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Miss Teresa's Beauty School

Princess has been caught stealing at work and has to pay the price!
I wrote this story as a narrative and I made it into a 45 minute audio story.

The Interview:
Come in, I've been expecting you. I had a long talk with your boss the other day and it seems that you have a little fetish for women's underwear, isn't that right?
In fact-you've been caught stealing things from the other girls lockers. Mostly their panties and pantyhose. Is it just too hard to be the only man at an all girl company? Do you want to be more like the other girls? Is that the problem honey? I think it is. I think that's what you really want!
She told me about the discussion that you two had and how you begged her to give you another chance, that you were willing to do anything she asked. I'm surprised she didn't just have you arrested, but I guess she has her reasons. That would make a great headline don't you think? PANTY THIEF CAUGHT RED HANDED! They would print your picture and everything! I'll bet that would be hard to explain wouldn't it my little panty boy?
Well, It seems that she came up with a very interesting way for you to avoid all that and even keep your job. You've agreed to her terms and will continue working there as long as you behave yourself is that right?
From now on you're going to be just like the other girls. You'll dress like them, walk like them, talk, and act like them.
I need you to be quite sure about this since it will be my job to help you learn your new role.
Are you willing to do everything I say?
Are you sure?
OK then,Welcome to Miss Teresa's beauty school and from now on you will be known as Princess.
You will answer to that name from now on and when I ask you a question you will say: "Yes Miss Teresa", Is that clear?
Alright then. I want to take some before pictures so everyone can see the dramatic transformation you'll be going through.
Who do I mean by everyone? Well, your boss, and your coworkers, and anyone else we care to show them to.
If you want to change your mind this is your last chance-otherwise don't ask me any more stupid questions like that.
From now on Princess you are MINE!

The first step in your transformation is to get rid of that nasty body hair. I'll take you to to a great little place I know where they will take care of all that for you. It may hurt a bit but it will be worth it to have clean, silky smooth legs, and no more hair where it shouldn't be.
Are you scared Princess? Are you afraid it will hurt when they strip away your chest hair in little pieces? Well, sometimes it hurts to be a girl you know, and the sooner you realize that the better.
You'll be wearing stockings, skirts, short dresses, and all kinds of pretty things from now on so you need to do this right. Your legs will look sooo sexy once we take care of this little detail and I KNOW you'll thank me later when we go shopping.
You'll be surprised at how nice your new panties will feel and how much you'll enjoy wearing stockings on those pretty legs. And after this you'll be able to wear everything! Sleeveless tops, dresses with tiny straps, silky blouses, even a bikini! I know you want to wear a bikini when you go to the pool and work on that tan, right? Don't worry Princess, we'll get you a couple of one piece suits too until you get used to showing yourself off in front of people!
I think that you'll feel better after this too-more feminine. By the time they finish with you you'll feel like a whole different person. And soon, very soon you will be. You're going to get your wish sweetie. You're going to be the girl you've always wanted to be, that you've always DREAMED of being. From the top of your beautiful new hairstyle to the tips of your perfectly painted toenails. And I'm going to help you every step of the way.
We'll go shopping for your new wardrobe and make sure you have everything you need, everything! Then I'll give you lessons in walking, talking, and acting like a lady. I'll teach you how to dress and what to wear for every occasion. And when I feel you're ready I'll take you to my favorite beauty salon for a REAL treat! We'll pick out a new hairstyle for you and you'll get your first makeup lesson, won't that be fun?
They'll take care of EVERYTHING for you from your eyelashes to your pretty red lips. Then as my present to you for being such a good girl I'll have them pierce your ears. You do like to wear jewelry, right? And just to make sure this is a perfect day for you they'll give you a manicure and pedicure. Just think how great you'll look when they're all finished!
But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. I'm so excited about all the things we can do to you-I mean, for you. I've told the ladies here all about you so there's nothing to be embarrassed about. You just be a good girl and do whatever they say. It's going to take some time but there's no need to rush now is there? I'm going to leave you here all by yourself and take care of a few things for the party next week.
Oh didn't I tell you? I'm having a little party with my girlfriends and YOU my dear are going to be the guest of honor. You'll be wearing a French Maids outfit but the party IS for you and I have all kinds of fun surprises planned, you'll see.
Now lets go inside-they're waiting for you!


Now its time to go shopping! I know you've been dreaming about this for a long time and we're going to have a ball. For your first trip to the store you'll be wearing these pretty pink panties that I got you for being so brave yesterday. You'll also be wearing a pair of pink sweat pants. Its a good thing that you're so small, because when you get excited in the store, and I know you will, they probably won't even notice!
I have the cutest shirt all picked out for you. It's also pink and it says PRINCESS on it, isn't that great? You'll look adorable and the girls will love it. My friend owns a boutique in town and she'll be helping you with everything you'll need. Because the last thing you want is lingerie that doesn't fit you properly, right Princess?
You're going to buy panties in all kinds of styles and colors. And bras-I think pushups will be best for you. And pantyhose, stockings, garter belts, nightgowns, and anything else I think you'll need. The girls at the store might laugh but don't let that bother you. It's important to try everything on and make sure it all fits. You'll be wearing these things every day from now on and I want you to feel as pretty as you look.
Of course you can try things on sweetie! All my girlfriends go there. And besides, you'll be giving her your credit card before we even start so if anything gets accidentally damaged, or heaven forbid-STAINED-it won't be a problem.
Are you worried about that honey? Do you think you'll be able to control yourself while you try on all that pretty lingerie? I know how much you're looking forward to trying on those sexy babydolls that you like so much. I hope I don't have to worry about you making a scene in front of all the other girls as you mess up your new panties.
I don't think that's going to be a problem though. Soon you won't even think twice about trying on new things. It will be as natural for you as putting on your lipstick every morning.


I think its time for a little practice. Having a little trouble with those bra straps? I'll help you this time but this is something you have to learn for yourself. Now let me get your new breast forms and we'll see how they look.
Sweet! That's quite a rack you have there young lady. I know you can't wait to try on some tight blouses and tops, but you have to learn to be patient Princess. You aren't going anywhere. Now put on your panties. Take your time, its not a race. Now, let me look at you, come sit on the bed next to me.
How do you feel honey? Do you like it? Wait, let me take a look. I'll have to get closer. A little closer. I may need a magnifying glass-no I'm just kidding! It looks like you're getting excited! I can see a VERY small bulge in those panties that wasn't there before. That's so cute, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Isn't this fun?
Now for the stockings. Putting on stockings the right way is something else you'll need to learn. The main thing is to take your time. Now I'm going to demonstrate and you'll do exactly as I do, OK?
First I like to stretch my legs out a little. Now try to follow along. I take one stocking at a time, roll them up like this and then ease my foot into it. Gently but firmly pulling it higher and higher up my leg, smoothing out the fabric as I go. These are stay ups so you wont need a garter belt. There, now you try. Take your time. Keep going until its all the way up. You can stand up to adjust it when you're done. Good! Now put the other one on while I get your heels. Make sure you pull them tight and smooth out all the wrinkles.
Here you go Princess, step into these. Now take a little walk around the room for me. Keep going, make a little turn and do it again. Nice! You're going to need a lot of practice, especially when we get you into higher heels but that was a pretty good start!
I know honey, you want to jump right into a dress and put on your makeup, but there will be a time for that very soon. I want to see you in some more of the lingerie we bought. Why don't you take off your bra and relax. I'd like to see you in this chemise we bought you.
This is so hot! Go ahead, I want you to put it on and model it for me. Don't you just love those tiny little straps? And that gorgeous lace with the pretty little red bows? How does it feel honey? Do you like the smooth satin on your shaved body? Does it make you feel feminine? You really look pretty in that Princess, don't you just love it?

Oh-Oh, I see you do! There's a little wet spot in the front there sweetie. Did my Princess have a little accident in her panties? I see you did. That's OK, I'm glad to see how much you're enjoying all of this! Go ahead and take them off and you can wash them in the sink downstairs. I think we may have to do something to prevent this from happening again. I'll take care of that, don't you worry. Here, while your washing you can take my things down and hand wash them too. I see you have a lot to learn, but don't worry sweetie, I'm just the one to teach you!


Today you get to try on all kinds of pretty outfits, are you excited? You bought so many great things I'll bet you can't wait to see yourself in them. Well this will be fun for me too. Go ahead and pick out a pair of panties and a bra, I think black is a good choice.
I don't want to frighten you but I asked my neighbor Susan to come over and see how you're doing. Its OK sweetie, she understands. And besides, its her beauty salon we'll be going to for your makeover tomorrow! She wants to see how you're progressing so far. You can give us a little fashion show, wont that be fun? Sure it will. What I want you to do is try on a few different outfits and then come downstairs and show us, alright? You can wear the higher heels today, just be careful on the steps.
Don't worry I'm sure you'll do fine. And once you get this part right the next step is to get your hair and makeup done so you're getting closer every day. I want to see you in these new dresses first and later in those cute skirts. You can mix and match the tops any way you like. Take your time getting ready, she wont be here for another ten minutes. Make me proud sweetheart!

OK honey, we're ready for you! Here she comes, my little Princess!
This is Susan, and this is Bonnie. They're my neighbors and Bonnie just couldn't miss our fashion show. What do you think girls, isn't she adorable? Come on-Stop laughing! They're not laughing at you honey they're just having fun. You look so pretty in that dress, really! That was a very good choice. I love the way it shows off your figure. And its so sheer I can see those pretty panties with the little red hearts on them. Just ignore these two sweetie, you're doing fine. Why don't you go put on that leather mini skirt and the cute pink top you bought, OK? And I want you to work it a little this time. Show us what you've got. Remember, your my little Princess!


Today is your lucky day Princess! We're going to Susan's salon for a complete makeover, isn't that fantastic? Every girl loves a makeover and I know you will too. I'm bringing a before picture of what you USED to look like. Then when you're all done we'll take some after pictures to show just how far you've come. And speaking of cum, I don't want you having another accident in front of all the girls so I want you to put this on. Isn't it cute? Its a chastity belt I bought with your credit card last night. Its small enough to tuck inside your panties and this way neither of us will have to worry about anything. You don't mind do you honey? I want you to get used to this since you'll be wearing it from now on. It even has a tiny little lock but I don't think we'll need that today. By the way Susan asked if you could wear that sexy sheer dress you had on when you were modeling for us, OK? Now go get ready we have a ten o' clock appointment.
Hi Ladies, this is the girl I've been telling you about. Isn't she precious? Take a look at this picture-this is what she looked like when she first came to me. Quite a change isn't it? With your help she is going to leave here a whole new girl. Sit right here in Susan's chair now honey.
Now what should we do with her hair? I know what a great selection of wigs you have. A blonde? That sounds great! We should definitely make her a blonde. What do you think about that Princess, blonde's do have more fun? Cat got your tongue? OK then, we'll leave it to the experts. Blonde it is.
I'll let you get started on her Susan. She also wants a makeover. She had her eyebrows waxed the other day along with everything else, don't they look nice? I think she needs false eyelashes too. And the smokey eye look would be just perfect! I want you to take your time with her makeup and explain everything to her as you go along. She needs to learn about eyeliner, mascara, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and all the things she'll need to know to get ready for work every morning from now on.
Do you think you have time to give her a manicure and pedicure today? You do? That's great-I was hoping you would. Isn't that great honey? You'll be leaving here a whole new person! Maybe she can pick out her own nail color, although I like my nails to match my lipstick. I'll leave the details up to you and the girls Susan. My camera is right here so we can take some pictures along the way. We definitely want to remember this and her boss wants to see what a good little girl she's been!


You're really looking gorgeous sweetie. How do you feel? Do you feel feminine now that your hair and makeup are finished? I thought you would. We got some great pictures of you and I want to save a few for the end. Wasn't it nice of the girls to make time for our manicure and pedicure? I just love the smell of nail polish don't you?
You're getting a little restless aren't you Princess? Let me get you a magazine. Hmm, oh here's one that's perfect for you! Complete Woman has an article about what men really want. This is JUST what you need! Read that while they finish your pretty little toes and then we can go. I know its been a long day honey but you really do look fantastic. I love what they did with your eye makeup. I hope you were paying attention because they won't be doing your makeup every day, although that would be nice wouldn't it?
I'm having my nails painted hot pink but I think that yours look much better in the same bright red as your lipstick. As soon as your nails are dry you can put your stockings and heels back on and we'll take the last few pictures. I'll bet you never dreamed we could make you look this good, or did you? Did you used to dream about this Princess? Shopping, hair, nails, makeup, pretty clothes, it must be fantastic to finally get to do this! Its a dream cum true isn't it? Go ahead-admit it!
And this is really just the beginning for you. Each day you'll learn new things about being a girl. And you can come back here as often as you like. Don't worry, you'll learn everything in time. Oh look she's just about finished.

Let me get Susan to take our picture together. We can make some for your wallet, I mean, your purse. Here let me set this up. Sit on the couch and cross those pretty legs. Go ahead, and smooth out your dress. Good. Now lick your lips and give me your sexiest smile. Come on Princess don't be shy-you're gorgeous! OK here we go...........PERFECT! Just think about all the people that will see this. Everyone from work, your boss, and all your friends. Don't look so frightened Princess your beautiful!
You know what, I think we need a professional. Lets go to the mall and get you a set of pictures that you'll be proud of. It will be great-you can pretend you're a fashion model.
Isn't it fun being a girl!


Now that we've transformed you into a girl there are a few things you'll need to learn. Like sitting down on the toilet when using the little girls room. As long as you're wearing your chastity belt though, that will be the ONLY way you'll be able to go.
You'll also have to remember to sit, walk, and talk like a girl at all times. In the beginning these things might not come naturally but very soon they will and you'll no longer have to think about them.
You have to learn to do your makeup each day as well as as maintaining your hair and nails. Shaving and waxing are also things that must be kept up.
We'll continue with your training to help you develop the proper female attitude. I want you to begin to think like a girl and act like one.When you are introduced to my friends you will be extremely polite and go out of your way to please them in any way they desire. If they ask you to do something you are uncomfortable with or find unusual you must remember that you are mine now to do with as I please. You will do anything they ask of you honey, ANYTHING!
There will also be consequences for disobeying these new rules and I WILL punish you for it. The punishment will vary depending on your mistake.
Flogging and spanking are just 2 possibilities, although I think that you're very happy in your new role and that won't be necessary. And you WILL get your chance to prove yourself at the party tomorrow night!


Stop staring at yourself in the mirror, yes you're beautiful. You have a party to get ready for and I want you to be prepared. I've told all my friends about you and how well you've been progressing. They have a few things in mind though that we have been discussing and I just know you'll do great!
What do I mean? Oh come on you don't want me to spoil the surprise do you?
Lets just say that tonight you will be showing everyone all the things that I've taught you so far. And there are a few things I didn't get a chance to show you so they'll be taking care of that. Just remember to act like a lady and be on your best behavior. I know you won't disappoint me.
Do you like magic tricks? Because my friend Bonnie has some great tricks she wants to show you. She can even make things disappear! One minute you'll see a big hard object and the next minute its gone. Well, not really gone but it appears somewhere else. She can do some amazing things and I think you'll really enjoy her talents .You'll see.
Now go get ready honey-this is going to be a night you'll remember for a long, long,time!


Come in here Princess, We want to talk to you. Here, have a drink-it will loosen you up! Now sweetheart you've been a very good girl so far and you look so pretty in your maids outfit tonight. Remember I said that there were some things that I didn't get a chance to teach you? Well, I feel its important for you to learn everything about being a girl. And the first thing you'll need to know is how to suck a cock. Calm down honey, calm down. Its not a real cock. This is just practice. I have a strap-on I'm going to wear and I'll show you exactly what to do, OK? But first I want to tell you how proud I am of you. You've been such a good girl for me. Why don't you finish your drink and we can dance a little. Yes I'm serious, I want to dance with my best girl!


Take off that dress and get comfortable honey. I want to see you in just your lacy black bra, panties, and stockings. Oh yes you look so pretty and you smell pretty too! I have the perfect dance song. Come here and dance with me Princess. Come on, I wont hurt you. That a girl, just follow my lead.

It's just like heaven being here with you. You're like an angel too good to be true.
But after all, I love you, I do. Angel Baby, my Angel Baby.

Oh yes you're so sexy I just want to squeeze you! Let me give you a little kiss on your neck, do you like that? My little Princess has been such a good girl hasn't she? Let me kiss those gorgeous red lips. Oh yes-that's my girl. Ooo you taste so good.

When you are near me my heart skips a beat. I can hardly stand on my own two feet.
Because I love you,I love you, I do. Angel Baby, my Angel Baby.

Let me feel your smooth legs in those silky stockings. Does that feel good? You like that don't you honey? You're getting so excited! Do you want to please me Princess? Do you really want to make me happy baby? Tell me Princess. Whisper it in my ear. I'm your girl Miss Teresa, please show me, show me everything. Go ahead honey-say it!

Please never leave me blue and alone. If you ever go I'm sure you'll come back home.
Because I love you,I love you, I do. Angel Baby, my Angel Baby

OK Princess, why don't you sit with Bonnie and Susan while I get ready. Take good care of her girls, tell her how sexy she is. The three of us are going to make all your dreams cum true honey. I'll be right back!

Oh that's beautiful Susan, I'll bet she loves having her nipples caressed like that, don't you Princess? Well- what do you think of my new satin robe, I've been saving it for a special occasion. And look what's underneath-Ta Da!
Do you like it-its my favorite strap on. See how long and hard it is? It looks just like a real cock doesn't it, the tip is so smooth and soft, and its seven inches long! I know you can't wait to wrap those pretty red lips around it and see for yourself. Yes-you want to? Ok but you have to ask me nicely. Please Miss Teresa can I suck on your strap on? Go ahead, say it Princess. Beg me for it!
Well of course you can honey, and the girls are going to help you. Why don't you get on your knees and we'll give you your first lesson. Oh yes you look so sexy like that!
Don't be scared Princess, you begged me for this remember? Why don't you hold her arms Susan, and Bonnie you can help guide her mouth to that cock she wants so much. Relax sweetheart you'll be great. Now SUCK on it, take that big hard cock into your mouth, go ahead, and keep going until I tell you to stop! Don't fight it Princess you know its what you want. That's a good girl, take it all into your mouth. Come on. Keep sucking and licking it. One day it will be a real cock and you'll get to taste the hot cum shooting into your mouth and you'll swallow every-last-drop and love it! Hold her girls, I think she needs more practice. Keep going, your doing just fine! Easy Princess, you have to learn not to gag as it goes deeper and deeper down your throat. You're almost done, there. That's a good girl. Wasn't that fun? Why don't you girls help her fix her face and we can move on to the next step.

Now The girls and I are going to give you your final lesson. They've been looking forward to this for days you know!
I want you to pull those pretty panties down and come over here sweetheart. Hold onto the arm of the couch and bend over. Show us that cute little ass of yours. That's a good girl. Don't be afraid honey you're going to love this!
Susan why don't you help Princess get into position, this is her first time and we're going to have to help her. And Bonnie, give our little girl a kiss and tell her everything's going to be alright. See Honey, the three of us are going to be very gentle with you. There's nothing to be afraid of.
Tell me how much you want this Princess. You want to feel what its like to be a girl don't you? You need this so much. Tell me princess, beg me for it. Please, please make me feel like a real girl. I want that hard cock in my ass, I need it! Go ahead honey, say it. Tell us all how much you need this!

Look at that shy smile, isn't that adorable? You've made my friends very happy Princess. See, they're taking their clothes off. Just look at that gorgeous lingerie. What do you think honey? Aren't they the most beautiful women you've ever seen?
Aren't they hot Princess? And were all here for you, this is going to be fantastic!
OK then honey, Susan is going to be in charge of your chastity belt. When she feel its time we'll take it off and let you cum. I think your ready for a little lube now, lets get started. Doesn't that feel good Princess? This is going to be fun for all of us, you'll see!


Hold her girls, here we go. I'm going to go very slow and show you everything. How does that feel honey, doesn't that feel good? And we've only just started!
Oh yea baby-how great is this! Does my Princess like that? That's a good girl, just relax and take it all in. Oh yes - you love this don't you? Tell me how much you love this - tell me how bad you want it! You need it don't you honey? You need to feel that big, hard, cock shoved all the way up your ass don't you baby? Oh yes Princess, I'm gonna fuck you like the little slut that you are, take it baby - take it all like a good girl.
Does it hurt sweetheart? A little? Well just relax and take it honey and soon you'll be begging for more! mmmm, there princess, I'm going to go REALLY slow until you can take it all in. That's it baby......See? Feels nice doesn't it?
Bonnie, why don't you play with her nipples while I'm fucking her.....Oh yes princess, are you starting to like this baby? You Are? Come on.....Rock your hips onto my cock while I thrust it deeper! Oh you DO like this don't you!
What a little slut you are...Fucking yourself on the end of my strap on.....Here honey, now I'm going to fuck you REALLY fast and deep just like little slut you are! mmmmm-YES! mmmmm.....OH Princess you really are such a slut! How does it feel being fucked like a girl?
MORE? You want more? HARDER? Did you hear that girls, she's loving every second of this!
You do love this don't you, I told you you would!
Look, Susan has a big hard dildo for you to suck. Go ahead Princess-you can have it both ways! I want you to suck on it while we finish your final lesson.
Here we go, this ones for Bonnie-oh yes baby!
And this ones for Susan-take it BITCH-oh yes! You love this don't you honey?
And this ones for the teacher-come on Princess-take it! Oh yes-you love it don't you! Beg me for it. Please Miss Teresa-Fuck me-Fuck me harder!
OK Princess here it comes again-oh yes-is that hard enough-oh yea baby take it all-you're such a little slut-oh yes-what a good girl you are! One more-YES! Oh YES! YES PRINCESS-YES!

Oh sweetheart you did so well, you really did!

But wait-we're not done yet!
Now the girls are going to reward you for being so good! I want to sit back and watch this. Susan, why don't you unlock her chastity belt and you and Bonnie can help our little girl finally cum, I think she deserves it!
Go ahead Princess, you can cum now. The girls will help you but I want to see you stroke that little thing all by yourself. Keep going. Oh-it won't be long now will it? Here she blows girls-YES!
Go ahead honey, let it all come out! Right on the floor, keep going. That's a good girl-Beautiful! We're almost done.
Now all you have to do is lick it all up while its still warm. That's right-you need to get used to the taste so when the next time comes-I mean the next GUY cum's and shoots his hot load into your pretty little mouth you'll be ready to swallow it all. A little more, there you go!

What do you think girls, is our Princess ready to go out on her own? Yes-I think so too! Congratulations young lady, you've just graduated Miss Teresa's Beauty School!
Now go inside and pack up, My friends and I are going to celebrate your final lesson!

Its Party Time Ladies-now its our turn to play!

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