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Mistress Hannah's Pathetic Husband Part 9

The final forbidden fantasy fulfilled
When we returned home, we had a big late lunch because Mistress informed me that we might want only a light dinner and then a late snack. I spent the afternoon preparing as best I could for an unknown special night. This meant hair removal, nails, wig, makeup, enemas, buttplug, lotions, powders, perfumes, the whole works. When I finished, she laid out the clothes and jewelry I would be wearing. My eyes were drawn immediately to a brand new pair of lace panties for me. By the time I was done, the only thing that was original me was my wedding ring. I had no idea how symbolic that would be. Mistress also prepared herself and she seemed just as anxious as me. She dressed in her sexiest little red dress, but I don't recall seeing her don anything underneath it except for her sexiest black thigh-hugger stockings. She also set the video camera on the tripod.

Around eight o'clock, there was a knock on the door and per our custom, I stepped away while she answered it. We really didn't want a neighbor asking about the strange ugly woman in the sexy outfit that nobody ever saw arriving or departing. I heard Mistress say, "Hello Thomas. I recognize you from your picture. Come in." I almost had a panic attack when I realized that a strange man would be part of our evening. This was an integral part of my forbidden fantasy! I just didn't know if I could take that much humiliation. I took several deep breaths and did my best to calm down. Then I entered the room when Mistress called to me. "Thomas, this is Michelle. She will be serving us tonight." Then to me she said, "Show our guest a proper welcome, Michelle." as she started the video recording.

I wanted to run but I moved on the force of my commitment to Mistress Hannah. Somehow I managed to find my voice as I curtsied to a tall muscular handsome black man.

"Good evening Sir. Thank you for coming and for allowing me the pleasure of serving you tonight." He didn't seem the least bit surprised at my my male voice and I was sure he was expecting to meet me when he came that night.

Mistress showed Thomas to a chair in the living room and then said, "Before we get to the main event, Thomas, I want to show you why Michelle is my servant."

To my surprise, she turned to me and asked me, "What are you?" Although I had often answered her in private, this was the first time she had asked me in front of another person. It was particularly humiliating to admit this in front of a black man. I'm not sure why that is. I try to believe I'm not a bigot, but large black men are intimidating to me and with their reputation for having big cocks, I felt immediately inferior.

"I am pathetic."

Mistress followed with the second question, "What aren't you?"

"I am not useless."

"I want you to show Thomas why you are a slave. Remove your dress.

I was wearing my pink serving maid's outfit. My white thigh-high stockings didn't go quite as high as my short skirt and the straps from the red garter belt were plainly visible. I removed the dress laid it on a chair. I was not wearing my false chest or a bra, so my perky manboobs were now on display with their gold chain dangling between my nipple rings. This was the first time that a man had seen my enlarged breasts and I'm sure I was blushing a deep red.

"Now drop your panties."

I lowered my panties to my knees and of course, my hard cock was pointing straight out. "This is why Michelle is pathetic," Mistress explained to Thomas. "This cock is barely bigger than my clitoris and even though we added almost 60% to its length, its still too small to fuck with and she still has very little control over it. The bandage is covering a special tattoo that she just got this morning."

Then to me she said, "Now, turn around Michelle." I shuffled around to face away from Thomas. I had learned how to display myself at Mistress's command to the many women and couples we had met while mingling at the theatre club, so I presented my ass by spreading my legs slightly, bending over so my fingertips touched my kneecaps and arching my back down so that my balls came into the view of a person seated behind me. This revealed my plugged asshole and the gold net bag that my balls dangled into. It also revealed the colorful body art that Mistress Amy had given me.

"We couldn't fit a plug half that size in when I assumed ownership over this ass. Now Michelle, put your clothes back on and serve Thomas a drink while I finish dressing for the evening." She took the camera off the tripod and went into the bedroom with it.

I dressed and served Thomas a glass of red wine and then stood somewhat awkwardly, not knowing whether I should also have a drink or maybe sit and converse. The period of awkwardness was mercifully shortened when Mistress stepped out of the bedroom and handed the running video camera to me. Aside from her abundant jewelry, she was wearing nothing but her sexiest black thigh-hugger stockings and her sexiest come-fuck-me pumps. It was clear from the swell of her clit that she was already aroused as she stepped up to me and gave me a quick peck on the lips and told me to do my best with the camera.

No! I thought. This isn't my fantasy at all. I thought I would be required to surrender to a man, but Mistress having sex with another man was not my secret fantasy! I raised the camera to her face, hoping she would not say the next words.

She looked straight into the camera and said, "Thomas is a real man and tonight, I'm going to find out what it's like to be well and truly fucked by a real man."

I tried to hide my distress, but failed. "Oh, look Thomas, he doesn't like it. My little sissyboy has been having the kind of sex he likes with other women and he's even stuck his dinky dick up my ass, but he doesn't want me to have the kind of sex I like sex with you." She looked right into the camera with anger and also maybe a little fear in her eyes and said, "That's just too bad, slave. You committed to this and we will both be doing what I have planned for tonight. Later we will have a little talk about this, but for now, you will obey me."

Her words hit me like thrown stones, punishing me for my selfishness. I knew she must have felt some jealosy while fulfilling my fantasies for submissive sex with a redhead, an Asian and even a short full-figured blonde with tattoos. Of course she would want to experience a good fuck from a well-hung man at least once in her life and I was a pig for wanting to deny her that.

I watched through the viewscreen as Thomas rose from his chair to meet her. She stepped in front of him and slowly and gracefully turned a full circle so he could admire her naked body. She really has a great figure and she looked especially lovely. I moved to her left side where I could get the best profile shot as she completed her turn. She knelt on the floor in front of him, placed a hand on his belt buckle and asked, "May I?"

He replied with, "Certainly, it will be my pleasure." She opened his belt and unzipped his pants. His cock was already starting to grow as she slowly pulled down his his slacks to reveal black silk boxer shorts. I had visions of this obviously superior man taking her from me, but I had my orders, so I zoomed in with the camera and that's when I noticed she was wearing her wedding ring set. Somehow that comforted me. Even though this was nothing like the fantasy I dared not write, seeing the rings reassured me that she was as committed to us as she was expecting me to be. Considering what I had done with her friends, the jealousy I was feeling was something I knew she had already felt. But I was always afraid of losing her to a real man and I was definitely more anxious than I had ever been about that.

When she pulled his boxers low enough, his long cock suddenly sprang up and bumped her chin, startling her. She giggled and backed up to put the large head into her mouth. She looked directly into the camera lens and then directly up at Thomas as she swirled her tongue around his cockhead. She began to lick along the shaft and then suck and stroke his cock as it continued to grow. It was clear that she was having some difficulty with its large size, so she asked him to sit back down in the chair and then she turned to me and said, "Give the camera to Thomas and help me with this real mancock."

I didn't dare to disobey her, so I handed the camera over and knelt beside her, waiting for her to explain what "help" meant. "Lick it," she said.

I really didn't want to get another guy hard for her and I hesitated, but she just chuckled a little. "It's just a cock. It won't bite you. Now, lick it." I had never imagined being required to watch her with another man and I had underestimated her ability to humiliate me. My traitorous cock was hard enough to poke through walls!

I leaned over and ran my tongue along the side of the shaft and I would swear I could feel his pulse through my tongue. "That's it," she cooed as she licked along the opposite side. She gripped the long shaft with her left hand and aimed the large head at my mouth. "Now lick the tip and then down and along the rim. Very good." I knew that her wedding rings were now being recorded with her hand feeding this big cock into my face.

"Now, take the whole head into your mouth and suck it. Verrrrry goood... Put your hand up here and stroke it gently... Oh, it's getting so big. You could stack both hands on it and there would still be more than you can fit in your mouth. That's right, stroke it with both hands and suck it. Thomas obviously likes the way you suck cock. I knew you would be good at it." She left me to the task as he carressed one of her breasts. I looked up at the camera and saw that he was looking right at me. Mistress was also and she was smiling as I sucked his cock up for her.

She started to remove his shirt and then she gave a little gasp. I glanced up to see him gently sucking one of her beautiful breasts and then the other. I paused only briefly in my attention to his cock as we helped Thomas remove his shirt, pants and boxers. She straddled his lap on the chair and ordered me to feel her pussy and make sure it was good and wet. I slid a finger into her slit and she was very very wet. I smeared some of her honey around on her pink pussy lips. "Now spread my pussy lips and guide that big cock into my cunt."

Any man who would follow that order - any man who would participate so actively at his wifes's command in the penetration of her pussy by a superior man's cock - is a pussy-whipped cuckold. There's just no other way to look at it. I knew then that I would not be able to stop her from fucking any man she wanted any time she wanted. I also knew that I would accept that, as long as she would still be my Mistress. I spread her wet pink pussy lips while she squatted down on his huge cockhead, which I positioned with my left hand for her. I knew that my wedding ring was now recorded with my hand guiding that massive cock into her waiting pussy.

"Unghh, unghh, UNGHHH! It's so big! I've never felt so full before!"

I held his cock as she slowly slipped it further and further into her tight pussy until eventually, there was no room for my hand any more. He was gently licking and tugging her nipples with his tongue and lips as he handed the camera to me. She soon had his whole cock stuffed up into her and she began to slowly slide up and down on it. Even through the small viewscreen of the camera, it was quite obvious that her large clit was fully erect and was rubbing his belly at the bottom of each stroke.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, this is really a special experience," she sighed. The sight of her with all of that cock in her combined with the feeling of the lace panties on the tip of my straining cock was more than I could endure. I started to come and Mistess looked over just in time to notice a glob drip onto the carpet.

"Oh, look Thomas my little sissy-boy is coming. It looks like he enjoys seeing me being fucked by a real man after all. Lift up your skirt, Michelle and show us your pretty panties."

I pulled up my skirt with one hand and my cum was oozing all over the front of them.

"Now show the camera," she ordered. I pointed the camera down just in time to record another stream of cum as it stretched out and then fell to the floor. I brought the camera back up to focus on my Mistess.

"Maybe we should go to the bedroom now, Thomas. I'm ready to take this monster in my marital bed."

Thomas slipped his hands under her ass cheeks as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Seemingly without effort, he lifted her off the chair and carried her into the bedroom while keeping her impaled on his pole. Once in the bedroom, he laid her back against the full length mirror and fucked her while I focused the camera on the image in the mirror. I worried that it might break, but his long cock slid in and out of her several times without putting too much strain on the glass.

When her breathing started to get ragged, he laid her on the bed and that's when it became obvious what a real man could do that I couldn't. He fucked and fucked and fucked her very hard for seemingly forever, slamming his dark meat into her over and over and over as she rose to meet his thrusts. I'm sure from the sound of her moans, gasps and squeals of pleasure that she had at least four orgasms as he varied the rythym and motion of his strokes. I moved around to catch the best view of her jiggling breasts, her stretched and re-stretched pussy lips and her swollen clit as it was mashed by his pubic mound. When I thought she could take no more, he pulled out of her, lifted her hips and flipped her over like a rag doll. Then he pulled her into the doggy position and plunged his monster cock back into her frothy pussy, his balls banging into her enlarged clit.

"Oh yes," she cried with a sound in her voice I had never heard. It was clear that his deep probe had found a new high for her. "Oh fuck me! Yes, yes, yes, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee! Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhh. Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" After maybe twenty-five minutes of hard fucking, both were drenched in sweat when he finally roared and pumped his hot cum into her.

When their shudders had stopped and their breathing finally slowed, he pulled out of her and his slowly shrinking manmeat made a squishy popping sound. I zoomed in on her stretched juicy red pussy and watched as a large glob of creamy white cum started to ooze out. Mistress rolled onto her back and pulled her knees up to her chest, then turned and looked into the camera and said, "Now lay on the bed here, Michelle." Thomas took the camera from me as I laid down and then she rolled over and straddled my face. "Now clean me with your tongue." There was nothing I could do but comply as it was dripping down into my face anyway.

I licked the froth and the cum all the way from her asshole to the top of her slit and because I was on my back, all I could do was swallow it down. It was then that I remembered that Mistress had stopped using birth control long ago when I started to only fuck her with my strapon extension. This was the first shot of cum into her pussy in over 8 months and I guessed that her last period was at least two weeks previous. I mentally replayed what she had said about raising children from the night before and realized she may not have been saying that I would be the biological father of her children, just the guy who raised them. I wondered if I would soon be raising Thomas's child and the entire world would become aware that I was cuckold.

When she felt I had cleaned her well enough, she said, "Now clean Thomas with your tongue." She took the camera from him as I began to do as I was commanded. I was gently slurping his black cock clean when I felt his hand on my inner thigh. It climbed slowly up my leg and after a few caresses of my cock and balls inside of my pink lace panties, he began to fondle my ass cheeks, occasionally putting a little pressure on my buttplug. To my surprise, his cock began to grow again. I could not believe his recovery time was that quick, but it just kept growing. Mistress didn't seem at all surprised as she watched through the viewfinder. When it dawned on me what this could mean, she seemed to sense that and gave the most devious little laugh. "That's right," she smirked, "I'll not be the only one who learns what it is like to be fucked by a real man's cock tonight."

I quayled at the thought of that big black staff in my ass, but I knew that it was her choice and not mine, so I continued to lick and suck his cock as he played with my ass. When she decided it was time. She ordered me to look into the camera and beg her for his cock. "Please Mistress, may I have this cock?"

She continued instructing on how to beg as I spoke into the camera while stroking his meat. "Please, let him fuck my virgin white ass with his big black cock. Please let him fill me with his hot cum."

Finally I was instructed to call him Sir and beg him to fuck me. "Please Sir, please fuck my virgin white ass. Please Sir, fuck me with this big black cock. Please Sir, fill my ass with your cum."

Mistress ordered me to get on my knees and "kiss the sheets". After a brief adjustment to match heights, Thomas lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties. Mistress reached over and worked the butt plug slowly in and out of my ass as Thomas lubricated my hole and his cock with fresh gel. She pulled the plug all the way out and before my hole had time to tense up, she grabbed his shaft with her left hand and guided the head of his cock in. Thomas slowly eased more and more in, with just brief short backward strokes which helped to lubricate me. I groaned a little and then whimpered as the stretching went beyond what I thought I could take. When I felt his thighs press against my ass cheeks, his cock felt like it must be rubbing my hip bones on both sides. I felt kinda proud that I had it all in. Aside from feeling much more stretched, it actually felt better than Mistress Bella's rubber dong had a few months earlier. I guess real meat is just better.

"Look at you, Michelle.", Mistress said as she zoomed the camera in close. "You've taken a monster cock completely into your little sissy-boy ass and your little cock is hard. I knew you could do it."

Thomas started thrusting slowly and it was clear that he was playing to the camera with long slow full strokes that my asshole was helpless to resist.

"Stroke your little mini-pud, my little sissy-boy and tell Thomas what you want" I slid my panties further down and stroked my petite pud to match his strokes as he slowly picked up the pace.

"oh, fuck me, Sir. Fuck my ass." Soon he was slamming into me with real force, pulling me back into him as he pushed into me and then pushing my hips forward as I felt his cock head almost exit with each stroke. His thighs slapped my ass loudly and his dangling balls bumped into mine over and over until I was close to coming.

"Oh, make me come, sir. Fill my ass with cum." I tried to keep talking, but I was reduced to primal grunts and moans as I shuddered and came, followed quickly by roar from Thomas as his hot load splashed into me. He collapsed on top of me as I fell into my cum on the bed and for the next few minutes, I felt his breath slow and his cock soften until finally he pulled it from my overstretched boycunt. He rose and headed into the shower as Mistress recorded his cum oozing out of me until finally my hole closed.

When Thomas was ready to leave, Mistress thanked him for the fuck of her life and then it was my turn. "Thank you, Sir, for teaching my Mistress the joy of fucking a real man, and for the opportunity to serve you and for fucking my ass." Of course, despite everything, my cock stiffened as spoke those humilating words.

Thomas smirked and said, "It was my pleasure, Michelle."

We were both very hungry, so we had our late snack. As Mistress showered, I changed the sheets. Then I showered. I could tell that Mistress was still uncomfortable about the disagreement she had seen in my face earlier and it didn't take long for her to get around to it after we were comfortable settled in bed with her rubbing my ass.

"So now we get to the difficult part of the evening. Michael, I know that this did not go as you would have wanted. Do you think you can commit to raising my children after what happened here tonight?"

Since she had called me Michael I took a chance and dropped the Mistress from my reply. "Yes, Hannah. I do."

"Even if my first child was conceived tonight?"

"Yes Mistress. I will love and raise your children as if they were my own regardless of who fathers them. I admit I was angry at first, because I did have a secret fantasy, but it didn't include you having sex with another guy. I was selfish and afraid of losing you. You humiliated me much more than I could have imagined. But I humiliated myself even more. You saw what happened. I came without touching myself while you fucked that big real man's cock. I was jealous. Of course you would want to fuck a man with that much cock. I can't deny you that. I love you and I'm committed to you, no matter how many men you want to fuck. I will love and raise your children even if none of them are mine."

"Oh, you sweet sweet man. Despite what you might think, you were the only real man here tonight. Thomas was only a living fuck toy. I don't think any other man could ever be more right for me. Thomas did nothing to deserve his manhood. He was born with it. You earned yours. This night was a one-time thing for both of us. I needed to have this experience, but I'm smart enough to realize that a good lover is not measured by his cock. There will be no other men for me and I hope no other men for you either. You're my man and my little sissy-boy and that's what we both need. Your ass will still be mine and maybe we'll still have fun with Bella and Leelee, because that's good for both of us. And maybe we'll even invite Amy because she seems like a lot of fun.

By the way, in case you were worried, Thomas is snipped. He was guilty of too much pride about fathering children by many women and not supporting them. Bella snared him and broke him. Then she tamed him and recorded his vasectomy on tape. I saw the video. You will be the only father of my children. They will be our children."

Then my wonderful mistress wife rolled away from me and I rolled over and hugged her from behind. What a woman! We were both soon asleep. When I took the bandage off on Tuesday, I knew what it was like to be truly loved. The tat was a rectangular border surrounding the wordsm "TINY DICK - CUMS TOO QUICK" over "PROPERTY OF MISTRESS HANNAH".

On special occasions, we watch the DVD from that night. The first time I saw it I got a surprise. It starts out with Mistress recording herself in the full length mirror in the bedroom. She's naked except for the stockings and jewelry and she's speaking about what's about to happen. Here's the speech.

"In a little while I'm going to be fucking a big black cock. My sweet friend Bella has loaned me her favorite boyfriend Thomas for this event. My sissyboy husband is out in the parlor wearing a sexy serving maid outfit and serving him a drink now. Michelle doesn't know it yet, but she's going to be the real star of this show. She's going to help me get Thomas hard and then she's going to stuff that big cock into me. She's going to video the sex and then lick my sloppy pussy clean after Thomas comes in me. Then she'll clean Thomas's cock and when Thomas gets hard again, Michelle is going to beg to be fucked in the ass by it. I'll have her whack off while she's taking that monster up her ass. When this is done, Michael will be all the man and Michelle will be all the sissyboy he can be for me."

Author's note: Yes, this is the last installment of this series. I hope you've enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them. Thanks for all the encouraging comments. Don't forget to tip your server.
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