My First Boyfriend Part Four

By cindytranee

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I suck off a bunch of guys at a party and take two home to have a foursome
The drive home from the party was quiet because I had sucked off ten guys at the party and my mouth was sore and we were pretty drunk too. Two of his friends were following us home I assumed to have sex and party. I lay on the seat with my head in Steve's lap and rested while we listened to the radio. I asked Steve how were going to keep those two from finding out I wasn’t a real girl and he replied that they already knew. He said that none of the guys I had blown knew I was a guy until he told these two afterward. They were cool with it and wanted some more; the other eight still had no idea that the chick who blew them was a tranny. He reminded me that I was to do anything he asked and told me that tonight that applied to his friends as well. I promised I would be their sex slave for the night and do anything they wanted.

We arrived home and after getting out of the car Steve introduced me to his friends Tom and Dale. I recognized their faces since I had just sucked their cocks and swallowed their cum. I didn't remember which dick belonged to each of them but I was sure I was about to be reminded. We went inside and the guys sat in the den and started rolling a joint and watching porn. I went to the kitchen to get some snacks and beers

I sat down with the guys and drank and smoked while watching some porn. They had started out with some straight porn but soon switched to tranny. I could tell they all were excited by it and from the comments they were making I was about to get fucked by all of them. I could also see that Dale was the guy with the huge cock from the bulge that had formed in his pants. Steve told me to go get something sexy on so I went upstairs and put on some black fishnets, panties and corset. I also put on a pair of black heels that were so tall I could barely walk in them. That was OK; I wasn't going to be doing much walking anyway.

As I entered the room I heard the two guys gasp and could tell they approved. Steve told me to get everyone another beer so I walked to the kitchen trying to be as sexy as I could. I returned and was going to sit next to Steve but he stopped me. He told me it would be nice if I would give Tom and Dale head while they watched the video. Tom was closest so I dropped to my knees in front of him and helped him out of his pants. I rested my elbows on his thighs and took him in my mouth. I sucked his seven incher like a pro and soon he pushed me away saying he was not ready to cum again just yet. By the time I made it over to Dale he was naked and his huge eight incher was sticking straight up. I could barely get him in my mouth he was so thick but I stuck with it and soon had his entire length in my mouth. I was so proud that I had learned to deep throat such a big cock and soon he also pushed me away. I was headed toward Steve to give him his turn when he stood up and suggested we move to the bedroom.

All three guys were naked by the time we got to the bedroom. They all helped strip me naked then they blindfolded me and lay me on the bed face down. They tied ropes around my wrists and ankles and tied the ends to the four corners of the bed. I heard Dale say that he forgot his belt and then heard him running down the stairs. Steve told Tom to go ahead and warm me up with his hand first and soon I felt Tom’s hand land the first smack on my ass. It wasn’t extremely hard but was by no means soft.

He spanked me for a little while until I could feel my ass heating up then he stopped. Steve told Dale to go ahead and give me the belt and next thing I know I’m being spanked hard with the belt. He beat me until I was crying and begging him to stop and finally he did stop. Steve got some lotion and rubbed it into my ass gently. He rubbed my ass cheeks until they were cooled and let his fingers slide between my legs. He stroked me and pulled my cock back so it could be seen and touched then he put a couple of fingers in me and started massaging my prostate. Oh that felt good! I almost came before he pulled them out.

I heard Tom say, “Who’s first?” and Steve told him to go for it so he got on the bed behind me and slid his cock into me and started fucking me hard and fast. He pumped me good for quite a while. I love getting fucked in that position with the man laying on me holding me down so I can feel his weight on me. He turned my head toward him and kissed me and I almost lost it. He was sweating and breathing hard when he pulled out and almost instantly I had Steve inside me pumping away and when he pulled out dale shoved his monster in me. Dale was hitting places inside me that never get touched and it was driving me wild. Each time he would thrust it made my cock rub the sheets beneath me and with him filling me so completely I came hard. I didn’t tell Steve this but dale made me cum two more times that night. I love Steve’s cock but Dale showed me that size does matter but only if the guy knows what he’s doing.

So that’s how it went for what seemed like forever. One guy would pull out to be replaced by the next and then the next. Finally Steve was in me and he shoved all the way in and filled me with cum. When he pulled out Tom put just the head of his cock in and stroked his cock until he added his load. Then Dale pushed his huge head in and did the same. When he pulled out he pushed my ass cheeks together and told me to hold it all in while they untied me. I held it all in and when they let me up they put me on the floor and told me to squat over a bowl they had placed there. I did and before they even told me to I squeezed all the cum out into the bowl. There was so much cum it was unreal. I’ve never seen that much cum before. Steve handed me a spoon and said “eat up!” I didn’t want or need the spoon so I tossed it aside and brought the bowl to my lips then tilted my head back and let it all slide out into my mouth. I swished it around savoring the taste and even gargled with it a bit before swallowing it all down and showing them my empty mouth. They all cheered and told me I was a good girl.

We all needed a rest so we sat on the bed and had a couple of shots and some more weed. As we were finishing up the joint I noticed that Dale was hard again. His huge cock was red from fucking and the veins were standing out and I swear I think it was throbbing. Steve saw me looking at it and told him to go ahead and get him some. I assumed the position on the bed and they didn’t bother to tie me up. There was no need; I was as compliant as any sex slave could be. He climbed on my back and started fucking me again. He fucked for a long time before he stiffened up and came in me again. Tom then climbed on and did the same followed by Steve.

They kept doing this until they couldn’t stay hard any more. That’s when one of them got an idea. Tom took a candle off the dresser and pushed it into me. He fucked me with it a while and Steve went and got several more of various sizes and proceeded to insert one after another; each one bigger than the last. That started somewhat of a contest to see who could find the strangest and biggest object to shove up my ass. They put all kinds of stuff up there, golf club, baseball bat, hairbrush handle, beer bottle, and one got a pack of hot dogs and shoved them all in one by one. They were taking pictures the whole time too so on all our computers there are pictures of the whole night including one with ten hot dogs sticking out of my ass.

By the time we went to sleep I was worn out and it was almost daylight. I couldn’t believe that I had been getting fucked for around 6 hours straight! When I finally woke up the next day it was almost two in the afternoon and I was wrecked. When I stood up I thought my guts were going to slide out! I made it to the tub and soaked in a warm bath for over an hour while Steve slept. When he got up I was curled up on the sofa watching a movie. We both just chilled the rest of the day. It took several days to get back to normal. My ass hurt for almost a week afterward and I couldn’t walk right for days. When I finally went home I told Steve we should do it again but with more guys. He asked how many and I told him to surprise me. He told me that there was another party in two weeks and maybe we could do something then. I was looking forward to it and hoped it would be even wilder than this weekend was.