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Mack and Me

Dream Of My friend and I Online

 I am a 36yr old black crossdresser who only came out the closet about four years ago going to cd bars and clubs to dance and so forth but this is about a dream I had reasonly about a guy I've been chatting with online, now we never have met yet but I do know its just a matter of time anyway here is my dream.
 I was out for a night of fun in one of my regular clubs dressed for the kill in a short red pleated skirt red top and four inch open toe shoes, I was having a drink with one of my regular friends there and this guy walked in catching my attention I don't know why but I knew it was him, it was like it was glowing with a light on him and his eyes on me.
 I stop in my tracks walking towards him our eyes focased on each other when I reach him and before I could even speak he said "Monica" he knew it was me and in his arms I went right there on the edge of the bar we embraced in a long wet kiss putting our tongues in each others mouths with his hands down rubbing the lobes of my butt.
 Pulling our lips apart I said "I couldn't believe he was here" we made our way to the bar getting a drink talking, he kept telling me he couldn't believe how well I looked rubbing my thigh with that lust look in his eyes and we both knew what he wanted so we decided to leave going to my place getting in his car he sat there looking at me then saying "you told me so much about you giving head in the car" I watch him reaching he opened his pants pulling his semi hard cock out, I just smiled knowing what he wanted.
 Leaning my head over I finished unbuckling his pants going down licking all over the head twirling my tongue on it before engulfing it in my mouth working my lips down on it I sucked his cock incredibly hard getting it all in my mouth his hips began to pump to my face I gave him a great wet blowjob and just as he was about to cum he told me "swallow it baby" little did he know that was my plan and he exploded shooting a good amount of cum in my mouth and I didn't miss a drop sucking and pulling until he softened up in my mouth.
 He pulled my head up kissing me saying "this was better than he though" making me feel good getting his cloths together we drove to my apartment getting out the car going in only to run into my upstairs neighbor Gary (who I have been fucking for real, another story another day) Mack knew of this as I introduced them before we went in my place.
 Just as we closed the door he pushed me against the wall kissing me caressing my ass under my skirt I held him tight we were all over each other for a few minutes Mack paused saying "so thats the Gary that's been tearing up my baby's sugar walls, again I could only smile I had been telling him about i in detail.
 Back at it again we went going over I sat on the couch he stood in front of me I opened his pants dropping them to the floor leaning over I lifted his cock up engulfing both his balls twirling them with my tongue sucking one then the other and both before licking up and very slowly I went down taking Mack entire cock in my mouth my lips pressed on his pubic hair.             

 "Umm Monica that is so impressive" he moaned up and down I went never letting more than half come from my mouth sucking and twisting my lips on it he got hard very quick holding my head pumping his hips to my face I was so into sucking him we had talked about it for so long pulling my head up it popped from between my lips "I want thoses sugar walls now" he said.

 I stood up going in his arms we kissed again with him reaching under my skirt pulling my thongs down and I stepped out of them taking him by the hand I took him to my bedroom got mt jar of lube rubbing it on his cock then leaned over on the edge of the bed with my butt facing him, he lifted up my skirt smacking my ass a few times watching my cheeks bounce.
 I felt his cock pressing on my butt hole going in I moaned lightly and he took his time working it in me then slowly I felt his hips pump and his cock sliding in my hole, I rolled my hips with him this was feeling so good we had talked about what would happen when we got together and it was all comming true.

 He did me from behind turned me over on my back lifting my legs up doing me that way for a while as we looked each other in the eyes he was really slamming it in me, finnally he laid on his back I got on top of him and rode him until he came shooting cum deep in my ass, it felt so warm liquidy filling me up, pausing we looked at each other smiling.

 After I was sure he was done I asked "what did he think" he replied "it was great but you need to do that other thing you do" I knew what he wanted I just smiled getting up his cock surped from my wet butt hole I went down taking his cock that was just in my ass sucking it, licking it all over going back up taking it all in my mouth cleaning it up.

 He pulled me up from it and we cuddled on my bed with him saying "thats the little slut you been telling me about" I just held him tight falling asleep.

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