guys unzips his [pants and pulls his cock out and grabs me by the back of the head and forces me down on it.

I resist at first,but this only angers him more and he forces my mouth down over his sweaty cock.

"Oh yeah this bitch is fucking good" he tells his friends as his meaty goodness slams into the back of my throat as he continues to force my head up and down.

Soon the other four have their pants down and now I am being forced to suck all five cocks.

"Damn man,this little slut likes to suck cock".

"Yeah,but does she like to fuck"?

"Yes" I thought to myself.

I felt like a dirty whore,in this back alley getting man handled by five punks from the street.

People walking by the alley,stopped and stared long enough to see what was happening and kept on their own way. I guess not wanting any trouble.

"Chester,get over there and fuck that ass man!"

I feel my skirt hike up and I feel the big black cock of Chester forcing it's way in me.

He pounds hard and fast. His black cock showing me no mercy.

"I'm gonna lube this skank up for ya'll"

I feel his cock expand even bigger and then he releases his thick creamy load into my ass.

All the while I'm still being forced fed 4 cocks.

They're like a buch of crazed savages,yanking me off of one dick and forcing me down on another.

One of the white guys grabs my head and shoves his cock between my lips and pumps in and out 2 or 3 times and starts cumming in my mouth.

"Yeah motherfucker,swallow my shit!"

I grunt as I feel another cock slide in my ass,the cum being pushed in deep by this long,thin shaft.

He fucks me hard,making me collapse to my knees,but I never lose the cock in my mouth.

When suddenly I feel myself being tossed onto all fours and he ripis my panties,tearing one of the leg holes in half.

He now has easy access to what he so desires.

He slams his cock back into me,fucking me like a dirty little animal.

"Yeah you fucking slut,you like dick in your ass don't you?"

He starts to fuck like a rabbit and he pumps me full of his white gooey goodness.

He came alot,I felt every spurt.

Soon the second black man shoves his cock into my well worn and well cum filled ass and he fucks fast and furious,cumming in no time.

One last guy to go. What is he going to do.

He grabs me and drags me over to him and shoves his cock down my throat.

"C'mon,make her swallow your shit"

I gag a little as his long cock goes half way down my throat.

He starts to buck a little wildly and releases his jizz down into my belly.

They all pull their pants up and tell me to get the fuck outta here.

I grab my ripped panties and completely rip them off of me and throw them down on the ground at their feet,straighten up my skirt and walk home.