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My First Night Chapter 2

The second chapter to my night with Marie

She also included in this bundle of sissy goodies, sheer black thigh high stocking and black three-inch wedges. My legs were so high and my body so curvaceous, my soft red lipstick tied in with the red baby doll. She had placed a blonde wavy wig which I tied into my hair with grips and styled with a middle part-in. Marie also supplied red nail varnish and some very sensuous perfume. My eyes glistened with black eye liner, mascara and feint eye shadow. I looked and felt so amazing. All I wanted now was to see what she had install for me...

I proceeded down the stairs hearing the sound of each heel of the wedge on the wooden step. It sounded so amazing! My heart was pounding. My clitty was swelling I felt so sexy...

I knocked once, then twice and the third time the door slowly started to open. Marie said come in darling. My heart was pounding in my chest so hard, as I opened the door and walked in... I was astonished by what I saw!


The room... Oh my god the room. My eyes tantalisingly traced and stumbled across tea lights giving of an erotic smell. I inhaled. The rush of this sensuous fragrance enticed my tightly packed clitty to tense. No one was to be seen, I took one extra careful step into the front room, still no one. Then I heard Marie,

"Boys, go fetch that sissy for me." Her tone of voice had made her sound like she had changed into this fearsome and dominating woman, a Marie I wasn't aware of.

I heard two sets of footsteps coming from the kitchen, then from the arch way, these two hunky, ripped men with nothing but a tight pair of lace boxers strutted in. One of them cheekily winked at me as he approached and instructed me to bow. I did, and then the other hunky guy fastened a piece of rope around my waist and tugged. I stumbled and struggled to regain my balance. I felt like 'Bambi', teetering on the edge of a cliff. I was blind-folded and gagged, and then all of a sudden I was off. Walking very awkwardly in these high heels, I bumped into the sofa and collapsed into it. I was put in an upright position and instructed to sit still.

I sat still, two minutes past then I heard the unmistakable sound of high heels, Marie had entered the room. I also heard some faint whispering, and then I felt a hand on my shoulder, then another on my other shoulder. Clearly someone was stood in front of me. With no time wasted one slap on the cheek, then the other side, 'SLAP', again, and again, back and forth the slapping across me cheek.

Marie then spoke, "Sissy, don't say a word."

With that said, my gag was removed, but not for long as I now had learned that what had been slapping my cheeks was a thick, uncut, cock!

I was left with an ultimatum, do I suck?

It pressed against my lips, a stern voice from Marie, "Sissy, now you open your mouth like a good little slut you are or you'll have embarrassing consequences to pay."

I gulped, took the plunged and as I opened my mouth was engulfed by a throbbing, warm juicy cock. Pre cum oozed to the back of my throat as he pumped his cock in and out. I started to get into it, grappling his buttocks, getting deeper. I gaged a few times and all I heard was laughter. His cock then sprung out from my mouth, slapped me across the cheek and then in again. That repeated a few times over. I was in pure delight!

Marie ordered him to stop as she saw him about to climax. She guided me up on my bambi like legs and walked me over what seemed like a sturdy cushioned bench, I was pushed down, straddled by Marie and we started to kiss frantically. She worked her way down and did something I wasn't expecting. She slapped my cock with a whip and I whimpered. Again, a room full of laughs, this time I could hear more laughing as if there were more people, then the unmistakable sounds of photographs being taken. Simultaneously I was so scared and in pure ecstasy.

After a minute or two, someone had pushed and spread my legs apart exposing my clitty and arse. Instantly my little dick was erect. I felt someone getting close at the other end of the bench. Then at the same time I had a pressing cock knocking to 'cum' in at my arse and again another pressing into my lips. I then heard more photographs being taken. Millimetre by millimetre the cocks drew closer inside of me, and then could hear then unmistakable sound of Marie's orgasm.

It appeared that whilst I was getting seen too she was also! Her moaning was so sexy it sparked me off so much that I was surprised to what I did next.


I'll continue to write the next chapter in a week or so.

Thank you

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