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My First Thong

How the thong panty changed my sex life so young

When I was a little boy in grade school, I developed a curiosity so strong that it could not dare be mentioned to my parents...well, except for my father, since he was quite a perv despite being married to my mother who was more conservative than he was. Typical behaviors in a hispanic couple's life, really. No, it was not about my sexuality, but it involved underwear. Specifically, a particular female underwear that grabs many a man's attention, because the way it looked on a woman, was that it covered the front, like any underwear would, really. But, the difference was from the backside, because...well, it didn't cover her butt. Instead the fabric disappeared into her butt. In all honesty, this aroused me a lot. So much so, that whenever my parents were not around, I would pull out this advertisement from a magazine my uncle had that had a girl wearing that exact underwear. It looked so hot on her. Then my dad caught me out with the ad, and despite my efforts to hide it, he found it, looked at me and said: "You were trying to hide THIS from me?! Come on, you're a man. It's normal for you to look at things like this."

For a minute, I thought he was gonna hit me for looking at that ad, but instead he commended me for coming out to be a MAN! Little did he know, that I was trying to imagine how it would feel on me if I wore it.

As years went by, when I visited my girl cousins' home, I would steal a few of her bikinis then take them home, and while my family were out in the town, I would put them on, and pull the back of her bikini up my butt, and noticed how sexy it looked and felt on me. Obviously, I have seen girls from brazil that wear bikinis and give themselves a wedgie before going out to the beach. The thong underwear really changed me in ways I could not imagine. It was quite a wake up for me.

By my 16th birthday, I was going to experience another sexual side of me.

I was given money for my birthday, and with that I thought I could buy my first thong underwear and see how it actually looks on my butt. I wasn't growing hair all over my thighs just yet, so that was good, I thought. So I went to JCPenney and bought a 3 pack of black cotton thongs, went to a park, into some bushes in a secluded area where no one would see me and put them on, and....

"wow! I love how it went up my ass!". I thought. It was a feeling that just made my cock hard as the thick part of the fabric went up my ass. It really made me hard so much, that I didn't know what to do with it. I wasn't exactly aware of what masturbation was at that time (funny because usually a kid knows what it is before they turn 10 these days!). But, to my surprise, I found a lazyboy rocking chair inside the bushes, so I lied myself head down on the chair with my knees on the ground, sticking my ass in the air, still secured that no one would see what I am doing. The sky was getting dark, and cold. It was around 7 at night by the time the sky darkened, on a cold december night. As the sky darkened, I began humping the frontside of the chair, making it rock back and forth. I started oozing from my cock and it started making my thong wet. And for about a half hour, I kept humping the chair, with my cock still inside my thong, enjoying how sexy and aroused I was feeling, which in turn it kept me feeling warm. Only a few more minutes and then, I felt my balls and cock get numb, but it felt so fucking good, that I began humping the chair making it rock bach and forth faster and faster.....ooooooooooh, I moaned, as I felt a violent and throbbing rush on my balls and cock, making me shudder and eventually calming me down after that vibrating rush was over.

As the rush ended, I wanted to touch my cock, but I felt a lot of wetness in my thong that I had to see what was it that felt wet and sticky. I saw white cream seeping out of my thong. I almost wanted to faint, but I looked inside and my entire cock and balls were filled with what I learned was my semen. The stuff that makes babies inside a girl. Hahaha...I thought. How did I ever make myself this sexually wild, I thought to myself.

Well, it was about to be 8 o'clock, and I had to get back to the mall. Luckilly, the park was about 15 minutes away from there, so I thought i'd better head back in case my parents come to pick me up. Since it was holiday hours, the mall was going to close at 11pm, but my mother insisted I be picked up by 10pm. So, it gave me time to clean myself up.

The sky was pitch dark, and the clouds looked really dark, which meant it was gonna rain. I was fortunate to have my hoodie sweater on, which was covering my head, except my ass the only thing exposed in this cold weather. I heard rain falling, so I took off my dirty thong and put it in a smaller bag seperated from the big shopping bag I had as well, and I put on a clean thong. By then, I heard footsteps crunching the fallen leaves. I guess someone heard me through all that rustling of my bags. Still with my hoodie on, bent on my knees, hearing footsteps getting closer, til I heard a voice of a man, saying: "hey, man, I noticed you inside these bushes a while ago while you were getting off. you kinda turned me on in your thong".

I was getting really nervous, my heart started beating painfully, hitting my throat.

"It's ok boy. I won't hurt you", he said. I just want to see your hot little butt."

In a way, it turned me on when he said that. But also, I thought that that's only what you say to a girl when she wears a thong. I'm not a girl. So why was he still thinking my ass looked hot in a thong, although i'm a boy?

"Sorry, I am not a girl", I told him.

"It's ok. I like boys, too. Young boys", he said.

"How young?"

"How old are you?"

"just turned 16"

"reeeaaalllyyyy??!!" he asked.

"yes, really"

Then I felt his big hand touching my ass cheek, fondling it so softly. It was really making me wet again. I couldn't believe myself that this was happening. It wasn't really feeling right, but I didn't do anything that would make him freak out, or make him want to kill me, so I kept still and let him do whatever he wanted.

But the grabbing was getting stronger. then he put both of his hands, one on each buttcheek. he began groping my ass a little faster, hearing his breathing get heavier. He smelled like medicine, I thought. Then he put a bottle of alcohol in front of my face and told me "here, baby, drink a little of this. This will make you feel good". It was a bottle of whiskey. So I took a swig, and choked since it was too damn strong. But after a few more sips, I began to feel quite a buzz, and then I began enjoying his hands groping my ass a lot more than when I was not feeling the buzz earlier. after one last swig, I lost it. Funny how I actually remembered how it all happened despite how near drunk I was.

I began pushing my ass on his hands, and he said "wow, the whiskey did get to your head, didn't it?"

"Uh huh", I replied. "I love you touching my ass like that."

"Baby, you are making me want to fuck you so bad. can I fuck you, please?!" he asked.

I didn't know what he meant by that, but, since I was still tripping on the whiskey, I didn't care what he meant. I just wanted to feel his hands because I felt I was going to let my cock explode again if he kept grabbing me that way. So I answered to him: "Go ahead. Fuck me. Do it."

At the sound of those words, I felt him move the back of the thong to the side, and...I was about to have my first ever experience at what he asked when I told him to "fuck" me.

I felt something really thick and slippery stretching my asshole, and it hurt so much, that I wanted to yell out for help, but he told me to bite on something and try not to scream. it was typical for first timers to experience it. No kidding. I felt I was about to shit out the biggest log ever out of my ass, only it was going in not out.

As it went in somewhat, he just began to relax, not moving. he wanted me to get used to the size of it in my ass. After about 15 minutes the pain had subsided, and I was beginning to love what I was feeling inside me. Only then, the alcohol got me really tipsy and I lost it all the more. I started to pump him slowly while he lied on top of me.

"Does it feel better now?" he asked.

"Yes, it does! Mmmmm...i love what you did to my ass. what did you put inside me?" I asked while I was pumping my ass.

"I put myself inside", re replied.

"what do you mean?"

"I mean, I put my penis in your hot sexy boy ass" he whispered seductively.

"Wow, really?! It feels so good. Please don't take it out. I'm really loving the feeling of it!" I asked of him, as my pumping got a little faster.

"Don't worry, sexy. I won't pull out for a while. Not until you get me off".


"Not until you make me cream!"

"Oh, you mean make your cock and balls numb and sexy until you pee out some sticky white stuff?"

He stopped humping, still inside me, bent to my ear and said: "Exactly, baby. Not until you make me shoot out my cream in you", then gave me a hard single hump, making me moan a little loud at the pressure of his pump.

"And I want to shoot this cream inside of your ass"

"Oooooooooooooooooooohhhh", I moaned out. "Ok, please cream in me"

"You got it, you sexy little bitch!" and then his humps got a little hard, making me moan a little louder than before.

"Oohh. ooohh, ooohhh, ooohh...i love it...i love it...i love you...i love you...fuck me...more...more...more...please...please...please...please...please...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me more."

His hands were gripping on my hips deeply, feeling his hands squeezing both of my hips as he kept fucking my ass deeper and deeper. Only then did my moans get louder!


At the sound of those words, he got harder, faster, pushing my ass deeper, pushing my upper body deep into the lazyboy rocking chair, making me rock the rocking chair until it made squeaking noises,  his member started getting thicker than before, and I heard him groan louder...louder...louder I yelled louder...and then...


He came! He came so much, I thought.

I felt his cock vibrate and throb inside my asshole the way mines did when I spewed out my semen on the rocking chair. Only, he spewed out his semen inside my hole. It felt so warm and so good, it also felt so easy for me to push him all the more deeper inside me since he was still hard as a pole. I got his cock so deeper in me after all that juice he spilled inside me, and I began moving my ass up and down on his tool, making him stay hard, this time, letting me do the work. After another 10 minutes, I made him come a second time, still making his cock throb a lot from all that come he needed to shoot out of himself. Ha, talk about instant gratification.

I was still feeling buzzed, so I let my head fall onto the cushion of the lazyboy chair to rest a little. By then he pulled out slowly, hearing the slucking sound until it popped out of my hole. At that, he said, please come back here tomorrow so we can do this again. Same time. Wear another thong baby, because i'm starting to love how they look on you more than on my wife...I said ok. Then he squeezed my ass and gave my thong a nice and hard tug upward, like a wedgie, making me squeak in delight. At that he disappeared before  I could even say thank you to him. Funny, I never got to see what he looked like, but he had old wrinkly hands, and he was a white guy from the complexion of his light skin. My God, and all of this happened because...I wore...a thong.

In that sense, that's what got me started to like wearing thongs. It made me feel more of the woman I am deep in my soul than I do a man.

Of course, I went back to the mall, bought a large soda, tried to sober up a bit, and luckilly by 10 my mom arrived, and I went home.

And of course, I met with my lover the next day, and many days after that...for about 2 years, I got to see his face a few times, so yeah, he was one of them old white trash guys, but his cock was nice and big...and I enjoyed being fucked by him for those two years until he just suddenly disappeared. oh well, since then I enjoyed being fucked by older men only, and of course I never told them how old I was...except for my first fuck buddy. He was already in his late 50's so I made his dream come true of being his first teen he ever put his hot sexy luscious tool inside, and I will never forget how good and more of a woman he made me feel.

and to this day, I can still feel his cock in me sometimes although he's not here anymore. Wow...I miss his cock!! Oh well, more cocks came by after him though. I'll talk about those later.

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