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Little Black Dress

The events were all the result of a lost bet.
I pulled in the driveway, and saw that my wife was already home. My thought was that she’s home early. I unlocked the door and went in. A few feet inside the door was my work stool with a box on it with a note taped to the top. I opened it and started to read.


I’ve decided that tonight is the night I want to collect on our bet.

You are to follow the instructions that I am going to give you.  I promise that this will be fun for you too.

Go up the back stairs to the spare bathroom, bring this box with you.  When you get there you may open the box.  Follow the instructions inside.

I Love You.

I grabbed the box and headed upstairs. This was all a result of a bet we had made months ago.  We both needed to lose weight and decided to place a bet on who would reach their goal first. My wife reached hers 3 weeks ago. Although I felt we were both winners as we were in better shape than we had been in years.

I went into the bathroom and set the box on the toilet seat cover. I opened it and on top there was another note.

In this box are individually numbered bags. Follow them in order and when you are done you may knock on the kitchen door and wait there for further instructions.

Again I love you.

In the box were numbered brown paper bags of varying sizes.

I took bag Number 1 and opened it. Inside were some hair clippers and my electric razor, also there was a note that said I want you to cut and shave all your hair off from the waist down. Also shave your face, I want your skin to be smooth, when your done take a shower. I followed her instructions and then showered. I got out and toweled off. My thought was what next?

Bag Number 2:

Inside was a note with some eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. Please put these on. Remember you agreed to do whatever I asked. So I wiped the steam off the mirror and applied the make-up. I took a little time because I had never done this before. Finally finished I reached for the next bag.

Bag Number 3:

Inside was a pair of silk panties and thigh highs. I put them on, the silk felt great on my newly shaved pubic area. I was now semi hard.

Bag Number 4:

Taking out the contents and unfolding it I saw that it was a black halter style dress. I proceeded to put it on. My bulge was showing slightly as I tried to flatten the front of the dress.

Bag Number 5:

Inside was a pair of clip style hoop earrings and a matching gold necklace.

Bag Number 6:

This bag contained a long red wig with ringlet curls. I put it on and couldn’t help thinking how it accented my eyes with the makeup.

Bag Number 7:

Was a pair of black platform shoes with stiletto heels and ankle straps. I was amazed that they even had these in my size. I put them on, having a little bit of trouble with the small buckles on the ankle straps.

The last Bag.

Bag Number 8:

There was another note instructing me to check myself in the full view mirror on the back of the bathroom door. I closed the door and adjusted the stockings; looking at myself I couldn’t help but think how I actually was kind of hot.

I went over and knocked on the door. I waited about a minute and my wife said to come in.

When I entered my wife was standing there with her arms around a petite brunette with a gymnast’s body and tanned skin. She was wearing a tight white dress, stockings and heels, the contrast between the white and her tan made her look really hot.

My wife was wearing a tight red party dress, which fit her well, and nothing else.

She smiled at me and looking at the other woman said, I told you he would do it. She asked me turn for her so she could see how I looked. 

She said you look good, you have some nice legs.

She then told me that her friends name was Jan. She told me that they were going to go into the living room and when I heard the music start that I could come in as I was to dance and entertain them. She then came over kissed me and they walked out of the room. When she kissed me I could smell the scent of a woman, I could feel my cock start to stir.

The music started so I walked down the hall into the living room. When I entered I found my wife
sitting on the couch between Jan and a man who was wearing only underwear. I looked at my wife then Jan and then this man and couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his underwear; he appeared to be rather well hung. My wife noticed my glance and patting his cock said this is Jan’s husband Ron and they’ve agreed to join us.

Looking at me she said don’t forget you are supposed to dance for us.  I started to move a little and was finding it difficult on the heels.  My wife said one day I’ll teach you how to walk in those.

While I slowly moved in front of them, Jan and Ron repositioned themselves and started to rub my wife’s breasts. Jan pulled down on the front exposing both of them. They both leaned in and started to lick her nipples. I was growing and was surprised that I was getting off on watching this. Jan’s was rubbing her hand on her thigh and it slowly found its way up her dress, the dress hiked up exposing her pussy. She too had shaved all her hair off.

Jan started rubbing her pussy, and slowly spreading her lips, slid her finger in. My wife let out a moan as Jan started to massage her clit with her thumb. My cock was straining against the panties. The silk felt great on my skin. Looking at her eyes I could tell that she was extremely aroused.

She told me to come here and kneel; I want you to eat me.

I knelt in front of her and Jan held her lips apart exposing her clit, I leaned forward and buried my face in her pussy. I looked at her while she started rubbing Jan’s pussy and Ron’s cock. I was
getting so hot and started to feverishly lick her.

She said slow down, take a breather, and pushed my head away.

She instructed Ron to stand, and his cock was now just inches from the side of my head.

She asked me to help him take off his underwear. When I pulled his underwear down his cock came out so fast hit me in the head.

My wife repositioned herself and lay back, pulling her dress up. She grabbed the back of Jan’s head and guided her face to her pussy. Jan eagerly began to eat her. This was beginning to be too much.

I was still kneeling in front of Ron; his cock was so big, with Jan being so small I wondered how that worked. My wife reached in between Ron’s legs and started to rub his balls.

She said you look so nice there, his cock is so big, why don’t you suck it. I’m sure Ron wouldn’t

Ron said not at all.

He took it in his hand and held it in front of my face. I could see a big drop of pre-cum on the tip. I took my tongue and licked it off. I wasn’t sure what it would taste like, but it was OK. I slowly pulled the tip into my mouth; the tip was big and filled my mouth.  I held it there running my tongue back and forth on the underside of the tip. Ron moaned and taking the back of my head started to fuck my face. I wanted to taste his cum; I wanted him to cum in my mouth. My wife had always said that there was nothing like the feeling she had when I would cum in her mouth.

I could tell by the sounds coming from my wife that she was on the verge of an orgasm. This excited me even more and I started to suck harder.  I could feel Ron’s cock stiffen as he shot his load into my throat and mouth. The sensation was incredible. I held the tip just inside my mouth and ran my tongue under the tip and Ron’s whole body started to tremble.

Looking at my wife I could tell she was close. She thrust her hips up and holding Jan’s head came.

She told me to stand up.  She then said that I was a pretty little slut. She sat up and lifting my dress she kissed my cock through the panties. She pulled them down and told me she wanted me to fuck her and fuck her hard. She positioned herself on the couch and with Jan now straddling he face I thrust my cock into her. It was all I could do not to cum then and there.

A moment later I felt a cold liquid running down the crack of my ass and Ron’s fingers probing my asshole, I couldn’t believe the sensations that I was feeling. Ron then got on the couch behind me and I could feel the tip of his cock spreading my cheeks. This scared me. My wife and I had played with toys before but his cock was so big.

Ron then said to relax, so I stayed still for a moment while my ass received him. It hurt at first but when the tip was all the way in, I wanted more; I reached back and with a hand on his butt, pulled him in. I was on the verge, he started to match my trusts into my wife and I could no longer
contain myself, with one final thrust I came with Ron still pumping behind me. I lay there as Ron continued to fuck me in the ass; I longed to feel him cum.  A couple of minutes later I could feel the spasms as he shot his hot load into my ass.

I was exhausted. My wife said that it was now Jan’s turn, and asked me if I’d like a taste. Jan got up and went over to the recliner and sat down. Motioning me with her finger I went over and knelt between her legs. I licked her lips and spreading them apart thrust my tongue inside her. I worked my way to her clit, my wife must have had her close because after a few moment with my tongue on it she trust her hips upward and came all over my face. She had me get up and helped me to take off the dress. My cock was now starting to get hard again she took it in her hand and moving her mouth closer started to suck it. Within moments it was rock hard again. She pulled the lever on the recliner and taking my cock pulled me forward and guided me into her pussy. For such a petite little woman she sure was a spit fire, she thrust at me with such abandon.

She pushed me back and told me she wanted to change positions. She put the chair back in an
upright position told me to sit and with her back to me, slid her push down my shaft. She started to ride my shaft up and down. A minute ago I felt that it would be a while before I had another orgasm, but I could feel it coming again. She stopped bobbing on it and was now grinding against me; I could sense we were both close.

My wife then came over and knelt down and started to lick her clit with me inside her. I felt Jan
start to stiffen as her orgasm approached, with the sight of my wife in front of her it was too much as I started shooting my load in her. A moment later she came too. I fell back against the chair with her still on me and let out a huge sigh.

My wife stood up and kissed me with Jan’s juices still on her face and asked if I was upset about loosing the bet.

I said no. That I was rather happy I had lost.

Jan and Ron got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. When they came out they were both
dressed and said that they need to go.

We said our goodbyes and after they left I sat back on the couch still in the heels, stockings and wig.  My wife came and snuggled near me and asked if I enjoyed that?

I said it was a night I would never forget.

She pointed over to the bookcase where I noticed the video camera. She said that just in case you
forget I hopefully got everything since you walked in here on film.

Maybe we can watch it tomorrow. By the way you looked hot and slutty; it made me so hot just to plan this.

She leaned over and kissing my cock said, let’s take a shower and go to bed.

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