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Mistress Lucy takes control

Power reversal; the usually sissy crossdresser Lucy has fun with her girlfriend, Belle.
Belle had finished disrobing and stood in her bra and thong, both pink, following Lucy's command. The latter stood in front of her girlfriend and, with a light touch of the shoulder, pushed Belle down on to the bed. Belle looked up at Lucy expectantly, eyes wide.

Neither girl wore any makeup; they'd been awake for a couple of hours and, having spent the morning in the kitchen loafing around in their pajamas, drinking endless amounts of white tea from their cafetiere, both girls were just about ready to pee.

Lucy, horny, had dragged the unsuspecting Belle upstairs and had her strip her PJs off. Belle splayed out on the double king sized bed they'd spent hours choosing together in the shop, her crotch invitingly wide. Lucy could smell her pussy - each time she inhaled, her soft little cock buried beneath the white lacy thong grew. It was barely visible beneath the semi-transparent cream silk camisole.

Lucy hitched a knee on to the bed, between Belle's thighs and barely touching her damp vagina. She leaned over and reached under Belle's passive torso to unclip her bra. Pulling it off, Lucy slowly sniffed the inside cups. She didn't know what it was, but the scent of Belle's breasts on the fabric was gorgeous; a powdery, light fragrance that she couldn't get enough of.

'What're you gonna do to me, miss?' Belle said, wonderingly.

'Shh- honey, don't speak, just obey,' ordered Lucy softly.

Lucy fondled her lover's breasts, cupping them and gently rubbing her nipples with the pads of her thumbs. They pricked up between her fingers, bulgingly soft. She lowered her mouth to Belle's right nipple and held it between her teeth, increasing pressure until Belle cried out. She did the same with her left breast, with the same result. Lucy's head moved up to Belle's collarbone, where she paused to bite and suck hard. A red blotch appeared beneath the skin, and Lucy repeated the action on Belle's lower neck, biting gently, sucking hard. Belle gasped at the sensation until Lucy stopped.

Her mistress moved off the bed but leaned down again to push her nose against Belle's now wet pussy through the fabric. The smell caused the familiar tightening of her panties. Her tongue raised against the gusset of Belle's moist knickers, pushing in. Both girls moaned. Lucy pulled at each strap of the pink thong and tore them down Belle's smooth milky legs, over her small feet.

Lucy took a moment to admire Belle's pussy - her cleanly waxed mons pubis hairlessly raised follicles, the thick enclosing labia over her slightly protruding minora, with the parting and hint of clitoral hood at the top. She stroked a finger down between her lips. Belle quivered at her touch. Lucy bowed her head to Belle's pussy and kissed her straight on the lips. Lucy stood while holding Belle's hands, forcing her up off the bed.

'Undress me,' Lucy said haughtily.

'Yes, miss,' came the wavering response.

Belle lifted her girlfriend's nightdress off and undid her bra. Lucy's bra-wearing, to bed at least, was a new development as she decided she liked to wake up feeling girly. Belle knelt to pull Lucy's thong down. Her semi-erect penis sprang out and gently struck Belle on the cheek. Both girls giggled in the moment.

'In the shower, my little whore,' Lucy said.

Belle didn't move, frozen on the spot and enjoying what she was doing too much to obey her mistress.

'Now,' Lucy said, annoyed.

Belle still did not move. Lucy squeezed Belle's nipples sharply, and now she did shuffle towards the bathroom.

Once in, Lucy turned on the shower to a warm setting - their shower was a large open space with enough room to lay down in. Of course, this was no accident, for the girls chose this bathroom fitting to suit their wildly sexual needs. Lucy lied down and instructed Belle to stand over her.

'Piss on me,' she said bluntly. Belle looked almost shocked at the request, but scrunched her face up anyway and some drops of urine formed on the edge of her pussy lips. Drops turned to trickle, trickle turned to shower. Piss cascaded all over Lucy's face and body - what landed around her mouth she lapped up eagerly - and soaked her stiffening cock.

Once done, Lucy got up and said, 'Lie down, bitch,' to a pink cheeked Belle. This time she didn't hesitate. The water sprinkled only on her legs and Lucy's back. She squatted over Belle's face, her lover squirming.

'Stay still, Belle, you naughty thing,' she said.

Lucy had to focus on not allowing her penis to become any more erect, and aimed it down with the flat of her palm. She felt a release in her groin and a warm sensation flowing through her shaft as a light yellow piss splashed out the end of her cock and on to Belle's face.

Belle could taste the urine trickling into her mouth, disgusted and yet extremely turned on by it. Her pussy moistened, almost needlessly. She could smell Lucy's ass too, which her squatting so closely to her face. Lucy, sensing she'd almost done peeing, gave her soft prick a last wiggle which shook piss on to Belle's tits and hair. Belle looked relieved.

Lucy noticed this and said, 'I'm not done yet you whore.'

She began to masturbate, Belle could see her hairless anus convulsing as she did so. Lucy said not a word as she built herself closer, Belle merely watched in silence as she stroked her long hard cock faster and faster until she moaned and visibly lost control of herself; watched as wads of thick, creamy cum shot out of Lucy's cock at her face.

Lucy leaned down to Belle. 'You slut, why aren't you eating my cum?' But before she could begin to do so, Lucy wiped some of her cream on her fingers and reached behind herself to finger herself, smearing her cum in and around her hole.

'Belle, eat my ass, now, or I will punish you severely,' she threatened. And with that, she rotated half a turn and squatted once again, thrusting her sticky ass on to Belle's face.

The shower ran for almost an hour before the two girls were done.

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