My first time outdoors

By NaughtyAmy

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My first time dressed outdoors for sex
It had been about a year since my first time with a man and I had been with a couple more since. They were enjoyable experiences but I had failed to capture the thrill of the first time. I had continued to talk to guys online and a lot of them were trying to convince me to go for a drive with them to a secluded spot for some risky sex. I was reluctant for several reasons but the fear of being caught was both terrifying and thrilling and eventually I just had to give it a try.

I had been talking to one certain good looking guy about it for a while and eventually agreed for him to pick me up. I got dressed up in a candy pink latex skating dress that covered little, fishnet stockings, heels and some lacy satin panties with a zip at the back. I covered up in a long coat for the trip and waited for my ride.

He pulled up shortly afterwards. I took a deep breath to calm the butterflies in my stomach and made my way hurriedly to his car. As I took my seat beside him my long coat parted to reveal my fishnet clad legs and the bottom of my ludicrously short dress.

His eyes nearly popped out and his hand slipped from the gear stick to my inner thigh as I leaned across to gave him a quick kiss. We exchanged brief pleasantries then he turned his attention back to the road and pulled away.

He drove for a short while, resting his hand on my thigh in between gear changes. I could see him becoming restless in his seat so I slid my hand across his lap to tease his cock through his trousers. He reached down, undid his fly and pulled it free, so I wrapped my fingers around it and began to stoke him, slowly at first, as he tried to remain focused on the road. I smiled as I saw him become more and more distracted in his seat. I increased my rhythm until he could take it no more.

He pulled the car to a halt in a layby in a country lane and quickly pulled my head down into his lap. I barely got my lips around his rock hard cock before he thrust it wildly and came hard into my mouth, the salty juice squirting fast into the back of my throat. I swallowed all he gave me and licked him clean. He kissed me long and hard as he zipped himself back up. I thought at this point he may have been finished with me but he drove on, pulled off into a wooded area and parked.

The car was spacious and without too much effort he moved across and simultanously lowered my seat into a reclined position, there was no doubt he had done this before. He stripped my coat from me and before I could do anything he parted my legs and positioned himself on top of me, kissing my lips and my neck as his hands explored every inch of me.

'I am going to fuck you so hard,' he whispered in my ear as his hand slid up the inside of my leg and up my dress.

His fingers slipped under my panties and one of them found my puckered arse hole and teased its way inside, then two fingers, then three. I gasped, unzipped him again and began to rub life back into his sleeping meat.

He tried to get in a good position to fuck me in the seat but spacious as the car was it was just too awkward and not working. He flung open the door and stepped out, taking me by the hand as he did. I cautiously stepped out in my slutty little dress, scanning the area for onlookers. To my relief (and a small amount of disapointment) there were none.

He led me to the back of the car and stepped behind me, sandwiching me roughly between himself and the car. He began to kiss the back of my neck and grind his throbbing cock against my arse as he fondled me through my skimpy outfit.

He place his hand on my back and bent me over the back of the car which revealed the zip on the back of my panties. This drove him wild, he unzipped it and spread my cheeks. He quickly put on a condom and applied some lube to my twitching arse.

I tried to look up for anyone passing by but he pushed me hard back over the car and began to push his slippery helmet into my arse, forcing me further onto the car. My heels where strugling to gain any purchace on the gravel which was causing me to slip down the car and further onto his cock.

He was big and eager, but I took all of it. I could see my reflection in the glass as he hammered me onto the car. He rammed his cock into me roughly again and again, his hands firmly gripping my thighs to stop me from pulling away. I moaned and groaned as his huge cock skewered me for a good five minutes.

With a loud grunt I felt him twitch a second time and then he lent right into me, spent. I lay sprawled, pinned over his car, his cock still deep in my arse as he caught his breath.

It took me a while to get over this good fucking. Being mounted over a car in public felt wild.

Next time I think a slightly more public might be good but then again perhaps not. x