Karren Gets Fucked and Sucked

By Karrenfuchmee

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Sex is abundent in this story
Adventure in Nylon 3 Part 1

Karren gets Fucked and Sucked

He was all dressed up in his finest outfit. Starting with the prettiest white lace panties he owned. A white lace teddy with attached garters, a built in under wire bra that was filled with breast shaped silicone pads to look and feel like the real thing. He covered these with a silky smooth full white nylon slip. His shaved legs were covered in lace embroidered, white nylons. He had on a striking hounds tooth check; two piece knit sweater and skirt. It was a soft acrylic knit fabric that felt extra smooth and sexy on his nylon-covered legs. His makeup was meticulously applied making him look beautiful. The topper was an Eva Gabor wig with a feminine cascade of brown wavy hair, which draped over his shoulders. On his feet was a pair of baby doll white pumps with 4-inch heels. He slowly and sexually made his way to his car to set off on his first exterior adventure as Ms. Karren Fuchmee; it was also going to be his first trip into the world of Homosexual contact.

Karren as we will refer to him from now on drove her car to a secluded bar in a different neighborhood than his own. She parked her car and seductively walked to the Bar entrance. Karen entered the bar; he made a striking figure as he slowly walked into the dimly lit lounge. He sat in a corner booth where the lighting was better suited to his facade.

Karren sat there seductively, when the waiter came over to get her order she smiled and spoke in a low soft voice she had practiced for a long while. She crossed her legs slowly so he had a good look at them. He smiled and left Karren to get her drink. While Karren sat there alone, she gazed around the lounge. She saw quite a few men setting around the place. She smiled as she thought to herself which guy would be bold enough to approach her. She wondered what they were thinking, which one would like to get into her lacy white panties. Karren got her drink, smiled and thanked the waiter. The waiter smiled and eyed her legs before he left. She was left alone again she sat there for around 45 minutes.

Karren started to feel unwanted; she wondered if she had made a mistake in applying her make up, could they tell she was a man? She was about to leave when a handsome looking young man approached her booth. She shifted her body around to position her cock in the upright position so it pressed against her stomach. The young man stopped at her booth and introduced himself.

“Hi, I'm Kevin and I have been watching you for awhile. I thought you might be waiting for someone to meet you. Karen spoke up, “No I'm alone and just out for a couple of drinks and relaxation.

Kevin asked if he could join her. Karren nodded yes and Kevin sat next to her. He sat close enough to press his leg against hers. Karren felt her cock getting harder now; she hoped the bulge under her skirt would not show. Her heart was beating faster now. Her cock was growing under her panties. She shifted nervously in her seat accidentally brushing her silicone filled breasts against Kevin's arm. Also as she moved her foot brushed his leg. Kevin smiled at her and moved closer. Kevin placed one arm around Karren's shoulders, and placed his other hand on Karen's thigh. She felt the warmth of his palm through her knit skirt.

They exchanged small talk while Kevin rubbed her thigh. Kevin leaned closer and kissed Karren on the mouth. She opened her mouth to allow his tongue to slip into her mouth and lick her lips and tongue. Karren placed her hand on Kevin's crotch; she could feel his cock bulging under his pants. Karren kept her legs crossed to prevent Kevin from feeling her own cock. Kevin's hand moved to Karren's breasts and was gently massaging them. He hadn't noticed they were silicone yet. Karren slowly pulled down the zipper on Kevin's pants and slid her hand in to feel his bare bulbous cock. It was a new feeling for her. His cock was warm, hard and really huge now. She gently massaged his rock hard cock, Kevin was really hot now. It was all she could do to prevent him from reaching under her top to grab her false titties. Kevin was breathing harder now; Karren knew he was about to cum.

She had never dreamed it would feel this good to jerk someone off. His cock felt wonderful in her hands. She could feel the bulbous head as she squeezed and rubbed his enlarged cock head. She brought her palm up to her mouth spit her saliva into it to wet it so it would slide easily, it smelled sweetly of cock. She alternated stroking his cock shaft to sliding her wet palm over the tip of his cock. She felt the pre cum in her palm. She wanted to feel it burst with cum. She quickened her rubbing now. Kevin stopped his advances on Karen and was now just enjoying his own ecstasy.

Karren was trying to time his eruption so she could spread her legs and allow him to reach her cock, just as he burst in her hand. It was just about time. Karren spread her legs and placed Kevin's hand between her open legs. Kevin started to squirm as he reached up for what he thought would be her love nest. Kevin started to cum into Karren's hand just as he reached her cock. They were still kissing passionately.

As Kevin's bulbous cock erupted, he grabbed Karren's cock and squeezed it firmly. His warm cum spewed from his stiff and all over his pants and into her hand. His tongue was going wild in her mouth. He was rubbing Karren’s panty covered cock. Kevin seemed to be enjoying jerking Karren off through her panties. Kevin was oblivious to what was happening. He kept jerking Karren off while still kissing her. Karren pulled her cum drenched hand from Kevin's cock and placed her fingers to their mouths. She licked his cum from her hand, and put some cum on Kevin's tongue.

Kevin was so caught up in his own ecstasy he didn't realize he was swallowing his own cum. Karren was beginning to cum herself. Kevin slid his other hand under Karren's ass and let her squirm as he finished jerking her off. Karren was starting to cum under her panties; Kevin could sense it and quickened his rubbing of Karren's panty covered cock. Kevin even seemed to be enjoying this. Karren finally erupted in a stream of juicy cum, wetting her panties and soaking her dress.

Then Kevin whispered into Karren's ear, "Honey that was the greatest feeling I have ever had. I must admit your disguise fooled me; I was startled to feel your cock under your dress, slip, and pantie's. I have never been involved with a man before. You dressing as a woman sparked something in my loins that I have never felt before. I loved the way you jerked me off and I also liked the way your stiff cock felt. Do you mind if I ask if you are you strictly gay or do like to fuck women also?

Karren paused, then answered," This is my first experience in the gay thing. Usually I stay at home, dress up in my on private wardrobe of delicious sexy women’s clothes and jerk myself off. I would love to fuck a woman while dressed as a woman, sort of a lesbian trip. You know two woman rubbing and feeling each others nylon covered bodies and eating each other and licking each other's ass and maybe sucking their mans cock together. Although I must say, I enjoyed your kissing and your tongue in my mouth. I also loved the feeling of your cock growing in my hand, and the warmth of your cum.” Kevin placed his fingers on Karren's lips to silence her." I think we should go home to my place; my wife might enjoy meeting you as the woman you want to be. Our sex life might just need your input.

At that Kevin reached under her dress and grabbed her limp cock again and massaged it while he kissed her on the mouth again. His tongue was busy in her mouth his other hand was on her ass feeling it. Karren felt elated; maybe she found her dream man and woman. Maybe this was going to be the start of a new, exciting sex life. The stopped kissing finished their drinks and left for their cars.