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Mistress Hannah's Pathetic Husband Part 6

Mistress Leelee uses me hard.
Having accepted the riding crop, Mistress Leelee seemed to understand that she was being given the opportunity to do something to me, but she was clearly lost.

"He's yours now Leelee. It starts with the first order. If you're going to turn your cheating husband, a little experience with Michelle here will give you confidence. I suggest you order him to stand in front of you and work from there. wouldn't you like to inspect him?"

Mistress Leelee seemed to understand the gravity of her situation then. "Yes. Stand right there and face me slave," she ordered as she pointed to a spot on the floor. She flexed the riding crop to get the feel of it. I stood and looked into her eyes as she sat on the edge of her chair looking up at me. "Eyes averted," she ordered as she slapped my hip with the crop. I quickly pulled my eyes down and to the side. "You must answer my commands with a 'Yes Mistress'," she said as she slapped the other hip.

"Yes Mistress," I replied.

"Is this where I'm supposed to milk him?", she asked.

Mistress Bella answered with, "Yes, when you turn your husband, but Michele has already been gentled for a while. You can play with him in other ways until you get comfortable."

She reached up and pulled gently on the chain between my nipples, stretching them until I grimaced. She fondled one of my breasts with her hand and then lifted my cock with the riding crop, inspecting the underside. "Turn around, slave." I complied and replied to avoid another whipping. She tugged on my butt plug, apparently just testing the tension of my freshly fucked asshole. "I don't think this ass looks red enough. Bend over one half slave." Since I was standing and she was sitting, this placed my ass right about eye level and she delivered alternating slaps with the tip of the riding crop, five to each ass cheek. This seemed to impress both Mistress Bella and Mistress Hannah as they watched my cheeks begin to glow bright red. "That's better." I got the impression that I had just taken a beating meant for her husband.

She removed her yellow knit pullover shirt and black front-clasp bra. "Now, worship my breasts." I happily dropped to my knees to comply. Perhaps only Mistress Hannah knew this, but I also had a thing for small-breasted Asians. I began to lick her tiny titties. It was a little strange having larger breasts than a woman, but she seemed to like the attention I was giving them as she fondled both of my nipples in return.

Soon, she told me to stop and help her remove her jeans and then her tiny yellow thong panties. Her pussy had sparse jet-black hair and was really tiny. She was fully nude now and had no piercings or tattoos that I could see. She ordered me to lick her pussy and made one of my dreams come true. I licked and kissed my way from her knees down her thighs and into the coffee-colored folds of her pussy. When I got to her very tiny little clit, she gave a contented sigh that soon turned to soft moans as I really did my best to give her a good buildup. When she came, she made sweet sweet sounds that suggested that it had been long pent-up.

My cock was starting to recover and Mistress Bella pointed it out to her. Mistress Leelee, looked at Mistress Hannah and asked, "Can I fuck his cock?" Mistress Hannah seemed surprised, but told her that of course she could, but explained that it still might not last long.

"I have some techniques of my own for that," Mistress Leelee said. She pulled a condom and a small elastic pony tail ring from her purse. She ordered me to stand and then she put the condom on first and then the pony tail ring, doubling it to make it tight on my cock. She ordered me to lie on my back on the floor and then she mounted me. I was very much hoping that I wouldn't disappoint her. Her pussy was very tight and it was strange that she actually had to struggle a little to get it in. "My husband is even smaller," she said with a wink. Then she started to ride my tiny cock. Between the condom and the ring, my cock felt a little numb, which was kind of distracting and frustrating, but it stayed erect as she rode and rode until she came again.

She climbed off and then pulled the ring and the condom off. Then she turned around and remounted my cock with her ass pointing toward my face. Her tiny little puckered asshole seemed to wink as she rocked up and down. I lasted long enough inside her for my cock to recover from the numbness and then as I started to come, she had another orgasm. She then ordered me to lick my cum from her pussy and when it was suitably clean, she offered up the riding crop to the other mistresses.

Since both of her guests were now temporarily sated, Mistress Hannah ordered me to put my dress back on, serve them some lunch and then wash my cock and Mistress Bella's strapon. When I returned from those tasks, Mistress Leelee was saying that my butt plug looked interesting but that it was too big for her. Catching on, Mistress Hannah ordered me to go to her dresser and return with a wrapped package from one of her drawers. She handed it to Mistress Leelee and explained that she had bought it for me without realizing it would be much too small. "It's yours if you want it."

Mistress Leelee opened the package and pulled out a small buttplug that looked like a horse tail. It was red and had long jet black synthetic hairs that hung out from the back of the flange. "Hey, it matches my hair," she said happily. "Do I just put it in?"

Mistress Hannah explained that she might want to have an enema to make sure she was clean inside first. I was sent to prepare one for her. When I returned, Mistress Bella lubed the enema nozzle and while Mistress Leelee was down on knees and elbows, eased it in and emptied it into her. This seemed to turn Mistress Leelee back on as she squirmed a little on the tip. After she went to the bathroom and let it out, she took the buttplug and then lubed the tip. She handed it to me and ordered me to fuck her ass with it. She dropped to her knees and put her elbows on the coffee table and I slowly worked the tip in. As I twisted it back and forth to help her relax her hole, I looked over to discover that Mistress Bella had lifted Mistress Hannah's skirt and was removing her panties. I had suspected Mistress Bella was bisexual, but it came as a shock to me that Mistress Hannah would let anyone else see her enlarged clit. Then it dawned on me that since they had been sorority sisters, it may not have been the first time.

Mistress Bella slowly kissed her way down Mistress Hannah's thighs just as the bulb on the butt plug slipped past Mistress Leelee's sphincter for the first time. Mistress Leelee clamped down tightly on the short shaft. After giving her a few moments to adjust to the intrusion, I gently worked it until she relaxed and her asshole dilated. Then I began to alternately pull the plug all the way out and slide it all the way in until the flange touched her relaxed hole.

Meanwhile, Mistress Bella was licking Mistress Hannah's pussy as both of them watched played with their own nipples and watched us. Mistress Leelee began to rub one of her tiny nipples with one hand while her other hand reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy. The sight I was looking down on was truly beautiful. Mistress Leelee's hips are so narrow and her ass is so tiny that the small plug looked big as it pulled her anal ring out until the pink interior was exposed and then pushed it back in. Her pussy lips below it also offered tiny flashes of pink as her inner lips were revealed as she worked her soft outer folds with her hand.

Mistress Hannah started coming from Mistress Bella's attentions and then Mistress Leelee began to moan also. When It was clear that her orgasm had passed, I pulled the buttplug all the way out, but she said, "No, put it back in. I want a horse tail."

"Yes, Mistress Leelee."

She stood up as Mistress Bella pulled her wet face from between Mistress Hannah's legs. "Now that I have a horse tail, I should have a horse cock, too." Mistress Hannah ordered me to get her strapon because she didn't think Mistress Bella's would adjust small enough for Mistress Leelee's hips. In the meantime, she began to strap Mistress Bella's dildo on her own hips. As I fitted the straps on Mistress Leelee, Mistress Hannah began to do something I never thought I'd see. She crawled between Mistress Bella's thighs and began licking her pussy!

Mistress LeeLee and I both stared in awe as Mistress Bella laid her head back and began to moan from the licking Mistress Hannah was focusing on her clit. But her pleasure momentarily stopped because Mistress Hannah soon moved the head of the big strapon to Mistress Bella's pussy and forced it quickly in, bringing a surprised whimper from her. Mistress Hannah kept pushing until the whole length was fully embedded and then she began to roll her hips and slam into Bella with amazing force.

This seemed to excite Mistress Leelee, and she pushed me onto my back and ordered me to raise my legs high. She yanked out my butt plug and shoved the dildo into my ass. She took the time to add some more lubricant and then she began to ram it into me full length over and over while staring into my eyes. A spark of something passed between us and she clearly knew when I became hers for the duration.

"Pull your pud for me," she commanded. My little cock started to grow and she began to moan. Soon, all four of us were gasping and moaning and Mistress Bella was the loudest of all. It was clear when she started to come and her orgasm cascaded through Mistress Hannah and then Mistress Leelee and then me. My cock spurted cum out onto my face as if I hadn't already come twice that day.

After we all recovered, I served another round of drinks while the cum dried on my face and then I was sent away to wash the strapons and butt plugs. Mistress Leelee gave me a kiss on the cheek when I rewrapped and returned her horsetail to her. She said that her husband was going to appreciate all that she had learned from me about sissy-boys.

Before they left, I thanked Mistresses Bella and Leelee for allowing me to serve them. Mistress Hannah then dismissed me while she said her goodbyes, but I noticed that something mysterious passed between the eyes of Mistresses Hannah and Bella. I would find out later that a bargain had been struck.
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