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My Girly Fantasy

A night with my friend changes everything between us
I wake up and smile, remembering where I am and who I'm with.

I'm warm and comfortable, wrapped in your arms as you sleep. I think back to last night, finally showing you my girly side. We've been best friends for ages but I always had a crush on you. Finally, drunk on wine, I decided to do something about it. I came into the living room we share and straddled you; taking off my robe to reveal my soft, smooth and feminine body. Giving myself to you like a present all wrapped up in lingerie.

I'm still wearing the hold-up stockings, but of course I had to change my panties after your big hands found my clitty. I'm wearing sheer black panties that cover but still completely reveal the ass you told me you liked so much. My bra has gone but I smile realising I'm in your giant t-shirt, it's strange that wearing men's clothing could make me feel so girly.

You moan in your sleep and shift, I feel something long and hard pressing into my lower back. You're such a big man that I expected your cock to match, you certainly lived up to my sissy dreams. I can't help myself so I wriggle in your arms until I can feel your cock rubbing between my ass cheeks. I rub myself against you but you don't wake up. I need you to fuck me again so I reach behind me lifting my panties and pushing your cock under them, trapping it between the silky material and my desperate, aching body.

I shamelessy gyrate my hips, hoping the feeling in your cock will wake you up. My clitty strains against my panties and I rub it, maybe my moans will be enough to rouse you. Your hips start to rock, I wonder how long you can do this unconciously. The moments pass with teasing slowness and I start to think I might have to explain why we're both covered in cum when you finally awake.

Then I feel your hand slip up my top and pleasure shoots through me as you pinch my nipple. A moan escapes my lips and I reach behind me, pressing down on your cock and rubbing it against my ass. My top comes off and you turn me over easily, taking my nipple into your mouth. I'm stroking your cock and whispering frantic nonsense. I need you inside me, I can't take the build up. You kiss down my stomach and my hips, bite my thigh and I panic thinking you're going to suck my clitty. I know I'll explode and my fantasy of being your girl will be ruined when my masculine lover's lips taste of my cum.

You soothe me and push me down on the bed, I'm face down and raising my ass in anticipation of your cock. All my worries gone as I've never felt so girly before. You move my panties to the side and then you shock me. I feel your tongue pressing into my ass and I moan into my pillow. I go crazy as you eat me, I can't believe how good it feels. My clitty is freed when you pull my panties down around my thighs and I've never felt so vulnerable. I imagine this is how the other girls that have been in my bed must have felt when I pretended to be the man that you so clearly are.

And then all at once you stop, you lift me up and turn me around to kiss you. My face is flushed and I'm breathing heavily, I must have you, I need you! But you gently press down on my shoulder and I know what you want. I sink down low on my hands and knees and take your cock into my mouth. I devour it, desperately trying to show you how much I want it. I try to take it all in my mouth but your cock is just too big for me. I take as much in as I can and look up at you, hoping my round green eyes convey just what I'm thinking.

You lean over me and I feel your finger pressing against my ass. I moan onto your cock and your finger enters me. I push my ass back and again our eyes meet. I need more and you know it, I feel another finger enter me and I start to fuck myself against them. I know I look like a slut but that's exactly what I want to be for you, I don't really have a choice.

You lift me up from your cock and we kiss, you push a third finger into my ass and I just can't stop myself.

'Please, please you have to fuck me!'

It escapes my lips before I can stop myself, you smile and nod pushing your fingers deeper into me. I slowly turn around and bend over to my bedside table. I grab a condom and turn back to you, rolling it down your cock and smiling. I'm thinking of how so very recently my crossdressing had been a secret and how much I had enjoyed girls rolling condoms down what I now think of as my clitty. Most of all though, I'm just thinking of how good this is going to feel.

I turn back around and push my ass into the air. It feels so good to be a slut for you. My panties are around my knees and I have my ass as high as I can. I feel your left hand on my hip and as I feel you enter me I know the other is guiding your cock. I let out a moan that's almost a scream and hear you grunt as your cock slides all the way into me.

Slowly, far too slowly you start to fuck me. I pushing my ass back to meet every thrust and moaning. I want you to pound me hard, I want you to use me until you cum. I'm so happy to be yours that I'll give you anything as long as you make me feel like the girl I want to be for you and I want you to know it.

'Oh god, your cock feels incredible!'

I'm pushing you on and you grab both my hips, slamming your cock into me harder and harder. I scream and claw at the bed, I'm going wild and I know it's turning you on.

'Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...'

I keep shouting it over and over and you're going as hard and deep as you can. I hear your breathing change and reach down to rub my clit. My moans and gyrating send you over the edge as I cum on the sheets. You bite down on my shoulder and slam your cock into me in 3 hard strokes that feel heavenly. Knowing I've satisfied my man, I collapse on the bed and hear you wander off to the bathroom. I can barely move, I smile and fall back to sleep.

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