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Leigh and Leila - Fantasy of a First Night

Leigh and Leila - Fantasy of a First Night

CD Leila gets read for her first encounter with her girlfriend.
“I don’t know when to stop talking, do I?” I asked.

You smiled and kissed me again. It took my breath away. I closed my eyes and let myself get lost in the feeling. It was like nothing I’d ever imagined, nothing I’d ever felt before, nothing I could imagine living without.

Your fingers moved just the slightest bit. I nearly came, my cock straining hard against the white satin thong. Your hand was warm on my thigh, your palm and pinky resting on the lacy tops of my stockings, the other fingers curled slightly. I could feel your fingertips and the ends of your nails on my naked flesh.

You pulled back slightly. I tried to follow but you touched my chin with your finger.

“Go on.” You took my hand and brought it to your lips, kissed each of my gloved fingertips.

“Tell me more.”

You lie back on the bed, resting your reddish hair on one arm, your other hand still touching me in that most intimate, sensitive spot. I relaxed too. I felt my legs open wider and, my sphincter moved like a hungry little mouth.

“I pictured you holding me tenderly, helping me get past the nervous, giggly part of the, the more experienced lover, taking it as slowly as you sensed I needed to go...”

Your hand left my thigh then and I felt it pressing gently on my shoulder. You eased me backward carefully, tenderly. I felt like I was moving in slow motion, falling through clouds. The bed underneath us shifted, helping make sure that every part of me was available to you. My body, a complete and total offering, nothing held back. I moved too, doing my best to remember what women did when I brought them home. I felt awful that it was my only frame of reference, wished I could change that.

I raised my hips slightly, let my knees fall open and flat on the sheets.

Your whore. Your slut. Your lover.

“Shhh...” you whispered.

“I need more wine.”

I watched you stand up, my eyes transfixed, envying the grace of each movement, the raw sensuality you radiated. You were in your red dress, the one we’d talked about. As you walked toward the kitchen, I closed my eyes and remembered the last few hours.

You’d arrived in that dress and spent nearly two hours transforming me. A full body shave, then a massage and a light oil rubdown. Three attempts at make-up before we found something we both liked. Giggling like nervous school girls trying on mommy's clothes, as we looked for the perfect colors for my press-on nails, the perfect scent, and just the right amount of jewelry.

We’d agreed on the outfit weeks ago: my long legs in white stockings with four inches of lace at the top and matching four inch heels. The corset to give me some semblance of a waist. A magical bra you surprised me with that gave me little A-cup cleavage. Long white gloves to feminize my big hands, a silvery necklace, a waist chain, and bracelets. Finally, the butt-plug and thong.

We took some pictures then paraded me around on the cam site I frequent, me drinking in the “oohs” and “ahhs” of the dozens of men who had been settling for my half-baked attempts at make up. You left to get the wine and to, as you put it, let me “get in character.”

I strutted for my boys, teased then with glimpses of my clitty and butt-plug, let them watch me run my hands up and down my long legs. I practiced clenching the little rubber cock, vibrated the top of my cock like a clitoris. I promised I wouldn’t stroke the shaft but it was a very, very difficult promise to keep.

By the time you came back, my thong was soaked with pre-cum and you told me to change. That was so hot! I played a little fantasy in my head, you telling me ‘I’m not going to touch you while you’re like that, your panties all wet like a little whore!’ I felt a rush, wondered if it was tiny, tiny bit like what you feel when we play rough...

I listened to you in the other room, taking the bottle out of the fridge and refilling your glass. I looked down and saw that my clitty was twitching under the thin fabric, my hips moving slowly up and down. I had been completely unaware of it. My body had taken on a life of its own. I abandoned myself to it. I lay back and breathed slowly, waited for your return...

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