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every one here's kiran from india ,punjab

first of all its not a fictitous story ,it is  a real part of my life

my actual name is rahul and me a guy now of 20 yrs old.

so lets start frm my age of 12 yrs............................... me frm starting was very likely to kiddish me always remain at home .not to go any where else than in my street. in mid of june when our holidays were going on my parents were with at home ,i asked them about there relationship .they bit were not happy with each other .

so even i was having some doubt abt their relationship............ still leaving this apart my mom was upset frm me as i was always fighting with her..... so one day she told instead of me she would have been happy if she was having a daughter .......

that point made in my mind what is so special in girls. SO one day my mom was not at my home and i was totally alone at my home and i went to my mom's room and locked the room and i removed all my clothes and started wearins mom's bra and panties(laungurie)even after tht i went to shoes drawer i wore moms flat shoes which were really pretty

and wht i saw that i was lookin as a real girl in the mirror if at tht time my way of tlking changes........ as it was time of mom coming bck , iremoved all tht stuff and come in original position, and i did these only till age of 14.................

                                      AS when i was of 15 my father left my mom alone and me and my mom came to my uncle and aunt's house .my aunt was not havinh child till the age of 34 . the craze of becuming girl continues here ................... at the age of 19 i decided to becum a full flegded girl and i was ready to do tht. once all were going to out of punjab so i decided to becum full flegded girl ...... i was having some money near about 5-6 thousand rupees so i went to market and bought new outfit a top and a skirt matching ion contrast .i also buy a blade and remover (hair),nail paints,lipsticks and earings .

.............................Not only tht even i ask for bra and panties  and speciallly sandals in high heels (black and pink) and a pack of condoms... now u will ask y condoms ???? so i am going to tell u tht i was having a rod of plastic so i decided to put condoms on tht and give myself a anal fuck .....

my uncles home was far away from buzy streets so no was coming here and there.. when i came home i locked all the doors and started removing all the hair frm my body and even shave my face .first of alll i was feeling guilty to do that but somehow i made my mind to do tht . after tht i wore my bra and panties of bluiesh black colour ......... actually i am a fatty guy/girl so i didnt need any use of stuff to show artificial boobs

my boobs/tits are good so i know very well my penis was errect at tht time i wore my new outfit  i was looking good as my hair was long so i decided not wear a wig . i was applying my artificial nails and painting them and suddenly bell rings i was shocked thtrr who was there....... as iwas in totally a girlish mood  i was not ready to remove all that so i wore a heavy dress over thta so that no one can recognize tht girlish part

when i moved near the door i saw that my cousin was there i firstly decided not to open but however i was forced to open as he was drunken at tht time . i opened tht door and ask how he came he told tht uncle told me tht u r alone at home so to take care of me ...... i came in depression i told him tht i m ok there is no need still he was drunkun at tht time he didnt agree on my side.. he sat on drawing room and told me to give a phone i give him a phone and he started tlking to his gf and ak her to come at uncle home but she refused at tht timt .he said tht i should bttr do my work .........

i was in mood so i decided to come to my room and again i started ......... iremove tht heavy part and agian me was in tht sexy outfit ....... i wore high heels and started walikng on my bed .......... i was looking as totally a girl of 17 ......... as iwas buzy in  seeing myself in mirror suddenly bro knocked at the door and i was so in mood tht i forgrt tht me was a girl at tht time and i opened the door ................................the nextpart willl b continue