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Just the Two of Us, or Four

Vanessa and Greg fail at trying to spend a night alone
As time went on, the line was beginning to blur between me being Greg's girlfriend and Amber's pet. Greg decided that we needed a night alone. That didn't work out exactly as planned. He booked us into a lovely, fancy hotel in the heart of the city. Next up was going to be a nice dinner at a gourmet restaurant, and then we'd see where the night went from there. I wanted to impress, so I took my time getting ready, as he went out for a bottle of wine to start the night with.

Before he left, I took a nice hot shower, shaving off any annoying stubble that may have grown, though the hormones were keeping a lot of body hair away. I did love to shave my legs though, so I took my time lathering up and shaving. There's something so sexy about the feeling of running a razor across my legs making sure that they're nice and silky smooth for my man. I took extra caution shaving my pubic region because I knew he liked me nice and bare there too.

After the shower, I moisturized my skin, and spritzed all over with some lovely Victoria's Secret body spray that I knew drove him crazy. Then, I slipped on some black lace thong panties, along with a matching bra and garter. I slowly slid on the silk stockings enjoying the feeling of them over my smooth legs before I snapped them into the garter straps.

I slid into a short, tight black dress that showed off my sexy figure which had been helped along by the hormones and a strict diet and workout regimen. I never thought I could look so damn sexy. My little breasts, hips and ass were filling out the dress nicely. I slipped on a pair of 5" black heels and went back into the bathroom to do my makeup and hair. I put my hair up partially, with some strands hanging down. My makeup I set out to do, kind of sexy, kind of slutty, but classy. Red lips, but not hooker red. Smokey eyes. I finished off with a cute little anklet, choker necklace and dangly earrings, just as he was getting back to the room.

"I got us a nice merlot," he said as he pulled the wine from the bag. He opened it up and poured us a couple of glasses. "You look incredible," he told me, as he took a deep inhale of my perfume and kissed my neck.

I thanked him and took a sip of the wine. I joked with him that he would have to wait until later for anything more. After all, I didn't want to ruin my makeup. We quickly finished our wine and went downstairs, then hailed a cab. The driver did a double take when he saw me. I could tell he wanted to fuck me and that was a feeling that would always turn me on. I loved Greg but I couldn't help loving the feeling of making another man want me.

We got to the restaurant and were told that the table would be a few minutes. Another glass of wine sounded good, so we took a seat at the bar and ordered two more drinks. As we chatted, I noticed a couple kept looking over at us. They were very attractive, probably in their 30's. If I had to compare them to someone, he looked a little like Henry Cavill, and she reminded me of Jennifer Lawrence. I certainly didn't mind them checking us out. They kept doing it, and I finally said something to Greg. He had noticed it too. They saw us talking and looking and could see that we were talking about them while they were talking about us. Finally, they stood up and started walking over to us.

"I'm Jim, and this is Krystal," Jim said in a thick English accent as he put his hand out to shake. Greg shook his hand and introduced us. Jim continued, "I'm sorry if we seemed like we were staring but you two are such a beautiful couple. We're visiting from London and would love to make some friends while we're here. Would you consider joining us for dinner?"

We kind of glanced at each other hoping that the other's face would give an answer but neither did. "Sure, why not?" I blurted out with the hope that Greg was cool with it.

Just then the waiter came over to seat us, so we told him we'd be four. We got to know them during dinner, and they were a lovely couple. He was an engineer, and she was an art dealer, both visiting on business. They were married for about a year and loved to get to the States whenever they could. During our talk, it did come up that I wasn't totally the woman I looked to be. I waited for their reaction. I expected them to be put off but instead I think they looked like they just got hungrier even though they had finished their meals. The main thing was that I couldn't take my eyes off of them.

Just before dessert was served, Jim quietly got closer, and revealed the truth, "I hope this doesn't seem wrong to you two, but what we're really looking for is a couple to have some fun with." This was what I wanted to hear. I felt bad because it was supposed to be just us tonight, but these two were hard to pass up. I squeezed Greg's hand under the table, and he flashed me a smile. Greg told them, "I have a room not far from here. Care to join us upstairs?" They agreed.

Back in the room, we waited for the knock on our door. When Jim and Krystal arrived we had already had another couple of glasses of wine so we were getting a little drunk. When they came in it was obvious that they weren't totally sober either. Jim came up to me and immediately began kissing me while Krystal went right for Greg.

There was enough talk already tonight. Jim was in shape and put his strong arms around me as he tongued my mouth, his hands firmly grabbing my ass. I could feel his cock getting hard already as it pressed into my thigh, and it made me so hot. Greg had Krystal over on the couch freeing up the bed for me and Jim so we laid down on it. He ran his hand up my dress and began massaging my clitty, which was already hard. I rubbed his cock through his pants as he kissed my neck and began to unzip the back of my dress. I stood up and let it fall to the ground revealing my lingerie and Jim looked like a hungry wolf.

I looked over and I could see Krystal in her sexy bra and panties with Greg's fingers buried in her pussy. I pulled Jim up onto his feet, undid his pants and pulled out his big cock. He kissed me again, before I dropped to my knees to take that cock of his into my mouth. It was so nice and smooth, and I buried it in my throat right away enjoying his moans of pleasure. I took him into my mouth slowly in and out, getting my spit all over his cock. My tongue wrapped around his shaft as it passed into my mouth and back out, while my lips gripped it almost begging it to stay deep in my mouth.

The pressure of my mouth sucking on his dick with my lips and velvet tongue seemed almost too much for him and he stopped me. He took off his pants, then stood me up and bent me over the bed. After pulling my thong aside, he bent down and licked my hole, getting his saliva inside and all around it. I heard him spit on his hand and rub his cock, and as I looked back I saw him getting ready to enter me. .

The head pressed against my hole and he slowly pushed it inside me. It felt so good as his cock slowly entered me inch by inch. Across the room, I could see Greg getting sucked off by Krystal while Jim was filling my hole with his big dick. He started to push in further until my hole eased up allowing him to pump faster. I was moaning so loud that Greg and Krystal both stopped and looked over. I heard them say something to each other and then move towards me.

Greg got on the bed and kneeled down in front of me with his cock in my face, so I started sucking it while Jim fucked me. Krystal lay next to us and fingered her pussy while the guys pumped me from both ends. After a few minutes of this Krystal said to Jim, "I want to suck your cock baby," in her sexy accent. Jim pulled out of me and Greg moved back around to take his place in my fuckhole.

Greg always knew just how to fuck me, and he was hitting my spot just right. I felt a tiny dribble of cum pour out of my clitty as I watched Krystal blowing Jim. Greg pulled me back a little bit so I was bent over, but not leaning on the bed. I braced myself with my arms, and then Krystal moved underneath me, her head near my cock. Greg kept fucking me the way he knew would make me cum. I was moaning more and more and I could feel my orgasm building up. Jim was stroking his cock, watching me get fucked while Krystal knelt there waiting for a mouthful of my cum. Finally, Greg hit my g-spot just right again and my clitty spurted cum into Krystal's mouth and onto her lips and cheek.

As Greg pulled out of me, she stood up and stood me up, then kissed me, filling my mouth with my own semen. She wiped the bits off of her cheek and fed them to me, then kissed me deeply. The guys seemed to enjoy this, but they still didn't cum yet. Krystal and I both bent over and let the guys switch off on us. Greg fucked her good and deep while Jim plunged his cock back inside of me. He wasn't as good as Greg but he knew how to fuck a slut like me. I could feel that he was holding back but really wanted to cum. I wasn't sure why until I heard him shout, "Both of you turn around and kneel."

We did as we were told as both Jim and Greg blew their loads into our open mouths. I couldn't believe how much cum Jim had shot in my mouth and on my face. I played with his balls as he came to help make sure I drained him dry. I could feel some of his cum dripping down my cheek, but I caught most of it in my mouth.

I opened it to show him how much of his load I had in my mouth, then looked over at Krystal who was showing Greg her mouthful of his cum. Then we locked eyes, opened our mouths, and kissed each other deeply, mixing our lovers' cum into each others' mouths. The taste of the mixture of both of their loads was so hot. It made me wish there was more cum to be had, but I just enjoyed Krystal's cum covered tongue inside my mouth, swapping these hot loads of semen between us. When we broke our kiss she again fed me the cum that was left on my cheek and what she wiped off of hers. A little bit of cum had fallen to the floor, and she put her hand on the back of my head and forced me down to lick it up.

Realizing that Krystal hadn't cum yet, Jim put his hand on my head and motioned me over to her pussy. She lay back on the floor as he pushed my face into her open pussy lips. I licked her sweet cunt up and down, tasting her pussy juices now musky from all of the cock she had taken tonight. I put a finger into her pussy while I licked her, enjoying her moans. Behind me I could feel Jim and Greg both pushing a finger into my exposed hole. They each had one of their index fingers inside me, fingering me while I ate Krystal's cunt out.

I felt like such a dirty whore. I could feel Krystal's pussy tighten on my finger as she let out a loud moan letting me know that she had finally cum. The men pulled their fingers out of me and the four of us lay on the huge bed and rested. Greg and I didn't get the night alone we wanted but we definitely had a nice night out. I just hoped that this wasn't a bad sign for our relationship.
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