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My First Boyfriend Part Two

My boyfriend and I get closer
NOTE- this story will make more sense if you read part one,it can be accessed through my profile page.

The week leading up to today had been one of the longest of my life. I was very excited that today had finally arrived. My boyfriend Steve’s parents left early that morning and would not be back for three days. My parents had agreed to let me stay over while they were gone. Steve and I were going to experience our first time living like a real couple in a real house and not in our fort as usual.

In the days leading up to this I had gotten prepared. I bought a make-up case and filled it with all the make-up we had. I laundered the lingerie and other clothing I wanted to wear and packed it in a suit case. I had disposable douches and lube and Steve had gotten us some weed and booze and we got some porn DVD’s mostly tranny porn but some gay and straight porn too.

Steve had given me the key to the house and I was to show up that afternoon and make myself at home till he got home at six. He was bringing dinner so there was no cooking to do. All I had to do was clean up and be dressed for him when he arrived. He had been busy too; before leaving that morning he had laid out the clothes he wanted me to be wearing when he got home. I walked into his parent’s room and saw that he had laid out his mother’s old wedding dress with white lingerie and shoes. I got very excited and couldn’t wait to see how I looked and felt in this beautiful dress.

I made myself a drink and drew a nice hot bubble bath and settled in to soak for a while and sip my drink. As I luxuriated in the bubbles I dreamed about this man whose body and wonderful cock would be mine for the next few days. I really loved him and would have really married him had he asked. I was never happier than when alone with him and worshipping his marvelous cock and I couldn’t wait to get my lips wrapped around it again. The water started getting cold so I got out and wrapped a towel around me like I’d seen girls do on TV and made another drink to sip while I did my hair (I had let it grow long so I wouldn’t need a wig any more. I finished my hair and put on the lingerie Steve had put out for me. I put on the softest silkiest white stockings I had ever felt, then the matching white suspenders and attached them to the stocking tops. Then came a nice white lacy bra which I stuffed with some white socks to fill out. It was still early and I didn’t want to put on this wedding dress until right before Steve came home. It was so fancy and bulky it would be too easy to damage and not very comfortable to lounge in.

I did my make-up sitting at his Mom’s make up table and between what she had and what I brought with me I did the best job ever on my face. I put on a robe and walked downstairs to wait for Steve. I set a table for two and lit candles then lit a fire in the gas fireplace. I loaded five DVD’s in the player and sat down for a while. It wasn’t long before Steve called to say he had picked up dinner and was on the way. Lucky China Restaurant is about a ten minute drive so I’d have just enough time. I went upstairs and put the dress and veil on, then the shoes. I touched up my make-up and went back down. I made us both a drink and sat down in the living room. I sipped my drink and waited nervously. I was so excited I had butterflies in my stomach.

After what seemed like an eternity the door opened and in walked my man with a dozen roses in his hand. I stood up and smiled as he crossed the room, threw the roses on the chair and took me in his arms. It was the most passionate kiss of my life! The smell of his cologne, the feel of his five O: Clock shadow on my cheek, and his strong arms holding me was almost overwhelming. His hands wandered over my body and I was rubbing his nice fat cock through his pants. He slowly reached behind me and unzipped the dress. He pulled it down over my shoulders and helped me get my arms out before letting it fall to my feet. I stepped out of it and back into his arms. We kissed again as his hands found my ass and squeezed. Then he blew my mind by picking me up and carrying me up the stairs. He said that dinner would have to wait, he needed me now!

I felt so feminine and submissive as he carried me into the bedroom and lay me on the bed. He was on me in a second, kissing and biting my neck and ears and feeling my ass and little cock. I somehow got his belt undone and unzipped his pants. I fished his cock out and stroked it softly, oh how I loved the way it felt in my hand the way his foreskin slid up and down his shaft! He started taking his shirt off and I helped him then his pants socks and boxers were soon with the shirt on the floor. He lay on his back and I took him in my mouth. I slowly sucked and licked him taking my time and making sure every bit of him got attention. I sucked him for almost an hour. I would bring him to the point of cumming then back off and let him come down before doing it all over again. I actually tried to make him cum a couple of times but he pulled out and told me he was not ready yet.

Steve pulled me off his cock and said “I’m ready for some pussy now!”

He rolled me over and lifted me up into the doggy position. I thought I’d be feeling his head at my entrance soon but was pleasantly surprised to feel his tongue entering me. He pulled my little cock down between my legs and stroked it as he licked, tongued, and sucked my hole. He ate me for a long time until I was begging him to fuck me. I thought he would just do me doggy since I was already in position but when he was done licking me out he turned me over on my back and lay on top of me missionary style. He slowly slid his big cock all the way up in me with one stroke. I almost came right then. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and held him close as he slowly and gently fucked me. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me as we fucked like real lovers do. I don’t know how long we went at it in this position but we gradually built up momentum until we were both covered in sweat but could not stop; it felt too good! Steve was kissing me and nipping at my earlobes and neck as I gently rubbed his back and ass. Eventually he tightened up and held his cock deep in me as he emptied himself and filled me up. To this day I have not shared such a tender and passionate moment with anyone.

Steve rolled off me and we lay on the bed until we had cooled down. He told me that this meant I was his wife now and that I must do anything he says. I agreed and promised I would be just his and I’d do anything and everything he wanted me to. He told me to go to his car and get the Chinese take-out he had forgotten and bring it to the dining room. I jumped up and started to put on my panties and he stopped me. He told me that I was not to get dressed until he told me so I went to the car naked and got the food. Luckily it was dark out and I don’t think anyone saw me.

I popped the food in the microwave and made a couple of drinks, and then we sat at the table and ate our dinner. While we were eating he told me of his plans for the weekend. Tomorrow was Friday and we were going to a drive in movie. We would hang out during the day Saturday and were going to a keg party that night. Sunday we would stay in bed all day and watch old movies and make love. I was very excited about the drive in but a little scared about the keg party. No one had ever seen me dressed like a girl except Steve. At the drive in we would be in the car in the dark so I figured that would be safe but at a keg party with a hundred or so teen agers getting drunk and wild I was afraid I would be found out. Whatever; I would worry about that later. Right now I just wanted to be with my man and have some more fun.

When we finished dinner we sat in the den on the sofa me still naked and Steve in his boxers. We started one of the DVD’s and lit a joint. The movie was a tranny theme and was totally hot! There were three trannies and five or six guys having a group thing. Gurls were giving head, getting fucked, and even getting spit roasted, something I wanted to try soon. By the time the first scene ended we were both hard and hot and I soon had his cock in my mouth again. He was leaned back and from the angle I was at I could suck him and watch the TV at the same time. I took my time and licked and sucked him thoroughly. He was playing with my ass the whole time. The scene was a tranny sucking a guy off and when the guy came in her mouth Steve came too. I love it when he comes in my mouth!

We watched the video for a while with him sitting on the sofa and me laying on it with my head in his lap. When the video changed the next one was a real young tranny with a big dicked white guy. It was really hot! I know I loved it and Steve started getting hard again so I knew he loved it too. I licked him a bit to get him fully hard then got up and straddled him. I slowly lowered myself onto his cock and it sank in balls deep. I kissed and sucked his neck while slowly rocking back and forth. He had his hands on my ass and was guiding me up and down slowly. It was so erotic! At one point in the video the little tranny was screaming that she was cumming and Steve grabbed my little cock and stroked it until I shot on his tummy. He motioned for me to get up so I lay back down with my head in his lap and licked his cock and tummy clean. We went to bed later on and slept naked. We started off with him lying on his back and me nuzzled up to to him with my head on his shoulder and my hand on his soft cock. We slept like that most of the night but when I woke I was on my side with him spooning me. His warm soft cock was nestled between my ass cheeks and felt great. I had never been so content. Later at breakfast I expressed my concern about the keg party. Steve told me he wanted to talk to me about it but it would have to wait until later, after work when he got home.

To be continued…..

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