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My First Time Final Chapter

The conclusion of this story
The Friday that Lydia told me about had finally arrived and she would be bringing some of her friends over for drinks after work, and I was to serve them as Melissa. Lydia had also advised me that unlike the dominatrix persona I used during my first outing on Halloween, Melissa the maid, was totally subservient.

That morning after my usual visit to the gym I cleaned the house and set up the bar. I had become a combination of nervous, excited, and scared while preforming these tasks as the hours clicked by. Finally, around 4:00 pm I headed to the bathroom to shave, shower, and begin the long transformation to Melissa. I took great pains in applying my makeup as I wanted it to be perfect. Then after double checking it about a dozen times from different angles and being satisfied with the results I donned the black wig. Now it was time to dress.

 I fastened the black satin garter belt around my hips and slowly slid the nylons up my legs, they were newly purchased for the event and were black and seamed. I marveled at my appearance in them and the way they felt as I attached them to the ribbons. The false breasts were pasted to my chest with adhesive and a newly purchased black satin bra held them secure, then the black satin thong was slowly slid into place. I checked my appearance and the reflected image was even better than I could have hoped for. 

I then donned the French Maid's outfit. As I had observed earlier this was not some cheaply made Halloween costume. It was constructed of heavy black satin with white lace around the puffy sleeves and low cut neck line, there was even a black silk choker and a pair of black lace gloves. The skirt portion was very short and it went over a white petticoat, it was a perfect fit.

I then added the finishing touches and donned the stiletto heels. I then went over to the large mirror in Lydia's room, the overall appearance was stunning. The feel of the silky garments against my skin as I moved had given a terrific erection as they always do and I was forced to remove the thong and masturbate so I did not embarrass my mistress by serving them sporting a woody.

Afterwards I filled the ice bucket, set out the liquor and glasses and then I returned to Lydia's room and waited, my heart was beating a mile a minute. I finally heard them enter and the drone of voices coming from the living room, then I heard the little bell that had also been purchased for the occasion. It was the signal that they were ready for drinks and Lydia was summoning Melissa, I took a deep breath and slowly made my way into the living room.

"You rang Mistress?" I said upon entering.

"Yes, you may serve us," she responded.

So amid her friends comments of beautiful, sexy and charming I took the drinks orders, made them and placed them on a silver tray to deliver them. Lydia's friends were about her age and just as attractive. Afterwards I took my place next to the bar and waited to be summoned again as they chatted about work and boyfriends, there were occasional whispers and discreet pointing in my direction and I felt all eyes on me whenever I was delivering the following rounds of drinks.

It was during one delivery that I felt a cool silky hand slowly slid up my leg up to my butt as I bent over to drop off a drink order.

"Your maid is quite beautiful," the owner of the hand said to Lydia. "May I kiss her?"

Lydia gave her consent and this tall stunning blond with the figure of a weightlifter stood up, pulled me into her and forcefully placed her lips on mine while holding me in a grip on iron. I felt a little uncomfortable and pulled away.

"I wasn't finished," the tall blond announced.

Lydia advised me not to be discourteous to her guest. I obeyed my Mistress and stepped back into the blonds arms where she finished the kiss, it was gentler this time and when she released I took my place behind the bar and not next to it. I did want them to see my erection poking against my skirt. One by one her guests bid Lydia goodbye and departed, soon only Jilda, the tall blond weightlifter remained. She and Lydia continued to chat and drink, there were whispers and occasional giggles from both of them. Lydia then summoned me from my post to stand in front of them.

Jilda advised me that I was to be punished for breaking off our first kiss, and before I could comment she grabbed me by the wrist and forcefully pulled. I wound up laid across her silk covered knees. I felt my skirt and petticoat being flipped up and held flat by Lydia as Jilda's smooth silky had rubbed by ass for just a moment before it came down hard. I voiced my pain and Lydia ordered me remain silent, and to enforce this she took the black choker from my neck and fashioned a gag out of it.

The spanking continued for awhile and I followed my Mistress's orders and did not utter a sound. When Jilda stopped I was allowed me to stand up, that;s when Lydia ordered me to remove Jilda's blouse and skirt. Jilda's body was magnificent and a testimony to the hours she invested in the gym. Soon she was clad only on bra, thong and heels, she and kissed me again.

"Melissa, I want you to lick her pussy," Lydia commanded. So I knelt in front of Jilda and slid her thong down.

She gently placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed me into her crotch, I then placed my lace gloved hands on her hips as my tongue attacked her clit. She moaned with each flick of my tongue and I heard Lydia whispering in my ear and urging me on until Jilda fell back on the couch after enjoying an intense orgasm. I was ordered to stand up and Lydia slid my thong down my legs and removed it and freed my swollen shaft from its satin prison.

Lydia ordered me to remove her clothes and underwear, then clad only in her nylons and heels she laid back on the white shag carpet.

"Kneel and lick my pussy," my mistress ordered.

I placed my head between her nylon covered thighs and began to lick, that's when I heard Jilda moving around behind me .I felt something warm and wet being applied to my ass with her fingers. I attempted to stand up but Lydia ordered me to stay on my knees.

"Now pretty girl, its time to lose your cherry," Jilda whisper. I then felt something hard being pushed into me. I tried to stand but Lydia held me tight by wrapping her legs around me. I felt Jilda's hand on my hips and she continued to push the hard object in and out of my ass.

Lydia then shifted position and placed my rigid member in her dripping pussy. I was fucking my Mistress and Jilda was fucking me, I think we all came at the same time. I felt a warm rush of fluid in my butt and it leaked down my crack. I was permitted to stand and saw that Jilda was sporting a leather harness with a small dildo attached to it. I was ordered to watch as she pleasured Lydia with it.

Lydia told me to retire Melissa and return as myself. When I returned about an hour later and saw Lydia and Jilda kissing on the floor where I had left them. Jilda stood as I entered and gently kissed me.

"Since I butt fucked Melissa, its only fair that you do me," she crooned.

She then knelt on the floor where Lydia applied the lube to Jilda's ass and then to my shaft. Taking my swollen shaft in her small hand she placed it at the entrance to Jilda's anus and I slowly pushed myself into her. We were at it until well after midnight before we bid Jilda good night. As Lydia and I cuddled in bed she told me that we had made Jilda's week, and she hoped for an invite back for another go around at Melissa. I told her to invite her anytime, Melissa and I would be ready.

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