Karren Gets Sucked and Fucked Part 2

By Karrenfuchmee

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It gets hotter for Karren, Nancy and Kevin
Karren followed Kevin to his home in her own car so if she had to leave she could do so at her leisure. Karren wondered what Kevin's wife looked like, would she like the idea of a man dressed like a woman making love to her? Would she like sharing Kevin's cock with another man dressed as a woman? She hoped everything would turn out for the best. 

Her thoughts were arousing her cock; she could feel the panties and slip caressing her cock. As she drove the car and moved her legs to shift the gears and press the gas pedal her panty-covered cock got more aroused. She thought about Kevin's big cock in her mouth while his wife sucked her cock. She pictured how it would be just great if she could wear some of Kevin's wife's clothes. They finally arrived at Kevin's home.

It was a modest single story home on a quiet little tree lined street. As they parked their cars in the driveway, Kevin ran to her car to help her out. Karren slowly got out of the car swinging her legs out one at a time so as to give Kevin a chance to look up her skirt. As Kevin helped her out of the car, he brushed his lips on her neck, as he felt her ass. Karren's cock was erect and tingling with anticipation of fucking Kevin's wife and sucking Kevin's cock. She wondered if the two cum drops would taste good mixed together. As they walked toward the front door, Kevin encouraged her while he kept his hand on her ass. Karren's cock was about to explode.

The home was beautiful inside completely carpeted and it was impeccably decorated. Kevin's wife had impeccable taste, and she was very feminine in her choice of furniture and interior decor. Karren hoped Kevin's wife was as pretty as her home.

Kevin led Karren into the entry hall and called to his wife. "Nancy honey, I'm home, and I've brought a friend home to meet you.”

Karren had just now realized she had not known Kevin's wife's name until this moment. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, hmm, Karren kept repeating it over and over, she loved that name. It brought visions of seductive beauty to her mind; she hoped Nancy lived up to her expectations.

Kevin called for her again, "Nancy sweetheart where are you, come see our new friend.” Karren stood there nervously, her cock was erect and her thighs were sweating. She hoped the bulge in her crotch was not that noticeable through her skirt?

Suddenly a soft sexy voice echoed through the home. ”I hear you, I will be down in a moment Kevin.”

Karren watched the stairs for the first glimpse of Nancy. The first view of Nancy was her high heels on the stairs. This was followed by two beautiful, shapely, black nylon stocking, covered legs; Karren's eyes followed the legs up to the short black crushed velvet skirt which covered her slim shapely hips and ass. Karren’s cock was about to explode with anticipation waiting for the rest of Nancy to appear. Suddenly Nancy stopped on the stairs just as her white silk blouse appeared; her face was not in view yet. Her breasts were pushing out under her blouse. They looked beautiful and erect. She did not have a bra on and her nipples just stood out.

Karren could not wait for her face to appear. Nancy began to move again, her face came into full view. Karren was stunned; she could not believe what she was seeing. Nancy was a vision of beauty. She had shoulder length auburn hair, deep brown eyes. Her lips accented her face; they were small and perfectly formed. Karen felt her cock explode spewing cum throughout her panties and slip. She felt as though she was going to faint. Karen placed her hand on the table near her to help support her in this weak moment.

Nancy was adjusting her earrings as she descended the stairs; this caused her breasts to stand out even further than before. Karren could not stand it any longer, she started to wobble, and she felt as if she was going to fall. Kevin noticed her losing her balance and offered her his arm for more support. Nancy finally came down the stairs and approached them. Her eyes were scrutinizing Karren's body and face.

She had a confused look on her face. Her eyes were going over Karren's body very slowly. They came to rest on Karren's crotch. She could see the stains from Karren's exploded cock seeping through her skirt.

Nancy looked at Kevin and said, "What is this some kind of joke. She isn't a she. I've never seen a woman's cunt area bulging and wet like hers is. I can tell a woman when I see one. Is he some kind of fucking queer or what? I want an explanation now. I know our sex life isn't the greatest but I never thought you would turn gay. If you think I am going to watch you suck some guy off, you’re crazy."

Kevin interrupted Nancy, “Wait, don't go fucking crazy yet. This is Karren, he is normally a straight guy, and he likes to dress up in women’s clothes and just stay home and jerk off in them. This was his first night he ever went out as a woman, and I happened to meet him at Chelsy's Bar. I first thought he was a girl, and I approached him and tried to pick him, eh, her up. When I found out she was a man I was shocked. We kissed and she jerked me off while I played with her prick. I must admit I sort of got a thrill out of it all. I suggested she come home with me and meet you, and she was excited. I think you two might get along if you try."

Nancy was calming down now and a sly grin crossed her face. “Hmmm, you know you might have something at that Kev,” Nancy said grinning like a Cheshire cat. She looked at Karren differently now. She reached out and clasped Karren's hand in hers. Karren felt a tingling sensation flash through her whole body. Her cock started to grow beneath her panties and slip.

Nancy suggested, "Why don't you join me in my room to get out of your cum soaked clothes honey?"

Karren was about to pass out with anticipation. She followed Nancy up the staircase watching Nancy's ass wiggle and listening to her nylon covered legs rubbing against each other creating a swishing sound. Karren’s cock was just about to burst again. Nancy led Karren into her bedroom, as they entered Nancy turned around to face Karren.

"Well honey I never thought I would want to kiss a man dressed as a woman, but as they say, don’t knock it if you have not tried it.”

With that Nancy pulled Karren close to her and their lips met fully. Nancy slipped her tongue into Karren's mouth and her hands were all over Karren's body. Much to Karren's surprise Nancy seemed to be getting turned on more and more. She was going crazy kissing and feeling Karren's body. Her hands were all over Karren's ass and cock.

Nancy moved Karren's hands down to her own supple ass cheeks. She ground her pussy against Karren's rock hard cock. She was now making low groaning sounds, and sighing. She was humping Karren's cock area wildly. Their tongues were going crazy in each other's mouths. Karren's hands were all over Nancy's trim little ass and cunt area. His chest was pressing hard against Nancy's, now erect and firm from excitement, breasts.

Nancy now started to slowly lift Karren's skirt and slip above her ass and cock. Karren's cock was pushing out against the nylon panties that covered it. Nancy slid Karren's cock out of her panties. She held it in her warm hand and slowly began jerking Karren off. Karren's cock was about to erupt in a shower of cum when Nancy suddenly dropped to her knees and began sucking Karren's cock furiously. Karren was rocking back and forth forcing her cock in and out of Nancy's mouth. Nancy reached around to Karren's ass and started pushing her fingers up Karren's ass. Karren was going crazy she couldn't tell which felt better.

Nancy's lips and tongue on her cock or her fingers up his ass. Karren was pushing her bulbous cockhead in Nancy's mouth then pushing her ass onto Karen's fingers and fist. Finally Karren's cock erupted in a spewing white cum fountain. It filled Nancy's cute mouth and he heard her gulping and swallowing as much as she could. There were little droplets of cum oozing out of the side of her lips. Then the both settled down to relax, or that’s what they thought.