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Losing my virginity

Sometimes you just have to give in
I'm a 21 year old attractive crossdresser from Mumbai, India. I am sharing a true story of how my roommate turned into a permanent fuck buddy!

I've been crossdressing for 10 yrs now and have my own collection of all kinds of stuff you can think of. I moved into the city 2 years back and rented an apartment with a guy called Vishal who I didn't know at the time. 

The first few days went in unpacking and setting up my room and trying to build a decent rapport with Vishal, have some drinks once a while etc. The guy was around 6 ft high and well built and pretty good looking. I used to go weak in my knees whenever he used to touch me.

Im 5'7, very slim for a guy and I wax my whole body all the time, so it's easy for me to get into my girly personality called 'Riya' whenever I want. After a couple of weeks of moving in, I finally got the time to become Riya when my roomie was out for a couple of days. So, on a bright Saturday morning, I woke up, spread out all my girly stuff and chose the best outfit for the weekend. I went lacy black on the lingerie, with a 34D very slutty bra and a black lacy hipster near my love hole. 

I then put on short waist length sleeveless velvetty blue top and and a white flowy miniskirt. Since I used to always wax my body once a while, my body was looking silky as ever, especially my legs, so I took out my anklet and wore it on both the legs. I also accessorized myself with some traditional Indian bangles and necklaces to make me feel really feminine. 

Finally I wore long blue earrings under my sporty-looking wig and did some basic makeup with special attention to my eyes! I looked at myself in the mirror and I couldn't stop smiling ! I had a hard on looking at myself!

The day went by normally, I spent most of the time in front of the webcam, helping some horny boys jerk off online. Many of them were desperate to meet me, but I was still a virgin and scared of meeting a guy in real, although the thought of being someones bitch in bed was very very arousing. Finally around 10 pm, I switched off the lights and went to sleep in the same outfit with my room's door open.

It's around 11.30 pm and someone is stroking my legs in the dark. I suddenly open my eyes and notice a well built guy caressing my legs all over with his hand and massaging his manhood through his pants. 

I am aroused but scared. The moment I get thoughts of someone raping me, I get more aroused than scared. 

I finally gather the courage to get up. The guy holds me tight and asks me to not move. 

He whispers into my ears "You are my bitch tonight, whether you like it or not!"

"Vishal, is that you?" I reply in a trembling voice. 

"Yes sweety, I knew you would dress up real nice for me," he said. 

"What? You knew that I dress up like girls?"

"Yes, honey. I just wanted to take you by surprise, I was right in the next building all day, waiting for my slut to finish her day and start mine!" he said, leaving me shocked.

Before I could say or do anything, he pushed me into the bed and came on top, holding my hands behind my head and planting his wet tongue into my mouth. 

My heart was racing, my feminine instincts had completely taken over me and I could do nothing but be the slut I am, I kissed the guy back with the same passion (It was the first time I ever kissed a guy, I was still a virgin at the time). My wet mouth was turning him on so much, I could notice his bulge digging deep into my thighs through his pants. 

He continued exploring my  wet mouth for a few more minutes before he got up, threw off his shirt and pants, looked at me like an animal for a few seconds and went back to kissing his bitch. This time one of his hands was squeezing my ass cheeks, occasionally caressing my love hole. I was completely taken over and was enjoying being dominated by a rough guy like this. 

I had two questions on my mind - 1. What if he forces me to suck his cock? I have never done it before, wonder how that would be? and 2. What if he wants to fuck me? Whoa, what if his cock his huge? Im a fucking virgin!

The kissing and fondling went on and my neck, hands and thighs were already covered with his sweat. He suddenly got up and removed his underwear and there it was! It was nothing less than an 8 incher! I was so scared I felt like running away from the room. 

"Do you want to smell it baby?" he said. 

"Umm... listen Vishal, I'm just a crossdresser, I've never done all this. Can we please stop here?"

"Haha, you're funny, come on, don't waste time."

 "No seriously, I'm a virgin, I've never even kissed a guy before, and now you're asking me to ... you know." 

"Shut up you bitch."

He held my head and forced his rod into my mouth and I started immediately gagging. 

"Take it bitch."

I somehow decided that the best way to not get manhandled is to do what he says. So I gathered myself and started licking the tip of his cock. It was salty and I could smell all the precum and again, being the girl that I am, it turned me on. 

For the next 15 minutess, I was sucking him like a professional porn star. Infact, I was trying to prolong the blowjob because I had no intention of taking the 8 incher into my hole tonight! So, I just wanted him to cum as soon as possible.

But no, this guy was a monster, the 15 minute blowjob was just an appetizer. He wanted to fuck me alright! And fuck me hard! 

He took his gigantic cock out of my mouth and asked me to lie down with my legs wide open. My heart was racing, I had no energy to refuse as I knew he would rape me anyway! I closed my eyes, he applied some warm lube on my hole and came on top. 

He started kissing me, it was feeling good until he started penetrating into my hole. The first thrust was the most painful. I screamed out of pain and that turned him on!

 He took 4-5 more thrusts to enter me properly and I couldn't stop moaning out of pain and he loved hearing me scream! Once he was completely in, he fucked me so hard! He fucked me for the next 20 minutes. For the first 10 minutes, I was moaning out of pain, while the next 10 minutes, I was moaning our of pleasure. 

Here I was, lying on my bed, dressed in a slutty outfit, with my legs spread wide open for a huge guy with a huge cock thrusting me hard for 20 minutes while he held my hands behind my head. The pain and the pleasure was too much for me, I was constantly very loud and noisy. I started biting my hands, sometimes biting the pillow to control my noise. 

And finally he came. 

He came inside me. 

He came inside this hot bitch he had conquered tonight and did he come a lot or what. I felt so pregnant when he came so much inside me! 

This was one night to remember. And as expected, this was not the only night.

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