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Mom's Old Boyfriend: Part Two

Courtney becomes an escort like her mother, after fucking Ron good like she did.
Having adopted my mother's appeal for wearing sexy clothing and turning on men, I had just sucked her rich former boyfriend's cock while she flew to Las Vegas for a long weekend with her new rich boyfriend. Mom had a love for the jet-set lifestyle and I was sure she was enjoying staying in an exclusive hotel and fucking her new boyfriend's brains out when he wasn't at the table gambling. They could order room service and stay in bed and fuck, all day. She would keep putting on new sexy underwear to turn her boyfriend on, time and again, and keep sucking him and fucking him. I had seen her do it with her old boyfriend, Ron, all the weekends he came to see her and I learned from her.

I had already taken off mom's black lacy panties, bra and stockings I was wearing when her Ron showed up and asked me if I was filling in for her while she was gone. I told him "Like mother, like daughter." Now, I was wearing mom's sexiest little red corset with a thong in the back and garter straps in the front. I had on a pair of her hot pink fishnet stockings, too. I wanted to show off my ass in her sexy little thong corset.

Although I preferred wearing full-rear cover panties, I knew to wear the thong to turn on Ron and his friend who was coming, named Gary. Gary owned an escort service and he was always getting calls for tranny escorts but he didn't have one. But he had a list of the men who were interested in them and he planned to start me off with a couple after he tried me out first, himself. My plan was to let Ron fuck me hard like I heard him doing to my mom and then for Gary to come into the bedroom and I would give him a blow job while Ron fucked me hard from behind.

I was already made up as a girl, having put on my mother's red nail polish and lipstick, makeup, eye liner and eye shadow. I was looking like she did wearing her cute shoulder-length blonde wig, sexy red corset and pink fishnet stockings. Putting on her stockings always reminded me of the first time I put on her sheer nude pantyhose and I felt my whole body connect with the wonderful soft material. My clitty dick looked so hot poking out of the silky, see-through fabric with a little wet spot on them like a girl's panties get.

I finished my hot outfit with a splash of mom's perfume on my body. I was creating the illusion of looking like her and feeling like her and I wanted to smell like her, too.

"Oh, my, Courtney," said Ron when I came from the bedroom into the living room. "You look like a tasty dessert, darling. I bet there are some horny men out there wishing they could be with you, tonight."

"Do you think so?" I said innocently like the seventeen-year-old tranny-in-training I was.

"I know so," he replied. "You look just like your mother. And you know how many men she can get with her looks and her body and class. You can be just like her, Courtney."

"Well, she has more men to choose from. I can only seem to find a few at a time, Ron."

Ron smiled widely.

"That's the beauty of working for the agency, Courtney. You'll be meeting lots of men and getting paid to do it. If you like one the best, you can make them your boyfriend and see them on your nights off. You'll have all the cock you desire like your mother does and you will get paid to fuck men like she does, too. When you go away to college, you can get a sugar daddy who pays your bills like your mother always has. You'll just have to suck and fuck one man and he'll pay you thousands of dollars a month. But you won't have to work as an escort, so you'll have time for your studies.

"The only thing I want to study this weekend is your cock, Ron," I said smiling. "I've been dreaming about it for a whole year while I sucked my mom's dildo to practice giving oral and fucked my ass with it vibrating inside of me, so I'm ready for cock in me like her. Using her vibrator makes me feel just like her. And sucking your big cock did, too. But I know I'll feel the most like her when you are fucking me in the bed like you do her. Leave the door unlocked and leave a little note telling Gary to join us. I'm ready to be fucked by you, big Ronnie boy."

I turned and walked away with a sexy strut I learned from mom toward her bedroom to fuck her old boyfriend, for the first time. He watched my hot little ass hanging out of the red thong corset as I walked away. He smiled widely and licked his lips. 

"Oh, you know what your mom calls me when she's having an orgasm, don't you?"

"Yes, Ronnie boy," I said smiling back at him. "And I want to say it a lot of times tonight when you're fucking me and making me have orgasms, too, big Ronnie boy."

It really was a great feeling getting ready to have a man's cock I had fantasized about having for the past year. Before when he was my mom's boyfriend, I could only dream of being with him. But now that she had left for Vegas with another man, her old cock was about to be my cock, all weekend. His big nine incher was hidden in his black cotton briefs and I couldn't wait to pull them down and suck on it to get it ready for my ass. All he had to do was unsnap my corset's crotch strap and he could shove it right inside of me.

Ron unlocked the door and left a note for Gary to come in and join us, then he came into the bed where he slept with my mother so many nights and fucked her all night and day, many weekends. I was now the occupant of her bedroom and I got a serious attitude about my womanly duties. A man's cock was of supreme importance and a girl had to be willing to feel pain between her legs as long as she was pleasing her man. Being a seventeen-year-old girly boy I was a little nervous about having a cock in me that I knew had stretched out my mother's pussy good, already. She moaned more for Ron than she did for her other men and I knew it was from the fatness of his nine incher. And I wanted him to make me moan all night like he did her.

He entered the bedroom and closed the door behind him and I felt, for the first time, what it was like to be my mother taking a man to bed. Always before, I had been on the other side of the closing door, left out of the sexual fulfillment men came to give my mother. She was beautiful and sexy and they wanted to satisfy her lips, her nipples, her pussy and her ass the way she liked it to be satisfied by their lips, their fingers and their cocks. Now, I was about to feel the pleasure that men gave her in bed and do it in her own bed with her own boyfriend.

"I want it to be just like it is when you do it with her, Ronnie boy," I said. "Tell me what she likes and then do it to me just like you do to her."

"Okay, Courtney. You have everything she does to satisfy men just like her. Her pussy is too stretched out, so I fuck her in the ass a lot, anyway. She loves it and your ass looks even tighter than hers. So, I know we'll both love it," said Ron. "The first thing she does is light some candles to set the mood while I sit on the bed and admire her body."

I smiled widely at my mother's old boyfriend.

"Well, I'd like you to sit on the bed and admire my body, too."

Before I could finish my thought, Ron was pulling me to him and lifting me up, making me feel like a girl with a real man and making my clitty dick hard when it touched his big cock in his black cotton briefs. I was swept off my feet by this hunk who my mother loved fucking. It was a great feeling to be manhandled like a sweet maiden by his determined force. I felt his big nine inch cock growing in his briefs and touching my clitty dick in my red corset. This was what sex was to me; two people satisfying each other as much as possible, using their mouth, lips, tongue, fingers, dicks, pussies, and asses to do it. Nothing felt better to me and I was sure other girls felt the same.

What I didn't know was that my mom's new boyfriend was actually her new pimp. And he had taken her to Las Vegas where she could make two or three thousand dollars a night sucking and fucking five or six different men at a time, at all night sex parties. Then she would go back to her room and fuck her pimp boyfriend good before going to sleep spooning with him, all day. And then she would get up and go out again and suck and fuck five or six different men, that night. 

She returned after the weekend waving her whore money in my face, saying she won ten thousand dollars at the casino. But she really won it in the hotel having twenty some different men stuffing her mouth, her ass and her pussy with their cocks during four nights of working the sex parties. So, it was symmetrical that I was home filling her empty bed and wearing her wig and lingerie and having sex with her old boyfriend while waiting to meet my first pimp, Gary, the owner of an escort service who was Ron's friend. It all felt so perfect, taking mom's place with Ron and being hired in her profession, all on the same weekend.

I was reaching down playing with his big manhood while we kissed. I couldn't wait for him to put it in me. Why should I be any different than mom? I, suddenly, remembered how mom would be naked under her short little robe when Ron showed up for the weekend. She would let her robe fall open, letting him see her naked body. And then they would rush into the bedroom and have sex for hours. She would only come out when Ron needed more ice for his martinis. Otherwise, mom and Ron would spend all night in bed sucking and fucking each other. Then they would stay in bed all day Saturday, sucking and fucking, too. I knew mom liked Ron's cock the best so I was glad to be getting it, too.

"Courtney, I admired your body from the moment I saw you in your mother's panties. I saw how that cock of yours gets hard when you're horny just like your mother's clit does. And it leaks juices into your panties just like your mother's pussy does. Lots of men get turned on looking at dicks in panties, you know? Even straight ones."

"You mean, you like seeing my little dickie in my mother's panties?"

"Courtney, you look like a seventeen-year-old girl when you wear panties, even without the wig. Any man in his right mind is going to get turned on by you. Even the straight guys will still want you to blow them good. Believe me, I saw whole bordellos of girls like you when I was in Thailand. And the men were coming and going from that place, all day and night. And they especially like younger girls with low mileage like you. You'll be a star escort for Gary's agency."

"What's the name of his agency?" I asked.

"That's it," said Gary. "Star Escort Services. All of his girls get a star diamond pendant on a gold necklace to wear to remind them they are stars, too. He has established clients in three counties. He'll provide the car and driver to take you to your appointments. You can pay the driver with your tips, so you still make a hundred an hour. Gary said you should be able to take home between six hundred and a thousand dollars a night after paying him."

"Wow!" I said smiling widely. "Men will spend plenty to get their cocks sucked and fucked by hot girls, won't they?"

Ron smiled, too, as he set me down on the floor.

"Courtney, it's the world's oldest profession for a reason. You can sell it and still keep it, so the profit margin is high, as well."

"How do you know so much about it?" I asked Ron.

"I own part of the agency. That's the business my wife thinks I'm running on weekends when I'm here with your mother. But Gary runs the agency. I'm only a silent partner. But my wife doesn't know it."

"In the meantime, you're here with my mom..."

"Fucking her good, the way I want to fuck you, right now."

I smiled up at him and saw the wonderment in his beautiful brown eyes. I knew seeing some hot young thing like me wearing my mother's corset and fishnet stockings made him horny for me, already. I led him over to the bed and sat him down on it. He leaned back against the headboard like a contented man, as I very sexily lit the candles on the dresser and nightstands that my mother liked to use to set the mood with her many lovers.

Ron watched me with a smile on his face. He was paying close attention to my hot little ass he said he liked from the moment he first saw. A girl's ass looks like gold when shown properly and I was happy to be showing mine hanging out of a sexy red thong corset. I had a hot color material around my hot ass that I knew men wanted like a girl's pussy, already. Their dicks felt more wonderful in a tight little ass than they did in a woman's big loose pussy. That was what I was counting on to make Ron want me, all weekend, the way he wanted my mom before.

"Mmmm, your little ass looks hot in your mother's corset, Courtney," he said.

"It's all yours, big Ronnie boy," I said imitating my mother's sexy voice.

I slapped my bare ass cheek and smiled at him, lovingly.

"Now, you can see what you want. But I can't see what I want, darling," I said as I lit more of the candles.

Then I stopped and smiled at him.

"Why don't you take off your briefs and give me a show, too, honey."

He dutifully took off his black cotton briefs and I was glad to control his cock like my mother did. She used the power of her pussy to do it and I was using the power of my hot ass. But overall, we were one and the same, both horny little honeys in need of hard cocks. With me, this night, I had Ron and his partner, Gary, tag-teaming me to try me out for their escort service. But I couldn't have known that my mother was being tag-teamed this night, in Las Vegas, too, by five and six men at a time all having a sex party with paid escorts. She would have a cock in her ass, a cock in her pussy, a cock in her mouth, and a cock in each hand, and she would still want to please that sixth cock with her feet like a good little whore. And I could only hope to be as good as her.

"Mmmm, nice," I said to my Ronnie baby. "My first boyfriend had a nine inch cock, too. But his wasn't as fat ads yours. Yours is big and plump, honey."

"That's what your mom liked about my cock. She said it's nice and fat. It fills her holes better than other lesser men's cocks can."

"I guess not, now," I said smiling. "Oh, well, Ronnie baby, her loss is my gain. Now, I get to feel what she was getting all of those nights and days you spent in here with her."

It really was strange, all of the sudden, to be going to bed with mom's favorite boyfriend like she did, wearing her sexy lingerie and lighting her sensuous candles for mood lighting. Her perfume on me filled the air and I felt her presence with each candle I lit. It was like a metamorphosis was taking place and I was becoming more like my mother than I was like my father. I wanted to be sexy and seductive like her and I even wanted to please the same man she did.

I, suddenly, felt my mother's spirit there in the room with me. It was the spirit of the whore of the earth and I felt it, too. The only thing she loved was men's cocks and their money. She didn't care about anything else. I had been having sex with men for the past year and I never felt this feeling before. I had had sex with a few men for money, but it was the men I loved to please and I didn't care about the money. But knowing I was performing sex for a man for five or six hundred dollars this weekend like I was about to for Ron made me not care about him, as much.

I was just an object to him and he was just two objects to me, his fat cock and his fat wallet. I, suddenly, understood why mom locked herself away with him, all weekend, and just sucked and fucked him without stopping to do anything else. That was what he expected her to do for the five or six hundred dollars. That was what a good high paid whore did for her client. She pleased him every way he wished. It just happened that Ron liked putting his cock in her mouth, her ass and her pussy, so she never got boring to him. She was a true pro in the bedroom a man could count on to make him cum ten times in one night. And since I was filling in for her, that's what her big Ronnie boy expected me to do, suck and fuck him all weekend like mom did, so well.

Horny is as horny does. I walked toward Ron swaying my sexy bare hips from side to side while giving him a seductive stare in his sweet eyes. Turning him on like mom was a pleasure and a half. His eyes were glued to my hot body and my little clitty dick in the corset. A hard clitty tells a man his woman is ready to fuck and my clitty dick was having the same effect on Ron's cock which sprang even higher and became firmer while he was staring at my hot body. I strutted over and stood in front of him, showing off my tiitties in the red lacy cups of mom's sexy corset.

"You have some budding little titties there, Courtney," he said. "What size are they?"

"I wear a C-cup," I said. "So, mom's cups are too big for me."

"Well, I do like fucking her between her tits when her ass and pussy get too sore, so I'm glad her tits are big."

"Most men who see them are," I said sounding disappointed about my breasts.

"Well, look at the bright side, Courtney. You have her genes so your tits will get big like hers, eventually."

Mom's D-cup tits were her pride and joy, like my ass was my pride and joy. My ass was even nicer than my mom's, so I was always eager and confident to show it off. Her tits gave her the same proud feeling to show a man and I could only hope that Ron was right and my tits grew as big as my mom's.

"All the same" I said. "You can still play with my tits and suck on them the way you do mom's. You just have to loosen my corset in back."

I turned around like a dutiful whore for her john while Ron untied my corset stings in back, loosening them so I could pull the sexy lacy cups down and let him play with my tits. He reached out with both hands and played with them while I stood next to the bed.

"Oh, yeah," he said smiling. "You like your titties played with by a man just like your mother does."

"And sucked on," I said encouraging my mom's former sugar daddy.

"No problem," he said.

He lifted me up by my arms and set me in bed next to him. I felt like a little doll boy with a big stud muffin, suddenly. If this is what my mother felt, I understood why she was so unsociable whenever Ron came to visit. She had a real man to satisfy and, now, he was mine, instead of hers. I had already started him off with a really sexy blow job on the living room couch when I deep throated him and swallowed his whole load. Now, it was time for him to fuck my brains out the way he enjoyed doing to my mother, for hours and hours. And she enjoyed, too. It was my turn to melt like ice cream for her big Ronnie boy.

Ron leaned down with his arm around me and started sucking on my nipple and my clitty dick leaked pre-cum into the corset, making the crotch wet and sticky. My mom's sweet pussy juices did the same thing to it, so the sight of my own juice in her corset made me feel like I was really a hot and horny woman like she was. And her blonde wig even made me look like her.

Ron was glad to suck my titties like he did mom's, even if they weren't as big as hers. He wanted to treat me fully as a girl to make sure I was ready for the escort service where being a passable CD/TV is necessary. "Everything a girl can do, I can do better" was soon becoming my mantra. Fucking my mother's former main lover and provider was making me feel like a real woman like her. She had everything a man wanted and so did I. I just had to act like she did while I gave it to him. So, if she acted like she liked having her titties sucked on, so would I.

"Oh, yeah, baby, you're turning me on. Your tongue feels so good on my nipples. Oh, yeah, suck them good, Ronnie baby."

He was going from one of my nipples to the other with his tongue darting out and flicking them. The softness of his tongue felt so good on my nipples which were already hard from me being so horny for his big cock. It was so magical to feel like my mom with a man in her bed, for the first time, having my titties sucked as he turned me on to have sex with him, all night. I wanted his cock in me so bad, at that moment.

If I was going to learn to love what a whore loves, it was only right that mom's favorite old boyfriend teach me. And the first thing I loved was his big nine inch cock I was sure so a many other women loved liked my mother did. But she got tired of missing Ron's cock on the weekends he didn't come, so she was doing something about it by getting fucked extra hard by lots of strange men in Las Vegas as she worked as a call girl at sex parties. And there I was becoming a call girl in her bed, getting ready to suck and fuck my first pimp daddy, Ron, and his partner, Gary.

"I love sucking on your tits," said Ron.

"I just wish they were as big as my mother's," I replied.

"Courtney, would you stop?" he said. "Look here."

Ron reached in the nightstand drawer and pulled out some photographs of my mom naked in bed.

"Here," he said. "I took these of her in Bermuda when we were there, last year. Do you see how proud she is sitting up in bed showing off her body to me? That's how I want you to be, proud of your sexy body, too. You are just the same as your mother. You are a sexy feminine being who wants to please men's cocks just like her and you are proud of the body you do it with like your mother is proud of hers, in these photographs."

It was strange looking at naked pictures of my mother taken in a hotel room in Bermuda. Seeing her big tits and nipples I sometimes saw hanging out of her robe wasn't strange to me. It was seeing her big pink pussy lips and her fingers down there playing with her clitty in some of the pictures. She had just probably had her pussy fucked a good long time by Ron and she still wanted another cock in her. You could tell by her fingers. My clitty dick was just as sensitive as her clit and her pussy lips were, so pleasing men like she did was going to be my specialty, too.

Mom and I were from the same mold was what Ron was saying. And I was really glad to be cut from the same mold as my mother because her ass and mine were just alike and I was happy to be about to have mine invaded by Ron's big, fat niner. I, suddenly, felt proud of myself and my body like my mother in the pictures. Being able to please several men's cocks in one night after first making those men desire you was something to be admired in a woman. And I wanted to be a woman like that. I had a good start sleeping with her old boyfriend for the five or six hundred dollars he paid her for every weekend. 

"Don't underestimate yourself, Courtney," he said encouraging me. "You're young still and haven't filled out, yet. Give it time and you'll get there. "

He went back to sucking on my titties while I moaned like my mom does. I was, suddenly, jealous she got to have Ron's cock in so many four star hotels with room service and nice big swimming pools in exotic places. Mom really was a special lady for men to want to take her away and spend lots of money on her and pay her for going with them, besides. That was the life of a mistress to rich men and it appealed to me, as well. I wanted to have a sugar daddy like she always had to please regularly in exchange for money. But I was willing to be an escort, first, so I could get the experience my mother had working as an escort.

"Suck those titties, big Ronnie baby," I said. "I want to suck your cock just like that, too."

I reached down and started stroking his semi-erect cock while he sucked away on my titties.

"Baby, I love feeling your big cock in my little hand," I said. "I want it in me all night, tonight, you big stud boy. And nothing else matters."

"I think we can accommodate you," said Ron.

I looked up to see Ron's friend, Gary, who was there to try me out for their escort service, come into the room wearing a suit and tie. He was in his early thirties but he had boyish good looks that made him seem younger to me. Right away, I knew I would enjoy taking his clothes off since he was tall at six-foot-three. Tall men always give me a great feeling to undress because their cocks are usually big, too. So, this one was going to be delightful for me to undress.

Ron quickly introduced me to the big new stud he brought me and he asked me if I'd like to help Gary get undressed to join us. I stood up and showed off my titties hanging out of the thong corset feeling like my mom in Bermuda. Gary was happy I looked passable as a girl as I took his jacket and shirt off and hung them up for him. It was all a part of being a high class prostitute I was learning. A man didn't want to have to explain his wrinkled clothes when he went home to his wife, so a good whore hung them up for him and kept his clothes neat, even being ready to sew a button back on for him if he needed one after she ripped his shirt off to get to his cock, in a hurry.

Once I had Gary's tie, suit jacket and shirt hung up for him, I started rubbing my fingers through his chest hair with one hand while I loosened his belt with my other hand. He was getting good and hard for me just from looking at me in mom's sexy little corset and her hot pink fishnet stockings. We were connecting in a whore/client relationship where I felt honored just to have his cock to suck and he was glad to know I would do it for him.

He was the significant one and I was just a cheap little whore he could abuse if he wanted is what I felt. It was time to do my whore duty and sit on the edge of the bed while I took off Gary's shoes and socks and his pants and underwear for him. And then I planned to stroke him and suck him good like a sweet little whore, all as an audition to become a paid escort who makes a hundred dollars an hour after she pays her service.

After I removed his clothes, I beheld his perfect eight inch cock. I felt like a girl looking at something beautiful. It wasn't as long or as round as Ron's cock, but it was prettier to look at. The head on it was so plump and big, it looked like piece of fruit to eat and I wanted it in my mouth, immediately, so I didn't waste any time with small talk. I sat on the bed in my sexy corset and fishnet stockings stroking his cock for him and licking my lips to get ready to suck it.

"Yeah, baby," said Gary. "Suck it like a good little whore for me, baby."

He was so damned handsome, I was glad to suck it for him. I opened wide and took the big purple head of his cock in my mouth while I stroked on the length of it for him.

"Oh, yeah" he said. "Your little tongue feels like velvet on my dick, baby. Lick it like a lollipop, honey."

I licked the entire length of the bottom of his cock down to his balls. Then I stopped and licked his balls for a bit, too.

"Oh, yeah, baby," said Gary. "You love a nice big set of balls on a man, don't you, honey? Lick those balls good, too, baby."

He didn't have to tell me because I was already doing it. But I still enjoyed hearing him encourage me to be a good slut whore. I was still stroking his cock while I licked his big hairless nutsack for him. This was a trick I had learned. My mouth was a little tired from deep throating Ron earlier, so I was cheating by getting Ron's cock off with a good hand job while I licked his balls for him. Then when he was good and horny, I planned to blow him and make him cum all over my sweet little face.

'She's good," said Gary to Ron.

"I told you," replied Ron. "Her mother has been my best fuck, for yours. Hell, I even offered to leave my wife for her."

"The apple doesn't far fall from the tree," said Gary.

"No, it doesn't," said Ron. "She loves wearing her mother's sexy things. I walked in and caught her wearing them and she gave me the best blow job I've had since her mother blew me last."

"She really is good," said Gary.

He was loving what my tongue was doing to his balls and my hand to his eight inch dick. And it was time for me to deep throat him like I did Ron to prove my true worth as a paid whore boy. But first I switched positions and got in the doggy-style position on the bed for Ron to see my nice ass in the thong corset with only a string of red material going through my sexy little ass cheeks. After I got in the doggy-style position, I put Gary's cock in my mouth and swallowed a full six inches of it and started sucking on it good for him.

Ron took the clue that my sexy ass cheeks were giving him and he got into the nightstand drawer and took out my mother's jar of Vasaline. He put the Vasaline all over his big boner while he kneeled on the bed behind me. Then he unsnapped the corset crotch snap and pulled it up around my waist and got into a position to fuck me while I sucked on his partner's cock.

"Yeah, baby, you're unbelievable Courtney," said Gary. "I've been looking for a girl like you for years. Oh, yeah, honey, you really love to suck cock, don't you?"

I nodded "yes" while I continued to suck his cock.

Then I felt the big, powerful head of Ron's cock between my soft ass cheeks. And his firm, strong hands on my hips and I felt just like a dainty girl being manhandled by two studs, all the sudden. I was only five-foot-eight and both men were well over six-feet tall, so it was no problem feeling like a cute girl with them. And when Ron's cock went into my ass, it was better than any man's cock any girl ever had before. It was a full six inches round and the immensity of it sent wonderful sensations from my hot little ass all throughout my entire body.

I, suddenly, understood why mom locked herself away in the bedroom all weekend and fucked and sucked Ron's big cock for him, all day and night. She was just as turned on by his big cock inside of her as I was. We were two alike girls, both loving having the same man's cock inside of us. I knew my mother loved it from hearing her moaning for hours when she had it inside of her. Now, it was my turn to moan for her big handsome boyfriend's big nine inch cock, all weekend.

He shoved his entire nine inches inside me on the first push and I was in ecstasy, feeling his big manhood inside my little ass. I had always resented my mom for ignoring me whenever Ron came to see her. But I understood now it was her love for his cock inside her that made her forget me on weekends he came. She had to have it, the same way I wanted it so badly the minute he put it in me.

I was sure lots of boyfriends have fucked their girlfriend's seventeen-year-old daughters like Ron was fucking me. But I was also sure no seventeen-year-old girl ever got a cock as good as Ron's felt inside of me. He was taking my breath away each time he pushed his mammoth meat in deep. I wanted to stop sucking Gary's cock to breath easier through my mouth, but I had to give him good head to work for his agency, so I kept sucking him.

"Oh, yeah, little baby, your tongue feels like velvet on my cock. You're doing great, little Courtney."

Fucking and sucking two big studs, at the same time, is standard for whores. A girl can make extra money having more than one man fuck her, at a time. That was what my mother was doing in Vegas making two to three thousand a night being an escort for sex parties. Five or six guys were paying her to have sex with them at the same time. Like now, with Ron and Gary, I would be getting two hundred an hour, instead of one hundred. But it's harder work for a girl to please two men at once, so you work harder for the money.

"You ass is golden" said Ron. "It's even tighter than your mom's and hers is nice, too."

It was nice to know I was pleasing mom's old boyfriend with my ass like she did. I'm sure she loved playing with her clitty while he fucked her ass hard. Mom loved playing with her clitty for hours, even without a cock in her ass. Her clit must have really made her feel good because she would go into her own world while she fingered herself. She didn't even care if I saw her fingering herself, reaching down in her panties on the living room couch.

It, suddenly, occurred to me that I was fingering myself on the living room couch when Ron walked in and caught me. I was being just like my mom, wearing her sexy little black lace panties and fingering my clitty dick just like her. I like to wear little panties and finger myself for hours, too, just like mom. I was definitely just like her. It was her "Cosmopolitan" magazines, she got every month, where I first saw lingerie models and started wanting lingerie myself. I would look at the sexy girls and image I was them and I would end up beating off thinking about being a girl in panties.

Thinking about it clearly, it was mom's sexy girl magazine that made me want to be a sexy girl. There would be articles about how to please men in bed and I read every word of them. I wanted to know what girls knew about pleasing men, so I could please them, too. Why should girls have all the fun getting all the good cocks? Why couldn't I get good cocks, too, if I dressed sexy? Ron's wonderful man tool penetrating my ass so powerfully was letting me know I could get the good cocks just like girls do.

In fact, I was so proud having my mom's favorite big hard cock in me, I wanted to wave the six hundred dollars he paid me for the weekend in her face when she waved her Vegas whore money in my face when she came back. But I knew she loved Ron's cock so much, she wouldn't talk to me again if she knew I fucked him and even did it in her bed wearing her lingerie, all weekend.

I loved being tag-teamed for hours by mom's big stud boyfriend and his escort service partner, Gary. They both filled me up with their cum and I let Gary cum all over my face, the first time he came. Needless to say, I was hired to start the next night working as a paid tranny escort for their service. Being seventeen, there was a high demand for me by older men, so my career took off fast. But it was all because I had fantasized about fucking Ron while I used mom's vibrator that I ended up sleeping with him and becoming an escort. I still love him as my first pimp daddy. And Gary even gave me a gold necklace with a star pendant made of diamonds to wear, that night, when I officially became a Star Escort like my mom was busy being in Vegas. Well, like mother, like daughter.

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