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Meeting One of the Neighbors

I meet one of my neighbors and he invites me over for drinks.
Tom was almost seventy. We lived on adjacent streets and his property backed on mine. I had moved in only a couple of weeks earlier. I was renting the place. I was so excited to be on my own at last, especially because I loved to crossdress. My new freedom was exhilarating.

One day I’d been in my back yard in the late evening, dressed in a cute white bikini. I was lying face down on a lounger, my bikini briefs down low enough to free my cock and ass. There had been a full moon that evening also. I started rubbing my cock against the lounger, it felt so good! And what made it better was that it was risky behavior; it would be possible for a neighbor to see me. Although all of my neighbors had lights out at this hour, I figured the risk to be somewhat low but still exciting to me! Oh yeah mmm…

"Well, hello," I heard from over the back fence. I looked up and there was this elderly man! Oh my god, I immediately pulled up my bikini briefs. He quickly said, “Oh, don’t mind me. I found it most stimulating. I’m Tom. And you are…?"

After taking a moment to gain some semblance of composure, and sensing that he was cool, I replied, “My friends call me Lisa.”

“Well, Lisa, why not stop over, I wasn’t sleepy tonight and I’d love the company. I have some vodka and can mix us up some screwdrivers.” Well, I didn’t think twice, especially because I have a fetish for entertaining senior citizens, and he looked cute.

“That would be nice, um, Tom, you said your name is? Let me just run inside and change."

“And hide that great figure? I really wish you wouldn’t. Why not come over just like that?”

This was getting interesting, and I don’t know whether he noticed my cock beginning to harden again.

“OK, Tom. Just let me duck in to grab my bag and heels. You go ahead and I’ll be over in a bit.”

He headed back and I headed into the house. I headed for my makeup table in my bedroom, after grabbing my little drug case. I pulled out a rock of coke and did a few lines, which always made me real horny. I put on some more makeup, brushed out my long hair, then went to the closet and got out a nice pair of heels. I checked myself in the mirror, and my dick got hard and popped out of the top of my bikini bottom.

I then quickly headed over, very excited. “Well, hi, daddy,” I said as I walked in. He gave my bottom a nice rub and I moaned.

“Say, do you have any music?” I asked. I felt like dancing.

He went over to the stereo. “What would you like to hear?” he asked.

“Got anything sexy?”

“Let me see…”

He finally put on an album of jazz…perfect. I started swaying to the music when Tom chimed in, “Why don’t you dance on the coffee table? It’s pretty sturdy and I’d love to sit on the couch and watch.”

So I hopped up on the table and danced real sexy, knowing that he was watching me. My dick started to protrude out of the top of my bikini, and he clapped and shouted, “Alright baby!” I touched the tip of my swollen cock with my finger and wiped off some precum. Then I stuck the finger in my mouth and licked it. I wanted to do more coke, and asked Tom if he wanted to join me. “I’m too old for that”, he said.

“OK, baby, but I’m gonna do a few lines.” With that, I laid out a couple of lines and snorted them up.
Tom, meanwhile, had ducked into his kitchen. Soon he returned with the promised drinks. I took several huge gulps of mine and lit a cigarette. I then put the drink down and got back up on the table. I slowly pulled down my bikini bottom until my cock bounced out. I swayed to the music, my erect cock dancing about as well. Tom was seated on the couch and was starting to rub his cock through his pants.

“No need to be shy, darling,” I said.

“Why not take that cock out and let it be free?” Tom chuckled and unzipped his fly.

He pulled down the front of his underwear and pulled that beautiful cock out. He gently stroked it as I continued my dance. I watched as he stroked and gazed up at me with a rapturous look on his face.

When I could no longer control myself, I got down from the table, my bikini bottom halfway down my thighs, my cock oozing jizz. I picked up the drink and finished it off as I ran my finger over the tip of my cock and smeared the cum around all over the head. Then I licked my fingers. “Mmm,” I moaned. I pushed the coffee table back so I would have room to kneel between Tom’s legs. I then leaned over him and kissed him deeply and sloppily. My tongue went deep into his mouth and danced with his tongue. God, my boner was so stiff now! I dropped to my knees between his parted legs. I undid his belt and his pants button, and started pulling his pants toward me. He raised himself slightly and I pulled his pants all the way down his legs, then unlaced his shoes and pulled them off. I pulled his pants and underpants off completely and tossed them aside. Then I grabbed his throbbing cock near his balls with one hand and playfully licked the tip. I tasted his salty precum on my tongue. How I loved eating cum! Next, I rubbed his shaft slowly all over my face, over my cheeks, my closed eyes, and my forehead.

“God, you’re such a whore!” Tom howled.

“Oh baby, I love being your little slut,” I uttered and took his shaft into my mouth, and sucked it good, in and out, in and out.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna come!” Tom nearly shouted.

I went up and down faster and faster until he let out a groan, and I felt his warm jizz shoot into my mouth. I kept sucking, and swallowed his luscious load as I did so. I continued sucking his dick until he finally started going limp. Then I let his cock out of my mouth and gave it some sweet little kisses.

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