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Jack's Dirty Secret

Jack walked into his bedroom, seeing his wife laying on the bed with a dildo in hand.

Jack and Mary had been married for ten years or so. Mary never thought that Jack would keep such a large secret from her. She sat at the house all day and did laundry, Jack's and hers. She never usually did his since he's picky, but she was bored and it needed to be done. As she was putting away some of Jack's clothing in his dresser, she saw something. It was a shiny pair of silk gray panties. After that, she had noticed the pantyhose and the different types of thongs. Is Jack cheating on me? She thought, he would never do such a thing, right? She grabbed her phone with worry and anger written on her face. She found his name in her phone and pressed call.
Jack was at work and today had been a stressful day. His boss was being a dick as usual. What else could go wrong today? After he thought this, his phone started to vibrate. He looked down at his phone, seeing his wife's name. He grinned, oh so widely, as he answered.

"Hi, baby," he purred. "What's going on?" Silence. "Baby? Are you there?" he whispered lightly in worry.

He heard sniffling on the other side of the line, which broke his heart. He hated when she cried. "J... Jack," She paused, for what seemed forever. "Are... Are you seeing another girl...?"

"What? No! Never would I do that!" he exclaimed.

"I saw the stuff in your dresser." His eyes went wide. "I was doing laundry and... I thought I'd be nice and I would do yours..."

"Baby, let me come home and explain this." She didn't respond. "T... They're mine Mary. Not some other woman's. I love to cross dress. The feeling of women's clothing groping... my cock," he whispered as he grabbed his stuff and headed out of the office doors.

"I'll let this go," she whispered, "As long as you do as I say when you get home." His cock suddenly started to get hard at the thought of his wife. Do as she says, huh. He grinned to himself as he got into the car.

Mary grabbed her dildos out of her closet and looked at them all. She grabbed three of the many she had. Two were smaller, but long. The other was fatter. She grinned and replaced her plain clothing with some sexy ones. She put on her brand new 36 DD lace bra along with the thong that matched. Over that, she wore a short little dress, showing off her nice little ass. The dress was tight, and showed every curve. This outfit will drive Jack insane, she thought to herself.

She sat on the bed and waited for Jack to come inside the room. She heard Jack's car pull into the drive and she grinned to herself. A few moments passed. Jack then entered the room where he saw her in that sexy outfit as she held a dildo in her hand.

"Welcome home, daddy." She grinned and Jack felt his erection wanting to come out of his pants. She walked past him and he watched her ass jiggle with each step. He bit his lip and he ran his eyes up and then back down his wife's body. She's so sexy...

Mary knew that she was driving him insane. He watched her hips swing as she walked to the dresser. She opened it and grabbed his tights and a pair of panties. 

"Strip. Now," she demanded. His cock throbbed until he released it from his pants and briefs. His pants dropped to the floor and Mary grinned with delight. "What a good boy, nice and hard for your mistress." He blushed and slowly pulled off his shirt.

"Now, sit on the bed." He blushed deeper and did as he was told. She walked over and handed him the womanly clothing. "Put them on, now." He pulled on the tights that stopped perfectly at his thighs. He slowly pulled the panties up over his throbbing cock. She smiled and pushed him back on his back. "Turn onto your stomach, slave." He laid on his stomach and she grabbed hand cuffs. She wrapped them around the bed post and cuffed his hands. She then walked behind him, holding a dildo. She slowly pulled down his underwear, then spit on the dildo and rubbed it around on his anus. She got it nice and wet, then she slowly shoved it inside of his tight asshole. He groaned out in pleasure. 

"Ah! Mistress!" he groaned and spread his legs a bit. She pulled the panties back over his ass, leaving the dildo there. Jack bit his lip and gripped the sheets. Mary sat down in a chair right next to Jack. She slid her thong string over to show Jack her freshly shaved, wet pussy. He licked his lips as he stared. She slowly ran the fat dildo up and down the slit of her pussy until she finally shoved it in her pussy, gasping for air.

"Oh Jack!" she moaned and his cock grew harder. He slightly bucked his hips against the bed, which caused his dildo to move, so that made him groan. She made it go faster and he bit his lip, watching. She moaned and whimpered his name until finally, she came. "Jack!" She was panting and sweat dripped from her forehead. She walked over to him and shoved the dildo in his mouth, making him suck it. He was as straight as can be, and never thought sucking a dildo would be so fun. He enjoyed the sweet taste of her pussy juices. "Do I taste good, slave?" She grinned and looked down at him.

"Yes," he replied. She went behind him and twisted the dildo.

"Yes, what?" He groaned lightly.

"Yes mistress!" She pulled out the dildo slowly. He groaned lightly and bit on his lip. She walked over to him and started to undo his cuffs. He was disappointed; he'd thought she wanted to do more to him. That's when she laid on the bed, doggy style.

"Fuck your mistress, you nasty slave," She ordered him. He pulled his cock out of his silk panties and placed it at her entrance. He slowly slid it inside her pussy. He felt the tightness and he loved it. He slowly started to pump in and out of her as she moaned lightly. 

"Ah! Slave!" She moaned louder at each thrust he made. He gripped her hips as he rocked the bed, hitting the wall hard. He groaned and started to go harder. "Mmm! Baby, go faster!" she screamed out softly as he pounded her pussy. She started to tighten around him but he wasn't close yet, so he kept pounding until she came hard. She screamed and gripped the sheets as he continued to pound her. She started to pick up his pace; as he held a hip, he grabbed her hair with the other hand. He groaned loudly, gritting his teeth.

"Fuck," he moaned as he started to feel an orgasm building up inside him. He started to go as fast and as hard as he could. She screamed out his name.

"Oh Jack! I'm coming again!" Mary yelled. She came hard over his hard cock as he let out his load inside of her with a loud moan. He collapsed on top of her while panting loudly. "Eat... Eat my pussy slave." Mary panted loudly. "Eat all of our cum." He blushed and slowly went down, watching as she dripped with their cum. His tongue gently pressed against her slit. He licked down to her clit, flicking it. She let out a moan and he ran it all the way up to her little asshole. Then he shoved his tongue into her pussy. Mary gasped loudly. He circled his tongue in her pussy, eating their cum, then he pulled away slowly when he was done doing that. She turned and leaned up, kissing him.

"This is now, our little secret." They both grinned at each other and leaned in for another kiss.
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