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Keeping A Secret

The drive home from the Cities was always long. After work I had stopped at Kim’s to change and emerged as Samantha. I drove to the meeting and then went out for a drink (or maybe two) with some of the other ‘girls’. By the time I was half way home my eyes just wouldn't stay open any longer.

I decided to pull over in a secluded wayside rest area. If I could just catch a little catnap I knew I could drive the rest of the way. I wanted to be back at Kim’s to change before it got light so her neighbors wouldn't talk.

I shut off the car and locked the doors. I knew I’d better not sleep too soundly so I left the radio playing and settled back into the seat. As I drifted off my thoughts turned to the feel of my lingerie beneath my dress … silky sheer stockings, matching black bra and panties, a vintage lace hemmed slip … they all felt so good. What appeared to be a fairly conservative red shift on the outside was a sensual smorgasbord underneath!

I was startled awake by headlights passing. Another car had pulled into the wayside and parked about twenty feet ahead. I collected my thoughts and decided to head for home. After a quick make-up check in the mirror and refreshing my lipstick, I hit the key. The resulting ‘rrrrr-rrrrrrr-rrrrrrrrr’ made my heart sink. The radio, I thought. Damn!

”Maybe the battery terminal is just a little loose,” I wished out loud. I popped the hood and tried to slip quietly out the door. As soon as I opened it the overhead light came on bright as day.

“Damn!” I hurried to the front of the car and opened the hood. In the dim parking lot lights I wiggled the battery terminal, trying to get a better contact. As I started to close the hood I saw two men standing behind me.

“Got some trouble, lady?” one asked.

“The battery, but I think it’s alright now” I answered in my best girlie voice. I was betting on a better chance as Samantha, a woman, than as Samantha, a tranny. They walked up and stood on either side of me now.

“Why don’t we jump ya?” the tall blonde on my right said and gave his friend a quick wink. I’d caught the double meaning.

“I don’t want any trouble guys,” I said pleading. “I just want to get home.”

“No trouble,” his redheaded friend answered. “I’ll go get our car.” He gave me a pat on my ass and walked toward their car. I cringed a little but thought maybe things weren’t that bad.

“What are you doing parked way out here?” the blonde asked as we waited.

“I just couldn't stay awake anymore so I took a little nap. I really appreciate you two helping me.” My girlie voice was getting better with practice. The other car pulled along side and the redhead got out carrying jumper cables. He hooked up the cables and looked over at his friend.

“Did you tell her the price?” he asked the blonde. His hand was once again on my ass and this time it stayed there and squeezed. The blonde stammered a little and looked embarrassed.

“You didn't think this was free did you girlie?” he grinned.

“Well, I, er … I thought maybe,” I stuttered. My brain was racing. I didn't have a problem with sucking or even fucking them but they might if they knew about the cock in my panties.

“Why don’t you start with this,” the blonde said opening his fly. “You know how to suck a cock, don’t you?” I nodded, looking at the semi-rigid member he held out to me. It was a beautiful thing, growing steadily while he stroked it. Oh I knew how, I thought.

While his friend cat-called and cheered I devoured this young hunk of meat. It was straight as an arrow with a large helmet head. I took him deep into my mouth the first time and made him gasp. My tongue circled that lovely head and then I let it follow the roof of my mouth down my throat. Over and over I sucked, played, and teased his cock. Over and over his whole cock disappeared into my mouth and my lipstick left my mark on the root.

It wasn't long before he was moaning, pumping, cursing as he got closer and closer. I felt his legs weaken beneath me and his cock swell. I cupped his balls with my hand as they tightened and felt him let go, let go of everything! My mouth filled with his seed. Hot salty cum overflowed my mouth while I swallowed everything I could get. His orgasm began to ebb and he sunk back against my car.

“Jesus! That was hot,” said ‘Red’. Breathlessly, ‘Blondie’ nodded his agreement. ‘Red’ unhooked the jumper cables and closed the hood.

“That’s it? I can go?” I asked hopefully.

“Sure, after round two,” ‘Red said smiling and unfastening his pants. “But I don’t want sloppy seconds from that pretty mouth of yours.” He gave my ass a hard squeeze and lifted the hem of my dress, stroking my stocking tops and thighs. “You've got another hole or two I could fill,”

I tried not to think of him discovering there was only one hole to fill! I had to think fast.

“Please, no. I don’t want to get pregnant. You can fuck my ass but please ..,.” My girlie voice was pleading.

“Well I've never had a woman ask me to fuck her ass!” he chuckled. “You’re gonna get your wish!”

He bent me over the hood of the car and lifted my dress higher. The antique lace of my slip still covered my ass but the dark outline of my panties and garters was very obvious through it. His hand pushed my slip up to my waist and then took hold of my satin panties. Roughly he pulled them to the tops of my thighs. The cool night air on my exposed derriere contrasted with his large warm hand exploring the smooth white skin. I heard his pants drop to the ground, heard him split into his hand and then felt the wetness between my butt cheeks. He wasted no time finding his mark. The head of his cock pushed against me firmly. I leaned farther over the hood and relaxed and his cock slid inside me.

I’m always surprised by the feeling of a cock entering me. Sometimes a little painful but always as if I had been missing this for a long time and now I was fulfilled! I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of his hard willing young meat going deeper and deeper into me. I could feel his cock was about average girth with a small head but it seemed to be very long. Each time he thrust into me it seemed to go deeper. Each time he withdrew it was a long slow exciting feeling while I anticipated the next thrust.

His breathing was getting quickly and his grip on my hips stronger. He was enjoying this as much as me! His pace quickened, then slowed and then quickened again. He was trying to make it last, trying not to come too soon. I was enjoying this immensely! The shape and size of him, the way he was fucking me and the feel of my garters slipping across my ass as he did put me into a new sensual world. I started moaning and thrusting back into his cock. I wanted his cum! God how I wanted his cum!

He was thrusting hard and fast now, an iron-like grip on my hips. His cock got rock hard inside me and his body stiffened behind me. As his cum began to shoot into me I rocked my hips back and forth against him and tightened around him. With each of my movements his cum squirted again and his legs went a little weak. Finally he could take no more and slowly, so slowly, withdrew his long lovely cock. I hated to feel it leave me but I knew he had left everything he could. I dropped my head to the hood of the car and composed myself.

“Sweet Mary and Joseph! That was fucking amazing!” ‘Red’ could barely breath the words as he leaned against the car next to me. ‘Blondie’ was looking a little put out after watching it all. I reached back as I straightened up and pulled my panties up. The wetness of his cum was already starting to slip from my ass. I’ll have to wash these out when I get home, I thought. ‘Red’ was fastening his pants.

“Anything else you need?” he said almost apologetically. I pulled up my stockings and adjusted my dress.

“Oh I think I've gotten about everything I needed,” I smiled seductively, “and how about you two?” I gave them both a wink.

They both blushed and looked at each other. “Well …,” ‘Blondie started.

“Oh no! You've both had your candy for tonight,” I scolded. “I've got to get home.” I started to get into my car and ‘Red’ held the door for me.

“You’re fantastic, Candy!” he quipped.

“Thank you, boys, for everything. Really, for everything! “ I said and gave them both my sweetest smile. I smiled a ‘thank you’ as he closed my door.

I began to drive away. The taste of cum was in my mouth and I could feel it slipping from inside me. My own cock was displeased though. Throughout all the fun it had been ignored. I lifted my dress and slip and stroked my cock through the cool satin panties. The excitement shot through me as it first stirred to my touch. I could smell the cum in my panties as I stroked my own cock to its fullness. Oh yes, I needed this!

I drove down the highway, stroking my erection closer and closer to eruption and thought yes, I’m really going to have to wash these out tonight!

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