Lingerie and Domination

By pam1950

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Lingerie Shopping and something more

I had answered an ad on telephone dating service. She described herself
as a ‘bedroom dom’. I am not sure why I answered the ad and I did
not really expect a reply.

She phoned when I least expected. I did not think she would be
interested but I had mentioned in my reply that I like to dress in
lingerie — panties in particular.

I met her for a drink. She was younger ( 38 ) than me and somewhat
attractive but a bit on the heavy side. We had a nice chat and drink and
we went ours separate ways and I did not expect to hear from her again.

A week later,she phoned and said that she had a suggestions for me.
Would I be willing to do what she said. Would I trust her. She said it
might be worth my effort. She asked what sizes fit me- I said XL panties
and 40B bra. She meet her at Sophia’s Lingerie the next day at 6pm
Sophia’s is a fancy lingerie store in the east end.

I had problems at the work the next day – could not concentrate at

I left work at around 5pm and took the Subway east nearest the store and
arrived just before 6pm and she was waiting — she said we are going
shopping for a new bra and panties for her. We seem to spend a long time
and I was getting a little aroused surrounded by all this sexy lingerie.
We were finally done and she ask me to pay the bill.

We left the store and she since I treated her to lingerie, she said she
would treat me to dinner. I suggested a place and we had a nice dinner
and a couple glasses of wine. I wondered what would happen next.

Near the end of dinner, she went to ladies and came back a while later.
She paid the bill and then whispered in my ear that it was time to go
and that she had her new lingerie on and asked if would I like to
see it ?
I said yes of course.

When we got out she said that I could go back her place if I promised to
do exactly everything she said. Ok I said. We went west on the subway to
the and then a short walk her apartment.

We sat down in her living room and she gave a shopping bag with her old
panties and bra. She said that I could leave now if wanted and take the
old lingerie — or I could stay. If I stayed I would need to follow her
every order.

Of course, I stayed and she gave me a little drink of brandy — for my

We went into her bedroom and she said: “Strip to your underwear. Take
the old panties out of the bag and kiss the crotch. Take your underwear
off and put on mine. Do the same with the bra.” She was XXL and 42C. I
stood in front of her in her panties and bra. I was getting aroused but
also worried that I had got in over my head.

She said to get on her bed with my ass in the air. Perhaps she was going
to spank my ass. No she had other plans; she told me to pull down the
panties and spread.

I did so and she put some lubricant on me and she I would need it

She then knelled at her bed side and she was standing over me and

“Kiss my legs. Run you hands up and down the legs. Don’t even think
of touching yourself — I need you to service me I am hot

I kissed further up her legs and I could smell her hot pussy. I was
getting hard but I didn’t dare touch myself.

I kissed her new panties — they were getting damp.

I was just going to try sliding them off and she said: ”Not yet you
bad boy.”

She turned around and said: “Kiss my ass”

I did so.

She pulled down her new panties and told me to kiss her hot behind.

I licked up and down her ass paying special attention to her little red

“Enough of that”, she said and told me to get back on the bed with
ass in the air.

“Your turn”, she said.

I put my ass in the air and she slide a big dildo up my ass and thrust
it in and out. Then she said: “Hope you are feeling like twat. It is
a pity I don’t a have a strap-on or would really do your ass. I hope
you are feeling like a dirty little cunt — your panties are wet and smelly”

After a while, she said: I am very hot and you are going to be my
pussy slave — lie on the bed”

So I lay down on the bed with the panties and bra still on — the
panties were wet with pre-cum.

She stripped down and just left her bra on — she sat on my face and
used me hard. Rubbing back and forth I could feel her wet smelly cunt
— she was getting pretty aroused — maybe she will cum on me. I
reached up and touched her tits rubbing her new bra — it made her

She rubbed even harder on my tongue with hot twat — next thing I knew
she was cumming on my face — and then I felt a tickle on my face.

She was quiet for a while and then she said: “Your turn” and she
slide finger up my ass and rubbing my cock. She rubbed me and I had a
big cum in her old panties.

Then she said that I should go have a shower — that she a nice
surprise for me.

When came out from the shower she gave me a pink nightie to put on. I
slept with and in the morning she gave a big good bye kiss on my hard