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In My Panties!!!

Sarah discovers Larry's secret.
Larry and Sarah were your typical yuppie couple working two professional careers. Larry a techno wiz was the research and development department head at a local manufacturer while Sarah was the office manager at a local Saturn car dealership. Their weekends off work were filled with their hobbies of camping and outdoor fun. Both loved nature and enjoyed their time together on beaches and in parks relaxing and having fun. Larry was enamored of Sarah and all her strong ways. She was so confident in all that she did she had a commanding presence. One sharp look from her would make Larry snap to attention yet those delicious sultry gazes made his loins stir like no other.

Sarah just loved Larry’s trim physic and they worked out together every week at their health club swimming and using the exercise equipment. Watching Larry work his tone muscles as they glistened with perspiration always made Sarah so hot for him. They never bothered with the showers at the health club as their private sexy shower awaited them at home. Almost every trip to the gym ended with a mutual soaping session in the shower and a lust filled session of steamy sex.

It was a Friday just a normal typical day like any other Friday. That was until Larry got the call. In a panic Sarah was speaking so fast Larry could not even understand anything but the worrisome tone of her voice.

“Slow down baby I can’t understand you. What is the matter sweetie?” Larry asked his love.

Taking a deep breath Sarah replied “You won’t believe this but the dealership is closing and I no longer have a job.”

Sarah really loved her job and all the people she worked with so Larry knew she was extremely upset.

“Don’t worry baby you know I make more than enough money to take care of everything so you can take your time finding another job you really like or even take a little time off” he told her in his calming, caring voice.

That was what she needed her man taking care of her like he always did no matter what. Back to their typical Friday night and a work out at the health club. With Sarah being so upset this evening’s sexy shower took a different turn. Larry lovingly caressed and washed Sarah’s every part slowly with his caring ways. All the tension of the day was released from Sarah’s stressed body. Instead of a hot session of steamy sex Larry put Sarah in bed, held her and whispered sweet nothings in her ear showing her all the love he had for his lady.

The next few weeks Sarah had no luck in her job search as the local economy was not exactly strong. She began doing all the little projects around the house that she had never had time for before while working full time. Loosing herself in the many cleaning tasks she performed was a great way to keep her mind off her lack of employment. Organizing everything in and out of sight Sarah attacked the bedroom closets. The condo they lived in had his and hers closets that in the few years they had lived there became packed to overflowing. After finishing her own closet everything neatly color coordinated, hung, stacked and straightened up she began Larry’s closet. Rifling through the clothing and shoes in heaps on the closet floor she found a few magazines stuffed in the back corner.

Snickering to herself she thought “I found his porn stash hehehe!”

Sarah was very sexually uninhibited and she and Larry had their own DVD porn collection so she wondered why he even bothered with magazines they must have been leftovers from his single days. As she picked up the stack of magazines the slick glossy covers caused them to slide out of her hands and land in the floor. Sarah’s heart started beating like a drum in her chest and her eyes about popped out when she saw what the open magazine laying on the floor contained.

Picking up the magazine her eyes were filled with images of the sexiest lingerie. Corsets, garters and stockings, baby doll nighties, fancy bras and the panties. Every kind of panties you could think of from boy shorts to g string thongs. All the sudden Sarah started hyperventilating a little bit when she realized all this sexy lingerie was being modeled and worn by MEN!!!

“Oh my god is Larry a closet cross dresser!” she thought.

No way, they had always been totally open with each other about sex as Sarah had a rather high sex drive for a woman and was a bit sexually aggressive to boot. Finishing cleaning Larry’s closet Sarah put the magazines back in their little hidden corner and moved on to straightening the bedroom dresser drawers. She thought of the discovery she had just made in Larry’s closet as she arranged her own lingerie collection and wondered what meaning it all had. Moving on to Larry’s dresser there was another surprise in store for Sarah. She saw a flash of color in the back of the drawer as she folded all Larry’s white briefs. In the very back of that drawer was a pair of her sexy red French lace thong panties!!! They had been missing for months and she thought they might have been lost in one of their many escapades camping. Examining the panties she noticed they looked a bit stretched out. An epiphany dawned on Sarah like the waves of the tide coming in and one big thought struck her all at once.

“Holy shit Larry has been wearing my panties!” she exclaimed to the empty bedroom.

She went back to the closet and got the stack of magazines to give them a good review and see just what her naughty man was up to. Page after page of men dressed in the sexiest lingerie then something caught her eye. One of the magazines was filled with the same lingerie clad men but being dominated by women. Women that tied them up, spanked their asses red and did things to their genitals she had never even seen before. He had a few of the pages dog eared so they must have been the things that turned him on the most. Opening one of the dog eared pages she gasped at the sight of a dominatrix style women with a fake cock strapped to her and she was fucking the ass of the man all dressed in lingerie.

“Oh my god does Larry want his ass fucked!?!” she blurted out.

All these new revelations were making her head spin. Her thoughts were racing a mile a minute. What does this mean? Is he not happy with our sex life? Is he gay? What else is he lying about? The questions in her mind where overwhelming to her. Alright take a deep breath girl she told herself. Well then if Larry had this kinky side he had never told her about she decided she was going to give him a fantasy he would never forget.

Sarah went downtown to a little sex shop they had bought some toys in previously to peruse what kinky items she would purchase to give Larry the fantasy of his life. She liked the look of the domineering women in the magazines and headed straight for the lingerie department. She wanted that sexy edge but still soft and feminine. She put together an outfit to die for with a black velvet corset, black lace topped thigh high stockings and black velvet opera length gloves and knew her black patent leather stiletto heels at home would finish this outfit perfectly.

Now to go and check out the toy department. There was every kinky thing you could imagine and if Larry wanted to be fucked by a dominant sultry vixen then it was going to be her that did it. Seems his fantasies all involved his ass and she had read up on anal sex for men on the internet so had a good idea of what she wanted. A butt plug to get that ass opened up and a strap on dildo so she could fuck him just like those women in his magazine.

“He’s been so naughty he must need a spanking” she thought as she picked up a flogger and a blindfold so he does not see it coming and hand cuffs to control him that was her little evil plan.

All the sudden she had a brainstorm! Back to the lingerie department for a brand new extremely feminine outfit for Larry. Something way more feminine than her own outfit so she could turn Larry into her personal bitch. Yes all satin and lace in pastel colors of pink for him in a Moulin Rouge style and they even had heels in larger sizes for men so shoes too. Now to the DVD section for a good dom themed strap on flick. All the sudden this plan started sounding more and more fun and Sarah was getting super turned on. She could feel the heat and moisture building up in her aching pussy as she chose the lubricant for her planned attack. Back home Sarah awaited Larry’s arrival home from work.

“Ready to go to the gym baby?” Larry asked as he entered the condo.

Sarah responded “I really don’t feel like the gym tonight babe how about we just stay in this evening and relax?”

Larry was usually very agreeable with whatever Sarah wanted and they went about having their dinner as normal. After dinner Sarah suggested they retire to the bedroom and watch some DVD’s. Getting Larry settled on the bed Sarah reached into her night stand drawer and took out a blind fold.

She looked at Larry and said “This is to help you relax as she put the blindfold on her man. I’m going to put in a DVD and you just listen till I come back.”

Then Sarah went to the bathroom to put on her new outfit and strap on. Larry was so tired from a long day at work he was almost drifting off to sleep when the sounds coming from the DVD Sarah had put in started sparking his interest. Smacking sounds and a women’s harsh voice and every once in a while the meek voice of a man being submissive to her. Larry took off the blindfold to see what the hell kind of DVD Sarah had played when at the same time she came out of the bathroom with a bag in her hand.

Sarah threw the bag at Larry and barked “Put this on and do exactly as I say you are my bitch tonight.”

Larry had a sick sinking feeling in his stomach. He knew immediately Sarah had found his hidden secret and he was not sure just what she was going to do about it. He took out the contents of the bag thinking it was more lingerie for Sarah.

“Go ahead get all dressed up like the little dirty slut you want to be” she instructed him.

He removed all his clothing and stared at the sexy items laid out before him in amazement. Slowly he put on each item as he transformed into Sarah’s dirty little bitch boi.

“Put on the shoes too and model you outfit for me my little bitch” she said in a condescending tone.

As Larry tried to walk in the four inch heels across the bedroom carpet he was very wobbly and Sarah laughed a wicked laugh and said “Keep strutting you’ll get the hang of it.”

She could see the unease and embarrassment on Larry’s stressed face. As he marched in front of the bed she pushed him backwards. Being so tipsy on those heels Larry toppled on his back right on the bed. He did not say a word as his eyes grew wide watching his Sarah approach him. God she looked amazing just like the women in his magazine he had been lusting after for months. His erection grew uncontrollably as she advanced towards him.

She put the blindfold back on, hand cuffed his wrists then told him “knees up bitch” as he heard the sound of the nightstand drawer opening.

Then Larry heard a squirt and felt something cold being applied to his ass.

“In a panic and startled he said “Sarah what are you going to do to me?”

“What every little naughty bitch boi wants” she said as he felt the flogger slap his lace thong covered ass. Slap after slap till his cherry red ass was stinging hot. Then he felt her move the thong aside and a strange pressure against his slippery lubed ass hole.

“Sarah what the fuck are you doing!” he screamed in confusion as she popped the 4” butt plug straight up his ass.

Letting out a big grunt Larry was shaking and yelling “Take it out it’s to big you are killing me!!!”

This seemed to egg Sarah on even more as she leaned down and smacked his balls making him scream again.

“Shut up bitch you know you want it and you love it” she said in the most evil of tones.

Now she had to stand back and admire the little bitch boi she had just created. All blind folded, cuffed and dressed like a girly with his ass all plugged up. What a sight and it was making Sarah incredibly turned on. She ran the flogger softly all over his body dragging it over his nipples and erect cock making it twitch and dance. Every so often without warning she would slap his balls with it eliciting one of the screams she was learning to love hearing.

Standing at the head of the bed Sarah ripped the blindfold off Larry and his eyes saw her 7” fake cock with the tip headed straight for his mouth.

“Suck my dick you whore!” this new women in Sarah he had never known before commanded.

She slid that cock right down his throat till he gagged and could barely breath making his sphincter clench around the butt plug invading it causing pre cum to copiously fly all over.

“What a messy little bitch you are” She said with anger as she yanked the butt plug out of Larry’s score ass.

“I am going to take your cherry now my little bitch boi. You’re ASS IS MINE!” Sarah said with a determination, even with all her confidence, that Larry had never heard before.

Spinning him around she put his legs up on her shoulders and looked him right in the eyes and said “Are you ready slut to be fucked like the nasty whore you are?”

Larry’s legs were shaking as he felt the tip of his lovers fake cock press against his virgin hole.

‘Now this might hurt a little at first so don’t you move an inch till you get used to it. But don’t worry I’ll go slow” she told him in a calm reassuring voice.

Larry grunted again as he felt the stinging sensation of the 7” dildo spreading his virgin ass open. Slowly inch by inch Sarah penetrated her nasty little bitch’s horny hole till her fake balls were smashed into his ass cheeks. She held it there while his breathing turned into a deep panting then reached down and lovingly stroked his straining cock.

“There now that’s what you need isn’t my dirty boi?” Sarah said in such a sultry voice Larry almost shot his load right then and there.

Releasing his dick she grabbed his hips and started her assault on his ass. Long slow determined strokes in and out of Larry’s tight screaming asshole with her latex ribbed cock. Picking up speed as his ass opened up she noticed how the strap on harness was rubbing against her hips and pussy lips. She was so turned on and wet from fucking Larry’s sexy ass and the friction of the strap on harness that she was about to cum. In a frenzy of pounding Sarah fucked Larry’s ass hard and fast while again stroking his rock hard member. The thing turning on Sarah the most was all the sounds coming out of her little bitch boi. Grunting, moaning, groaning and breathless those sounds were so erotic it pushed her over the edge and her pussy exploded showering hot girl cum all over Larry’s ass. Seeing the woman he so loved exploding in sexual glory as she took his fantasies to a whole new level was all he could take and as she pounded away his ass clenched it’s intruder and every time the head grazed his prostate his cock would throb. With his ass cumming on Sarah’s strap on and his cock throbbing in her hand he lost all control and with a scream shot ropes of hot sticky spunk all over the place.

Both tired and spent Sarah unclipped the strap on and collapsed beside Larry in the bed, looked over at him “Hey my sexy little bitch boi I think I could do this everyday” she said with a giggle as they both lay there in their slutty lingerie.

Larry shocked, stunned and exhausted wondered what else his lovely hot lady had in store for him next. What would the future bring and what other fantasies would she make come true?

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