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My wife finally indulges in my fantasy

Contributing Authors: Stephanie008 
This story is a work of fiction I wrote for my wife.
I come home from work to find you dressed in your sexy jeans, a tighttee shirt, and a pair of heels. I can tell you are horny by the way you tell me to get into the shower and that my clothes are laid out for me after I finish cleaning up. My cock throbs as I shower and lather my body up with some scented soap. I know you want me squeaky clean so I insert a soapy finger into my ass, cleaning myself as deep as I can. My legs are weak as my cock throbs from lack of attention. I dry off, head into the bedroom, and see what is laid out on the bed.

I let out a lustful sigh as I see a black lacy thong, black lacy bra, a black garter belt with tan thigh high hose and matching black strappy heels. Then I see the sexy blue short dress you laid out for me. I already feel sexy as I slip on the hose then the black thong. My cock and balls are stuffed snuggly inside the panties as I put on the black garter and attach my hose to it. I see myself in the mirror and love my feminine look.

I watch myself in the mirror as I slip on my bra and hook it in the back. I slip the dress on last and smooth it down over my body. My stocking covered feet slip into the pair of heels at the foot of the bed. My legs wobble at first as I take a lap around the room. After a few laps, I feel confident and steady in my sexy fuck me heels. I feel so dirty and sexy as I take a last look before walking down to model myself in front of you.

I come down stairs to see you in tan thigh highs, green thong and a thin short dress. My eyes dart to your pelvis as you lift the hem of your short dress to reveal your strap-on dildo. You tell me to get on the floor and suck your cock as you take a hold of it at the base. You sway it at me and give me a dirty evil grin. The flesh color eight-inch dildo brushed my lips. I can smell your pussy as I open my mouth and take your dildo between my lips. I love feeling the girth and head press against my inner cheeks as you slowly fuck my face. You run your fingers through my hair and force me to suck you deeper.

You tell me to get onto my hands and knees as you produce some rope. I moan as you bind my wrists behind my back. Placing pillows under my chest, you force my ass up into the air. You have all of our toys down stairs and you start with the white anal plug. I can’t see so you tell me you are lubing it up for my dirty ass. I then feel the cool lube on my ass as you pull my thong to the side. Once you have the plug fully buried in my puckered asshole you fuck me with it for a few minutes. You tell me you can see my asshole loosening up. I whimper as I feel the plug expand my anal walls. I let out a yelp as you pop the while plug from my ass.

I see you take the six-inch purple vibrator and slather lube on the shaft. Again you fuck my captive asshole but this time deeper and with a faster pace. You coo as you hear me moan like a slut. You ask me if I like my asshole fucked to which I groan out a soft sissy, ‘yes.’ You spank my girly ass and present another dildo for me to me to suck as you turn on the vibrator in my ass. I obey and suck your dirty toy like a good slut as my ass grips your vibrating dildo. You applaud my sucking by giving my some slaps on my ass. The purple dildo is ripped from my tied up ass and I feel so empty.

I sway my ass wishing you would just fuck me with your strap-on. You take pity on my sissy ass and spread my ass apart. I hear you coo again and I feel the cool tip of your strap-on kiss my anal ring. My cock swells more in my panties as you push into me. I moan in both pleasure and pain as I feel your fake cock split my asshole. I feel your stocking covered legs touch the back of mine as you fully sink your dildo into me. Your pussy is gushing under the harness as you begin rocking your hips into my bent ass.

I clinch my hand as you fuck me roughly. You lean forward and I feel your tits and nipples drag and swing against my back. I start to push against you, you push back, and I begin to take more and more. I take the whole thing and you slowly fuck me for a minute as you fondle the front of my panties. You pull them aside and my hard dick falls free. My arms are behind my back and I am helpless as you ravage my ass and jack my hard cock.

You ask if I’m ready for more and I moan in pleasure and you turn on the vibe on low on the strap-on dildo. I moan some more and you pick up your thrusting pace and when I’m pushing back you turn the vibrations up more. I hear you cum from the inner dildo of your harness that is seated up inside your hot pussy. You turn the vibrations on high and pick up you thrusting pace as you let go of my cock and hold my sexy girly hips. I am whimpering and swearing as your vibrating dildo is hitting my male g-spot. Without ever having my cock touched, I start to cum on the front of my white panties. You hear me cum hard and whimper as you enter another hard orgasm.

We collapse together on the floor as you cut my binds. You are still buried inside me with your dildo as you lay on top of my back. Slowly you pull your strap-on out of my gaping asshole and I roll over to kiss you. You offer your dildo and I clean it off before I suck clean your hot dirty pussy.

My cock had re-hardened as we kissed again sharing your musky scent and tangy taste. I struggle to get to my feet as you pull my sexy dress of and lead me by my cock to the bedroom. Still wearing my hose, bra, and heels, I take you to the bed where I pull my hard cock from my panties and fuck you with it as I pull your tits from your bra and suck them. I enjoy my reward for being such a submissive sexy slut for you.

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