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Mike's new girlfriend

It started as a typical Monday really; I waved my wife off to work and then went upstairs for a long bubble bath and shave, as I stood drying myself and rubbing baby lotion into my body my cock started to grow as I got excited about the morning ahead. I quickly put on sweat pants and then raced to the outbuilding at the back of the garden to fulfil my cross-dressing desires.

I opened the door to the outbuilding and pulled down the dressing up trunk from the roof rafters, my heart was beating fast as I pulled out my leopard print heels, tan pantyhose and brown suede skirt. I also pulled out my favourite pale pink satin panties and 34b cup pink satin bra, white silk blouse and my shoulder length dark brown bob wig.

I quickly undressed out of my sweatpants, picked up the panties and then pulled them up over my hips, the panties were a size 10 and fitted perfectly across my arse and held my cock ever so snug. I sat down and rolled the pantyhose up over my toes and long slender legs, pulling the hose up to my waist and just above my panty line, I then bent down and slipped on the heels and turned round to gaze a glimpse of myself in the old antique mirror, god this feels so exhilarating my heart was beating fast and my cock was now fully erect and clearly liked being snug in the satin panties and shiny pantyhose.

I fastened my bra and slipped on the silk blouse, suede skirt and brown wig, I then applied a little mascara, blusher, eye shadow, shiny pink lip-gloss and a little channel number 5, I finally finished the look off with some costume jewellery – clip on diamante earrings, bracelet and choker necklace. I stood back and admired myself in the mirror, my god I looked hot and I was sure I could get any man aroused with my pouting glossy lips, long slender legs and tight ass! Although the raging cock trapped in my panties that was aching to be played with would be a sure give away that I was a chick with a dick!

At 34 I was in very good shape with my long slender swimmers legs, shapely bottom, 30" waist and definite cheekbones, my wife had absolutely no idea that I was a crossdresser even though there is a bit of history there when we were drunk once fooling around which ended up with both of us wearing matching silk nighties with panties and her using a dildo on my arse. This was one of the most amazing sexual experiences that I have ever had, we both fell asleep in each other's arms wearing the nighties and panties, although sadly this has never happened again even though I have made suggestions that I would like it too ‘Danny you’re a man for fuck sake, it was only a bit of fun, a one off’ she would say.

Anyway this particular Monday morning was like no other, I was fully dressed parading up and down the outbuilding enjoying the sound of my heels clicking on the concrete when finally I couldn’t take any more as my cock was bulging and aching to be played with. I stood in front of the mirror pouting my big glossy lips and just started to stroke my cock through the panties and pleasure myself when the door of the outbuilding swung open and in walked our next door neighbour Mike.

Mike was a tall burly handsome man with big shoulders and hands like shovels and also an extremely good friend of my wife's father. He stood staring at me, eying me up and down and shaking his head

"Well well well, what have we here then? Does Amy know you’re into this kinky shit, Danny?" he bellowed.

"I'm so sorry, Mike," My reply was shaky and desperate. "Please keep this to yourself. This would ruin me if it got out. Let me get changed and I’ll make it very worth your while to forget this ever happened."

"What do you mean worth my while?" replied Mike.

 "I mean financially. I could offer you a lump sum to buy your silence."

Mike walked over to me, put his hands on my waist, and kissed me softly on the lips. "Now you listen to me, this is the only way that I am going to keep quiet. Do you see where I am going with this?"
I quickly pushed Mike back. "Are you fucking serious?" I replied even though my cock twitched when Mike kissed me.

Mike undressed me with his eyes. "If you weren’t up for the idea, why is your cock hard in your pantyhose?"

I couldn’t think of any reply. I stammered, " isn’t, Mike."

"Stop it, Danny. Come on over here. I won’t bite. I want you to be my girlfriend."

My face was now beaming red as I swaggered over to Mike. I had never felt so vulnerable and sexy in all my life.

Mike put his arms around me and kissed me, slowly pushing his tongue in and working it around my mouth. His erection nudged against my hip. His lips left mine and he whispered in my ear, "I have been watching you coming in here and masturbating for the last three weeks, Danny." He kissed the base of my neck and playfully bite my ears, "You look absolutely beautiful and I’m going to make you a real woman."

His large hands caressed my thighs. They felt amazing rubbing across my pantyhose covered legs. He lifted my skirt and put his hand down the back of my pantyhose Several of his big fingers starting to caress my arsehole through my satin knickers. I moaned in complete ecstasy and wrapped my arms around Mike's huge shoulders.

"That's it sweetie. I knew you would like it." he pulled my knickers down and slipped a finger inside me and I instantly shuddered. "Relax sweetie, relax." His finger felt huge inside my ass as he slipped it in and out while his other hand rubbed my cock through my panties.
He took his hand away from my cock and put two fingers in my mouth. I gladly sucked them whilst he played with my ass. I moaned when he slipped another finger inside me. "Oh yeah, Danny. You're my girlfriend now."

I was in absolute heaven and couldn’t believe how turned on I was, I felt like I was putty in Mikes big hands and couldn’t wait for him to make me a woman.

"Oooh Mike. I'm so turned on."

Mike removed his fingers, then pulled my pantyhose and knickers down to my ankles. "Go and lay over the arm of that sofa, sweetie."

I felt like a total slut and thought I would tease Mike's cock for a while. I walked over to him and kissed him hard on the lips, then put my hand inside his pants to feel his throbbing cock. I wanked his hot cock whilst we kissed. To be honest, having my way with him turned me on. I broke the kiss and whispered in his ear, "Please be gentle with me, big boy." I laid over the arm of the sofa splay with my arse into the air eagerly waiting to be devoured by my new handsome boyfriend. I tried not to think of my wife and the wonderful life we have together. I had never felt so sexually aroused and I couldn’t wait for Mike to fuck me. 

Mike undone his trousers and pulled his huge cock out of his underpants, he started to rub the tip of his cock against my arse hole which sent me absolutely wild, he grabbed my hips and started to push his cock into me. "Relax sweetie, relax." Mike whispered into my ear.

The pain shot through the whole of my body as his cock went all the way inside me. Fuck me, that hurt! Mike had his hands on my hips and started to fuck my arse really hard, his big balls slapping my arse cheeks with every thrust. I moaned and whimpered as his big cock pounded my arse.

'That’s what you have been wanting, isn’t it? You’re too sexy not to be fucked." Mike reached around and put his hand over my mouth and slowed down and tease me.

"Harder, Mike!" I cried."Fuck me, baby."

Suddenly Mike pulled his cock out. "Stand up and turn around, sweetie."

Hesitantly and unsteadily, stood up in my heels and turned around. My cock was stood at full attention, the end glistened from pre-cum.

"Who's been enjoying themselves?" Mike teased.

He kissed me on the lips and lifted me up so my legs were wrapped around his waist. Mike was so powerful and strong, I felt so petite and womanly as he lifted me clean off my feet. I closed my eyes as we kissed. Our tongues darted in and out of our mouths. With Mike's big manly hands cupping my buttocks I felt like a real woman.

He laid me down on the sofa and then climbed on top of me slowly pushing his cock back into me. He fucked me with long deep thrusts. He lifted my legs up, wrapped them around his waist, and kissed me wildly.

I wrapped my arms around him and sensed Mike was about to cum as he tore open my blouse and lifted my bra up exposing my nipples. He licked and sucked my nipples as he fucked me slowly.

"Ooh Mike, I'm so horny for you." I felt like a whore as this big strong man took full advantage of me.

"You like your titties sucked, sweetie?" Mike whispered in my ear.

"Fuck yeah!" The sensation of my nipples being sucked and Mike pounding my arse was sending me over the edge. "Ooh baby. I'm gonna cum, Mike kissed me on the lips and I instantly shot a creamy load all over my blouse and bra.

Mike put his fingers in the cum and put them in my mouth for me to suck, he then put the palm of his hand over my mouth and I could smell his big musky fingers as he picked up the pace and started to fuck me really hard, grunting and biting my neck and ear as his big hairy balls slapped against me.

"Im gonna cum, sweetie." He rose and looked into my eyes. "I'm gonna fill you with cum and make you a real woman. Ooh God, yeah! I'm gonna tell your wife what a good girl you have been." He kissed me and bit my lip hard as he shot his creamy load deep into into me.

I wrapped my arms tightly around him and milked the last few drops of cum from his cock with my arse muscles. I felt so fulfilled and complete.

"I told you I was going to make you my girlfriend." said Mike.
I spent the morning laid on the sofa in my bra and panties wrapped in Mike’s big strong arms. He kept stroking my body and telling me how beautiful I was. As I felt Mike’s cum trickle from my arse hole, I leaned over and kissed him and told him that I loved him.

To be continued…

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