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My wife takes what she needs and wants

Normally conservative wife suddenly decides what she is going to take what she needs
I'm a very lucky husband. I have an extremely sexy wife, who is open minded, and loves to please. If she has any faults, it's that she doesn't realize how sexy she is. At 37, she has extremely long red hair (which she jokingly calls stripper hair, but it's actually the truth because it's so sexy how long it is and how it falls against her backside), really fantastic legs, nice curves, lots of freckles all over, and some amazing breasts. Oh those breasts, that I not only love to enjoy but am jealous of because they're exactly what I'd love to have! Mmmm... those breasts.

My wife loves me for the man I am. And part of that is that she loves to be fucked, I mean seriously loves it. She is like any other girl, but the second a cock is inside her, she becomes a wild woman. She starts moaning begging for me to come.

So what's surprising about all this is that she also loves when I am fully dressed as a woman. She says she gets the best of both worlds.

Now that you have some context, let me tell you about what happened tonight. I came home from work and like any other night, she greeted me as I walked in, with love and enthusiasm. Any guy would love to come home to this type of reception. But I could tell tonight was different. She had on some sexy skin tight jeans that showed off her curves, and that spot on her hips that she knows I love. She also had on a low cut sweater, and, as she knows I love, no bra. Yum! She looked so delicious, with that long red hair flowing every where and her breasts showing through her sweater. Her cleavage looked so amazing I just wanted to bury myself in her breasts right there. God, she looked so sexy. My hands were liked magnets to her body, her breasts, her hips, her ass... I could feel my cock stirring immediately.

I kissed her immediately as my hands roamed across her sexy body, and the more my hands felt her, the harder my cock got. Before we got too far, she stopped suddenly and said, "As much as I love this I think we both need to go get dressed. I put out what I want you to wear."

Wow, she never takes control like that. Although she seemed to enjoy my dressing she rarely took an active role in what I wore.

"Go put on what I picked out for you and get dressed and I'll do the same."

I went in to get dressed and found a sheer black nighty with a black bra, black panties, black stockings, and a red wig. Something about knowing she had gone and picked all this out turned me on incredibly. I put everything on she picked out, and then added some makeup as well. I loved getting dressed to look like her.

I went out and found her in the other room. She was wearing this new black nighty she had bought at Target that fit her so well and showed off her sexy body. I love the way her breasts look, and the way the lingerie flowed and clung to her at the same time. Oh wow, she looked so good.

I went to touch her delicious breasts, and she pushed my hands away and said, "Not yet, sexy. Tonight is about what I want, not what you want."

And with that, my sexy wife pushed me to the floor and said, "Don't touch, remember tonight is about what I want."

With that, my wife faced the opposite direction of me and start leaning over me. She began by kissing me upside down, which was very sexy. All her red hair hung over my face, rubbing against me while her mouth explored my mouth upside down.

It was so sexy, but nothing compared to when she started crawling further down. She whispered in my ear, "I need this so bad, just lie there and let me take it."

Shortly, her gorgeous breasts were now dangling in my face as her hair was all over my chest and felt so good. As my mouth played with her breasts through the fabric, I could feel her nipples harden. My hands tried to reach around and explore but she wasn't far enough down yet. She pulled both her breasts out of the fabric and quietly begged, "Please suck them."

I definitely didn't need any other encouragement for this. She said this was what she needed, but this was like heaven to me. I grabbed them both and buried my face in them, kissing, licking, and sucking them. They felt so good. Then she started burying her face in my breasts at the same time. She was playing with them with her hands and mouth. There was something so erotic and sexy about my wife motor-boating my breasts as I sucked on hers. This was already one of the sexiest moments I had ever enjoyed with my wife.

We spent a few minutes like this and I loved having my mouth and hands all over her breasts that I loved so much, and I loved even more her doing the same to me. She was sucking on my breast forms like they were real, and it felt that way! I thought I might explode right there.

The she suddenly stopped and said, "Enough of this. Now, give me what I need right now, and give it to me good!" I assumed she meant she wanted my cock in her.

With that she let go of my breasts and slid down more. I thought she was going to take my cock, which she loved to touch and suck, but she just got real close, and then I realized her pussy was right over me. She teased my cock and then said, "As soon as you make me come, I'll suck your cock so good you'll faint!"

With that, she pushed her pussy down onto my face and lips. I gladly started enjoying it, with my mouth, with my tongue. I reached around with my hands and enjoyed the sexy ass she had sticking up in the air. I loved feeling her ass in my hands. She always loved the way I licked her, especially when I was dressed. It allowed her to fantasize better about being licked by a woman.

She was immediately grinding her pussy against my face, already soaking wet, and begging me to make her cum. She was never this aggressive but I loved it. I could tell she was already getting close, and I loved feeling her body burying my face in her. Then she suddenly said, "Please finger my ass, sexy," and I immediately slid my finger inside her. With one hand playing with her ass right above my face, my other hand was sliding my finger in and out of her ass. She loved this!

Immediately she pushed down even more against me and started grinding against me. I could tell she was about to cum already, and suddenly I felt her hand grab my cock through my panties and pull it into her mouth. As she was grinding against my face with her hips, she was stroking and sucking my cock so eagerly and loudly I couldn't believe it. She played with the tip and then would take it all in. I think that's what was so sexy about 69 - I was already so turned on by what I was doing to her and enjoying her body, but now I was feeling her bob up and down on my cock, like when she rode me.

This was so sexy. Her pussy was so wet, I could feel her push down against my face, grinding her hips down and ensuring my finger slid up into her ass even more. Her mouth was slurping on my cock and one hand was grabbing my breasts.

I knew I was going to explode. Just as she started to explode on me, she moved her hand and slid a finger in my ass, oh my god! I came so hard at the same time thinking about her cumming in my moth and her finger inside me while she sucked my cock inside my panties. She just kept bobbing up and down, swallowing every drop of my cum. I could feel her hips shaking and knew she was cumming so hard. Her hips kept pressing down on me, I loved every second.

I'm not sure I'd ever come harder. It was so sexy that she had picked out my outfit, then taken control to 69 me and make us both cum at the same time.

Wow, my wife is so sexy. I never expected all this when I got home tonight. Wow.

And I knew it wasn't over yet. The one thing my wife loves more than anything is feeling my cock inside her right after she cums...

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