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My Lesbian Lover

My first adventure out as a woman ended in the arms of a woman!
My wife was trying to come to grips with the realization that I cross dressed, with marginal success. Part of her plan was for me to meet in the Twin Cities with other CDs so I could have a ‘safe’ place to dress up, away from our small town. To be safe, I was to drive up, change clothes there, meet with my friends and then change again for the drive home. A good plan … a safe plan … but not one I particularly liked (so I changed it a bit!)

Kim was a mutual friend who lived in town. Although she had been married and had two daughters, she professed to be a lesbian. Even though she and her lover had just broken up, my wife felt safe with Kim and I talking about my dressing up and just girly things in general and it was Kim whom I came to with my plan. I asked if I could change at her house so I could drive to and from the meeting in drag. She thought it was a wonderful idea!

Saturday night came and I arrived at Kim’s with all my things. After I changed clothes Kim sat me down in the kitchen. While we talked she did my make-up and fixed my wig. I felt so alive, so sexy. I’d picked black lace panties and bra, stockings and suspender belt underneath a lavender knit shift with a matching cardigan. While fairly conservative in style, the dress clung nicely and showed off my new 36C breast forms. Under the dress a silky black slip caressed my skin and with my long red haired wig, I walked out of Kim’s as Samantha and feeling VERY sexy!

The meeting was fun and afterward we went out to a TG friendly bar for a few drinks before all heading home again. I was flying high on a mega-dose of femininity (and a bit of alcohol) and dearly wanted to share this high with Kim. She had told me when I’d left just to let myself in as she would probably be asleep. When I reached her house I went in trying to be very quiet. She was asleep in a chair next to the door but woke when I closed the door behind me.

“How did it go? Tell me all about it,” she said sleepily. I knelt at her feet as ladylike as I could and recounted the evening. The excitement in my voice was overflowing. She sat smiling, listening, admiring.

“Samantha, you make a beautiful woman.” Kim leaned forward to kiss me, at first just lightly but when she tasted my lipstick she leaned forward again and kissed me again … long and full and deeply … and as she leaned forward her nightgown fell open and she reached out to cup one of my breasts.

“They feel so real,” she whispered. I reached out and cupped one of her breasts, large and heavy in my hands and she gasped. “I’ve been thinking about how gorgeous you looked every since you left. I am SO wet!”

I lifted her nightgown, pushing it up her legs. She lifted her hips to let it slide past her hips, wide curvaceous hips with a dark patch of pubic hair between her widening legs. I knelt there between her legs and kissed my way up her thighs. She slid to the edge of the chair, her legs spreading and her breath quickening. With every kiss she moaned a soft low breathy moan until my lips were on her mound and then on her pussy lips. She stroked my long red hair as I kissed, the taste of my lipstick mixing with her light sweet taste and the wetness that was beginning to flow from her. I began to tongue her more forcefully, drinking in her taste … her scent … the soft moans growing louder … her tiny button of a clit swelling so I could suck it and massage it with my tongue.

“Oh god! You ARE a woman! Oh my sweet GOD!” she cried as her body shook beneath my tongue. I held her hips and kept my tongue pressing against her clit while she came until she finally pushed me away. Her breasts were heaving as she lay in the chair, half naked and half in another world. I sat up and lay against her, my breasts pressing into her belly as I lovingly kissed her nipples.

“That was amazing, dear. Are you sure you’re not a woman?” Kim asked with a sly grin. I stood up and lifted my dress. My cock was hard and pressing against my panties.

“What do you think?” I asked. She reached over and pulled down the lace trying to disguise my cock and it sprang out.

“Oh god yes, I’ve needed one of those! The rubber ones just aren’t the same,” she said and pulled me back to her. I pulled her closer to the edge of the chair and knelt in front of her. My senses were filled with the feeling of my stocking against the carpet, the garters rubbing across my butt, the weight of my breasts as they bounced and moved and now, as I entered her, the delicious heat of her surrounding my hard cock. I pulled her toward me as I pushed into her. She was so wet, so fragrant and so wanting. I thrust into her deep and hard but loving and strong, holding her legs in my arms and watching her breasts bounce and quiver with each stroke. And she watched me, watched my face as I grew nearer and nearer and finally exploded inside her. Her legs wrapped around me and forced me deeper into her and held me while I collapsed against her breasts. She stroked my hair and let her hands travel down my back and lift the hem of my dress. Her hands felt my naked butt and the garters holding my stockings and then SNAP she snapped the elastic hard against my ass!

“Hey!” I protested and then we both smiled at each other and giggled. “I guess you’re more bisexual, hmm?”

“I guess so,” she said.

I got to my feet and Kim leaned forward to kiss the tip of my softening cock, lovingly licking the last droplets off before I put my panties back on.

“Aren’t you going to change clothes?” she reminded. I had completely forgotten. I quickly changed, picked up my things and, still wearing my lipstick, turned to her and kissed her. Here I had found a friend, a confidante and a wonderful lover. She opened the door and with one more wonderful kiss, I walked away into the night.

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